Welcome to ExpertJack.co.uk!

Welcome to ExpertJack.co.uk!

Nowadays, it is often difficult to find the right product in search of everyday objects. The sheer number of different models with similar names can sometimes lose the overview. You probably know this situation: you want to buy a new curling iron or a modern lawnmower, and then, unfortunately, you find yourself in the marketing jungle of the manufacturers. Each manufacturer will promise you the moon, the products full of features – which are obviously better than those of competitors. But also, if you have found an interesting product, expect to see hundreds of Internet portals with test reports as well as scientific journals with expert reviews, overloaded with technical details.

Thousands of customers are facing such issues every day. Expert Jack will help you to make the right decision.

An ordinary consumer looking for a vacuum cleaner is interested in suitability for everyday use, handling, price/performance ratio and finally how well the device gets lint from the last corner of the apartment. The fact that the paddle wheels, which are a masterpiece of engineering, of the newest, possibly overpriced device may reach a top speed of over 900 kilometers per hour may be helpful for the purchase decision, but in most cases it is not.

Independent reviews from ExpertJack

That is why we have launched ExpertJack.co.uk. On which you can find independent reviews and information from experts, professionals and leading test magazines as well as comparison tables, which provide a quick and easy overview of our best-rated products. Also, customer opinions – often more realistic than test reports from the lab – play a significant role in our test reports. This large amount of information, which is available now online, we bundle and prepare for you, so that even a non-specialist will find the jigsaw suitable for him.

Simple, clear and understandable – that’s our goal when we design our reviews and comparison tables. Compare highly complex product characteristics, which only specialists and professionals can evaluate, does not match with our goal.

The products presented by various manufacturers are all 100% independently evaluated. There are already so many manipulated reviews and testimonials on the internet that the time has come for honest customer advisory service. Accordingly, on expertjack.co.uk no manufacturer can pay for a position or can have an influence on the independent test results in any other way. So, you are only one click away from the ideal product. Our main categories:

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