Best Makita Orbital Sander

Best Makita Orbital SanderFact:

Makita orbital sanders are a great tool to help you polish or sand.

There is a wide variety on the market though, with different features and designs.

This will make it difficult and confusing for you to choose.

To this end, we will present a list of the 3 best Makita orbital sanders of 2022.

Read on to find out more.

The best Makita orbital sanders

1. Makita BO5041 – Best ever

Power: 300 W

If you are looking for a great Makita orbital sander to polish or sand the surfaces of certain materials, then the BO5041 model is what you need. In fact, it has high power, variable speed, and a compact ergonomic design to do a good job.

This is a Makita orbital sander with a power of 300 watts that will make you sand or polish different materials perfectly and with professional quality. At the same time, it will ensure that you get your work done quickly because it uses a speed that ranges from 4 000 to 12 000 rpm. So you will be able to adjust the one you need to perform polishing or sanding with perfect results.

The sander has dimensions of 27.6 x 12.3 x 15.3 cm that will allow you to use it without taking up much space in the work area. Weighing in at 1.4kg, it will ensure easy and effortless handling and with the 125mm sanding disc you will be covering more of the surface of materials to sand them down to nothing in no time.

As for the design, it comes with a vacuum connection that will allow you to clean the dust while you work to get a good view of the surface you are working on. In addition, it features an ergonomic handle that provides a strong and comfortable grip to perform every job with good performance and without getting tired quickly. The sanding cable is 2.5 meters long, so it will give you more freedom to polish or sand a surface from different angles.

In fact, it is an orbital sander that receives positive reviews from users due to its high power, variable speed, ergonomic and compact design. So every job you do will be at the same level as a professional.


  • Best Makita orbital sander of 2022
  • High efficiency thanks to 300 Watt power
  • Variable speed from 4 000 to 12 000 rpm.
  • Takes up little space as it measures 27.6 x 12.3 x 15.3 cm
  • Easy to handle thanks to its 1.4 kg weight
  • Compatible with 125 mm sanding discs
  • Designed with a connection to the vacuum cleaner
  • Ergonomic handle for a strong and comfortable grip


  • No dust container
  • Uncoated ergonomic Soft Grip handle

2. Makita BO4566 – Best value for money

Power: 200 W

Do you want a good sander that is worth the money you spend on it? Then the right option is the BO4566 model from the Makita brand, which has excellent power, high speed, good size, lightweight design, and great value for money.

You will be able to perform your polishing or sanding job with optimal performance, as the Makita BO4566 orbital sander has a power of 200 watts. Being able to reach a speed of 14 000 rpm, you will be able to complete any small or medium-scale project quickly and without much effort, and get a quality finish in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to the fact that the orbital sander has dimensions of 19.7 x 10 x 13.7 cm, it will not disturb you or take up space in your work area, to increase your productivity when polishing or sanding materials. In addition, this model weighs 1.10 kg to make it easy to move without causing you fatigue when working for long periods of time. The 100 x 164 mm abrasive sheet used allows you to cover more of the material.

It is designed to remove dust and store it in a container while sanding, to keep the work area clean at all times. It has a 2-meter cable to move it around and work on material surfaces from various angles, as well as a Velcro fastener that will allow you to secure the cable so that you can always store it in an organized manner.

Undoubtedly, this is a model that will serve for small and medium scale jobs as it has a power of 200 W, a speed of 14 000 rpm, an abrasive blade of 100 x 164 mm, and a practical design.


  • Makita orbital sander with excellent value for money
  • Optimum performance thanks to 200 Watt power
  • Fast sanding speed of 14 000 rpm
  • Avoids discomfort while working thanks to its dimensions of 19.7 x 10 x 13.3 cm
  • Lightweight, with a weight of 1.10 kg
  • Compatible with a 100 x 164 mm sanding blade
  • Designed to extract and store dust in a container
  • 2 meter cable for wide mobility


  • Sander without speed controller
  • Product does not include a storage and carrying case

3. Makita BO3711 – Best budget Makita orbital sander

Power: 190 W

This is an economical orbital sander that will guarantee you quality work, thanks to its good power, adjustable speed, dust extraction capacity and ergonomic design. This way you will get a great result, like a professional.

The power of the Makita orbital sander is 190 watts, which will allow you to sand the surfaces of different materials with good results. Since it has a speed controller that varies from 4 000 to 11 000 rpm, you will be able to adjust it to the level you need depending on the type of material you are going to sand. The speed remains constant under stress, so you will be able to apply force without worrying about decreased performance.

This is a model that will make you work even in small spaces, having dimensions of 25.3 x 92 x 15.3 cm. Compared to other sanders, it provides more control without much effort, as it weighs 1.60 kg. Moreover, it is a product that uses 93 x 228 mm sanding sheets to sand most of the surface of the material.

Some reviews and opinions state that it can suck up dirt through the bag or connection to the vacuum cleaner. This will allow you to keep your workspace clean while sanding. The ergonomic handle with Soft Grip coating offers a comfortable grip to avoid discomfort during use, and the 2-meter cord will ensure you can move it around and sand from different angles.

Definitely, it is one of the Makita orbital sanders with great features such as good power, variable speed, dust extraction option, and ergonomic design. So any small or medium scale work will be much easier, and at a low cost.


  • Excellent economical orbital sander
  • Good results with 190 Watt power
  • Speed controller from 4 000 to 11 000 rpm.
  • Constant speed under load
  • Dimensions of 25.3 x 92 x 15.3 cm for use in confined spaces
  • More control at a weight of 1.60 kg
  • Compatible with 93 x 228 mm sanding blades
  • Dust extraction via bag or connection to vacuum cleaner


  • Sander without velcro
  • Model without replacement sanding blade

Makita orbital sander – ideal for small and medium-sized projects

Now that we have reviewed the main features of the best Makita orbital sanders on the market in 2022, you just need to correctly choose the one that suits your preferences and needs. So you will be able to perform fast and precise work to get a unique finish like the real professionals.