Best Hair Regrowth Products for Women and Men UK

What are the best hair regrowth products for women and men?There is no doubt:

Losing hair can be really frustrating.

Hair loss affects about 50% of women, and 65% of men begin to experience significant thinning around the age of 60.

Fortunately, we live in an age where it is possible to remedy it.

In this article we will present you the 3 best types of hair regrowth product for men and women, plus tips on the right products to buy.

Ready to say goodbye to hair loss?

1. Supplements

Do you need the best hair regrowth product, maybe a supplement that can also help nail and skin health? Keep reading!

The best hair supplements are rich in vitamins, essential to keep the hair structure in excellent condition and to provide the body with the substances it needs during periods of strong emotional or seasonal stress.

Vitamin C, Biotin and B vitamins, Zinc, Iron, Selenium: thanks to their antioxidant, strengthening and blood circulation aid, they are precious allies to maintain healthy not only the hair, but also the keratin that forms the nails and scalp, as well as promoting rapid hair regrowth. They are suitable for men, and also for women.

The 3 best hair supplements

Among the fundamental ingredients there are also natural extracts, such as millet and nettle: remedies known for millennia, are rich in vitamins and have an invigorating and protective action, thanks to the silicic acid contained in millet (which makes hair shiny and elastic) and mineral salts of nettle, ideal for stimulating the flow of blood to the scalp and therefore strengthening the hair.

Supplements are usually sold in tablets, packed in jars that contain from 120 to 300, so as not to end the stock too quickly. If taken in quantities of 1 tablet a day, they really work and are able to bring about significant improvements already a few weeks after the first use. The price is usually very affordable too, according to the customers’ opinions!

In short, a simple and very effective treatment among those you can buy in 2022, which will certainly not leave you disappointed!

2. Shampoo

Do you want to try a different approach to the problem of hair loss, better than usual and that helps regrowth? You can buy a shampoo or lotion!

Among the most common ingredients of hair loss shampoos, vitamins such as Biotin and C are generally found, which strengthen hair and strengthen it, significantly slowing down the fall, but also natural extracts: nettle, which improves blood circulation and makes the skin more resistant, aloe vera, excellent for nourishing the hair in depth and making it shiny, or argan oil, which in addition to giving beauty nourishes it and is a real cure for dry and brittle hair, which tends to fall out.

The 3 best hair loss shampoos

Anti-hair loss shampoos represent a simple and reasonably priced solution to the problem of hair loss: just use it like any other shampoo 1 or 2 times a week, and wait for the results of regrowth just a few weeks after the first washes. These are also suitable for men and women. Some brands of shampoo and lotion are sold in pharmacies, for others just ask the hairdresser or dermatologist for advice and buy them on the websites dedicated to them.

Anti-hair loss shampoos are particularly useful in case of prolonged stress or during seasonal changes, when it is necessary to add external help to keep hair healthy and fit. Customer reviews are very positive, so we are sure you will appreciate them too!

3. Serums

Do you want to know another anti-fall remedy much appreciated in the opinions of customers? Keep reading!

Considered perhaps the best product for hair regrowth, the vials are a very valid treatment that not only helps the hair to strengthen itself, but also the blood to circulate better in the skin and to fill the thinning areas of new hair with more ease.

The best ones contain both Biotin and keratin, a protein that makes hair strong and shiny and which, if present in the body in too small quantities, can cause the hair to weaken and therefore to fall out. As with other fall protection products, the vials are also enriched with natural ingredients that help regrowth: white lupine extract, millet, hamamelis … all remedies tried for centuries, perfect for making hair stronger and thicker and for giving skin elasticity and softness removed from dandruff and prolonged stress.

The 3 best hair loss protection serums

These products are applied on both dry and wet hair, and it is not necessary to rinse. Hair appears visibly healthier after a few weeks from the first use, and regrowth is assured. Generally, 10 ml of product are present in each vial. They are sold in pharmacies, or on dedicated websites.

If you want to try the best hair regrowth product for men but also for women, you should definitely try them! And they really work, customer reviews prove it in 2022!

What are the essential vitamins for hair growth?

If you want to find the best hair regrowth product on sale, you must first know the main ingredients that make it up, all different from each other.

There are many vitamins and essential substances to ensure strength and shine to the hair: we immediately explain their properties, without making you waste any more time!

1. Zinc

It is an essential mineral for good hair health, since it stimulates the follicles and allows the repair of damaged ones: not surprisingly, many patients suffering from alopecia areata and hair loss (both male and female subjects) have low concentrations of this mineral in the blood.

In 2017, in a scientific study, 15 patients suffering from alopecia areata and a deficiency of zinc in the blood were administered a supplement based on this mineral for a duration of 12 weeks: out of 15 people, 9 (therefore 66.7%) at the end of the treatment had a visible hair regrowth.

It is therefore an essential vitamin to give hair strength and help its regrowth, and it must never be missing from the best supplements.

2. Iron

The lack of this mineral also causes hair loss and weakening problems: some researchers from the University of Tehran in one of their studies showed that, out of 9 patients with chronic anemia, 8 also had symptoms related to Telogen effluvium, a loss of diffuse and intense hair.

Red meat, beans, spinach, chard and egg yolks are very rich in iron, and it is essential to follow a balanced diet that always guarantees the best possible supply of this mineral, and to take supplements for regrowth if necessary. But be careful not to overdo it, as an excess of iron can lead to body problems as well as a deficiency.

3. B vitamins

These vitamins include Biotin, present in the best quality hair supplements: thanks to its regenerating action, it is able to regrow entire strands of hair damaged by stress, by too aggressive dyes or by the effect of the sun. Vitamin B5 instead helps the adrenal gland, directly involved in the production and regrowth of new hair.

Kidney malfunction or smoking can lead to a lack of Biotin, which consequently causes hair to fall out. Its lack is also common among pregnant women, as the growing fetus needs it for the rapid cell division it undergoes. Foods like avocado, eggs, legumes and potatoes are rich in this vitamin, but it is sufficient to combine a good supplement with the diet to already see remarkable results in case of hair loss.

4. Vitamin C

It has been scientifically proven that oxidative stress contributes to the aging of hair and cells: free radicals, extremely reactive molecules, can directly damage both DNA and cellular structures and lipids. As they age, their numbers increase and the antioxidant enzymes that fight them decrease, causing the hair to gray and age.

Foods rich in this vitamin help slow down the aging process and strengthen skin and hair, with a guaranteed reinforcing action: oranges, red peppers, broccoli, strawberries, kiwis … combined with the right supplement, they can promote the regrowth of healthy hair and the formation of younger cells capable of resisting the passage of time.

5. Vitamin D

It is a hormone that greatly affects the health and regrowth of hair, as it helps cell growth, the regulation of the immune system and calcium homeostasis. Some analyzes carried out on various patients found that those affected by alopecia areata, 86 people, had much lower Vitamin D values ​​than the 44 vitiligo patients: this would prove a correlation between alopecia and a serious lack of this vitamin.

It is possible to take Vitamin D not only through food (eel, salmon, swordfish, maitake mushrooms and portabella) but also simply by exposing yourself to the sun: it takes 10-15 minutes to absorb approximately 10,000 natural units.

If this is not enough, it is obviously possible to take supplements for hair regrowth and strengthening.

6. Fish oil

This animal substance is rich in Omega 3, essential for nourishing the hair and for reducing the inflammations that are often among the causes of thinning. A diet rich in Omega 3 – found in fish such as sardines and salmon, but also in egg yolks and hazelnuts – leads the follicles to regrow and the damaged ones to be strengthened considerably, as well as giving significant benefits to all l ‘body.

If those taken with food do not prove to be sufficient, it is possible to take supplements that present a good amount of this substance, to rebalance the diet and make it better.

So what are you waiting for?

Well, you have come this far and now you will certainly know something more about hair regrowth products!

Have you compared 3 types of treatments, know their fundamental characteristics and the benefits they can bring you: now all you have to do is buy the supplement that’s right for you!

What are you waiting for? Go, and take care of your hair!