Best Ironing Board UK

What is the best ironing board?The truth is…

No matter what your needs are, deciding on an ironing board can be difficult.

Quite right?

The market is flooded with several options in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

To help you choose, we have created this special list of the 8 best ironing boards of 2022 for you.

Great workmanship and stability, easy to fold and store.

These models have it all.

Check the table below and choose one according to your budget and needs.

What is the best ironing board?

1. Foppapedretti Assai – The best ever

Dimensions: 14 x 50 x 115 cm
Material: wood

The Assai wooden ironing board by Foppapedretti has a solid wood structure, takes up very little space when you close it and you can move it easily thanks to the scratch-resistant wheels.

In addition, it gives you all the guarantee and professional quality of Foppapedretti. For these reasons, we decided to consider it the best ironing board of 2022.

It is a really practical and functional ironing board with sleeves and wheels, perfectly able to adapt to your every need. It has breathable holes that eliminate any possibility of condensation. You can adjust it in three heights. The lower one even allows you to iron in a sitting position.

It is made of painted beech wood and its structure is solid and resistant. At the same time, it is light and you can move it easily. It is foldable and when folded allows you to store it even in a narrow space.

This Foppapedretti ironing board has a polyester coating and a cotton cover, which resists high temperatures and protects the wood. The stiragonne allows you to easily iron skirts and small clothing. With the ironing board you can easily iron sleeves of shirts and sweaters.


  • Ironing board that takes up little space when closed
  • You can move it easily
  • Breathable anti-condensation holes
  • You can adjust it in three heights
  • Solid and resistant structure
  • With sleeve and ironing boards supplied


  • It is not equipped with a cover
  • Its price is not among the cheapest

2. Takestop – The best value for money

Dimensions: 146 x 11 x 36 cm
Material: metal

In addition to being among the best ironing boards of 2022, Takestop boasts the best value for money. Rust-resistant, robust and practical, it is certainly an excellent choice, also highly appreciated in the reviews.

It is a folding ironing board that with a few gestures, you can transform into a ladder with 3 steps. You can use it to hang clothes in the highest part of the wardrobe after ironing them or for any other situation.

The ironing board is made of anti-rust metal which guarantees you high stability and the best resistance. With a few gestures, you can close it and store it even between a door and a wall, thanks to its compact size.

Its workmanship and the materials with which it is built are among the best and this guarantees a longer life. Many users who used it in their reviews said they were particularly satisfied.


  • The best value for money
  • Rust resistant
  • Sturdy and very practical
  • It has high stability
  • Its dimensions are compact
  • It ensures you a long life


  • Its quality is however related to a price that is among the lowest on this list
  • The height is not adjustable
  • The axle cover is not particularly padded

3. Italy furnishings – More space for the vaporella

Dimensions: 135 x 45 x 87 cm
Material: wood

This is the best choice you can make if you have a large steamer and need an ironing board that can hold it comfortably. It is made of beech wood and is characterized by a large surface. It is equipped with a metal grill for iron with retractable boiler.

The large, sturdy and resistant garment shelf allows you to comfortably place your clothes on. Included with this ironing board, you will find an aluminum fiber lining, which resists heat, and a polyester fleece.

The quality of the materials and the robustness of the Arredamenti Italia ironing board structure ensures a long life. It is easy to open and close: you don’t have to duck to do it and this saves you unnecessary effort. This was also highly appreciated in user reviews.

This folding ironing board gives you the best performance when you use it. When you close it again, its measurements are so compact that you can store it anywhere, even on a wall behind a door.


  • Ironing board with a large surface
  • Large clothes rack
  • Lining with aluminum fibers
  • Long lasting over time
  • Easy to open and close
  • It becomes compact when you close it


  • At first, understanding its mechanism can be a little difficult
  • The padding can be improved

4. Polti FPAS0001 – The best aspirant

Dimensions: 44 x 20 x 169 cm
Material: steel

The best suction ironing board is this one by Polti. If you are looking for the ideal model for boiler iron, you can consider your search completed. It is an ironing board designed to guarantee a professional performance, since it allows you to keep everything in order and close at hand.

The boiler holder allows you to safely position your steamer. For ironed clothes there is a support for laundry where you can place them both folded and hung. The wire-holding rod for the steam cable gives you more freedom of movement.

It is equipped with a cotton suction cloth that allows the passage of steam. This way your clothes don’t get wet while you iron them. The height of this ironing board is adjustable in 7 positions that you can best adapt to your height and your needs, even if you iron sitting.

It features a reinforced frame that guarantees you better stability and safety while using it. Vaporella is a folding ironing board. You can open and close it without any particular difficulty.

Once closed, it takes up little space and you can keep it even in the small space between a wall and an open door. The closed structure with wheels makes it mobile and easy to handle and allows you to move it easily.


  • Ideal ironing board for boiler iron
  • Solid, robust and wide boiler holder
  • Support for laundry
  • The wire-holding rod for the steam cable
  • Cotton suction towel
  • Height adjustable in 7 positions
  • Reinforced folding frame
  • When closed it takes up little space


  • It is a somewhat heavy ironing board
  • The wheels don’t seem resistant
  • The coating is not thick enough

5. Vileda – The best economic choice

Dimensions: 132 x 42 x 95 cm
Material: steel

Among the best ironing boards, at a rather low price range, this Vileda model stands out. The Vileda ironing board is the best choice if you want to spend a little, you don’t have great demands and if you only iron occasionally, 1 or 2 times a week.

Despite its particularly affordable price, it is not a low-quality ironing board. It is certainly not a professional axis and its quality is related to the cost, but it will not deny you of a certain level of performance.

First of all, it is a small, compact and light ironing board, which you can easily move from one part of the house to the other and you can easily store it in any space, even between the wall and the door.

Secondly, the ironing table is vacuum. This makes it suitable for both your normal iron and the boiler iron. It has a metal mesh structure, with holes that do not retain steam. The iron rest has a silicone mat.

Another plus point is its height, which you can adjust in the best way according to your needs, from 77 cm up to 95 cm. It comes with a cotton and sponge cover.


  • Particularly affordable price
  • Compact and light ironing board
  • You can move it comfortably
  • You can also store it behind a door, on the wall
  • The ironing table is vacuum
  • Made in wire mesh, with holes
  • Iron rest with silicone mat
  • You can adjust the height from 77 cm up to 95 cm


  • At maximum height it may not be very stable
  • The iron holder is not retractable
  • It is not on a professional level, but given the price, the performance is excellent

6. Foppapedretti – The most comfortable

Dimensions: 30 x 50 x 106 cm
Material: wood

The best ironing board, if you are looking for maximum comfort, could only be signed by Foppapedretti. This model provides you with everything you need on an almost professional level.

It is characterized, in fact, by a solid structure in solid beech wood, which guarantees a better durability. The lateral surface, with a heat-resistant rubber mat, will be able to safely support even the heaviest boiler iron.

The plywood ironing board is made of poplar wood. The latter is equipped with suction holes that make it suitable even with a boiler iron, guaranteeing you the best results.

This Foppapedretti ironing board is mobile and foldable. When you need to use it, you can move it comfortably with the two scratch-resistant rubber wheels. When you are not using it, you can close it completely.

Thanks to its closed dimensions, very compact, you can store it even in the smallest space, between the wall and the door.


  • Semi-professional Foppapedretti ironing board
  • Solid solid wood structure
  • Long lasting over time
  • Side shelf with heat-resistant mat
  • Multi-layer ironing board
  • Suction holes suitable for boiler iron
  • It has two scratch-resistant wheels
  • You can also store it between a door and the wall


  • It is a bit difficult to mount it, as users say in some opinions.
  • The wheels are not pirouetting.

7. Bama Trend – The lightest

Dimensions: 137 x 40 x 92 cm
Material: resin

Very often, in user opinions, what is most commonly blamed on ironing boards, after stability, is weight. Many ironing boards are really heavy and difficult to move or close.

The Trend ironing board by Bama, on the other hand, ensures maximum practicality and is the lightest on this list. The fact that it is ultralight certainly does not exclude its resistance. The four support feet give it excellent stability.

It is an ironing board that you can choose whether you have a traditional iron or you have a boiler iron. Its top, in fact, is aspirating, equipped with anti-condensation holes.

The ironing board is made of high temperature resistant resin. The boiler shelf allows you to position the steamer safely and comfortably.

You can adjust it in 3 positions, from 82 to 92 cm. So you will be able to adapt it to your needs. It opens and closes quickly and easily. Once closed, he is able to stand on his own. Without the need to place it on a wall, you can store it where you prefer.


  • Practical, ultra-light and stable ironing board
  • Equipped with suction table
  • It has anti-condensation holes
  • Adjustable in 3 positions, from 82 to 92 cm
  • It opens and closes quickly and easily
  • He stands alone


  • When closed it could tend to open
  • It is not equipped with a cover

8. Gimi – Great with bulky items

Dimensions: 144 × 56.5 × 90 cm
Material: steel

Anyone who has attempted to iron a sheet knows well how difficult this operation can be. Often you have to do your best, changing the position of the sheet and wasting a lot of time.

If you also like to have perfectly ironed sheets, blankets and clean tablecloths, then Gimi is the best ironing board for you. It is equipped with a retractable support where you can comfortably lay down larger garments without wasting time.

In addition to this, the Gimi ironing board is equipped with many other accessories, such as the laundry rack, the wire tensioner and the flap hanger. Not to mention the metal boiler holder, with reversible support arch, also suitable for left-handers.

You can adjust the height of this ironing board from 67 to 93 cm. It has a cotton cover with fleece padding. The non-slip feet make it safe and stable.


  • Retractable support for larger garments
  • Laundry grid and wire tensioner
  • Equipped with flap hanger
  • Boiler holder with support arch
  • Height adjustable from 67 to 93 cm
  • Non-slip feet for better stability


  • The ironing board may be a little light, as it appears in some opinions
  • Its stability can be improved.

What to consider before buying an ironing board

Among all those proposed here, what features do you have to consider in order to choose the best ironing board of 2022 that seems to be made especially for your needs?


The first feature you need to evaluate is its size. An ironing board with a small surface forces you to have to change clothes position continuously.

You can opt for these ironing boards if you need a spare one for more frequent use, or to be used with simple and quick-to-iron items. But they are not recommended for long work sessions.

If you need to use the ironing board daily, for shirts or to have a neat look at work, a table ironing board, much more handy and compact, is the best choice for you. You can also store it in a piece of furniture in the room where you iron and keep it always at hand.


You must choose an ironing board that you can best adjust to your height. This is very important. Often iron and ironing work sessions take too long on your feet. Incorrect posture could cause back pain.

Construction and stability

Pay attention to how the ironing board is built. In fact, it must guarantee the best possible strength and stability. Its structure must be balanced and its feet firmly anchored to the floor. At the same time, it doesn’t have to be heavy enough to keep you from moving it comfortably.

Boiler iron

If instead of the normal iron you use a steamer, keep in mind that this can be heavy and that the boiler holder is positioned at the end of the axis. For this reason, the stability and balance of the axis must be such as not to cause it to overturn.

Integrated power socket

If the ironing board is equipped with an electrical outlet, this could greatly reduce the size of the wires and avoid the risk of tripping while ironing.

Location for the iron

To avoid injury or fire, the iron tray must keep the iron warm in complete safety. It must be able to withstand the high temperatures of the heating surface and must welcome it in complete safety to prevent you from hurting yourself.


All ironing boards can be folded up. A good ironing board must be able to fold easily and safely. What you need to pay attention to is whether, when closed, they take up little space or need a lot of space to be kept.

If you don’t have a lot of space in your home, opt for a model that you can easily hide even, for example, between a door and the wall. Alternatively, you could opt for a retractable ironing board, to be applied to the wall. They are the ironing boards that take up the least space ever.

Padding and cover

A padded axle cover, which resists the heat of the heating surface of the iron and which transpires, will make the job easier. The ironing board cover protects the ironing board from heat. Furthermore, the cover and cover must be removable, washable and must be able to be replaced.

The beauty of ironing!

If you choose the right one, ironing will no longer be such a boring and tiring job for you. Stability, space, practicality and robustness is all you need. Choose from this list the best ironing board for you of 2022. Your choice will not leave you disappointed.