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Top baby monitorsFor expectant or new parents the safety of their newborn, of course, is in the first place. That is why it is important now to ensure reliable monitoring. Because in some cases infants have a little restless sleep, they often need to be close to their parents.

But usually, a continuous control of the child is not possible in everyday life. The household must be run and other important tasks to be done – for many parents, there is no alternative but to leave the baby completely alone or without supervision.

A baby monitor, in such case, an optimal solution, because it allows monitoring the child continuously. It consists of a transmitter that transmits the emerging noise in the children’s room directly to the mobile receiver of the parents.

With a babymonitor parents can always be sure that everything is well with their bundle of joy – even if they do not sit around the clock at the crib. Thus, the baby can sleep peacefully in his little bed, while mum and dad with confidence have some time for themselves.

Comparison table of the best baby monitors for 2022


What is the best baby monitor to get

With our baby monitor comparison, we want to give you a decision guidance and useful tips on the baby monitor market which is becoming increasingly unclear.

We offer you, on the one hand, a greater market transparency. On the other hand, we ensure the access to valuable information allowing to make a conscious purchase decision.

Our guide is designed to not only review the different types of babymonitors and explain their functions but also to show the benefits of any additional features as well as to inform you about the thorny issue “radiation exposure”.

With our buying guides, you will find the best monitor for your needs quickly and effortlessly.

Particularly useful to make the right selection for you, are our reviews. All reviews are based on an independently developed analysis methods and practical tests conducted personally by our team: Our primary focus is in particular on the relevant for parents device properties, to ensure the safety of the baby in everyday life.

We evaluate the tested units always neutral and independent, whether we test new or very popular with parents model.

In our comprehensive test reports, you can learn more not only details about the reliability, transmission quality, handling or the battery power of the individual unit but also about the respective functions and their practical implementation.

If you want to get a quick overview of the features and functions of baby moniters, our comparison table will help you. It lists all essential product information in a tabular form.

The history of the baby monitors

Radio as a basis

Can you use walkie talkie as baby monitorThe baby monitor is based on the principle of radio. These devices have been used in the military so that the soldiers could have a connection from one location to the other location.

The radio was a huge device that was to transport only with great effort. Only with the development of technology portable radios emerged.

The radios were severely controlled and became available in the 70s but only if the official permission was acquired. In the 80s the law was loosened, and the equipment became available for the amateur radio operators.

You may remember radio antennas that were so high that towered over some houses. Gradually, a know-how developed in this radio transmission technology that lawmakers eventually changed the law and allowed radios. However, these had to be registered to prevent any misuse.

The first baby monitor

walkie talkie baby monitorThe idea belongs to an American citizen, who heard, by coincidence, the sound of a baby. He developed the idea further, which would give the parents a bit more freedom and flexibility. Long cry periods of babies can be prevented, and you can master the everyday life and still have enough, more targeted care about the child.

At that time it was devices with simple technology. Today, there are devices with different settings and even with cameras, motion sensors and other features. Furthermore, there are monitors that work not via radio but through the power supply system. Learn more about these devices in the section: What variants are available?

What is a baby monitor?

A baby monitor consists of two devices. The one is referred to as a transmitter and the other as a receiver. The transmitter is placed in the room where the baby is, and wirelessly transmits all the sounds from the room to the receiver so the parents can hear, from other room, what their bundle of joy is doing.

The purpose of a babymonitor is, on the one hand, to increase the safety of babies and to return a certain freedom of movement to the parents, so that they can move calmly despite baby in the house.

However, a baby monitor is not a license to reside for hours at another location. On the contrary, the baby monitor is a technical device, which you definitely should not trust on 100 percent. For short trips in the basement, or for a chat with the neighbour the baby monitor is a useful invention.

How does a baby monitor work

The analogue baby monitor

Initially, there were only analogue baby monitors. They were equipped mostly with 8 channels. Transmitter and receiver were placed on the same channel, so the sound to be transmitted.

  • Disadvantages: Since the devices communicate with each other on a single frequency, it is possible to other devices on the same frequency to communicate and give signals to the baby monitor. These signals cause interference, which becomes noticeable as noise or other sounds. During this interference, the sound from the room can’t be transmitted to the sender. Furthermore, the sound is transmitted unencrypted – not only to the receiver but to all recipients that are in the range of the transmitter and are set to the same frequency. So you can be involuntarily intercepted by other baby monitors. When there are other families with a baby monitor in the house, it may be that the sound of the neighbour’s monitor also transmits to your receiver. The voice quality in the analogue devices is also to be desired.
  • Advantages: Analog devices still often used today, because this system is simple and inexpensive.

The digital baby monitor

The technology developed, since those times, so that today there are monitors with a lot higher transferring quality. These devices are considered to be trouble-free and tap-proof than the analogue devices. In addition, the voice quality can be described as very good. The digital baby monitor has the DECT technology, which is also used in cordless phones. The baby monitor is also a technical device, which is equipped with many useful features. LEDs also transfer the noise level even visually. This is especially useful for parents hearing disabilities. When the music or the TV movie in the evening are a little louder, the visual display helps here. You can see the noise level in your baby’s room.

Are digital baby monitors safe?
As with all technical equipment, an electromagnetic pollution develops even with a baby monitor. Electromagnetic pollution is still a much controversial issue, where the scientists are still not quite sure. Some mention that the electromagnetic pollution from a baby monitor is completely harmless and others assume that the devices are completely unsuitable. Most units have an automatic switch, once a sound is detected. That is, if the device detects a sound, it turns on and transmits the sound to the receiver. After the job is done, it switches back to standby and accumulates less electromagnetic pollution in this mode.

How transmitter and receiver work with each other?


You already know that a baby monitor is a radio transmission device. However, the two devices can communicate with each other differently. Each baby monitor has a transmitter and a receiver. In simple devices, the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver. The receiver receives the signal that you can hear now. These devices are called unidirectional because they send a signal only in one direction, i.e., from the transmitter to the receiver.


However, there are also devices that are bi-directional. In other words, the transmitter sends and at the same time becomes a recipient, by sending a message to the transmitter with the receiver. Thus, the baby can hear your voice through the transmitter, and you can sing him a soothing song on the way to the child’s room.

What is the purpose of a baby monitor?

Do i need a baby monitorThe baby monitor is now considered as the required equipment, as soon as the junior announces himself. The meaning of a baby monitor is to be able to monitor the baby constantly. It makes it easier for parents to cope with everyday life, while the baby is sleeping. So you can do your housework and use the washing machine, without having to hold the child in your arms. It is also possible to leave the apartment for a short time and yet to remain within reach of the baby. A short rendezvous with the neighbour is thus no longer a problem with a baby monitor. Do not rely only on the device, but regularly check if the batteries are empty or perhaps some another defect of the device is present. So, use a baby monitor to prevent long scream periods and to move freely, when the little bundle of joy is sleeping.

With today’s technology, the devices equipped with a camera are also a good way to monitor older children with their school homework and to help them even wirelessly while you prepare dinner in the kitchen. However, after a certain age, you should no longer refer too seriously to monitoring of the child.

As soon as the baby grows into a toddler, the baby monitor can also be mounted on playpen. Because the little ones are now agiler and indulge their urge to move more. Devices that are equipped with a camera allow you to see your child from a distance. The baby monitor in the playpen offers another advantage, accustoms to greater independence. In this way, your child will earlier learn to cope with your absence. The baby monitor gives you the option to continue to chat with the young as if you were in the room. With practice, the child will be able to stay alone in the room for a few minutes without cries and tears. The independence is trained as well as that the child can occupy himself.

How we tested the devices?

The wide range and diversity make it difficult to decide on a baby monitor. Features, price and quality, are the primary characteristics that you should consider when buying a baby monitor. Below we will show you how we tested the baby monitors and the criteria on the basis of which we assessed.

  • Delivery and packaging:
    The packaging of the unit is an important criterion in order to be delivered healthy from the plant to the consumer. How is the baby monitor packed and how long it takes to arrive when ordering on the Internet?
  • Commissioning:
    Many technical devices have an unintelligibility during commissioning. We have tested, how simple or complex the individual units are equipped, until you can use them for the first time.
  • Data and Facts:
    The data, i.e., the equipment, battery life, range and other data concerning features are important for the unit to function properly. We have collected the data and compared with each other, for you to know how which device works.
  • Battery charging time, range, and connection:
    Benchmarks, which should indicate similarities with the description of the manufacturer. Unfortunately, it often happens that producers do not take this detail seriously enough. We have therefore tested, how long the battery needs until it is full and the unit is ready for use again. The range is also an important criterion. After all, you will want to hear in the garden or cellar, what is happening in the nursery. Also, the quality of voice or sound transmission is crucial to get correct information.
  • Microphone sensitivity & Sound Quality:
    In a separate point, all devices were tested for sensitivity and sound quality. Thus, you get an overview which baby monitor has optimal results.
  • Night Light, lullabies and other functions:
    What features has the baby monitor? What is available and how can they be used? More importantly, are these features useful or serve only to offer the device at a higher price?
  • Accessories:
    Which accessories are included and for what these are to be used?
  • Warranty:
    What warranty of the manufacturer on the baby monitor? Is there only the warranty on transmitter/receiver or individual devices?
  • Comfort & Handling:
    How easy is it to use the baby monitor? Can school children deal with the device? Which adjustments can be made on the device (transmitter/receiver)?
  • Service of the manufacturer:
    Are there special services offered by the manufacturer? Support, technical service, repair service, etc.?

How to install and use a baby monitor?

A baby monitor is supplied by default. However, the models differ from one manufacturer to another, and there are detailed instructions for each device. But usually, you turn on the baby monitor and tune both devices using the channel selector. For this purpose, there is a scroll wheel or a button that changes the radio channel by pressing. Now, if both devices are tuned to one another, you should perform a test run. Ask your husband or a person who is just near to test the baby monitor with you. The person should go to another room and from there to simulate the baby.

The installation of the transmitter in the nursery should be on a sufficient distance to the bed or place of residence of the child. One or two meters are enough to transmit the sound. However, it is advisable to read the operating instructions in which the manufacturer also indicates this distance. Now make a test run with the person, by sending him to the children’s room. At intervals, specified by the manufacturer, the person should now make sounds so that you can make any volume adjustments on the receiver. After choosing optimal settings the test run is completed, and you can now leave the baby monitor with your child alone for the first time. Until you can properly evaluate the trustworthiness of the device, you should now and then behave as if the baby monitor do not exist – regularly check your little one. According to the motto: “Trust, but verify!”

What variants are available?

There are now all kinds of variants available. With a camera, with a motion detector, which detects a respiratory arrest and many more features. Below you will find out what the differences are and what variations there are in the trade.

Baby monitor with a camera

which is the best baby monitor to buyThe baby monitor with a camera has some advantages. When children are sick, special care is needed. However, with such baby monitor, you do not need to run on every sound, you will see on the screen how serious the situation is.

Even at night, you can monitor your child by a baby monitor with a camera and with peace in mind go back to sleep, if the child relaxes and sleeps peacefully in his crib.

Baby monitor with a motion sensor

The baby monitor with a motion detector is a special device. Here, the transmitter functions as a conventional transmitter with the only difference that it is connected to the mat on which the baby is lying. The mat is placed under the mattress of the child and controls every move. With this baby monitor, it is possible to monitor the child’s breathing. Many devices have a certain amount of time to accept immobility. If the child for a long time lies in bed motionless, an alarm goes off, and the parents know that something is wrong.

The sudden infant death syndrome can be noticed faster, and irregularities are detected earlier. There are many test results, confirming the functionality of such devices. For parents who expect the first offspring, this can be a nerve-sparing and soothing assistance.

Baby monitor with intercom

When the transmitter can work as the receiver and vice versa, it is a good matter with adolescent offspring.

By using the two-way intercom system, you can soothe your child at a distance, talk to him, or sing him a lullaby. This function is very useful because it can prevent your baby to be very upset before you get to him and take him in your arms and soothe.

Baby monitor in the phone

Because of electromagnetic pollution, phone manufacturers have equipped the phones with a baby monitor. Every household has many devices such as TV, cell phone, etc. With the baby monitor in the phone, an extra device is replaced.

The test results tell you to what extent this purchase makes sense.

Baby monitor in the mobile phone

baby monitor that you can talk backAlso, the cell phone can act as a baby monitor. On the one hand, you can use the automatic answer feature, which automatically answers when a call is received and transmits the sound as in a telephone conversation. On the other hand, there are external devices that are connected to the phone and function as a regular baby monitor. Both systems work reliably and bring the desired result. Your choice of a system is ultimately a question of pleasure and the price.

Baby monitor with analogue radio transmission

The analogue transmission today is still very often used. The fact that the system brings up disturbances and can be intercepted doesn’t scare people to use such a baby monitor. There are also situations where the disturbances are so enormous, that parents do not realise when there is something with the child. The simplicity and low price are probably the reasons why these devices are still to be found on the market.

Baby monitor with digital radio transmission

The digital devices are characterised by the fact that they are less susceptible to interference. In addition, the quality in many areas is better, and the device transmits sounds more clearly. Despite the fact that these devices show more efficient and safer work, they are still represented in the minority on the market. Dissuasive aspect is, without a doubt, the high prices, that are significantly higher than of the analogue devices. But to be honest, what price would you pay for the life of your child?!

Mains powered baby monitor

A baby monitor that works via the mains has advantages as well as disadvantages.

The advantages lie in the fact that the device does not emit radio waves. In such devices, there is also no accumulators or batteries. The power supply comes from the socket, which, of course, affects the electricity bill.

A disadvantage is that the baby monitors must remain in a fixed location. For you, this means that even short trips to the basement will be impossible. So, you will always need a socket for the baby monitor to function. The sound quality of such devices is also not as good as with radio-operated baby monitors.

Nevertheless, you should not ignore the fact that the device emits no radio waves and therefore is also acceptable.

Advantages and disadvantages of baby monitors


  • You can move more freely in everyday life and also have the sleeping bundle of joy under supervision during housework. So, you prevent something that happens in the baby’s room to be missed.
  • If the little one wakes and happily grumbles to himself, you know the offspring is awake.
  • If the dishwasher in the kitchen is a little louder, while you prepare dinner, you still hear if the baby cries.
  • What you can use in the day, is also very useful at night. Especially when children’s room and your bedroom are far apart, the baby monitor transmits the possible cries of babies, and you can respond immediately.
  • It is very helpful for children with diseases when there is no room for the cot in the bedroom.


  • The baby monitor is an electrical device that can be defective and therefore also reveals errors. When the battery is empty, the unit switches off, and you no longer know what happens in the nursery.
  • If you have a device with electrical connection, this will not work during a power outage. Therefore, you should never rely entirely on the device.
  • The child stays with an electrical device in the same room for several hours. In what way it is harmful to the baby, is still very controversial. Scientists prove in studies that the devices are completely harmless. However, once you notice that your child is restless or feels uncomfortable, make sure that it’s not the baby monitor. If you notice something, remove the baby monitor from the room and use another alternative.

What points distinguish a good baby monitor?

  • Material
    The material is an important point that you should note. Especially when the kid slowly grows into a toddler and want to take everything into her mouth. The baby monitor also must withstand such situations. While the unit should be kept away from children’s hands, these eventualities, nevertheless, must be considered. If you notice strange odours coming from the baby monitor, you should complain about this to the manufacturer.
  • Stability
    In addition, an important aspect is the stability of the devices. A baby monitor must withstand a drop from normal height. Plastic parts could be found and swallowed by a child – thus the highest danger to life would exist.
  • Workmanship
    Furthermore, the baby monitor should not have small loose parts. They could also get into the hands of children and be swallowed. When you buy it, make sure that the devices are made of one or maximum two pieces.
  • Range
    Another purchase criterion should be the range. Modern devices keep the distance even up in the garden, without losing the connection with the transmitter.
  • Environmental friendliness
    Pay attention also to the environmental performance of the devices. Not only in use, but also in nature, the devices should be environmentally friendly. This applies to all purchases that you make.

Top baby monitor brands

There are an infinite number of manufacturers in the range of baby monitors. Angelcare, Philips, Samsung, Tomy, Motorola and much more offer their devices with a variety of functions.

The Canadian baby monitor brand Angelcare is not new for many parents. But expectant parents without any experience does not necessarily know the seller, so we will tell you a little bit about the baby monitors from Angelcare to help you to know something about the premium brand. Angelcare baby monitors are characterised by their high-quality workmanship, so that quality is not just a fad, but can also be implemented.

Because no one else than Angelcare knows best that children sooner or later will reach the baby monitor, so a fall is absolutely possible, and here it is necessary to ensure good quality. This works surprisingly well, but particularly impresses a baby monitor from Angelcare because of its unique features that make everyday life more secure, so parents can be satisfied when they leave their child alone in the children’s room.

Angelcare baby monitors are therefore very robust and have many functions. There is, for example, the range, which is quite impressive, allows you, no matter where you are in the house, to know that your child is just playing or whether it needs your help.

Using a baby monitor from Angelcare also guarantees high-quality transmission rate, so that you can understand your child even when you are not very close. Depending on the model, you can use an intercom, to be able, not being in the children’s room, calm down your child.

The Canadian company Angelcare has set itself the task of bringing only high-quality baby monitors on the market. For this reason, the manufacturer pays attention to the fact that only thoroughly tested baby monitors may be released on the market. Extensive testing procedures are on the plan of Angelcare before a baby monitor is released. That’s why a baby monitor from Angelcare is no less important in the household, if you, as expectant parents, prefer high value, quality and good coverage.

Philips is a known manufacturer of electronics, TVs, DVD players, hi-fi equipment or kitchen appliances has also baby monitors on offer, as you have probably already discovered. This company stands for high-quality workmanship in conjunction with trendy design and technical progress. Do you always want to know what your child is doing, whether it sleeps, coughs, cries or making something else? Then you need to have a baby monitor, so as not to have to spend the whole time with the child. There are certain things that all Philips Avent feature, the radio transmission via DECT signal.

That is, they transmit their data (in the case of sound or a video) via radio. The DECT connects two units, and they can constantly exchange data, the connection does not end, even other signal transmitters on used frequency can not penetrate and disturb, the transfer runs smoothly and particularly noise-free, no reduction in sound quality between the transmitter and the receiver. These electromagnetic waves, to which you and the child are permanently exposed decreased in Philips by Eco mode or Full-Eco mode, or limited only to the period of a sound transmission. This means that Philips devices in times when your child does not move, make no sound, switches to the standby mode, which, on the one hand, saves energy (especially when powered by batteries), on the other hand, eliminate the resulting electromagnetic pollution.

Furthermore, all devices of the company have a bidirectional system by means of which you can try to calm down your child before you get to him. All devices emit a signal when the coupling breaks or in the case of weak battery. Also, some versions include the soothing night light, lullabies or a starry sky projector.

A baby phone from Motorola proves to be a high-quality acquisition in relation to the safety of your offspring. Moreover, it is quite clear that in the function range Motorola certainly ahead of all. The baby monitors from Motorola are considerably more popular than its smartphones, and there are the reasons for this.

Parents can choose between the traditional baby monitors without video transmission or the ultra-modern baby monitors with a camera, in order to have their offspring always in view.

The advantages of a brand baby monitors are of course obvious because it brings to the market only high-quality units, which have been tested and thoroughly reviewed. The reason for this is that Motorola does not tolerate any damage to its image, so for this reason alone the purchase decision should be an easy case. The quality of baby monitors is outstanding. They are extremely stable and robust so that it is not broken in a fall. Many features are standard in the execution of the baby monitors, so here again a plus point must be pronounced for the American manufacturer.

The attractive video transmission of the baby monitors with a camera by Motorola stands apart from other devices because it is very good and is technically in a high state. A wide range of models are available to the buyer so that each wallet will find the suitable baby monitor. However, unfortunately, it must be said that some models from Motorola are equipped with weak batteries, but this not applies to all baby monitors from Motorola. This fact should be taken into account so that this problem can be avoided.

Babyphones by Tomy are currently in high demand. The reason for this is that the competitors usually offer their devices at high prices and Tomy try to delight parents with affordable prices. Tomy baby monitors achieve a large following, because they stand for good quality, in order to ensure the safety of the rising generation.

Also, the high-quality workmanship of the baby monitor is, of course, highly recommended, because there should not be any compromises in order to survive crashes. In the price-performance ratio, the Tomy baby monitors are leading as well, because they are usually more affordable than devices from its competitors, which, of course, is more important than ever for consumers. After all, the cheaper, the better for the wallet of the parents, because babies and children already are considered very expensive, so you can use the opportunity to save.

Thanks to intercom function, which some models of baby monitors by Tomy have, parents can talk to their babies, which often provide a soothing effect, so that it is not always needed to go to the children’s room.

A high-quality workmanship of the baby monitor is also a top priority in order for a baby monitor from Tomy to survive a fall. Of course, it would be advisable that parents make sure that the baby monitors does not fell into the hands of children so that a long service life can be guaranteed. Due to the workmanship and many features, parents will not have to buy a new baby monitor in the next few years to ensure the safety of their child because the baby monitor from Tomy is sufficient.

Samsung is an Asian manufacturer which enjoys great popularity. Surely you know this manufacturer from the industry of mobile phones, where Samsung phones are always far ahead on the popularity scale. It may surprise you, but, Samsung also offers baby monitors.

The manufacturer based in South Korea proves to be very versatile, so that its customers can benefit in all areas of high-quality products and because the baby monitor sector was, of course, another object on the “to-do list” of Samsung.

They have also successfully managed to establish themselves on the market of baby monitors and expectant parents benefit from quality services and reasonable prices. Samsung never sleeps, so almost every year they release a new model, which guarantee more and more security for the next generation.

This is, of course, the main reason to buy for parents, so that their children’s safety can be ensured. Baby monitors by Samsung captivate with their quality and performance. It is remarkable that the baby monitors have such a big range so that parents in two-storey houses can “control” their children and know exactly what their babies are doing.

Some baby monitors from Samsung also have a motion detector so that parents can bypass sudden infant death syndrome faster, the device sounds an alarm when the child is not breathing or not moving. A baby monitor from Samsung proves, like almost all devices from the Asian giant, to be of high-quality, so it is not surprising that consumers choose the Samsung baby monitor, to ensure the best possible safety of children.

What positive aspects offers the purchase of the baby monitor on the Internet?

A baby monitor is a good helper when it comes to the well-being of the family. You can move more freely, can handle the household and relax in peace times on the sofa and read a book. A purchase of a baby monitor on the Internet offers many advantages. While there is only a small selection of equipment in the store, there are countless products on the Internet. If you compare them with each other, you get a broad expertise and know exactly where the weaknesses and the strengths of such devices are. A dealer will advise only the products that are available in the store. If it is a small business, it may be that only one or two analogue baby monitors are available. He probably won’t even inform you about the disadvantages of a baby monitor with analogue radio technology. The seller will sell the baby monitor, and you will have a product that, most likely, will disappoint you.

On the Internet, you can gather sufficient information and compare the different products together before buying. You will also find review sites like this one, which thoroughly reviewed the devices. This gives you an understanding of the possibilities of the device, where the weaknesses are and whether or not a purchase is worthwhile. Furthermore, the prices differ from dealer to dealer. If you are thinking about buying a high-tech device, it is possible to purchase a used one from other parents. In such case, however, you should be particularly careful and thoroughly check the device. There are also distributors who specialise in the sales of used equipment and offer a warranty of at least one year. In order not to throw money down the drain, analyse all the information and choose a baby monitor according to your needs.

Innovations in the field of baby monitors

They are smaller, the battery lasts longer and features are constantly being expanded. Each manufacturer convinces with its features on the market. In addition to video transmission, motion detector, any kind of monitoring is now possible with a baby monitor. It always fascinated with what technology these small devices are equipped and how reliably they work. But the more the technology advances, the more careless the humanity becomes. Therefore, even with high-tech equipment – you need to rely on your instincts and what you can see with your eyes. You should never leave the supervision for your child only to technology.

Power consumption and radiation of a baby monitor

The electricity meter is ticking – but how fast?

Energy consumption is an important issue when buying electrical appliances. An increasing environmental and cost awareness makes many buyers look with suspicion on the expected power requirement. Baby monitors are no exception. To fulfil their purpose, they must be in operation over a long period – the fear of a fast growing electricity bill, therefore, does not seem entirely unjustified.

Practice shows that parents in this respect have nothing to worry: Even in continuous operation a baby monitor consumes a hardly noticeable amount of energy, the overall costs are likely to be less than 10 pounds per year, even with constant use. It is, of course, important to note that devices with extended functionality are more demanding in the power supply – especially an image transmission substantially increases the consumption. Nevertheless, in terms of power consumption, everything related to baby monitors is in the green zone. Not quite so rosy it looks in another issue, the radiation exposure – read more in the following section.

Do baby monitors give off radiation?

Hazardous radiation is the dreaded nightmare of many electronic devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, of course, microwaves – and baby monitors. Electromagnetic radiation can negatively affect brain waves and cause cancer, experts assume. If this threat exists for adults, then small children, especially infants, are much more at risk.

Concerned parents ask themselves: How real is the risk of harming the child through the use of a baby monitor?

Not all warnings belong to the realm of horror stories. The potential hazards for small children by electromagnetic waves have long been known and have led to strict protection regulations: baby monitors may secrete no more than a quarter of the usual radiation exposure from a mobile phone. So far, so good, but in practice, this limit is significantly exceeded by many models, that are commercially available. Those who consider this matter closely before purchasing – for instance, in our baby monitor comparison – remain on the safe side.

Do analogue baby monitors emit radiation?

Naturally, a lot less radiation is released by analogue devices. However, this advantage is bought by abandoning some practical functions. While digital devices can transmit encrypted signal and thus are more secure and less susceptible to interferences, with analogue models an uncoded transmission mode is only available.

Also, digital baby monitors have better sound quality, because they can automatically choose the best channel from about 100 channels; with analogue models, it has to be set manually, by choosing from only 8 channels. So, there are a bit less plus points for an analogue baby monitor; however, the significantly lower radiation intensity is perhaps the most significant plus.

Useful tips for avoiding radiation from digital devices

It is not possible to completely prevent the emission of radiation, no matter which model you choose. Nevertheless, there are few helpful recommendations, with which the problem can be reduced and the baby monitor can be used with a clear conscience. We have put together, as a complement to our baby monitors review, three important keywords:

  • Switch off: the baby monitor should not work continuously, even in standby mode. If it is not needed, a complete shutdown is advisable. This saves power and prevents radiation emission, thus protects budget and health. Some models feature a power saving mode (“Eco Mode”), which is, however, most effective advertising eyewash: when activated, the radiation intensity decreases not significantly.
  • Distance: not only when driving, but even when using a baby monitor, a certain safe distance is advisable. At least a meter should be between cot and baby monitor to reduce the radiation risk. In this context, an important note: many baby monitors also offer a so-called range control; which is a special operating mode in which the transmitter range can be reduced. Every now and then we read that the emission of electromagnetic waves could be reduced in this way – unfortunately, this is not true. In this mode signals are sent at short intervals, this, in turn, increases the radiation exposure.
  • Battery: the use of accumulators and batteries also contributes to the reduction of the radiation intensity, because in this way there are no alternating electric fields, as is always the case with a direct connection to the mains. During already recommended operating breaks the battery can be recharged in the battery charger.

Avoid sudden infant death syndrome with a baby monitor

It is a nightmare of all parents: sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS. Even in our progressive, enlightened world, the researchers not yet been able to satisfactorily explain the recurrent unexpected death of infants and young children.

On the contrary: to this day, the sudden infant death syndrome is the leading cause of death of infants. It is known only that, there is not one single cause for the sad event; there are always several causes.

The efforts of researchers bear fruit: the death rate of infants, due to various measures, was significantly reduced in recent years.

Acoustic monitoring to protect the child

Many parents are tormented by the fact that they have not noticed the plight of their child; they feel guilty and believe that not everything was done for their child, to have left it in the lurch. But even the most caring parent can not constantly sit in front of the baby bed and stand guard. The remedy here is a baby monitor that transmits each swallowing and crying of the infant and, depending on the model, even provides a picture directly from the bed.

The baby monitor with sensor pad hears silent screams

Best baby monitor breathing sensorNot always the child cries in the case of discomforts, sometimes the cot death comes quickly and quietly, makes itself felt by nothing but slow and irregular breathing. In such case, a sensor mat can help, which we have already presented above. It detects even small breathing changes and can immediately alert the parents in case of emergency.

There is no 100% guarantee

There is no absolute protection against sudden infant death syndrome according to most experts. The risk can be reduced almost to zero, but only if parents will follow a few important guidelines. This includes, in particular, a suitable sleeping environment.

The baby can breathe better in the supine position; it sleeps better in its tidy little bed – without superfluous and dangerous ballast such as blankets and cuddly toys, under which it can bury itself. In addition, fresh air instead of overheated rooms and never – really never – cigarette smoke.

Facts and figures about the baby monitor

Below we summarise the most important facts about the baby monitor and provide memorable, interesting figures on the subject.

Baby monitoring has its sense

The welfare of the child is in the first place for most parents. The medical care in the UK is among the best in the world. Nevertheless, in this country over 100 children die every year in childbed. In the progressive USA, there are even several thousand. Often, the help would have been possible, if the parents would have noticed the plight of the baby faster.

Use the baby monitor wisely

Electrical devices do not belong in the immediate vicinity of a baby. Electromagnetic pollution is not something that is good for young children. Although, the strict regulation exists for baby monitors, that their radiation level must not exceed a quarter of the permissible standard amount, in practice, however, this value in almost all measurements is clearly exceeded. Mainly for this reason, a baby monitor can be used only if its services are really needed – and not 24 hours of continuous operation.

The baby monitor helps parents also psychologically

are video baby monitors worth itBesides all practical efficiency, the presence of the baby monitor also has high psychological benefits: parents who know their child is supervised by a baby monitor, often feel calmer and have less fear for the welfare of the infant. You can perceive events more relaxed and not constantly feel the pressure of having to look after the child. This sense of security means a better quality of life.

Marriage bed instead of a baby monitor?

Instead of setting up a more or less costly electronic surveillance system, many parents prefer to let their baby sleep in bed with them. But this is not recommended for good reasons: researchers explain that 88 percent of all deaths in the marriage bed could have been avoided if the child had slept alone and in the supine position in his bed.

Do not allow to be carried away by the feature flood

The range of baby monitors is growing annually. The manufacturers are trying to outdo each other with a true feature-flood. But the fact is that many functions are not required in practice or even useless – for example, the Eco mode, to reduce the radiation, only to a small extent fulfils the promise.

It must be noted that most baby monitors differ in their strengths and weaknesses and therefore are not equally well suited for every need.

Parents should think twice about what device they want to buy because expensive is not necessarily better. Here also helps a look at our baby monitor comparison.

Useful baby monitors accessories

For such a small device with a very straightforward function, there are understandably not a lot of useful accessories. In essence, there are spare parts, which can be worth buying.

Spare parts instead of new purchase

Even the highest quality models are not completely free from wear and tear, and even with careful handling, an accident can always happen, after which the exchange of a particular component will be needed. Most frequently mechanical parts are affected, for example, the battery compartment cover.

The manufacturers of baby monitors are well aware of this needs. Almost all affected parts can be easily obtained. Thus you can save on costly repairs. You will not need to send your baby monitor somewhere, and apart from this, no special knowledge is required.

Moreover, the scope of delivery of various baby monitor models varies, and some, worse-equipped models, can be brought later by the purchase of accessories to the level of a higher price range. Our baby monitor comparison helps to evaluate at a glance whether a better-equipped item is worthwhile, by comparing the various data against each other.

Batteries and suitable charger

To minimise the radiation intensity of a baby monitor, the use of rechargeable batteries is recommended. Not always these are included with the device. In any case, matching batteries and the corresponding charging dock can be bought easily – often even directly in the shop of the baby monitor manufacturer.

Sensor mat for baby monitor

Some models have the sensor mat included in the package, and some may have it as an optional accessory. In any case, it is an extremely useful accessory that is used in a baby’s cot as an underlay and registers every movement of the infant. Especially important: the breathing will be closely monitored; an alarm can be immediately triggered with suspicious breaks. This serves for the safety of the child and reassures parents.