Best Harry Potter Wands

Best Harry Potter WandsWe know…

You want to enjoy all the magic of the Harry Potter stories and you’re looking for a wand.

You are in the right place because we have created a list of the 3 best Harry Potter wands of 2022, considering prices, opinions, and expert reviews.

Best Harry Potter Wands

1. Noble Collection NN7005 – Best ever

Manufacturer’s recommended age: 8 years and older

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter film series or want to surprise your children with a replica of these famous magical tools, we present the best Harry Potter wand of 2022, with which you will let your imagination run wild.

This is an authentic replica of the wand created for Harry Potter in the series of movies dedicated to that fantastic character. You can be sure to get a high-quality product, with the exact appearance of the one presented in the movies and which was created according to the detailed descriptions of the novels.

The size is ideal so that children 8 years of age and older can easily hold it, as it has a length of 35.5 cm. As this is a luxury edition, you will have the best quality of manufacture, including all the details of the original wand you will see in the films.

The case is a replica of the Ollivander boxes, the spectacular shop where each wizard is chosen by the wand that is meant to accompany him during his magical education. This will be the perfect complement for collectors who wish to display in showcases, adding to the fabulous story behind the curious shop in Diagon Alley.

As you can see, you will have a perfect reproduction of the famous wand that shares the origin of the phoenix feather in its core with that of the fearsome Voldemort. Its quality is certainly priceless.


  • The best Harry Potter wand you’ll find in 2022
  • Reproduced replica in faithful resemblance to the one created for the films
  • Ideal for children 8 years and older
  • Length of 35.5 cm, which makes it totally realistic
  • Lightweight design with only 200 grams
  • Includes Ollivander box
  • Made of the best and most durable plastic for luxury finishes
  • Reviews show it’s at an affordable price

2. Noble Collection NN7021 – Good for white magic

Manufacturer’s recommended age: 14 years and older

If you want a wand that represents white magic, we present the one used by Hermione, who is certainly one of the brightest girls in the Harrry Potter saga, with the best quality you can expect.

As we said, you will have in your hands an exact replica of the original wand created for the Harry Potter movies, specially designed for the character of Hermione. Made of vine wood, it is ideal for conjuring spells just like in the saga, and features great flexibility and a beautiful design.

The magic wand replica, therefore, has beautiful hand-painted details, making it easier for you to get into character and unleash your powers. The design highlights the delicate engravings that completely cover it, giving it the distinctive look you enjoyed in the movies.

It will be an ideal gift for children over the age of 14, who will be able to cast spells like in the Harry Potter novels, thanks to its practical size of 37.5 cm. It is a model of great quality and detail, ideal to include in your collection of magical history souvenirs.

You will have a box from Ollivander’s famous shop, where you can keep it when not in use, or place it in your collector’s display case, as an ideal addition. The quality of the box has earned excellent opinions and reviews from collectors, for its design and the care put into its details.

You can be sure that this is a replica of the wand created for the character, even considering its weight of 299 grams, for a perfect handling and real size. This has been confirmed by reviews from industry experts, who point out that it is reasonably priced.


  • Great Harry Potter wand for white magic
  • Exact replica of the original model used by Hermione
  • Beautiful hand painted details for a fine finish
  • Engraved design throughout the piece
  • Ideal for children over 14 years old
  • Collector’s item thanks to the attention to detail
  • Includes box from the legendary Ollivander shop
  • Super handy, thanks to its light weight (299 grams)

3. Noble Collection NN7331 – The most fearsome

Manufacturer’s recommended age: 14 years and older

Are you looking to complete your Harry Potter wand collection or give your kids a chance to enjoy the adventures of the young wizard and his enemies? Then you can’t help but get the model that belonged to Lord Voldemort, the villain of the books and movies!

With the replica of the wand created for the Harry Potter movies, you will have all the fun you expect, thanks to a realistic and detailed look. It’s a must-have piece in any collection or game set, as it belongs to Harry’s unnameable enemy, and shares the origin of the phoenix feather inside with his weapon.

It is a piece created to awaken the imagination of children over 14, who can handle it with ease thanks to its light weight of 363 grams and length of 38 cm. So you will be able to explore all your powers without any limitation. Made of a durable material, you don’t have to worry about its durability as it is a child’s toy despite being considered a collector’s item.

Like most wands offered by the Noble Collection, you can count on the package from the famous magic shop Ollivander to make the experience even more memorable. This was a well-reviewed aspect in the reviews of the item, as it gives added value to the wand.

If you are a true fan of the wizard movies, surely the Voldemort tool is a great accessory that is perfect for your collection. It is considered by many as the best Harry Potter dark magic wand you can get in 2022.


  • Harry Potter’s most fearsome magic wand.
  • Exact reproduction of the original version created for Voldemort
  • Ideal for children over the age of 14 for added safety
  • 363 grams in weight and 38 cm in length for a realistic experience
  • Made of durable material with a wood-like finish
  • Collector’s piece with original finishing details
  • Includes Ollivander’s box

All you need to know about magic wands

You already know the 5 best Harry Potter wands, so if you’re a true fan you’ll enjoy some extra information about this indispensable magical tool. In our guide, we’ve included the features and factors you can find in all models so that you can choose the perfect one for you.

1. History of magic wands in Harry Potter

It is only known that the production and use of magic wands can be documented as far back as the pre-Civil War period. The Ollivander family began making them in 382 BC, so they have been devoted to this complicated craft for generations, achieving the best results in the world by being original manufacturers.

The instrument serves to channel the powers of its holder, establishing a unique relationship. It must be remembered that they are considered quasi-sensible objects, because they are not inanimate but imbued with magic, coming to perform certain actions of their own free will. The wand is therefore the most important object for every magician, with the peculiarities granted by the material that makes up the core and the types of wood used in its manufacture.

2. Length

Garrick Ollivander states that it is not always advisable to adjust the length of the wand according to the size of the magician, as many aspects that can influence results are overlooked.

Therefore, the size and shape should be derived from careful consideration of the components of its core, type of wood, and flexibility, which can enhance the characteristics of the instrument.

In general, magic wands range between 22 and 35 cm, although exceptional cases can be found that can reach 38 cm. One thing is certain: a greater length does not mean that the instrument is more powerful.

3. Sister Wands

You probably know this case from the reference to Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort: wands are considered sisters when they share the same core, coming from the same magical specimen that gives it much of its power.

In the event of a clash between twin specimens, they will not be able to go so far as to kill their opponent, resulting in a magical phenomenon called Priori Incantatem. This happened in the first duel between Harry Potter and Voldemort.

Your gateway to magical fun…

You already have access to the top 3 Harry Potter wands, so you can choose the character you identify with the most or simply complete your collection on these fascinating stories of magic, adventure, and friendship.

You can be sure that with whichever model you choose, you will have access to magical fun with a collectible at the best price.