Best Kitchen Scales UK

What are the best kitchen scales?I think you all agree with me when I say:

In the kitchen, accuracy is everything.

Unfortunately, not all kitchen scales provide exact measurements. Some manufacturers do not test the accuracy of their products too much.

However, it would be impossible to test all the models on the market alone to find out which of them work well, right?

To help you, we have examined dozens of different models based on their quality and accuracy, and after much hard work, we have finally selected for you the 7 best kitchen scales (electronic and analog) of 2022!

Here is your list!

What are the best kitchen scales?

1. ETEKCITY – Best ever

Type: digital
Capacity: 5kg

A good kitchen scale is an essential ingredient in the kitchen to create perfect dishes. The Etekcity scale is the best kitchen scale that you can find around because it is much more than a simple food weighing scale.

On the sides of the display you will find two buttons, each with two options: on the left you can choose between the tare function and the unit of measurement, while on the right between the ON / OFF function and the timer function. Well yes, this scale is the best of its kind, made unique thanks to its functions. You can set a timer lasting up to 99 minutes and 99 seconds.

The second extra function of this scale can be found in the display at the top right, where the room temperature will be indicated. The backlight makes the LCD display easily readable in any light condition. An auto power off feature is incorporated within 2 minutes in case you forget it on.

With an elegant design, the scale is made of stainless steel to ensure a longer life. It is equipped with a removable bowl with a capacity of 2.15L. The tare function will help you reset the weight of the ingredient from time to time without necessarily having to change the container.

Among all the electronic scales that we have been able to try, it is certainly this that represents the best of all the scales of 2022.


  • High capacity with a minimum margin of error of 0.1g
  • Built-in auto-off system
  • Timer function and room temperature sensor
  • The two AAA batteries required for operation are included at the time of shipment
  • Easy to clean, the steel container can be washed in the dishwasher
  • Easy to store and “hide” thanks to the container


  • Acoustic signals of too high volume and not adjustable
  • Some opinions say that the buttons are too sensitive

2. Smart Weigh PLS500-SIL – Best value for money

Type: digital
Capacity: 5kg

If you are looking for a kitchen scale with the best value for money, you have probably found it! Simple and intuitive, this scale will help you in everyday kitchen life.

This electronic scale is equipped with two buttons; on the left you can change the unit of measure, while the button on the right will allow you to use the tare function as well as to switch the balance on and off. The LCD display is very easy to read, with fairly large numbers (1.3cm) that will make it easier to read the weight.

If you have forgotten the scale on, the auto-off function will be activated within a few tens of seconds. In addition, an indicator located on the display will indicate the charge level. User reviews define it as one of the most suitable scales for those who follow a strict diet and need precise quantities, thanks to the high sensitivity of the product.

In the event that some technical problem should arise, the manufacturer guarantees the Smart Weight for two years. You can choose between three available colors (black, silver and red) in order to match it in the best possible way to your kitchen.

Don’t miss the best kitchen scale with the best value for money of 2022. Reviews and opinions testify to the validity of this product from every point of view.


  • Accuracy with 0.01g error
  • Charge level shown in the display
  • Automatic shutdown function
  • Possibility to measure liquids too
  • Two-year guarantee
  • Small in size, it will be easy for you to store
  • Choice of three different colors


  • The display is not backlit, difficult to read in the dark
  • Not equipped with its own container

3. Ikalula – Best economic option

Type: digital
Capacity: 5kg

You don’t want to spend a fortune but you don’t want to give up the pleasure of weighing food with a scale? If the answer is yes, Ikalula is the right balance for you!

Electronic and easy to clean, it is the best kitchen scale for resistance; made of tempered glass, it ensures a long life. The light base, just 300 grams, and the small size make it easy to carry or store. The retroreflective LCD display will allow you to read the weight of food even in unfavorable light conditions. On the right and left of the display you will find the ON / OFF, tare and unit buttons.

Have you forgotten the scale on and remembered it only after a few hours? No problem, its automatic shutdown technology will start working after a minute of inactivity. Not only! This magnificent scale is equipped with an indicator light that warns if the limit weight is exceeded or if the battery is about to discharge.

The design is attractive and modern: the buttons make it elegant and minimal at the same time, even if they look flat, in reality they are slightly raised.

By choosing the Ikalua scale, you will choose an economic but professional product, suitable for your needs. It is the best kitchen scale to choose as an alternative to the more expensive options and we recommend it to everyone.


  • Made of non-slip and waterproof material
  • Automatic shutdown function
  • The retroreflective LCD display will help you read the weight more easily
  • Ikaua is equipped with an overweight indicator
  • Possibility to choose between numerous units of measurement
  • Excellent and modern design but at the same time very light


  • To weigh light food, a small container must be used
  • Not accurate to the tenth of a gram

4. Soehnle – Best mechanical scale

Type: mechanical
Capacity: 5kg

If you are looking for a scale that gives a retro touch to your kitchen, Soehnle is for you. It is an impressive product indeed, but the best from an aesthetic point of view.

Made of stainless steel, the product manages to weigh up to a maximum of 5kg, even if it is sometimes difficult to understand the weight per gram due to the presence of the hands. Despite the absence of the display, it is possible to use a knob at the rear that will allow you to adjust the tare, and four non-slip feet guarantee excellent stability.

The weight is clearly not indifferent, 1.2 kg, but it is equipped with a container, also in steel, quite large, suitable for any type of solid ingredient. The product will be delivered to you disassembled in 3 pieces, but accompanied by an easy-to-understand instruction book: on the lower part a support is attached to which the plate is placed by means of 2 star screws.

The reviews describe it as accurate and reliable: the best advantage of the mechanical mechanism is to make the scale immune to electronic tastes. However, in the event that it should present some fault, the manufacturer guarantees it for 3 years.

There is no more time to waste, also allow yourself to dive into the past with the Soehnle mechanical kitchen scale in 2022 and you will not regret it!


  • Best for quality, aesthetics, price
  • The manufacturing company guarantees it for 3 years
  • Made of stainless steel, it guarantees better resistance to wear and tear over time
  • Presence of non-slip feet
  • Presence of a knob for the tare function
  • Not only useful tool but also for furniture


  • Not suitable for those seeking precision, given the 20gr margin of error
  • Not too easy to handle given the high weight
  • Being mechanical, from time to time it will be necessary to calibrate it again

5. Smart Weigh CSB5KG – The most intuitive

Type: digital
Capacity: 5kg

If you are looking for a simple, functional and intuitive scale, you have found what you are looking for. It may not be equipped with the best technology, but it is very easy to use.

This electronic scale is equipped with a large platform and a removable bowl. The extra-large weighing platform offers ample space for large ingredients and large containers. The blue backlit LCD display is made up of large enough figures that will make reading much easier in any light condition.

Have you forgotten your scale turned on and remembered it only after a few hours? No problem, its auto-off function will start after just 60 seconds to save your batteries!

The scale is designed to weigh up to 5000 grams in 1 gram increments for precise measurement. The tare function will allow you to easily subtract the weight of the container and obtain the net weight. The scale will offer you the opportunity to choose between two units of measurement, grams and ounces, to facilitate you, if necessary, in an easy conversion of the weight of the food.

Don’t miss this opportunity and let this scale become your best ally in the kitchen!


  • Presence of a backlit LCD display
  • Built-in automatic shutdown system
  • Equipped with a large platform
  • Removable bowl with spout
  • Simple in its design, it is very easy to use
  • Possibility to choose between ounces and grams


  • With 7kg of weight, it is one of the heaviest scales around
  • Some opinions highlight calibration problems after a certain period of use

6. Accuweight – The most accurate

Type: digital
Capacity: 5kg

The name of the scale already suggests that if you are looking for a professional and accurate product, this is the one for you. Accuweight is the most accurate kitchen scale!

With the ability to weigh up to a maximum of 5kg, this scale offers you infallible accuracy, with an error of the tenth of a gram, indispensable in the preparation of those more difficult recipes where precision is everything. From the red illuminated LCD display, it will help you easily read the weight of your ingredients. Cleaning it will be easy thanks to the stain-resistant glass platform.

The Accuweight electronic scale offers you the possibility to choose between three units of measurement, and its great precision will help you in your eating habits and in case you follow a diet. The two non-raised buttons, located in the lower part of the scale, will give you the possibility to switch on, switch off, activate the tare function and change the unit of measurement.

It is made of stainless steel and plastic, the design and the black color make it bold and elegant. Light and comfortable: the small size will allow you to easily store it anywhere. In case the product arrives with some failure in its parts, don’t worry, because Accuweight is guaranteed for 2 years!

Among all our choices, it is certainly the best kitchen scale in terms of precision. If you are looking for a scale that does not disappoint you, you have probably just read the description.


  • Excellent precision, detects errors of the tenth of a gram
  • The red LCD display is especially useful in dim light
  • The non-raised buttons will help you in cleaning the product
  • Equipped with automatic shutdown
  • Small in size, easy to store
  • The manufacturing company guarantees it for 2 years
  • Possibility to choose between various units of measurement


  • Some buyers complain of too sensitive buttons
  • Not immediate response to weight change
  • It is very sensitive if the surface on which it is located is not flat

7. Escali Primo – The most minimal

Type: digital
Capacity: 5kg

If you love minimalism and have furnished your kitchen in this style, then Escali Primo is the digital kitchen scale suitable for you.

Simple, elegant and professional, this scale consists of an LCD display. On its sides you will find two buttons: on, off and tare on the left, and unit of measure on the right. The characteristic of this kitchen scale lies in having placed this part under a protective mirror to facilitate cleaning.

In the display at the top left you will find a battery charge indicator and its error, almost minimal, is around the gram. Although small and light, this scale has a capacity of 5kg, and the rubber feet will help it not to slip. Although not among the strongest scales, it is made of BPA-free plastic. This means that, from a healthy point of view, it is the best one out there.

The circular platform is quite raised, but some opinions express their negative opinion on its size. The distance from the center of the scale to the display does not reach 10cm, which could be a problem if you have very large bowls in the kitchen.

Easy to use and minimal design. Still not convinced? The manufacturer guarantees it for life! Buy Escali Primo and you will not regret it, it is one of the best kitchen scales you can find for sale.


  • Made of BPA-free plastic
  • Easy to clean, display and keys protected by a screen
  • Guaranteed for life by the manufacturer
  • Battery indicator in the display
  • Maximum error of 1g
  • Reduced size and weight, easy to place in the kitchen
  • Economic and quality kitchen scale


  • Platform too small if an unsuitable container is used
  • The buttons are not very sensitive, sometimes they require more pressure

What to consider before buying a kitchen scales?

Kitchen scales are an essential element in kitchen furnishings, not only for those who deal with them professionally, but also for those who cook at home. There are many models of scales, but how to understand which of these is the best? To help you choose the most suitable kitchen scale for you, you will find below the main factors to consider when choosing.


  • Mechanical

The mechanical scale is the first type of scale to arrive in the kitchen; cheap and usually with greater weight capacity. The flaw of this type of balance is precision because it has a margin of error

The weight ranges are quite wide, usually 50 or 100 grams, and according to some opinions this determines a strong inconvenience. However, the strengths of mechanical kitchen scales are remarkable and in recipes where precision is all this could be a problem. With some time and practice, however, it is possible to get used to and recognize the weight of the food despite the inaccuracy.

The strong points that you can test yourself if you buy a mechanical scale are practicality, resistance and never unloading.

  • Digital

If you are looking for precise and professional scales, perhaps the right choice for you is a digital scale. Compared to common mechanical scales, electric scales are equipped with extra functions and can also vary in their shape. The only factor to take into consideration with these kitchen scales are the batteries to have on hand when needed.


When choosing an analog kitchen scale, it is important to consider whether the LCD display is backlit or not. If not, reading the weight in a dark kitchen is very difficult.


In the kitchen, order must be respected, and unless your scale is a vintage piece, perhaps you would like it to be small, perhaps square, so it can be stored anywhere.


Based on your needs, you will need to take into account the amount of food you want to weigh. The best modern kitchen scales have a capacity of about 5kg. However, we remind you that many times, more precise scales have a lower capacity, so everything is in your needs in the kitchen.

Easy to clean

Kitchen cleaning is known to be everything, and scales need to be, too. It is important to choose an easy-to-clean scale, which is with a damp cloth or composed of easily washable removable parts. Also consider the material and make sure it is also easily washable.

Other features to consider

  • Durability

Nobody wants to spend money on a product that will stop working after a while. For this reason, we recommend that you choose a scale from a robust material, such as tempered glass.

  • Low battery indicator

How many times has it happened that the scale was unloaded and you hadn’t realized it? The most innovative kitchen scales of 2022 are equipped with an indicator that will suggest the battery level of the scale.

  • Calibration

The more precise a kitchen scale is, the tastier your dishes will be! Look for a scale that has a low margin of error. Almost all analog models of 2022 now have 1 gram of error, but some even reach the tenth of a gram.

  • Auto-off

Choose a scale that has the function of turning off after a certain period of inactivity in order to save batteries.

  • Flat or highlighted buttons

Choosing flat buttons is not just an aesthetic question; the highlighted buttons more easily retain food residues. The best choice is therefore scales with flat buttons or touchscreen.

Now it’s your turn!

You have just read the reviews of 7 of the best kitchen scales you can find online. We have helped you to know the best models of 2022. Everything you needed is written in this guide.

You have all the necessary elements to make the best choice according to your tastes and needs.

What are you waiting for? Go and buy one of these magnificent kitchen scales!