Best Built-in Ovens UK

What is the best built-in oven?You’ve decided. You want to buy a new built-in oven.

Orienting yourself among all the models available on the market seems extremely stressful, right?

It is actually much simpler than it seems. We are here to help you!

Our team has tested and reviewed for you the 9 best built-in ovens, to help you choose your next purchase in the best way and in peace!

At this point all you have to do is read on and finally choose the best built-in oven for you!

The best built-in ovens

1. Bosch HBN211E0J – Best value for money

Capacity: 67 liters
Energy efficiency class: A
Dimensions: 59.5 x 54.8 x 59.5 cm

The Bosch HBN211E0J kitchen oven is an excellent product, simple, without frills and with an excellent quality-price ratio.

This built-in oven is functionally simple but highly performing: it guarantees uniform cooking of food. It is an extremely silent model and quickly reaches the set temperature, keeping it for a long time, an indication of good thermal insulation.

The cooking times indicated in the oven’s instruction manual are true, and the fact that the instructions are clear and written in Italian should not be underestimated.

The Bosch ventilated and electric built-in oven has standard dimensions, which makes it easy to insert into any built-in cabinet. It is equipped with a grill and a dripping pan; externally it has three mechanical knobs, one for the timer, one for regulating the temperature and the third for choosing between six different types of heating; the temperature knob also allows you to choose between 3 grill power levels. The defrost function is also present.

The hooks for the racks make the oven a little smaller than others, but we are still talking about a high capacity (67 liters). The external glass is not equipped with Cool Door technology, but in any case it heats up, without ever really burning, only after a long time set at high temperatures.

The device can be easily cleaned thanks to the removable glass, moreover the rails are not made directly in the lateral parts of the structure, but there are metal supports that can be unhooked and washed comfortably. This model also belongs to energy class A.

In summary, this kitchen oven is a Spartan model that will satisfy those who do not look for particular frills but, rather, are looking for a model that will last over time thanks to its solid materials and its intuitive and multiple functions. The excellent value for money is also an aspect that should not be underestimated for this product, one of if not the best built-in oven.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Very simple cleaning
  • Intuitive use
  • It has many functions


  • Lack of Cool Door technology
  • The hooks for the racks make the oven smaller

2. Candy FLE0502/6X – The best budget option

Capacity: 65 liters
Energy efficiency class: A
Dimensions: 59.5 x 55 x 59.5 cm

The Candy FLE0502/6X built-in electric oven will amaze you because it combines simplicity with functionality.

This ventilated electric machine has standard dimensions and capacity (65 liters) and promises rather low energy consumption, falling under energy class A.

In the opinion of consumers, it turned out to be one of the best models in terms of value for money. In the face of a really modest expense, it will fully satisfy your expectations, as it cooks flawlessly and within the times defined by the booklet.

The instruction booklet explains in full how to use all its functions: there are many possibilities of use, including the very useful pizza function, but despite its multiple ways of use, this still remains a simple and intuitive product.

The only flaw that is reported to us by our customers is that the opening handle is not built with excellent quality materials, therefore it tends to ruin over time.

The analog controls and the timer make this model really easy to use!

And finally, even in this model it is possible to remove the glass of the door, to make cleaning easier and less cumbersome.

It is difficult to find an oven on the market at such an affordable price, perfect if you don’t want to spend too much to furnish your kitchen. Although it is inexpensive, in terms of performance it is absolutely not inferior compared to more expensive models, moreover its classic energy also adds to the savings of the bill costs to the initial purchase, therefore it is an excellent investment for the future.

If you are aiming for an electric oven with cheap prices, but which is still functional, aesthetically pleasing and which retains the functions of the most expensive models, you have probably found the one for you. Also consider that the possibility of removing the glass from the tailgate incredibly facilitates the cleaning of its various parts.


  • Cheap
  • Simple to use
  • Classic design and modern functions
  • Optimized energy consumption


  • The handle is not of great quality

3. Samsung GEO BQ1S4T – The best quality

Capacity: 65 liters
Energy efficiency class: A
Dimensions: 59.5 x 54.5 x 59.5 cm

This built-in oven is equipped with cutting-edge technology that will not leave you indifferent!

The oven equipped with a double fan, which spreads the heat evenly throughout the model, much better than a common device with a single fan. The feature that distinguishes it from the other best built-in ovens is the possibility, thanks to specific programs and a divider, to cook simultaneously using two different temperatures or to use only the upper or lower half of the machine.

This will save you time and electricity. This electric model also quickly reaches the desired temperature, keeping it constant with limited excursions.

But that is not all! It is equipped with the internal steam cleaning function that sanitizes the interior and softens the most resistant residues, so then you just need to quickly pass a damp cloth and you’re done. In practice this model cleans itself!

The only flaw of this oven is probably the somewhat high cost, which could make some buyers desist.

Another important feature of the oven is the so-called Cool Door: Samsung electric ovens are equipped with doors with quadruple or triple glass and an internal reflective glass. This innovative technology ensures that the heat remains inside the device, while the outside of the door remains cool and therefore safe for you and your family.

In short, it seems clear to us now that this oven is really an excellent investment both in terms of longevity and technology, the latter in fact totally justifies its somewhat high cost. Its multiple functions only give it value, and probably few other models can rival this product. If you are looking for a good investment for the future and the best built-in oven, it can be right for you!


  • Possibility to differentiate the cooking methods
  • Double fan
  • Internal steam cleaning
  • Cool Door technology
  • Intuitive display


  • The somewhat high cost

4. Electrolux FR53R – 100% satisfaction

Capacity: 70 liters
Energy efficiency class: A
Dimensions: 55.8 x 54.8 x 57.3 cm

The Electrolux FR53R built-in fan oven is very functional and is characterized by its classic design.

It is a quality product, which ranks in energy class A and ensures very low annual energy consumption. It is particularly interesting also on the economic front, since it is possible to find it on the market at a competitive and affordable price.

This product has very classic lines that are particularly suitable for wooden or rustic kitchens. Based on the opinions of our customers, we can say that classic design is one of the most appreciated features of this built-in oven.

The controls for choosing the different oven functions are set using simple and comfortable mechanical knobs. In particular, to start cooking it is necessary to set the numeric timer or move the timer knob to the manual position.

Perhaps the only small flaw of the Rex FR53R oven is that inside it has only one grill installed. However, despite the presence of a single internal support, the cooking compartment has a very high capacity: it reaches 70 liters.

This built-in electric oven allows fast and perfect cooking of food. A user manual is also provided which will make it even easier to choose the correct cooking mode and shelf. The device is also very easy to clean, being equipped with a door with removable glass for better cleaning.

In short, we reiterate once again that it is a really extremely convenient oven compared to the best built-in ovens with similar functionality currently on the market. Its design suitable for the most romantic and rustic kitchens also make it very attractive for those with splendidly retro tastes.


  • Competitive price
  • Classic design, modern functions
  • Many functions
  • Removable glass


  • Presence of a single integrated grill

5. BOSCH HBN331E4J – The best seller

Capacity: 67 liters
Energy efficiency class: A
Dimensions: 59.5 x 54.8 x 59.5 cm

This built-in model is an excellent alternative for those looking for a functional, intuitive product and a competitive price, without sacrificing the quality guaranteed by a large brand.

The BOSCH HBN331E4J oven, with its capacity of 67 liters, is very intuitive and simple, highly recommended as a first home model or even for those who use it often. It is a machine with standard dimensions, but always make sure to check them before buying it to understand if it fits or not to your kitchen furniture.

The electronic display is functional and the programs are really easy to understand: you can choose between 5 heating functions, from rapid defrosting to the combined fan + grill. You can cook anything with excellent results! The instructions are also very useful and detailed.

Among the different features of this device, unfortunately, the shock-absorbing door is not included, but this does not compromise in any way the functionality of the product.

Our investigations show that one of the most appreciated functions is that of the switch-on timer (programmed switch-on). Other positively judged features are automatic shutdown, the light that comes on when the door is opened and rapid heating, which saves time and electricity. The product is also aesthetically pleasing, with a clean line that adapts to any decor.

Like all BOSCH models, this oven also stands for guarantee. All tests carried out by our team and our customers did not report structural or technical defects. Indeed, the many functions of this electric model add even more value to a model that is already well presented in its specifications and appearance.


  • Intuitive use
  • Scheduled power on function
  • Elegant and clean design
  • Competitive price


  • Door not amortized

6. Smeg SF561X

Capacity: 61 liters
Energy efficiency class: A
Dimensions: 59.7 x 54.8 x 59.2 cm

The Smeg SF561X oven is ideal for those who need to spend relatively little or for those who have a small kitchen.

With its 61 liters of capacity, in fact, this model adapts to small spaces, while not giving up high-end quality performance and proposing a minimal but aesthetically impeccable design.

This oven cooks very well, thanks to the possibility of choosing between 6 functions; the adjustment of cooking times and temperature are very simple and convenient is the automatic switch-off function.

From the customer experience, the brightness is optimal, allowing you to follow the cooking of the food very well. In addition, our tests show that the model heats up in a few minutes and has good ventilation.

The accessories of this electric oven are thin but only because of its low price.

This built-in machine has integrated the tangential cooling system, which prevents overheating of the external parts. The anti-fingerprint finish is also appreciable, which avoids us major efforts in cleaning. As in other models of this brand, here too we have an audible warning function that allows us to remember the end of the cooking cycle, if we were busy doing anything else in the meantime.

We reiterate once again how this product is particularly appreciated because of its size, which also adapts to the types of kitchens and smaller furniture: a quality not a little. Many customers have told us of a certain difficulty in finding the right product for their kitchen, precisely because the furniture did not comply with the standard dimensions found on the oven market. Other than that, the extremely low cost of this model makes it truly perfect for all budgets.


  • Suitable for those with a small budget
  • Small size for better accommodation
  • Optimal internal brightness
  • Competitive price


  • Few accessories
  • Dimensions not suitable for larger kitchens

7. Smeg SF85X

Capacity: 72 liters
Energy efficiency class: A
Dimensions: 59.7 x 57 x 59.2 cm

The Smeg SF585X is an oven with excellent performance that falls quietly in a medium price range, so it is a safe investment for the future!

This built-in fan-assisted electric oven, which falls into energy efficiency class A, is equipped with 8 heating programs, including the very useful one for defrosting and one for steam cleaning (Vapor Clean) which we are sure you will not be able to more do without!

This product is therefore simple to clean, but also easy to use thanks to its electronic timer timer, the temperature control display, automatic switch-off and the possibility of programming the start of cooking in advance (automatic ignition).

With its capacity of 72 liters, the oven reaches a maximum cooking temperature of 280 ° C, slightly higher than the average. It also features an automatic shutdown system when the door is opened and the popular Child Lock, the child safety lock function.

The light that comes on automatically when the door is opened was also particularly appreciated by our customers and our team. In addition, it has 5 operating modes of the internal fan and an acoustic signal that will warn us of the end of the cooking cycle.

In addition, the Smeg gives us a 40mm deep enamelled basin, a grid with rear stop and an insert for the basin.

This oven has been widely appreciated both by our team and by our customers, as it not only belongs to an energy class that allows you to better optimize consumption, but is created with absolutely quality materials, has truly technological functions and is sold with extra accessories already supplied! Could it be the best built-in electric oven for you?


  • Vapor Clean function
  • Possibility to program cooking in advance
  • Child Lock, for the safety of children
  • Maximum cooking temperature: 280 ° C


  • Nobody

8. Whirlpool AKP 288/NA – Small oven, great performance

Capacity: 56 liters
Energy efficiency class: A
Dimensions: 59.5 x 56.4 x 59.5 cm

The Whirlpool AKP 288 / NA built-in electric oven is suitable for those who have a built-in cabinet with compact dimensions but are still looking for an electric oven with excellent prices and performance.

Our tests carried out on this oven, which can be purchased at a truly affordable price, have shown that it is an extremely reliable product; this opinion was also confirmed by the excellent opinions of our customers.

As anticipated, the product is particularly attractive for those looking for a compact device and who have limited space available: the capacity of this product is, in fact, 56 liters. The dimensions certainly do not affect the performance of this magnificent product, which is efficient both from an energy point of view, being a class A and from a functional one.

The oven is equipped with 9 functions, among which the Pizza and Pastry functions stand out. The different programs are set thanks to comfortable and elegant mechanical knobs. Instead, you can keep an eye on the cooking time through a special analog clock.

The small size of this oven could be a disadvantage for those looking for a larger capacity: it all depends on your needs!

But let’s not forget about aesthetics, the eye also wants its part! The classic design of the Whirlpool AKP 288 / NA is the ideal solution for rooms with traditional shapes and colors. Despite the classic appearance, this electric device is technologically advanced and equipped with a cooled safe door.

We find ourselves in front of a small-sized oven, suitable mainly for those looking for a product that fits well into a piece of furniture that may already be present in the home. Its classic design and modern functions make it, however, and above all an aesthetically pleasing model that is able to compete with its bigger “brothers”, despite the limited capacity.


  • Multiple functions
  • Compact dimensions
  • Classic design and modern functions


  • Small size and capacity

9. Glem GFT64SAN – The model with the best interior

Capacity: 61 liters
Energy efficiency class: A
Dimensions: 59.8 x 52.3 x 59.4 cm

We offer you another oven belonging to energy class A. The tests we have carried out confirm that the Glem GFT64SAN built-in electric oven is truly one of the best performing on the market, while maintaining a decidedly average price.

This is a ventilated device and this factor guarantees uniform and optimal cooking of the food. It is also a multifunctional product, which offers the possibility to choose from various cooking programs.

Specifically, it is equipped with five functions and an electric grill. The program and temperature choices are made through two simple mechanical knobs. The device is also equipped with a convenient analogic start / end cooking programmer.

Cleaning the kitchen oven is made particularly easy by some of its features. In fact, not only the glass of the door is removable, but the internal structure is in Titanium enamel, a material that thanks to the very low porosity prevents dirt from adhering. Furthermore, this type of enamel, being much more resistant to acid attack than normal enamels, maintains its shine even after frequent use of the machine.

The product has a capacity of 61 liters, it is therefore slightly smaller than others in its category.

The oven is equipped with triple glazing and a tangential cooling system: this allows to obtain a reduction of the temperatures on the external part of the device, preserving the adjacent furniture from the heat and avoiding any condensation.

Here too we are faced with a very convenient oven both as regards the economic factor and for its specifications. The Titanium enamel that lines the inside of the product and helps to preserve this model for a long time, making it very long-lasting and potentially indestructible.


  • Multifunction
  • Titanium enamel interior
  • Tangential cooling
  • Ease of use


  • The capacity (61 liters) is somewhat reduced compared to other models

Is a gas or electric built-in oven better?

This is the first question you need to ask when purchasing: surely both electric and gas ovens have advantages and disadvantages that we must take into consideration.

From a purely economic point of view, the gas supply is certainly more convenient than the electric one, nevertheless you will realize that it is much more common that an electric model is proposed to you. The main reason is greater safety: although recently produced gas ovens are legally equipped with a device that prevents accidents from gas leaks, this is certainly a risk to consider and obviously non-existent in electric ovens.

The best built-in electric oven is also simpler to install and use and ensures greater efficiency. If it is true that gas ovens manage to reach the set temperature very quickly, it is also true that electric ovens guarantee temperature maintenance and greater uniformity of heat distribution.

To be honest, the latest models of gas ovens are equipped with a thermostat integrated specifically to reduce the problem of maintaining the temperature, but the levels of the electric ones are not reached. Another aspect to consider are the many cooking functions and options with which electric ovens are equipped, compared to gas ovens.

What is the best size to buy?

There is no absolute best measure: it all depends on where you are going to place your new built-in electric oven. The available sizes are different, it usually starts from the classic dimensions, that is 56 cm wide and 60 cm high, but it can go up to 85 and 90 cm recessed.

As the external dimensions vary, the internal capacity will also change. Also take into account how much you use the machine and the number of people you usually cook for: if you live alone and you don’t usually invite people to lunch, a 75-liter model may be excessively large for you.

What are the most useful functions?

The choice of functions depends very much on the use you will make of the electrical device. The standard functions are: the grill, the adjustable thermostat and the timer, which when the set cooking time is over warns you with an acoustic signal.

A function that our research proves to be highly appreciated by consumers is that of defrosting food, which certainly makes life easier for us. The quick preheating function is also very convenient, which saves time and electricity.

The automatic switch-off automatically stops the oven after 12 hours of inactivity, so it will allow you to sleep peacefully! And if you want to organize yourself better, some ovens also provide programmed ignition: very useful! In addition, if you have children, the so-called Child Lock, the safety lock on the control panel and the door, which prevents the product from being opened or inadvertently operated, will be useful.

So yes, if you are a particularly demanding person you can certainly find the best built-in electric oven for you that, thanks to the recent technologies implemented, will be able to satisfy all your requests!

Is a self-cleaning oven really useful?

The best built-in ovens of the latest generation have a self-cleaning function. Compared to the electric ovens of a few years ago, the novelty is steam cleaning, which takes very little time to effectively eliminate stains, incrustations and bad smells. If you have limited time, it is certainly a useful function: obviously the presence of this function will affect the purchase price of your built-in electric device.

What are the best brands of ovens on the market?

As you have discovered, there are many types of built-in electric ovens on the market, with characteristics, prices and dimensions that are also quite different from each other. What is the best? As already mentioned, there is no absolute best oven, but only the one that best suits your desires.

If you have a large family or cook often, you will probably aim for an oven with large dimensions, such as some models produced by Ariston. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more compact built-in electric fan oven, excellent options are offered by the Whirlpool and Glem brands.

Are you a very demanding person who only wants the best? Samsung’s built-in electric ovens are at the forefront. Other manufacturers that produce good quality, functional and competitive price built-in electric ovens are Electrolux, Bosch, Candy and Smeg.

In short, understanding which is the best built-in oven for you depends mainly on your tastes.

And here we are, the time has finally come to choose the right built-in oven for you!

Our ranking and our guide of the best built-in ovens available this year have provided you with a rather broad overview of the main features and what you should keep in mind when purchasing your new built-in electric product. By now your opinions on built-in ovens will be consolidated, right?

Always remember what functions you prefer, calculate the dimensions of your built-in furniture well and, above all, don’t forget the importance of the energy efficiency class. As you will have understood, the fundamental thing is to understand what your personal needs are!

Surely you are now ready to purchase the best built-in oven for you, good luck!