Best Hair Straightener UK

GHD V Gold Classic StylerNowadays it is not only the ladies hearts that beat faster by a beautiful hair-care appliance, but also many men use straighteners. So, in order not to lose track during the purchase of high quality and right products, whether for man or woman, we come up with professional and detailed tests to ensure that the right choice will be easier to make.

It is a direct comparison of all significant features, which relate to the most gentle hair care. This test identified a winner, namely the Braun Satin Hair ST 710. What the product by Braun have to conquer the throne and where other highlights are hidden, you can learn in the individual tests and the comparison chart.

But, also we have summarised here other issues, which are almost as important as a hair’s breadth to the tests themselves. There are answers to long-asked questions or tips and tricks, summarised in a few words, about the proper use of the hair straightener.

What is the Best Hair Straightener UK 2022?

The history and development of hair straighteners

The man tends to embellish his appearance since its beginnings. 100,000 years ago people already felt the desire to adorn their bodies. This desire with time expanded further, and today we have all the possibilities to cultivate our appearance.

The latter is not only a sign of a sensitive nature and disciplined character but also of good health. Clean and shiny hair radiate exactly that, which is why they serve almost as bait. If it is then taken into consideration that people always want what they have not, then we find the answer to the question, why and when the first straightener was invented.

Its beginnings go back much earlier because the professional hair straightening took place at the end of the 19th century. Frenchman Marcel Grateau invented the first correct straightener. At that time, it did not have the present form, because it was actually a curling iron, which continued to develop later.

Two small mead valley sticks were in a scissor-like position and were heated on an open fire. Then, the strands of the hair that were either smooth or curled, came between the rods of scissors. Since these methods hid many dangers, straighteners had to be refined further.

Due to heating on the open fire, there were frequent burns of the skin, as well as drying the hair out. Then, they became brittle, and then were breaking, so, something had to be done quickly. There came the time of the further development of the hair straightener.

How does a hair straightener work and what can be done with it?

The device is designed as a pair of pliers, whereby the individual jaws of the pliers on the inner sides are provided with hot surfaces made of metal or ceramic. The system is simple, but maybe just, for this reason, it was discovered so late.

A lock of hair is then placed between the individual pliers and smoothed. It can also be of different attachments, such as wave essays can be used to keep the hair not only smooth, but also have a slightly unusual look.

best-hair-straightenerEach strand is, of course, put to the tip in the active and hot hands of pliers. Then either the straight hair can be reshaped to curly hairstyles, or transform the curling locks into a smooth and shiny mane.

The correct application

  • Step 1: Check the condition of your hair. You must determine the type of your hair before you can dive to the smoothing. Dry and damaged hair should not be smoothed, especially when that happens without pretreatment. Therefore, make sure that your hair is mainly healthy!
  • Step 2: Protect your hair. No matter what type your hair is, it suffers from excessive heat, therefore, always apply a heat protector before smoothing. It can be obtained in many forms, whether as a mousse, spray or fluid a heat protector creates the barrier between hair and the high temperatures of the iron.
  • Step 3: The third step is, of course, smoothing. First, divide the hair into parts and then work off one by one. You should start with the undercoat and then work toward the outer coat.

Of course, only individual thin strands are put in the iron. The device must never be set too close to the neck. It must be a steady movement, which reminds of a big curve. The smoothing iron should never linger too long in one place, so it leaves no selective damages. But the arch prevents protruding spikes.

In a desire for curly hair, the strand must be wrapped around the upper plate and then pulled down. Here, it is important not to overheat the straightening irons. Otherwise, there is a risk to break the hair. The strands should not be wrapped too tight around the iron, but somewhat loosely, because the straightening iron should always be drawn to them.

Innovations in the area of flat irons?

There are now many innovations in the field of hair straighteners. Where the first plates were made of metal, today plates are made of ceramic or at least have a ceramic coating. The hair will no longer be heated to the highest temperatures, but always remain below 200°C during the straightening. In addition to these already standardised characteristics, other extras and enhancements for the hair straighteners are available.

For example, some may collect points with an ion technology. This should produce negatively charged ions and place them around the hair so that they transfer moisture from the air to the hair. Like the ion technology, a system with sound waves is an another discovery in the straighteners area.

They help to spread the hair evenly on the plates, where the panels also can be spring-loaded. Thus, distributing an even pressure on the hair, without being strained at a one or other place.

One of our test participants – ghd V Gold Classic – also has an innovation in the field of hair straighteners, which is the automatic temperature control. The system determines the hair structure and automatically adapts to the hair, without user intervention request or to suspend the hair of danger. Thus, since the invention of the flat iron, not even a hundred years ago, there are so many useful innovations that optimise such a device.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a hair straightener?

For many, straighteners are now part of everyday styling program. It has become a morning routine to smooth the hair or make it curly, to make the styling complete. But, again and again, arises the question, whether straighteners are harmful?

Since your own hairdresser already mainly advises against. The answer is: it depends. If you were blessed with a healthy and strong hair, then smoothing can be a habit. But even then, you have to pay attention to heat protection.

The decisive factor in smoothing the hair is to use a heat protection, although even then no more than 200°C may be applied. Most good hair straighteners do not exceed this limit, but, the more robust the hair, the more often it can be smoothed.

In the case of sensitive hair, they must, every now and then, rest and the temperature must be lowered to the minimum. Smoothing once or twice per week is bearable, whereby the regular care will not hurt. The hair must be revamped with moisturising treatments, or other hair care products that do not allow drying out.

What have we tested?

Delivery and packaging

GHD-straightener-packagingPackaging can easily connect to the product. Often, they are a sign of the care and use of the product. However, many manufacturers rely on colour and the intent “stand out is everything”.

This is, obviously, wrong, which is why a simple and elegant packaging, which is also stable, makes even a better impression than trendy details with disco fever. If these can later also be used as storage for the iron, then the customer has made a direct hit.

Upon delivery, we had paid attention to the punctuality of the supplier, as well as on the status of the package when it arrived. The device in the hands of the customer should be within a prescribed period, which has fortunately always been respected.

Appearance, design and composition

Of course, the appearance and the design play an important role in choosing the flat iron. Many often people tend to buy just because of such criteria. But that’s not all, the design, as beautiful as it may be, should bring, above all, functionality and be handy. A certain degree of attractiveness may also be present, where a good processing is the most important criterion at this point of the test.

The quality of the device is in the foreground and can be seen not only on the quality of the plates but also on the casing of the cable. The cable inlet must be movable so that the wire during operation of the flat iron can rotate in all directions.

Data, facts, technologies & features

The individual functions of straighteners were also taken under the microscope in this test. In addition to standard features such as a temperature control and a sleep mode, the hair straighteners got plus points for features that they have withdrawn from their competitors.

Features such as the ion technology in the devices by Braun or the recognition of the hair structure by GHD. Also, a memory function or spring-loaded plates with heat-insulating tip could be detected in some devices.

But, what was regarded as a condition for a positive outcome, a short heating-up time was among other things. Each straightening iron had to be less than one minute to get hold of a higher position. Particularly important to us was the heat regulation since temperature influences over 200° are considered harmful.

The ion technology from Braun was also found in devices by Babyliss. It is a production of neutralising ions, which take away the negative electricity from each apparatus. You probably know the effect of the synthetic sweater when it is pulled after smoothing or blow-dry on the head.

The hair stands up immediately and shows to what extent they were electrified. The ion technology prevents not only that, but it also stores the moisture of the hair. After smoothing with the ion technology a change in the structure of the hair can be found, because the hair appears much shinier.

Comfort & Handling

iron-for-wavy-and-curly-hairDuring handling and comfort tests all facilities are checked to meet the user needs. Attention is paid not only to safety features such as protection against overheating or sleep mode but also to the ease of use of each function.

A large and clear display with many functions should always be. A coating of rubber at the stops is also desirable. The straightener must simply feel good in the hand, can be easily manoeuvred through the hair and over the head with its light weight and have a long cable of at least 2m-3m.

Honestly, there were such cases that a strand had to be smoothed several times. This was mainly due to bad plates or low temperatures. This was mainly the case with very cheap devices.


A good result is easy to achieve at first glance with each iron. Because, can not be done much wrong with straight hair, right? Unfortunately, yes. It is not the initial appearance of the hair that makes the significant difference, but the side effects and consequences. The hair must still stay healthy after regular smoothing.

If they had initial damage, the hair breakage could easily be caused by smoothing, to prevent this, we had to watch the results over a longer period of time to make a clear test result. But also the perfect hairstyle had to be achieved in a way. While it is true that with a lot of skill, everything is possible, but the hair radiated not the same gloss with any device.

Our test winner brought the best result, in second place also came the product from Braun. The hair had to be absolutely smooth and radiate an irresistible shine, to be considered a perfect result. Our first two managed this best, whereby we have discovered a few tricks in this field so that the hairstyle sits even better.

During hair smoothing, one says, that the thinner the strands, the better the result, whereby it depends on curls and also on previously used products. Each strand which should jump to a lock must be sprayed before with hairspray, with these tips, the right iron and a little skill simply nothing can go wrong.


Straightener-accessoriesA wide range of accessories is desirable, but not a must. It may be a modest but useful little something which is considered as an accessory in the eyes of the manufacturer, but it should be useful. Among the accessories for a straightening iron, following can be counted: plates closing cap, carrying case, DVD with styling tips, although this is quite rare, or perhaps a plate attachment for an individual styling.


During our testing process, we have noted aspects such as the warranty and the manufacturer’s services. These were limited to either two or three years, or even non-existent. Of course, there were special plus points for an extended warranty, because we were sure about the device even after prolonged use.

However, only the most famous brands provided this, so we could rely only on them. This does not mean, of course, that devices with a short warranty may not turn out to be true performance miracle, but always there is a small risk with them.

The manufacturers of straighteners and their distinctions

The market of hair straighteners is booming and blooming, which is why the makers are piling up to infinity. It was hard for us to find the way out from this turmoil, so, a shortlist of well-known manufacturers had to be made. In our test, we opted only for the most popular brands and the ones whose reputation precedes far ahead of them.

Even though, the product by Braun can be seen as the clear winner, our favourite manufacturer is Cloud Nine. Besides ghd and Braun, as well as Remington straighteners and Cloud 9 straighteners, yet other brands found themselves.

However, among the best-known manufacturers were: Babyliss, Philips, Bosch, Remington, Rowenta, L’Oreal, Schwarzkopf. The list is so big, even though it shows only the short-listed of the straightening iron manufacturers.


The devices by Braun are not only the best-known but often of the highest quality in its category. This shows that Braun relied not only on affordable prices, but the manufacturer built his reputation on reliability and proven German quality. The company with a great tradition, namely since 1921.

By the end of the 60s, Braun was a German company that was limited to capacitors and transformers. Only when it was acquired in these years by the company Gilette, Braun made giant leaps in the field of personal hygiene and hair removal. Since that time, these are exactly these areas that make Braun to date so successful.

But for Braun, it wasn’t one-way street to success, but a way of ups and downs in the product range, that have lead to what it is today. Now, Braun produces goods from household appliances to hi-fi systems. Some bringing more success, some less, but still much should be expected from Braun.

Remington is a brand that specialises in hair appearance and their problems. Under these conditions, Remington developed products such as men’s shavers, hair clippers, women’s shavers/epilators as well as various devices for hair styling.

It’s also a company with a tradition, which is, of course, not as old as Braun, but dates from 1937 when they began to branch out to electric shavers. So, also in respect, we can rely on the Remington hair care products, since these devices catapulted themselves if not on first then reliably on the second place of the straightener market.

Babyliss is also very well known among the other manufacturers, and it is in the business for a very long time. The parent company of Babyliss is Conair Corporation. The straighteners by this company under the name of Babyliss were on sale only in Germany, Great Britain and Canada. Thus, it is very possible that many other countries have never heard of a Babyliss hair straighteners.

The parent company was founded in 1959, and since then, this company has acquired many small spades and currently sells about 10 different products.

Currently, many different models of flat irons are sold by Babyliss. In many online stores, you can find up to 50 different offers.

What to look for when buying a hair straightener?

Although our tests are very extensive, that does not automatically mean that you should only rely on these criteria. There are also other points, which we have observed during the testing process, but which are not listed directly. There are a variety of features and criteria when purchasing a straightening iron, but the most important point is, of course, the launch.

The decision, how high should be investing in the object of desire, is for the remainder of great importance. Not always the most expensive flat iron must be purchased to get your beautiful hair healthy in the long run. The most important thing is still the price-performance ratio, which is easy to find even with cheaper devices.

Among the devices from Braun, but also other products that are in the mid-price category can be a good choice. In addition to such points as handling and warranty, equipment and design, there are also smaller features that make the unit attractive for the buyer, such as warm-up time, adjustable temperature, the heating plate material or an automatic shutdown.

The small but subtle differences

The warm-up time of a flat iron should be as short as possible, more than one minute is already below average, quick starters, like our test winner by Braun, can warm up even under 60 seconds. The temperature of this devices must not be too high.

The temperature must be below 200 degrees so that no permanent damage can be caused to the hair. To prevent this, the hair should be smoothed more often at a low temperature, if the smoothing has turned into a daily routine.

Devices such as our more expensive option by ghd are preferable since they recognise the hair structure and adjust the temperature on them. So, you no longer need to worry about the temperature or damage to the hair and can automatically every morning use your straightener.

When choosing a flat iron, there are several criteria, among other things the material of the heating plates won in importance. Meanwhile, ceramic plates are now more popular and more advisable than plates made of iron or another metal. There are the older models, with metal plates, but they damage the hair tremendously.

With ceramic plates, the buyer has the choice between full-ceramic plates or conventional ceramic plates that represent mostly a combination of ceramic and other materials, which is a metal plate with the ceramic coating or the like. In addition to these criteria, the safety in the form of an automatic shutdown is of importance. It is the well-known sleep mode, which shuts down the device after an extended break.

Thus, no fires can occur, and it always ensures the security, if an unexpected distraction appears during beautification session. This criterion is, of course, not to be treated as the most important, as we always assume that the hair will be smoothed carefully and deliberately, but it shows a certain degree of detail and awareness of the manufacturer.

What are the positive aspects of buying a straightener on the Internet?

BaByliss-ST70E-Straightener-iCurl-Pro-230Buying on the Internet nowadays has arrived in all areas of trade. Today everything can be easily ordered from your home, without having to torture yourself in an annoying shop or even without watching television. There are, however, several ways to buy a straightening iron. Not only in electronics shop around the corner or the home shopping channel but also at the hairdresser.

However, these options are not always the best, as a professional, and above all honest advice often falls by the wayside. The staff in the electrical trade never specialised in hair straighteners, which is why they are not familiar with them in detail. This can create a false advice.

At the hairdresser, the situation is different, because there are often advised the straightener, which is just in stock or on offer. The salons can not afford diversity. They must always rely on one or two brands and manufacturers, which is why the advice often tends to them. That is why the advice as also the purchase over the Internet is the best alternative.

Among an extensive range of hair straighteners, the best are selected and tested. The Buyer’s guide is also adapted to the wishes of the customers since no hair are alike, so it is with straighteners. The winner is, of course, included the universal solution, but, the other hair straighteners should be inspected in order perhaps to find the right device.

For those, interested in spending a little less, there is the price-performance winner. Therefore, access bravely to the offers on the Internet because it is the largest market in the world, which can be comfortably explored within your own four walls.