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What are the best lightweight strollers?

1. Inglesina AG82H3DNM – Best value for money

Weight: 7kg

If you are looking for the best stroller and you need advice on purchasing, read on: soon you will discover the best for value for money!

Ideal for the city, Trip is the light and perfect stroller for those who want to buy a super-light model, able to go everywhere. If your child needs comfort, the fully reclining backrest and the adjustable footrest make it ideal for travel and to guarantee a peaceful rest at all times. Rain or intense sun? Don’t worry: the sun canopy is ready to protect it! The drink holder is included in the package.

The light, wide and soft seat of the stroller guarantees even more comfort with its padding. Compact and easy to fold, customers’ opinions classify it as one of the best and most equipped models: together with the light stroller you can buy the winter bag, the Trilogy Bag, the My Baby Bag, a transport bag and an umbrella. And it’s cheap!

The lightweight stroller is available in Denim, Marina, Amarena, Ecrù, Fucsia, Garden and Graphite.


  • Parasol / rain to protect your baby on every occasion
  • Light and handy
  • Reclining seat, to ensure maximum comfort
  • Drink holder included
  • Available in 7 different colors
  • 5 matching accessories (sold separately)


  • Some customers complain that it is not easy to lower the backrest
  • The session was deemed difficult to wash

2. Peg Perego Pliko Mini – Our recommendation

Weight: 5.7kg

Among the ultra-light strollers, this Peg Perego model is one of the best: we guarantee it!

With its weight of only 5.7 kg, it is possible to fold this lightweight stroller with great simplicity. If you want a light product that can follow your child’s growth step by step, the 3-position reclining backrest at more than 150 ° is right for you!

You can use it from 0 to 36 months in complete safety. Ultra-light and compact, it is an affordable and easy-to-use mini stroller model, even for babysitters and grandparents who could take care of the little ones with their parents.

Complete with hood with panoramic window and hook for hanging toys, it also has a basket for everything suitable for any use. Still made with almost artisan care, the Peg Perego guarantees absolute quality in the assembly and material of the light stroller: seat belts, swivel or lockable front wheels and fixed rear and centralized brake also make it very safe!


  • Ultra-light, it weighs only 5.7 kg. Light and easy to handle
  • 3 position reclining back
  • Usable from 0 to 36 months
  • Approved according to European certifications
  • Canopy with panoramic window, hook for games and basket for everything


  • Plastic wheels would appear, according to some, to be quite hard
  • According to some customers, the handles do not stretch long enough

3. Hauck Sport, Disney drawing – The best seller

Weight: 7kg

The model you are about to read about is considered one of the best strollers, and you will soon find out why it is also the best selling!

Light, handy and practical, this compact model is one of the best among ultralights! It is the ideal stroller for shopping, for transporting it by train and traveling, and the reclining backrest in the sleeping position will also make your baby comfortable! In addition, the suspension and the detachable joint handle help to make the model solid and safe.

The routes have been deemed not very smooth by some customers, especially on uneven terrains such as asphalt, but if safety continues to be your first concern you can safely rely on its adjustable belts and double brakes on the rear wheels and appreciate all the other positives of this product!

According to customer reviews, the price is also very good. The lightweight stroller is equipped with a basket for everything, and the seat fabric is removable and washable by hand. Some customers complain of a slight tightness of the seat and the compliance of the strap that serves to lower it, but we are sure that it is only a few isolated cases, compared to the many positive reviews received by this product!

You can find it in four beautiful versions: light blue with Mickey Mouse, pink with Minnie, in shades of blue / blue (Moonlight / Capri) and red (Tango / Caviar).


  • Light and incredibly handy
  • Brakes on both rear wheels
  • Large basket carries everything
  • Seat cover washable by hand and removable
  • Safety belt with 5-point closure
  • Backrest folding up to 152 °


  • Some customer reviews complain of poor wheel smoothness
  • The strap to lower the back is judged by some to be rather weak
  • Some customers have complained about the slight tightness of the seat

4. Recaro Easylife – The favorite of customers

Weight: 5.7kg

You are about to discover the best lightweight stroller in its category: it is also the customer’s favorite!

Cheerful and impeccably designed, this ultralight stroller is the best ally for a pleasant and comfortable transport! Flexible but also as comfortable as a wheelchair, it has a light 8-wheel frame with suspension that folds easily, even with one hand: enough with bulky and uncomfortable strollers! In this way, as more than one review suggests, you can insert it anywhere and transport it without any problem.

The big wheels slide smoothly, and it’s not over here! If you are an adventurous parent, you will be pleased to know that no rough terrain or impact will disturb your walk, thanks to the wheel suspension. The all-around handle, then, guarantees even more comfort!

To protect your baby from the sun, the umbrella canopy is specially designed to bend over as much as necessary. The whole door is included in the model, and the safety belt with 5 closures guarantees total protection. In short, you will love it!


  • Very light and easy to handle: it can be closed with one hand!
  • Large wheels with maximum smoothness
  • All-around handle
  • Safety belt with 5 closures
  • It folds and stows very easily


  • The backrest cannot be fully reclined
  • It is not removable

5. Chicco OHlalà – Ultra light

Weight: 3.8kg

Are you ready for the most elegant and functional ultralight model ever? The model you are about to read is considered the most manageable ever, and you will soon find out why!

Chicco stands for quality, and this model can be safely considered one of the best in its category: reduced in size – a real mini stroller! – and very light, the combined handle gives it great handling when it comes to driving. It is also easy to close: what more can you ask for?

You can also fold it up and take it with you by car or train, it takes up very little space! Some customers complain about the size of the wheels, according to them rather poor, but it is still a small minority. Even if there is no spare part on the market to replace them, but we are sure that careful use will not lead you to need them!

The seat of the lightweight stroller is homologated according to the regulations and welcoming, and the arm and shoulder straps are also padded. If you want to make your baby feel even more comfortable, the multi-position folding backrest will help him! In some reviews we have noticed complaints about the difficulty of raising the seat to 90 °, but it seems to be a fairly limited problem and not of great impact on the quality of the product. A lightweight rain cover (perfect for walking in adverse weather conditions) and a convenient storage basket are also included in the lightweight stroller package.

These strollers are available in 5 splendid colors: blue, red, green, white and black. We said enough: you can’t let them escape!


  • Very light
  • Small size
  • Easy to fold and transport
  • Rain cover and storage basket included
  • Cozy and approved seat
  • Single handle for a more comfortable ride


  • Slightly small wheels
  • Some reviews complain about the impossibility of raising the seat to 90 °
  • There are no spare parts for the wheels on the market

6. Foppapedretti 9700345805 – The most equipped

Are you looking for the best stroller that is inexpensive and highly equipped? Then you must continue reading, and you will immediately discover an excellent product!

Light and compact, this stroller opens and closes easily, and can be carried almost anywhere: go on an adventure with your little one! You can use it from birth up to 15 kg, and it is excellent for every movement. The armrest opens like a gate, the front wheels can be locked and the rear wheels have brakes, to decrease your worries and increase safety.

Foppapederetti, the leading brand in the sector, has really thought of everything: the hood of the stroller has a nice removable plush, the pocket for objects can hold everything your baby needs and a small opening looks at the baby on the hood will help you control it in every moment.

This model is available in 5 beautiful color variations: black, orange, cherry, apple green and denim. The side transport handle, on the other hand, will make every trip a real pleasure.


  • Light and compact
  • Can be used from birth up to 15 kg
  • Hood with removable plush and opening observes baby
  • 5 color variations
  • Armrest with gate opening


  • Some customers complain of some difficulty in steering
  • It is difficult to drive the stroller with one hand

7. Safety 1st 11827670 – The cheapest

The cheapest ultralight stroller is here! Do you want to know why it is called the cheapest ever? You will find out soon!

As for the price, this lightweight stroller can definitely be called the best stroller of its kind. Ultra compact and equipped with suspensions on the front wheels, the light model of the Safety1st allows you to keep them both fixed and pirouetting, so that you can choose how to orient them. Two comfortable straps and 5 central closures will keep your baby stable, while the sunshade will help him enjoy the walk in the stroller. Available in Blue, Yellow, Red, Black and Bright Pink, it is approved according to European directives. The seat cannot be lowered, but this does not affect the lightness and comfort of this model.

Really very light and easy to fold and move, it is the perfect stroller for those who want to buy an “extra” to use on vacation or in addition to the usual more equipped stroller: one frequent use is not recommended, but can still accompany you every time you will need it.

Very practical, it is really convenient to venture along the most chaotic cities or wherever you want to take your baby! Once the stroller is closed it does not remain standing: it must therefore be placed on the ground or against the wall. However, this is a very trivial trifle, compared to its countless qualities!

In short, it is ultimately an inexpensive and truly exceptional purchase!


  • Resistant and very light
  • Foldable and easy to carry anywhere, even by plane
  • Very handy and safe
  • Easy to use
  • 5 central safety locks


  • It is not possible to lower the seat
  • It is not recommended for too frequent use
  • Once the stroller is closed, it does not remain standing, but must be placed on the ground or against the wall

8. Hauck 311066 – The best with fast closing

Do you need advice for buying an excellent compact and handy stroller? You are on the right track!

This excellent model from Hauck features a convenient one-handed locking technique: easy to position in the car, it is a turning point for those who love and need to travel a lot! The large basket under the seat will contain all kinds of unique objects for you. The swiveling and lockable front wheel makes it really simple to use! The rear ones, however, house the brakes. The hood, then, is adjustable and a small pocket further expands the space dedicated to small useful objects.

Removable safety bar and belt with 5-point closure complete one of the best strollers on the market, which will satisfy even the most apprehensive parents. The seat is transformable so that the child can always choose the most comfortable position, and a small window on the hood will allow you to check it at any time.

Flexible and versatile, it’s your choice of the best lightweight stroller!


  • One-handed, practical and innovative closure
  • Easy to close and place in the car or on public transport
  • Front swivel and lockable wheel
  • Carry large and comfortable items
  • Belt with 5-point closure
  • Lightweight adjustable stroller hood with storage pocket


  • The front wheel can present sliding problems
  • According to some customers, opening is difficult

9. Chicco Snappy Blue Whales – Ultra light

The best ultralight stroller exists, and we will present it to you shortly!

Among the ultralights, this model of stroller by Chicco is certainly one of the most versatile and compact: easy to fold and store, it allows you to take it anywhere and always carry your baby with you! It also has a very comfortable carrying strap, which allows you to carry it on your shoulder and therefore have your hands free.

The nice design on the hood and the bright colors make it a nice choice to cheer up the walks of the whole family, as well as one of the lightest! The front bar, as far as we can read, is not included in the price: however, we are sure that the excellent seat belts will solve the problem very well!

Approved according to European standards, rain cover and sun visor are included in the lightweight stroller and guarantee maximum comfort and protection in all weather conditions!

Some reviews complain about the small size of the parasol, but it is still a small size, compared to the positive sides of this excellent model. The back, then, can be reclined in 2 frontal positions and washable, and the umbrella closure makes it very easy to fix and put back in place. The network bag that can be connected to the handles is unfortunately not included in the price, but it can be yours by purchasing it separately.

In short, it is an ultralight stroller that you cannot absolutely miss!


  • Very light and easy to handle
  • Carrying strap that allows you to keep it on the shoulder
  • Washable fabric in cold water
  • Rain cover and parasol included
  • Backrest reclining in 2 frontal positions


  • The front bar is not included in the stroller
  • The parasol is rather small in size
  • The network bag connected to the handles is not included in the price

The 5 important factors to keep in mind when purchasing a lightweight stroller

The time has finally come to buy a lightweight stroller!

You are certainly wondering, however, what are the best criteria to follow in order to choose the best lightweight stroller model available on the market … and we will immediately show you them, without making you waste any more time!

1. Dimensions and weight

The structure of the best light strollers is distinguished by lightness and practicality, so that the object is simple to transport and light enough to be loaded, for example, on public transport, by plane or in the trunk of the car. More specifically, it is necessary to look at:

  • Open and closed dimensions: it is important to understand how large the stroller actually is and how much space it will occupy once it is closed, in order to be able to comfortably place it in the luggage when traveling, or more simply at home, especially if you live in small apartments.
  • Weight: a good lightweight stroller must first of all be easy to move and lift.

If you live in an apartment that forces you to make several floors of stairs to enter the house, or if you simply tend to move frequently with the children, you should choose between ultra-light models, so as to make less effort. The best light ones sometimes weigh only 4-5 kg, and their aluminum frame ensures maximum durability!

  • Weight supported: each light stroller is different, obviously, as regards the weight it is able to bear. Many light strollers are able to accommodate children from birth up to 3 years, other children from 1 to 15 kg: the important thing is to always choose a model of light stroller that can support the child without problems and that has a structure suitable for his body .

2. Security

It is very important to choose a model that is comfortable and easy to handle, but also totally safe, so as to welcome the child without giving rise to unnecessary worries in the parents and in anyone who cares for him.

  • The seat belts of the stroller can have 3 or 5 closing points, but those with 5 points (one on each side, one at the top, one at the bottom and one at the center) generally guarantee greater reliability and more comfort in the embrace the child’s body.

The best strollers also have padded pads that cover the suspenders and prevent the child from experiencing discomfort due to contact with the rough material of the belt.

  • The protection bar (or front panel) is the protection that prevents the child from falling over and falling off the seat of the stroller, but it also functions as a bumper bar.

Some modern strollers, the best, have a gate closure, so that they can be opened and closed more easily.

  • Lastly, the braking system serves to prevent the pushchair from accidentally moving on its own when it is stationary. The bar brake is the most common (it locks the rear wheels and operates with the foot), but some three-wheeled strollers have a disc brake like bicycles.

3. Ease of driving

The best strollers should be simple to drive on any type of road, from asphalt to the most difficult dirt roads, to mountain roads.

Light strollers are usually designed for city streets: they therefore have smaller wheels than their heavier and more equipped “cousins”, and obviously a simpler and lighter structure, which facilitates driving. The front wheels of the stroller are usually swiveling, while the rear ones include the blocking system.

The handle of the light stroller is now increasingly made as a single piece, to make the stroller easy to move and linear in the path.

4. Footprint

The best lightweight strollers are very limited in terms of size: they fold easily and can be conveniently placed in the luggage rack of the train or in the trunk of the car. They are therefore perfect for those who love to travel or for those who travel a lot in the company of their children!

Some stroller models, once closed, stand without having to lean against the wall or a support: another feature that helps make them the best out there and that helps in choosing the model that best suits your needs.

There are two types of closures, book and umbrella: this latter model is easier to close and less bulky than the first, so much so that the best strollers can be folded even with one hand!

5. Accessories

Many strollers complete the offer with a series of accessories, included in the price or sold separately: it is important to choose a stroller model that has at least the basic ones, so as to add comfort and practicality to each use of the stroller!

  • Among the basic accessories, the hood, the rain cover and the basket carry everything stand out.

The canopy is essential to protect the child from the sun and is generally foldable, the plastic rain cover of the stroller serves to cover the seat to prevent a sudden shower from ruining a walk. The basket, however, is generally located between the wheels of the stroller and allows those who push the stroller to place bags or toys in this space, so as to always keep an eye on them!

  • There are also optional accessories, not sold together with the stroller but sold separately: changing bags, travel bags, heavy covers for the winter, mosquito nets … less important than the basic ones, however, they are a nice complement to the design and the stroller comfort.

And now, what are you waiting for?

Well, now that we have shown you all these models of strollers, you will be able to choose the best lightweight stroller on the market!

So, now only one thing is missing … your purchase!

What are you waiting for? Go, and choose the light stroller that’s right for you!