Best Gaming Mouse UK

What is the best gaming mouse?Let’s be honest:

If you are serious about gaming, you need a great gaming mouse.

But with all the advertisements around … how do you know which brand is reliable?

Don’t worry anymore!

To make your life easier, we have selected and reviewed for you the 10 best gaming mice (wired and wireless), which every gamer should have in 2022!

Read on to find out the right model for your needs!

What is the best gaming mouse?

1. Logitech G502 – Best ever

Type: wired
Stitches per inch: 200 – 12000 DPI

If you are real gamers, who are never satisfied, our advice for you falls on this product. The best gaming mouse ever!

The Logitech G502 is a mouse designed for those of you who spend many hours playing online competitively. Its ergonomics and features make it the best choice.

The optical sensor is one of the best for gaming mice, with an optical sensor capable of reaching 12000 DPI. The mouse DPI is customizable, and will allow you better versatility depending on the game and your habits. In addition, thanks to the high-speed optical sensor, you can always make precise and lightning-fast movements.

This Logitech is the best gaming mouse thanks to 11 customizable keys, for precise game actions. By doing so, you can be more competitive on any game genre, like MMOs, FPS and RPGs. The Logitech G502 mouse is a guarantee of performance for all gamers!

And as the eye also wants its part, this G502 mouse has RGB LED lighting, which you can customize in the best way for you. The 16.8 million colors of this mouse are wonderful, and you just have to set them thanks to the Logitech Gaming Software.

If you already have, or are thinking of purchasing other products from the Logitech Gaming range, know that the software allows you to synchronize colors between the mouse and other devices. For a better scenic effect! And then, the ergonomics are unbeatable, designed especially for gamers who never tire.

All this makes the Logitech G502 the top of the best gaming mice of 2022. You can also find it combined with a G240 or G440 mat. The reviews and opinions of the most experienced are positive, and our advice applies to everyone!


  • Best gaming mouse of 2022 for MOBA, FPS, MMO and more
  • Excellent personalization of PPE, up to 12000 PPE
  • Integrated 32-bit microcontroller
  • With programmable side buttons, 11 in total
  • Ergonomic shape designed to not make you tired quickly
  • Equipped with RGB LEDs with 16.8 million colors, customizable via software
  • You can synchronize the LEDs with other Logitech Gaming devices


  • Being ergonomic, it is not suitable for left-handers
  • Poor quality USB cable jacket

2. Razer DeathAdder – The most ergonomic

Type: wired
Stitches per inch: 6400 DPI or 16000 DPI

Would you like to buy the most ergonomic gaming mouse of 2022, which will offer you exceptional comfort? Then find out our opinions on this product, in the following review.

The DeathAdder is a mouse created by one of the best brands in the sector, the Razer, which is used by many professional players in the field of eSports. Its ergonomics are excellent, whatever your grip technique is. This will allow you to have a more comfortable experience, and is also suitable for large hands.

The optical sensor of this mouse is excellent in both its versions. The classic one reaches 6400 DPI, while the Elite version has 16000 DPI, for even more fluid and responsive movements. The response times are also excellent, just 1 ms. In this way, you can ensure better in-game performance.

If you are left-handed, don’t worry. Razer DeathAdder is one of the very few mice also created in a left-handed version, but with the same performance and hardware features. The surprises don’t end there.

In addition to having the highest quality mechanical keys, this mouse boasts the presence of keys with programmable function. You can find 5 in the classic DeathAdder, and 7 in the Elite version. These keys are called “Hyperesponse”, as they are characterized by an instantaneous speed in sending the input.

All in all, despite being a model renowned in the world of eSports, the DeathAdder is a rather inexpensive mouse, which we recommend to all of you fans!


  • The most ergonomic on sale, of the infamous Razer brand
  • Excellent optical sensor quality, in 6400 DPI or 16000 DPI version
  • It has programmable keys, 5 in the classic and 7 in the Elite
  • Also available in a left-handed version, equally ergonomic
  • Also perfect for large hands, and for all grip techniques
  • Excellent especially for various types of shooters
  • Despite being renowned, it is quite cheap


  • It is not the most suitable for MOBA and MMO
  • Not the best wheel

3. Logitech G402 – Best value for money

Type: wired
Points per police: from 250 to 4000 DPI

The following product is the right choice for you if you want one of the best budget gaming mice, with excellent value for money.

The Logitech G402 gaming mouse is able to combine high performance and competitive price, in a comfortable economic mouse. Despite this, the sensor is of excellent quality, a well-made optical / laser hybrid.

The DPI of this Logitech mouse is adjustable, and can reach a maximum of 4000 DPI. So, at any time, you can choose the best setting for you, to take advantage of more precise or faster movements. For this reason, it is an excellent mouse for different types of games.

This functionality for different games is made even better by the presence of 8 programmable keys, to which you can assign the most frequent commands. This will allow you to speed up your gaming activities with the mouse, making you more competitive.

Thanks to its very comfortable shape, this Logitech mouse is ideal for both left and right handed users. Ergonomics also makes it the best mouse for working on the PC, such as for graphics and photo editing. In short, versatility is one of the key aspects of this Logitech G402 mouse!

Opinions about this mouse are very positive, and our advice falls on this economic mouse if the value for money is fundamental for you. The Logitech brand is one of the best, and this product is no different.


  • Gaming mouse with the best value for money
  • Good choice in setting the PPE, from 250 to 4000
  • Lightning-fast response speed, just 1 ms
  • Ergonomic grip, suitable for both left and right handers
  • Perfect for gaming, for working, and for graphics and photo editing
  • Minimal and pleasant design
  • One of the most valuable inexpensive mice on the market


  • PPE can be modified using the appropriate button, and not via software
  • Wheel too sensitive

4. KLIM Aim – The best with RGB LED

Type: wired
Stitches per inch: 500-7000 DPI

Do you also find the visual aspect of a gaming mouse very important? In this case, you should read the review of the following product.

The KLIM Aim gaming mouse is produced by a less famous brand, the KLIM, which has been able to make a device very pleasing to the eye, but also functional. For large or small, right-handed or left-handed hands: you can use this mouse with great comfort, without problems.

Through a special button located under the wheel, you can adjust the number of PPE, between 500 and 7000. This will guarantee you a better control of the precision, for always efficient and accurate movements. Ideal in shooters, but also in MMOs and MOBAs. The sensor is optical, and has a response time of 2 ms.

The KLIM Aim gaming mouse is comfortable and well balanced, with a Teflon coating that prevents slipping. Your grip will always be firm, for better performance. In addition, the driver for Windows will allow you to change the lighting effects and colors of the RGB LEDs, but also to create special macros.

Thanks to these two features, you can customize your gaming mouse in the best way for you. The KLIM Aim is the demonstration that we should not necessarily rely on strange mice of famous brands and not cheap, to have excellent results. Combining performance and low cost, this mouse is a real gem.


  • Equipped with the best customization of RGB LEDs
  • Optical sensor that reaches 7000 DPI
  • Teflon non-slip coating for better grip
  • With programmable side buttons
  • Can be used by both left and right-handed people
  • Allows you to create custom macros
  • Cheap


  • The 2 ms response is lower than many other gaming mice
  • Very sensitive wheel
  • Unfinished software

5. VicTsing – Best economic option

Type: 2.4G wireless
Stitches per inch: 800 – 2400 DPI

If you need a really cheap mouse, for office work and not too competitive gaming, you certainly won’t find a less expensive product than this.

The VicTsing gaming mouse is designed for those who do not want to compete at high levels, but love to play comfortably and quietly, without focusing on strange and inexpensive mice. In this case, the presence of the wireless connection is an excellent addition, which will allow you to use your mouse with better versatility.

Don’t worry, because 2.4G wireless does not suffer from perceptible input lag anyway, and it is rather fast, with the possibility to change the update frequency. You can set it to 125 Hz or 250 Hz, according to your needs. In addition, the PPE are adjustable between 800 and 2400, for a good compromise between speed and precision.

The VicTsing gaming mouse runs on AA batteries, and consumes very little, especially if you decide to turn off the backlight LEDs. On the side, you will find two customizable buttons via software, and a non-slip coating for the thumb. The latter, combined with an ergonomic design, makes it a comfortable mouse even after several hours of use.

This mouse is really comfortable for gaming and for working, and you won’t find other devices so cheap. VicTsing is truly the best budget choice!


  • The best economic option on the market in 2022
  • Good choice of sensitivity, between 800 and 2400 DPI
  • Equipped with LEDs for the backlight, which can be deactivated
  • With 2.4G wireless USB adapter, very convenient
  • Side anti-slip coating
  • Unbeatable price


  • Low refresh rate
  • Plastic materials
  • Suitable only if you are right-handed

6. Razer Basilisk – Perfect for FPS

Type: wired
Points per inch: up to 16000 DPI

Want to have a lightning-fast, precise mouse to play first-person shooters? Our advice falls on this product.

Razer is a brand that produces excellent quality PC peripherals, and once again it is not contradicted. The Basilisk is a gaming mouse designed to be precise and lightning-fast, with a low weight and an ergonomic design perfect for FPS. Thanks to a 5G optical sensor that can reach 16000 DPI, you can adjust the sensitivity in the best way for you.

The mouse has a special and removable socket for PPE, which you can easily mount in case you need to change the level. Under the mouse you will find, in addition to the optical sensor, a knob that serves to change the sensitivity of the wheel. Thus, you can adapt it to your playing style, for example to change weapons more efficiently.

These features will improve your gaming performance in FPS. Then there is the extreme reactivity with which the Basilisk is equipped, with a response of 1 ms. The compact and ergonomic shape will also allow you to use this gaming mouse for long PC sessions.

The wheel has LEDs for the backlight, and with the Razer Synapse software you can customize the functions of the additional keys. These features, combined with the economic cost, make it one of the top gaming mice for FPS in 2022. Recommended for all fans of the genre!


  • Gaming mouse perfect for playing FPS
  • 5G optical sensor capable of reaching 16000 DPI
  • Equipped with removable socket to modify the PPE
  • With knob to adjust the resistance of the wheel
  • High quality mechanical keys
  • Ergonomic design
  • Below average weight


  • Suitable only for FPS
  • For right-handed people only

7. Corsair Harpoon – With rubber side profiles

Type: wired
Stitches per inch: up to 6000 DPI

This mouse is one of the best thanks to its ergonomics given by the rubber side covers, and the design that makes it ideal for FPS, but also excellent for other genres. Find out our opinions in this review.

The Corsair Harpoon is a gaming mouse designed to provide you, at a competitive price, a secure grip even after several hours, whatever the best kind for you. The rubber side covers are ideal for prolonged gaming sessions. The shape is also compact, capable of offering you high performance in various games, in particular FPS.

The optical sensor of this mouse is of good workmanship, and you can adjust the DPI up to a maximum of 6000 DPI. The keys are of high quality, because they are made with Omron mechanical switches. As a result, he will be highly responsive in in-game use.

The response times of this Corsair gaming mouse are ideal to allow you to be competitive online. The polling frequency of 1 kHz, in fact, corresponds to response times of 1 ms only. This is also guaranteed by the USB connection, which will guarantee you an experience without delays in input.

On the bottom of the gaming mouse you will find the brand logo, Corsair, backlit by RGB LED. Via special software, you can change its color, but also create customized macros and assign extra keys to specific functions. You will have two on the left side and one under the wheel.

The Corsair Harpoon gaming mouse is cheap and powerful, and our opinions on this product have had a really positive response.


  • Gaming mouse with non-slip rubber coating
  • 6000 DPI optical sensor
  • High polling frequency, 1 kHz, to avoid delays
  • High quality Omron mechanical switches
  • Brand logo backlit by changeable RGB LEDs
  • With software that allows the creation of custom macros
  • Competitive price


  • Corsair’s software is less intuitive than those of other brands
  • Side keys not exceptional

8. KLIM Skill – Excellent for any use

Type: wired
Stitches per inch: 500 – 4000 DPI

If you are looking for a versatile and inexpensive gaming mouse, for various game genres and with customizable PPE, you could focus on one of the excellent less known brands, the KLIM.

The KLIM Skill is a gaming mouse that is an excellent alternative to the products of the most famous brands, offering efficient performance for any type of game. Ergonomics is one of the best, suitable for hands of different sizes. On the side, you can find non-slip coatings, which will allow you to play comfortably for several hours.

One feature that makes it better than many other gaming mice is the DPI adjustment. Not so much for the quality of the optical sensor, which is still excellent and allows adjustment between 500 and 4000 DPI, but for another, simple reason. On the KLIM Skill there is an LED indicator that informs you of the current PPE level, so that you are always aware of it.

All the other LEDs for the backlight can be modified using the KLIM software, which will also allow you to create macros and customize the functions of the keys. The KLIM Skill gaming mouse will allow you to adapt it to your best needs, allowing you to be more competitive.

The price, then, is one of the best on the market, compared with the performance it offers you. The KLIM Skill gaming mouse is suitable for everyone, regardless of hand size and your favorite gender.


  • Versatile gaming mouse for all types of use
  • Well made optical sensor, with adjustable DPI between 500 and 4000 DPI
  • Ergonomic and non-slip design, suitable for hands of all sizes
  • Ability to create custom macros and assign keys as preferred
  • LED indicator to know the current PPE
  • Competitive price


  • 2 ms response time, which is good but not the best
  • KLIM software not excellent

9. TeckNet HyperTrak – With adjustable weight

Type: wired
Stitches per inch: 250 – 16400 DPI

Adapting a gaming mouse to your needs is a nice possibility, for those who want to play comfortably and according to their habits. So why not choose a device whose weight you can even change? Find out our opinions in this review.

The TeckNet HyperTrak is one of the lesser known gaming mice, despite being equipped with functions and features that not even the most famous mice have. Despite the decidedly low price, it is equipped with countless customizations. The ideal device for personalization from top to bottom according to your best needs.

First of all, the laser sensor is precise and guarantees a high level of sensitivity, starting from 250 DPI and reaching 16400 DPI. This will allow you to adjust the speed of the mouse according to the genre you are playing, for faster or more precise movements as appropriate.

To offer you better versatility in all game genres, there are five programmable side buttons on the mouse, as well as two positioned under the wheel. The TeckNet software is excellent for customizing its configuration, and will also allow you to create your ideal macros. You can also set the color of the RGB LEDs.

The best feature of this gaming mouse is undoubtedly the modifiable weight. Thanks to a removable compartment, in fact, you can insert or remove the six 4g weights, according to your needs. And then, the response time of 1 ms is ideal to avoid delays in in-game actions, thanks also to the gold-plated USB connector.

This TeckNet HyperTrak gaming mouse is a true little-known gem, and we recommend it to all of you who love extreme customizations.


  • Highly customizable gaming mouse
  • Equipped with removable compartment, which contains six removable weights
  • Laser sensor, adjustable in the range 250-16400 DPI
  • Equipped with five programmable side buttons
  • The TeckNet software allows you to customize the buttons and LEDs, and create macros
  • High refresh rate of 1 kHz
  • Really cheap


  • Flexible USB cable
  • The wheel LEDs have only predefined configurations

10. Dland Zelotes – For those who play on the wrist

Type: wired
Stitches per inch: 1000 – 7200 DPI

If you are a gamer who likes to play on the wrist, making fluid and precise movements, this mouse is ideal, especially if you have large hands.

The Dland Zelotes is one of the cheapest gaming mice, designed for those who do not have high demands for competitiveness, but still want to have fun playing comfortably. Its structure is comfortable for resting the whole hand, therefore suitable for those who play with the grip called “palm grip”.

The optical sensor allows a good configuration of DPI according to pre-established levels, between 1000 and 7200 DPI. The configuration is very simple and does not require special software for the mouse, but the pressure of a simple button. Reading the manual, you will be able to know which PPE level has been chosen based on the color of the LEDs.

On the side, the Dland gaming mouse has two buttons for scrolling, programmable in the game, and a button that has the function of double clicking with a single press. By keeping the upper scroll key pressed, you can choose the color of the LEDs to keep, between red, pink, yellow, green and blue.

Another convenience factor lies in the plug & play nature of this gaming mouse. In fact, you can connect it to your PC, and it will be immediately recognized by your operating system. So you don’t have to worry about looking for strange drivers or software online.

Ergonomics are excellent and suitable for right-handed users, even if they do not have an anti-slip coating. The Dland Zelota gaming mouse is comfortable and cheap: at this price, it is impossible to ask for better. The reviews praise him for this very reason!


  • Inexpensive gaming mouse, perfect for palm grip
  • Well made optical sensor, with PPE adjustable between 1000 and 7200
  • High ergonomics, which allows you to comfortably rest your entire hand
  • No special drivers or software required
  • RGB LEDs beautiful to look at
  • Really negligible price


  • A little too heavy
  • The structure makes it more suitable for those with large hands

Factors to consider when buying a gaming mouse

If you have reached this point in our ranking and you are still not sure about your choice, here are some tips to follow.

Type of mouse

The type of mouse you can choose is distinguished, for example, according to the category of game you play the most

  • FPS

Mice for FPS, or first person shooters, usually aim at speed and precision, with a high number of DPI and a more compact shape. Usually, playing FPS there is little need for a programmable mouse, except for DPI.

  • MMO

To play MMOs, where the characters have a lot of skills and powers, you need a lot of keys. For this reason, MMO and MOBA mice are usually equipped with customizable keys, to ensure better efficiency in combat.

  • RTS

Real-time strategy games, or RTS, require mental skill and less speed than other categories of games. Being slower, it is sufficient to buy mice that are comfortable and stable, for prolonged game times.

Optical vs laser

To track movements, there are gaming mice with laser sensors, and others with optical sensors, which use an LED light.

Laser gaming mice can achieve higher DPI, giving you better performance in fast-paced games like shooters. Another difference lies in the versatility of the surfaces. In fact, while optical gaming mice work best on special mats, laser ones can be used on many surfaces.

However, normally in eSports there is a tendency to use optical gaming mice, because laser ones are all too sensitive.


The dots per inch, or dots per inch, are one of the parameters that indicate the sensitivity of a gaming mouse. The higher this value, the better the use for rapid movements, while reducing the precision in small movements.

Update frequency

The refresh rate, in a mouse, basically indicates how responsive the mouse is to the next key press. Typically, in the best gaming mice it is approximately 1 ms.

Wired vs. wireless

As a rule, most gaming mice have a USB cable for power. The use of a wired mouse provides better responsiveness to keystrokes, far greater than that of a wireless mouse.

A good advice is certainly, for gaming, to focus on a wired mouse, so as not to limit your performance.

Scroll wheel and key quality

The keys, of course, together with the wheel, are a fundamental aspect for understanding the quality of a gaming mouse. They must be responsive and resistant, in order to last long despite the risk of wear.


Gaming mice must also be quite light, to allow you to move them better. In this way, you can perform precise maneuvers at any level of sensitivity.

Become competitive in gaming!

We are confident that you have decided which is the best gaming mouse of 2022 for you. To be competitive, the mouse is one of the most important devices to buy. So choose the one that’s right for you, and enjoy!