Angelcare AC1100 Review

Surely, the first noticeable thing is that the Angelcare AC1100 is a little more expensive to purchase compared to the baby monitor from, for example, the house of Motorola.

But in terms of quality, functionality and user-friendliness nothing beats with this product.

At least, these are the claims of the manufacturer. Reason enough for us to look at the Angelcare AC1100 even more closely. Does the unit keep what the seller promises?

Unfortunately, Angelcare AC1100 is no longer available for sale, but you can check our comparison of the top 5 baby monitors available on the market today.

Product Details:

  • Range: up to 200 m
  • 7 cm large LCD touch screen colour display
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Channels: 64
  • Intercom function


  • Motion Sensor
  • Video Monitor
  • Night vision function
  • Room temperature sensor
  • Audio Sensor
  • None

Delivery and packaging

The Angelcare AC1100 comes – that must be said with complete justification – in a very attractive and child-friendly design. In addition, the solid and robust nature of the packaging is also convincing.

The package includes a transmitter and a receiver, two specially designed sensor mats, a charging unit and two power supplies.

Also, the AAA rechargeable batteries NiMH 1.2 and an instruction manual are included. It is very user-friendly designed and easily understandable.

In addition, there is also a brochure entitled “Basic Life Support”, in which you will find detailed information about life-saving emergency measures in infancy.

An extremely useful “feature” to actively do something against the dreaded infant death.


Baby monitor with screenThis device “can” simply everything. In contrast to most other baby monitors the Angelcare AC1100, for example, is able not only to react to noise correspondingly to transmit it and thus to inform parents.

But it is also a sensitive motion control in conjunction with a video surveillance. So diverse the capabilities of baby monitors are, so interesting it is to know that an extensive, complicated configuration or programming is not required during the initial commissioning.

It is sufficient, to insert the batteries, that are included, and press the power button. The control panel, as well as the LED lights, are more or less self-explanatory, while nonetheless you still “can consult” the clearly structured user guide when something is unclear.

Facts and figures

This unit has a range of 200 metres; 100 meters less than tested baby monitor from Philips. The device operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and has a total of 64 channels.

Individual monitoring functions can be adjusted individually according to your needs.

Every single movement or emotion of your child can be clearly recognised on the 2.75-inch screen, and it is even possible to activate the zoom function and to enlarge the picture.

Also, the infrared night vision function is worth mentioning, which allows you to see well and watch your child even in the dark. The sensitivity of the microphone is also freely adjustable.

The room temperature – thanks to the highly sensitive sensor mats – can be monitored as by vibration, as also acoustically and visually. The frequency-hopping technology, with which the Angelcare AC1100 also equipped, helps to protect against interferences.

Where necessary, the existing intercom function can be used, and the child will be reassured in advance. The hold or pause function is also a highlight, which raises the value of this device.


The functionality of this device is indeed impressive. The infrared night vision function is an essential support for parents, where the child in the dark but can continue to sleep undisturbed.

Interestingly enough is that each of the possible monitoring functions can be adjusted as needed. Also, of fundamental importance is the intercom function: during our tests, we have seen how reassuringly almost hardly distorted voice of familiar person can work on the child.

It is sometimes even not always necessary to rise from the sofa at a signal output, but it is sufficient, if necessary, to “bring” the baby back to sleep by soothing words.

Practical test

Best baby monitor with cameraAs multifaceted as specified by the manufacturer of performance and functional portfolio, as reliable, the individual features are also in the test. In fact, the unit was able to convince with respect to all the motion, video and room temperature monitoring, where every time a maximum level of reliability is ensured.

Particularly useful is also the channel selection, so that it is possible even in the open air, to determine the best frequency to ensure optimal signal transmission.

The microphone sensitivity is adjustable as needed, so not to scare the child, for example, when using the intercom function. All in all, the Angelcare AC1100 baby monitor achieved the “perfect score” in our practical test.


Baby monitor with sensor padSupplied accessories portfolio scores primarily by the special value. Everything is very well made and designed very user-friendly. Whether the sensor mats, the battery or charger: each of these components is very robust and durable.

A real highlight is a brochure overlooking the life-sustaining measures in infancy. After all, it is the “primal fear” of every parent, to lose the beloved baby through cot death.

It would be desirable that other vendors include this valuable booklet in their product portfolio, thus contributing to the safety of the child.


The products made by Angelcare can be purchased not only in the UK, but also in other countries. Accordingly, the warranty terms may vary.

In the United Kingdom, the customers will benefit from a 36-month warranty, so a free replacement, in the worst case, is ensured, or each defective component of the device is exchanged as part of a free repair.

In any case, it is worth mentioning that it is very simple to register a complaint at the house of Angelcare. It is enough to have the proof of purchase at hand and return the unit directly to the manufacturer. Processing is performed, as has been demonstrated in our test, immediately. A real plus for demanding customers.

The manufacturer’s services

A phone call or e-mail are enough -, and you can already be sure that each question is clarified and any possible problem is solved. The friendliness and competence of the employees of the service department speak for themselves.

If it comes to order spare parts, orders in the service department, also, are easily possible. Alternatively, you have the option to do this online with just a few clicks.

Test Results
  • Workmanship
  • Functioning
  • Comfort & Handling
  • Price/performance


Security and protection for the sake of the baby: that’s primarily what speaks about the Angelcare. As a client of this manufacturer not just you “in good hands”, but also your little treasure is.

We certainly can recommend Angelcare AC1100 baby monitor.