Things To Pay Attention To When Using Your Baby Monitor

You should pay attention to several things when using the baby monitors to do everything right from the beginning.

Baby moniters

  • Certainly, an analogue baby monitor has a decisive advantage in contrast to the digital version: the child is not exposed to harmful electromagnetic pollution as common as in the case of digital models. But if you have opted for an analogue baby monitor, you should consider that not only the respective transmitted signal can be received by the built-in baby monitor receiver part. But, it is quite possible, that the signals from all other electrical devices that are located in the immediate vicinity of the device can be “spotted” or received. Keep in mind, also, that an analogue baby monitor is even capable of “hearing” or passing on the signals of another baby monitors, for example, those that are in the neighbourhood. Such sources of interferences can very well affect, in one way or another, a reliability of the system. With the consequence that the baby monitor even “indicates alarm” when your baby is sleeping quietly and peacefully in his crib.
  • Digital baby monitors also can be characterised by one or other disadvantage. In this respect, the first thing that comes to mind is the electromagnetic pollution, which is even emitted when no signals are sent. So, pay attention to this aspect before the purchase of a digital product, ensure that it has a switchable range control.
  • Pay attention to how long you use the baby monitor. In fact, in this context, arises a question that’s hard to answer even for the experienced experts. Have you ever thought about how long you want to use your baby monitor? Or do you know the average recommended period of use? The fact is that these are different from family to family. On the other hand, a baby monitor should not be used over a too long period of time. The older your child becomes, the better he knows how to use this technology cleverly for himself. Because, of course, the little ones are well aware that mummy and daddy are immediately on the spot as soon as they give the slightest “squeak”.

Baby monitor until what ageWhen the baby is very small, the baby monitor is indeed a very valuable support, especially with regard to the safety and optimal protection of the child.

But the more the child grows, the more likely it will be able to “turn the tables”. This means that he, sooner or later, will begin to “complain” even about little things, since he knows that this technology is there in his room.

For example, when the favourite cuddly toy fell out of bed or the pacifier plopped on the sheet. As well as all other situations with which the little treasure would be able to cope alone.

For this reason, pay special attention to not have the baby monitor in use for too long.

What age to stop using baby monitorThe same is also true when the baby monitor will be used not for the supervision of the smallest ones, but for the monitoring of seniors. Especially for the “big ones”, the use of baby monitors, according to the experience of the caregivers, a highly tempting potential to degrade.

  • You can, provided that the baby is still not big or intelligent enough to understand the whole purpose or meaning of the baby monitor, use the device quite well as an educational measure. To calm the child with the baby monitor “via radio”, thanks to innovative technology. If the child will hear the soothing voice of a familiar person, then you will not need, with a little luck, to leave the comfortable sofa or warm bed at every sound that the baby gives.
  • Cheap devices are sometimes susceptible to interference. This means that not every sound that is “reported” to you actually came from your child. Moreover, you should also be aware of the fact that a baby monitor is not necessarily “tap-proof”. So, if you, depending on the model, can sometimes hear the signals of the baby monitor out of the house next door, you should be aware that a few scraps of words or sounds can be conversely transmitted to the baby monitor in the neighbourhood.

In any case, you should start to use a baby monitor as early as possible. In this way you can gain, in one way or another, little “freedom”. Moreover, you always on the safe side with this utensil, knowing that you can hear even the slightest sound of your sweetheart.