Angelcare AC 401 Review

Angelcare AC401 Baby Movement Monitor, with Sound
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Angelcare AC401 Baby Movement Monitor, with Sound
  • Under the mattress sensor pad monitors your baby's movements.This system operates on the 927 frequency band
  • Full colour digital LCD screens with room temperature display
  • Audio tic feature to reassure you while baby is sleeping silently
  • Nursery night light and sound activated LED lights for added care
  • Low battery indicator and out of range alarm for peace of mind
  • It is not compatible with hollow core mattresses or mattresses containing memory foam that comes in contact with the sensor pad
The company Angelcare is already made a decisive step forward, for them, a matter of concern not only to monitor the sleeping baby, but they also want to be able to continuously monitor their breathing from a distance.

They have managed this breakthrough in 1997. The sound baby monitor with two sensor mats for motion detection was born.

Sound and every movement will be transmitted, even the breathing of the child will be recorded accurately. The two sensor pads under the mattress make it possible.

Product Details:

  • Range up to 250 meters
  • LCD screen
  • Nightlight
  • Voice activation mode
  • Sound level indicator
  • Motion sensor
  • Room temperature sensor
  • Vibration alert


  • Comprehensive configuration options
  • Good battery performance
  • Very high range
  • Two sensor mats to monitor the respiratory function during sleep
  • Tic function
  • No video function
  • No intercom function
  • No lullabies

Delivery and packaging

The Angelcare AC401 consists of a baby unit and a parent unit. In addition, it comes with two sensor mats, two power supplies and a charger for the battery.

The AC401 can already convince during unpacking. The workmanship of the device is of high quality. We particularly liked the comprehensive information material. The four supplied rechargeable batteries are a nice accessory. Unfortunately, no batteries for the baby unit, which could supply the device with energy in the case of the power outage, included in the scope of delivery.

A detailed instruction manual including quick start guide and a brochure about life-saving emergency measures provided by the company in addition. So users can find a lot of useful information about the device, and in the case of emergency, the parents are well equipped. After all the correct behaviour in the event of an emergency can save lives.


Before we could take the baby monitor into operation, first of all, the supplied rechargeable batteries should be inserted into the parent unit and charged. The charging time should be at least 15 hours. By meaningful and helpful how-to guide, it was no problem to position the sensor mats under the mattress of the baby crib and to connect the baby unit.

A little more complexity, however, the menu navigation has to offer. To be able to recognise and interpret many different symbols the instructions for use must be studied more intense. All of these symbols are displayed on the LCD screen, to be able to understand all of these, the quick start guide was not enough for us. After some time, however, it no longer was a problem to operate the device.


The baby monitor Angelcare AC401 has various, already mentioned, functions. A basic function positioned on the front side is the volume and microphone sensitivity control. Here the user has 5 different levels of choice, with which the volume of the baby and parent unit can be adjusted. Another special function to mention is the sound activation mode. With it, you can specify that only sounds that are above a certain value, the so-called threshold, are displayed.

Motion monitoring with sensor mats

Another useful function is the movement monitoring. Movements of the child can be registered with it. This is possible via the supplied sensor pads. In our tests the feature worked perfectly and we have felt it to be very helpful and useful. Also, the temperature can be displayed on this model from Angelcare. It even features an alarm function. This makes it possible to detect temperature changes quickly and reliably, and to initiate appropriate countermeasures.

In combination with the movement monitoring, there is also a so-called Tic function. This function has the task to represent movements of the child by ticking. Parents are therefore alerted immediately. In cases when the child is sleeping restlessly, it can sometimes be a bit annoying.

Added features

The next function that we would like to present is the night light function. It is designed to help the child to fall asleep. However, we believe that the child can sleep very well without the night light in this device. The pager can send an emergency call. It is located on the baby unit and sends an alarm signal to the parents.

Like any baby monitor, AC401 also can transmit sounds. In this model, however, it is also possible to turn off the sound. Then sounds of the child are only indicated by a vibration. A nice feature if you’d like to have it a little quieter, but still want to have the child in mind. This feature is called Hold function.

Practical test

The complex menu may deliver some difficulties at the beginning, but the information provided in the comprehensive user guide will help to cope with them quickly.

This baby monitor is technically properly polished. It can be assumed from a reliable sound transmission. A long and flexible usage is guaranteed, as all monitoring functions can be adjusted individually. But what about the electromagnetic pollution? With this device, it is kept very low, and the parents do not have to worry about it.

Let’s talk about the range. Our test shows that after about fifty meters in the outdoor some noise appear. After about one hundred and forty meters the connection was lost and a sound signal informed about it. But, under normal circumstances, the existing operating range is certainly sufficient.

The battery life amounts to fifteen hours and is quite sufficient for two nights. The charging of the batteries is easy to accomplish, only placing the receiver in the charging station is required. Therefore there is no need to change the batteries.


As already mentioned, we needed some time to read through the instructions of the device, before we were finally familiar with everything. The many different functions and setting options overwhelm a bit at the beginning and initially seemed very complicated. But, this was only at the beginning. Then you realise on how much the many settings allow the user to perfectly adjust the monitoring of the child according to the needs.

The sensor mats allow monitoring of the baby’s breathing. In this case, the sensitivity of motion detection, based on different levels, can be changed. The motion monitoring worked flawlessly in our test. However, it is important to remember that a baby monitor is not a medical device.

Overall, we can say that the baby monitor Angelcare AC401 offers a really reliable motion detector for parents. The unit impresses by a perfect sound transmission and a temperature sensor, which ensures a high level of security for your child. Another positive point is the extremely good battery performance and low electromagnetic radiation for the child.

Test Results
  • Workmanship
  • Functioning
  • Comfort & Handling
  • Price/performance


We recommend buying the Angelcare AC401 baby monitor to all parents because it is a device that really helps in everyday life. The fact that the pad has to be placed under the mattress of the small is a very innovative aspect but above all extremely useful: the tranquillity of being able to rely on a baby monitor that warns, if there is no movement for more than 20 seconds, virtually unique. It is easy to assemble, and on the parent unit, you can read all the necessary information to control the situation constantly. The price is also great.