Best Lightweight Twin Stroller

Best Lightweight Twin StrollerLooking for a lightweight twin stroller but can’t decide which one to buy?

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We reviewed the 3 best lightweight twin strollers on the market in 2022.

For those in a hurry, we’ve created a ranking below, placing the most popular product at the top.

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The best lightweight twin strollers

1. Brevi 760-650 – Best Ever

Weight: 0 – 22 kg

Do you need to walk with your children using a comfortable and easy-to-carry means of transport? Our suggestion is to consider buying the Brevi 760-650, the best lightweight twin stroller you will find in 2022. The reviews and opinions from satisfied buyers are really positive.

Made with OEKO-TEX certified fabrics, you can be assured of a lightweight twin stroller whose fabrics are removable and ensure maximum hygiene and durability. For child safety, the product provides 5-point safety belts, with padded shoulder straps and leg dividers.

The size of the stroller is great to not take up too much space and to be able to easily pass through the doors of the house as well. It has a load capacity ranging from 0 to 22 kg in weight, and the child seats are fully independent for more control over them.

It also has large awnings with UV 50+ protection to protect your children from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The frame is made of aluminum, so it’s ultralight and weighs only 9.7kg. It’s a product you’ll be able to push around in comfort, whether you’re taking the kids in it or locking it up to take in the car.

So, if you are interested in a lightweight twin stroller with the best features on the market, the most affordable option is the Brevi 760-650. No other product offers so much comfort and safety for your children.


  • The best lightweight twin stroller of 2022
  • OEKO-TEX certified fabrics for improved hygiene and durability
  • Ultralight and resistant aluminium frame
  • Load capacity from 0 to 22 kg
  • Large awning with UV protection 50+ for children
  • Has 5-point harnesses with padded shoulder straps
  • Closes easily and fits perfectly through house doors


  • Not one of the most affordable lightweight twin strollers
  • Does not fit in small elevators

2. Besrey BR-C7082 – Best value for money

Weight: 15 + 15 kg

If you are interested in buying a good lightweight twin stroller but without spending too much, the Besrey BR-C7082 offers the best value for money. In fact, the reviews about the benefits of this product are also very positive.

This is a spacious and lightweight twin stroller whose seats are arranged one behind the other, so you won’t have any trouble getting in anywhere. It is a product suitable for children from 0 to 36 months and supports a weight of 15 kg per seat, which is large and has an adjustable backrest for every child’s needs.

It is a stable and safe product in which you can carry your little twins or siblings without worrying about their comfort and protection. The front wheels are swivel and can rotate up to 360ยบ, the rear wheels have double brakes to safely stop the stroller when needed.

It can be closed with the push of a button, so you can lift, store or transport it in total comfort. For safety reasons, it also includes reflective strips on both sides of the frame and on the roof, in case you need to go out with the children in low light conditions.

Therefore, if your goal is to buy a lightweight twin stroller that offers excellent value for money, the Besrey BR-C7082 turns out to be a great choice. This twin product has all the benefits of a compact product that is easy to take where you need it.

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  • The lightweight twin stroller that offers the best value for money
  • Spacious ultra-lightweight seats located one behind the other
  • Suitable for 2 children from 0 to 36 months and weighing up to 15 kg each
  • Very stable and safe double product with rear wheels that brake
  • Can be closed by pressing a single button
  • Includes reflective strips on sides and canopy for dark rides


  • Not recommended for children under 6 months of age
  • Not fully reclining backrest

3. Inglesina Twin Swift– Extra independent comfort

Weight: 15 + 15 kg

When you have twins or small siblings, you are sure to want a lightweight stroller that allows you to carry both of them in the safest way and provides extra independent comfort. Therefore, we can suggest the Inglesina Twin Swift, which has gotten excellent opinions from satisfied mothers and fathers about the product.

Thanks to the materials with which the twin stroller is made, you will have at your disposal a product that is very light and easy to carry. For your comfort and that of the children, the backrests and canopies of each seat are independently adjustable so they can go according to their needs.

The seats are quite large, so they are perfect for children up to 15kg each. They are also padded, so little ones have all the comfort they need while walking with you. The handles are ergonomic and very soft to the touch, which ensures maximum comfort while pushing the stroller.

When closed, it takes up very little space and is very compact, so you can easily transport and store it, even in the smallest of spaces. The padded wheels will give children extra stability and prevent shocks during rides.

In short, in order to have a lightweight and excellent quality double stroller that offers extra comfort for you and your children, the most affordable option is the Inglesina Twin Swift. We assure you that this product will not let you down over time, thanks to its excellent features. And for more perfect baby items, check out our pick of the best twin strollers for sale in 2022.


  • The lightweight twin stroller that offers extra independent comfort
  • Made with excellent durable and lightweight materials
  • Independently adjustable backrests and canopies
  • Large seats with a load capacity of up to 15 kg each
  • Ergonomic, soft-touch handles for added comfort
  • Very compact when closed


  • Not recommended for children under 6 months of age
  • Rain cover not included

Great walking companion for kids

Now that you’ve seen the key features of the best lightweight twin strollers available on the market in 2022, are you ready to make a decision?

Whichever choice you make, you will have a product that will allow you to walk with your babies safely and comfortably, while still being lightweight and compact when you need it.