Best Carry-On Trolley UK

What is the best trolley for hand luggage?Choosing a new lightweight carry-on trolley might seem like a simple decision – but it’s not!

Imagine if your hand baggage were to open in the middle of a busy airport …

Just because you bought any cheap model.

To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, we have reviewed more than 30 different models and chosen for you the 7 best light hand luggage trolleys of 2022.

The selection reflects quality as well as value for your money.

And that’s what you’re looking for, right?

What is the best carry-on trolley?

1. American Tourister Bon Air – The best of all

Dimensions: S-55 cm; M-66 cm; L-75 cm
Capacity: 31.5 L; 57.5 L; 91 L

For those who are always looking for the top of the top … this carry-on suitcase definitely falls into this category!

It is a trolley for hand luggage consisting first of all of a lighter shell than the other models and made of extremely resistant polypropylene, so that you will not run the risk that your suitcase will be easily damaged. The 4 360 degree wheels will allow you to carry the carry-on trolley in any direction, while you can fix the tow trolley at different heights to get the comfort you prefer.

Among other features, this carry-on trolley has side studs for greater stability when it is placed on the side, while the upper handle will give you the best grip. So many advantages that you can’t give up!

For those who fear for their own safety, the hand luggage trolley has several padlocks with a 3-digit TSA function to close each zip. The interior, on the other hand, will allow you to always maintain order thanks to the two zippered pockets for small items, the comfortable clothes clips and the convenient zippered partition.

Fixed closure, lightness, safety and quality: with the possibility to choose between different sizes and capacities, this is certainly the best carry-on trolley you can find on the market. In addition, its size will allow you to keep it comfortably in the cabin. Don’t miss the chance: you won’t regret it!


  • Lightweight shell in extremely resistant polypropylene
  • 4 multidirectional wheels
  • Side studs for better stability when placed on the side
  • Towing trolley fixable at different heights
  • Upper luggage handle for better grip
  • Padlocks with 3-digit TSA function
  • Two zipped pockets in the carry-on shell, zippered divider and clothes clips
  • Possibility to choose between different luggage sizes


  • The luggage handle tends to put weight on the zipper
  • The hook of the cursor is missing in the hinge of the inner lining

2. Aerolite ABS – The best value for money

Dimensions: 55x35x20 cm
Capacity: 33 L

Are you always on the road but have not yet found the best carry-on trolley for you, quality but at an affordable price? Don’t worry … we have the solution to your problems!

It is a carry-on trolley of the famous Aerolite brand, known for the production of light and super comfortable suitcases. Thanks to its ultra-light weight, combined with 4 comfortable wheels with 360-degree rotation, you can transport your trolley wherever you want and without difficulty from the hotel to the airport, without suffering excessive effort.

As far as the realization is concerned, this hand luggage trolley has a rigid shell in anti-scratch and impact-resistant ABS plastic, so that you won’t run the risk of ruining it easily. And to easily drag it, the carry-on trolley has a double-tube retractable handle that you can take out with the push of a button: traveling has never been easier!

And if you want to keep every object in order inside your suitcase, with this hand luggage trolley you can do it! In addition to having large zippers on the main body, the trolley is equipped inside with straps and compartments with zip, so that your clothes always remain in place.

Finally, this hand luggage is perfectly compatible with any airline including Ryanair, Vueling, Norwegian, Lufthansa and many others. With the ability to close your zips with a three-digit system and an elastic shoe pocket, this is definitely the best carry-on trolley thanks to its unbeatable value for money.

And if you also want to give your partner a suitcase, you can take advantage of the promotion with which you will buy two at an enviable price: what are you waiting for? Don’t let it get away!


  • Light trolley for hand luggage with 4 wheels with 360 degree rotation
  • Rigid shell in shockproof and scratchproof ABS plastic
  • Double-tube retractable handle that can be removed with the push of a button
  • Straps and baggage compartments with zip inside
  • Trolley for hand luggage compatible with many airlines
  • Zip closable with a 3-digit closure system
  • Elastic pocket for shoes


  • The handle of the trolley would seem not very resistant
  • Once closed, the luggage handles are a little too protruding

3. Roncato Ironik – Imaginative and colorful

Dimensions: 55x40x20 cm
Capacity: 48 L

A hand luggage trolley of a famous brand perfect for young people always on the go, who want to live their adventures with a colorful and imaginative companion!

It is precisely a trolley for hand luggage available in many colors, characterized by an original front cut with two strips that cross it perpendicularly. In addition to having a very light body to be easily transported, the trolley is equipped with an expandable system which, with the opening of the external hinges, will allow you to increase the luggage capacity by as much as 13 liters: you will certainly not miss the space!

As for the realization, this hand luggage trolley has a polyester shell, soft but at the same time robust that will guarantee you the best resistance over time. And if you are worried about transport fatigue, with this trolley you will not have the problem! It is in fact equipped with 4 swivel wheels with the best smoothness and a comfortable towing trolley with push button.

But the benefits don’t stop there! In addition to the trolley, this carry-on trolley also has comfortable side handles to carry it when you have to climb stairs, for example, while the triple-digit locking system will guarantee you the best security for your luggage.

Finally, a series of ribbons inside the trolley will allow you to lock your luggage and keep the order you want in case your suitcase gets tossed. In short, we are talking about a model that has inevitably gained the position among the best trolley for hand luggage thanks to its elegant and imaginative design. In addition, it will be perfect for your low cost travel with the Ryanair and Volotea airlines!

Are you still here to read?


  • Fancy and original hand luggage trolley, available in many colors
  • Light body for easy transport
  • Expandable system to increase the capacity of 13 liters
  • Soft and robust polyester shell
  • 4 swivel wheels for the best smoothness
  • Towing trolley with push button
  • Presence in the bag of side handles
  • 3-digit locking system for best security


  • The front pocket of hand luggage opens only horizontally, it would be better if it followed the perimeter
  • The material with which the trolley was made is a bit thin

4. AmazonBasics – The most robust

Dimensions: S-55 cm; M-68 cm; L-78 cm
Capacity: not specified

There are many hand luggage trolleys on the market, but not all of them boast a great robustness … however, this model represents the exception!

It is precisely a hand luggage with an extra thick ABS plastic rigid shell, so that you will get the best resistance and you will not run the risk of your suitcase being damaged. Accepted as hand baggage by most airlines that operate international routes, the trolley is equipped with 4 double rotating wheels to transport it where you want: the effort will be significantly reduced!

As for the interior, however, this carry-on trolley is equipped with all the compartments necessary to maintain order in the best way, with the addition of 3 internal compartments equipped with zip for small items. In addition, you can increase or decrease the luggage capacity thanks to its expandable system, so that space will never be a problem.

But there are still other advantages that we want to show you! Thanks to the telescopic handle, your hand luggage trolley will not only go backwards, but it can carry out any movement. The short handle of the luggage is instead well fixed to the body, so that you will never run the risk of breaking it: an infinite number of advantages that you can not give up!

Finally, the scratch-resistant finishes will contribute both to keeping your trolley in the best conditions, and to preserving its external appearance in case it suffers some impact during transport. In short, a model that certainly wins the position of best trolley for hand luggage thanks to its unrivaled robustness, difficult to find on the market. In addition, you can choose between different sizes according to your needs: don’t give up!


  • Trolley with extra thick ABS plastic shell for the best resistance
  • 4 double swivel wheels for the best luggage transport without effort
  • 3 internal compartments with zip for small items
  • Expandable system to increase or decrease the capacity of the trolley according to your needs
  • Telescopic handle
  • Short sleeve well fixed to the body of the luggage
  • Scratch-resistant finishes that preserve the external appearance of the suitcase


  • The TSA lock is missing
  • The internal straps of hand baggage cannot be adjusted

5. EGLEMTEK – The best economic choice

Dimensions: 55x35x20 cm
Capacity: 43 L

A perfect combination: the lightest carry-on trolley that combines an affordable and affordable price for everyone. Let’s immediately see its characteristics together!

This carry-on trolley is first and foremost with the best sizes to allow from the airlines, making it perfectly compatible and suitable for any trip. As for the luggage structure, it consists of a slightly flexible rigid polycarbonate shell: you will not run the risk of your suitcase breaking at the first impact!

But the quality materials don’t end there. In addition to the shell, the luggage rods are made of aluminum, therefore they are also extremely resistant, while the 4 swivel wheels will allow you stability and safety on any journey. And for those addicted to order, the inside of the trolley has a waterproof fabric and clothes clips that accompany three internal compartments with zip: you can keep even the smallest objects in place!

Finally, for an ideal transport to any place, this carry-on trolley has two side handles, while the numerical combination lock will allow you to feel comfortable on safety.

Do not give up the opportunity to travel with a product judged to be among the best carry-on trolley thanks to its unbeatable economic price: you will make a bargain!


  • Lighter carry-on trolley with a super cheap price
  • Measures compatible with most airlines
  • Slightly flexible rigid polycarbonate shell to prevent breakage
  • Extremely resistant aluminum rods
  • Interior with waterproof fabric and clothes clips
  • Three internal compartments with zip
  • Two side handles
  • Combination padlock


  • The material of this trolley would seem a little delicate
  • The trolley with the handle slightly reduces the spaces because it is in relief

6. Cabin GO – The best carry-on backpack

Dimensions: 55x40x20 cm
Capacity: 44 L

We now present a product that represents innovation, thanks to which traveling will become a walk. Curious to find out? We present it to you immediately!

It is a carry-on trolley that comes first with a very light weight, thanks to which you can carry it wherever you want and without difficulty. The exterior is made of soft and resistant water-resistant polyester, so that rain will never be a problem even on longer journeys.

But what mainly distinguishes this carry-on trolley from other products on the market is its versatility. In fact, you can comfortably turn it into a backpack! Discover the shoulder straps through a comfortable zip, and carry it comfortably thanks to the comfortable padded back: you can hide the section with the wheels to obtain the best compactness.

As for the order, however, with this hand luggage trolley it will not be a problem. It has 3 external compartments and 2 internal compartments with a zipper, so that you can store objects and liquids in their special spaces. In addition, the large 44-liter capacity will allow you to travel without having to worry about checked baggage.

And among the last but not least advantages, the backpack has an adjustable shoulder strap, straps and side handles, combined with measures that are perfectly suited to IATA flights. And finally, you will find many accessories in equipment that will be extremely useful to you, including: a padlock, a transparent bag for liquids, a mask, a pillow and earplugs.

And to maintain the best hygiene even outside the home, there will be a small special kit with a toothbrush included! Definitely judged as the best trolley for light hand luggage thanks to its extreme versatility. And what’s more, it’s also cheap: don’t hesitate, you’ll make a deal!


  • Lightweight trolley for hand luggage
  • Exterior in soft and resistant water-resistant polyester
  • Shoulder straps and padded back to transform the suitcase into a comfortable backpack
  • 3 external and 2 internal compartments with zip
  • Large 44 liter capacity
  • Adjustable shoulder strap, straps and side handles
  • Perfect carry-on baggage measurements for IATA flights
  • Accessories supplied: padlock, pouch for liquids, mask, ear plugs, pillow and kit for oral hygiene


  • A strap is missing inside the carry-on bag to hold clothes
  • The pull-out handle would seem a little precarious

7. ORMI-LUMI – Excellent elegant design

Dimensions: 57x37x19 cm
Capacity: 30 L

If your budget is limited and your choice is geared towards cheap suitcases … then this could be the best product for you!

It is a carry-on trolley with a simple and elegant design, with an external shell made of rigid ABS, light and flexible at the same time, so that you will not run the risk of your suitcase breaking at the first opportunity. Thanks to the measures perfectly compatible with most airlines, you can comfortably keep your hand luggage trolley in the cabin without disturbing anyone.

As for the interior, this hand luggage trolley is made up of comfortable internal straps, which combined with comfortable compartments with zip closure will allow you to maintain order in the best way.

And for those looking for the best comfort during transport, this fantastic trolley will not miss it! In fact, it has 4 perfect swivel wheels for every surface, while the upper and side handles will offer you a stable and secure grip.

And among the latest benefits, this carry-on trolley will offer you the best resistance thanks to the aluminum trolley rods, while the 3-digit padlock will avoid any safety concerns.

In short, a model that we have decided to include among the best carry-on trolley for its elegant design and unparalleled comfort. Customer opinions have also been very positive in this regard: you could be next!


  • Simple and elegant carry-on trolley design
  • Outer shell of hand luggage in rigid ABS, light and flexible at the same time
  • Measures compatible with most airlines
  • Presence of comfortable internal straps
  • Zipped compartments to keep items always in order
  • 4 swivel wheels perfect for any surface
  • Top and side handles for a stable and secure grip
  • Small three-digit padlock for the best security for your hand luggage


  • The finishes of this carry-on trolley are not of the best quality
  • The wheels would have been better if quieter
  • The zippers on the carry-on trolley seem to be a bit weak

Things to consider before buying a carry-on trolley

Choosing the right trolley for hand luggage is not such a simple choice, as there are many factors to consider.

To ensure that your luggage is not excessive, you must first take into account the weight, the material of which the carry-on suitcase is made up and much more.

To help you choose the right model, we will now provide you with a series of detailed indications in this regard: we will list them below.

Rigid vs soft suitcase

It is well known that, when choosing between the various cabin luggage trolleys, you can opt for a soft or rigid suitcase. Soft suitcases are generally made of fabric or polyester, and are more flexible than the others, such as those made by Carpisa; however they tend to get dirty, in fact the dust sticks easily.

Rigid carry-on suitcases have the advantage of presenting themselves with a rigid shell in resistant plastic, which will undoubtedly guarantee you the best durability. Nonetheless, they can be heavier and if not flexible enough they could split.


As already mentioned, hand luggage trolleys can be made of different materials: among the most common are ABS, polypropylene and polycarbonate.

If you want to make your hand luggage as light as possible, the ideal thing is that you opt for ABS, undoubtedly the lightest of all the materials that may not offer you the same protection.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for resistance, the polycarbonate hand luggage trolley is certainly the best one for you. However heavier than ABS, your trolley will always be practically unharmed.

For those who opt for flexibility, polypropylene is certainly the most suitable material. The flexible character could be deceiving, but in reality these hand luggage trolleys offer considerable protection, and you can also keep them comfortably in the cabin. However, this typology is particularly, perhaps too light.

Finally, a material that is never mentioned but that is actually very resistant is aluminum. These hand luggage trolleys do not fall into the economic categories, on the contrary and are moreover very heavy. But these downsides are also what will make your carry-on suitcase practically indestructible.

Capacity, size and weight

When you travel there are a number of features to consider for your trolley, including capacity, size and weight. First of all, let’s start from an important differentiation:

  • Trolley for hand luggage: as the name implies, it is a suitcase that is more or less the size of a backpack. Its capacity is around 20-35 liters, and you can keep it safely in the cabin under the seat.
  • Medium suitcase: this is a trolley that you must necessarily send in the hold, since its capacity is between 50 and 75 liters. You will use a suitcase of this size for a trip that certainly takes more than two days.
  • Large suitcase: the largest trolley ever. Its capacity corresponds to more than 80 liters; you will also keep this in the hold, and will use it for particularly long journeys.

Airlines today have increasingly strict rules regarding the weight of hand baggage. This is why the material you choose for your trolley is important. In fact, the heavier the suitcase will be empty, the less objects and clothing you can carry with you. The rules are stricter for hand baggage, while they are more flexible for checked baggage.

The dimensions must also be within certain sizes, otherwise your carry-on trolley may not be compatible. The ideal is that you buy one with measures that fit most airlines.

Storage capacity

If you tend to fill your carry-on baggage trolley to the brim, make sure it has a large capacity, while always falling within the dimensions allowed by the plane. If you also intend to carry a series of items with you, make sure that the carry-on suitcase has a series of compartments, possibly equipped with a zip.


An element that some tend to underestimate in hand luggage but which proves to be fundamental, especially in terms of comfort. Think first if you want to buy a carry-on trolley with 2 or 4 wheels. The 4 wheels are increasingly popular: also called spinners, they have a 360 degree rotation and allow you to transport the trolley easily even on the narrowest paths.

Hand luggage trolleys with two wheels are also good, as the latter are quite silent and made with quality materials. At the same time, the trolleys with two wheels imply having to bear a part of the weight, an element that could be uncomfortable especially for your back.


Security is another very important element to keep in mind for hand luggage. The cheaper suitcases sometimes do not have them, but the ideal is that you buy a suitcase equipped with a padlock with a 3-digit security system, so that you do not have to run the risk of any clandestine openings. Even better if your hand luggage trolley is equipped with a lock for each individual zipper.

Among the best brands of suitcases you will surely find Carpisa, which will provide you with all the necessary safety accessories on the plane and in the cabin.

You have come to the conclusion!

After a careful reading, you finally got to know all the 2022 models you could choose from, without having to further deepen your research.

In addition, we have provided you with all the necessary information in the purchase guide that will come in handy for you to choose your suitcase more accurately and not risk wasting money.

And now, the time has come! Go and … buy the best carry-on trolley perfect for you!