Facts and Figures About the Baby Monitor

What is a good baby monitorThe baby’s safety increased significantly with the arrival of optical devices for the nursery.

In fact, if it will be properly positioned, with a look at the welfare of the child, nothing will be left to chance.

It certainly will not hurt, even when the child is sleeping in his bed, to look at him periodically.

Or what if mum and dad in the evening are sitting on the couch and watching TV, and do not immediately hear the crying of the child? Many good reasons in each case that suggest opting for buying a baby monitor.

Thus, the essential characteristics of baby monitors are obvious: it is mainly used for acoustic monitoring of the child to inform “just in case” the concerned parents or nannies through audio or visual signals.

The selection now is very diverse

While the classic baby monitor initially was able to transmit only the sounds from the nursery or the cot, the modern technology is now far more capable. So, the parents now have even the option to choose a baby monitor that monitors the breathing of the little darlings or even record the sleep data.

Basically, it is not necessary to decide on a baby monitor, which is characterised by a high purchase price, or by as many features.

But, it is much more important to buy a dedicated and consumer-oriented device. If the child spends the night, for example, in the room bordering directly to the parental bedroom and only a signal output, when it begins to cry, is desired, then a baby monitor with a simple sound transmission is absolutely sufficient.

Parents are often overwhelmed

Young parents are often striving to do everything right as much as possible. Therefore, it is usually more difficult for them, with views on the purchase decision, to find really suitable product right away. Certainly, you should consider different criteria when it comes to buying the right baby monitor.

Key factors in this context are:

  • the quality of sound transmission
  • the range
  • two-way communication
  • temperature indicator
  • hygrometer (humidity indicator)
  • sleep data recording
  • customer service of the supplier
  • video transmission
  • extensive accessories portfolio

Modern baby monitors are distinguished not only by their particularly child-friendly look but also by a compact design, making it possible to carry the device in the jacket pocket. This can be the case when the child is sleeping outside on the balcony in the stroller while mum does the everyday work in the house.

The cost factor is also relevant

Of course, the price aspect always plays a role in the search for a suitable baby monitor. So, it is now quite possible to get a baby monitor for under 40 pounds. Midprice baby monitors are proposed at a price of around 60 to 100 pounds, although there are certainly other products in the higher price segment, which cost more than 200 pounds.

What features are useful and which are not?

How much does a baby monitor costThose who appreciate special features in a baby monitor is, of course, ready to get a little deeper into their pockets. In this context, in the well sorted specialised trade are offered devices that, for example, have an included volume control (in modern baby monitors this is now as standard) or a warning feature that alarms at a low battery level.

Also, there are devices that emit signals when a range is exceeded or the ones that allow a maximum security through encrypted or even sound-activated transmission. Of course, innovative baby monitors should be radiation-free. An aspect that is not always guaranteed in products of an older year of construction.

Always rely on professional reviews

Basically, it makes sense to choose a device that meets the individual needs and desires as well as the respective lifestyles of the family.

Modern devices should be characterised, in the first place, by a high degree of reliability and comfort.

But how it should be possible, considering an almost unmanageable variety of products, to find a suitable product? Experience shows that the promises and information from the manufacturers are sometimes very tempting. Our qualified product testers have identified in the course of extensive test series whether these properties or the functionality correspond to reality. In order not to leave anything to chance in your search for a suitable baby monitor.