What is the Best Metal Detector? Which one to choose?

What is the best metal detectorLet me guess…

Do you want to buy a new metal detector but you don’t know which one to choose?

What if I told you it’s simpler than you think?

We have selected for you the 5 best metal detectors of 2022.

All that’s left to do is keep reading!

Are you ready?

What are the best metal detectors?

1. Garrett ACE 250 – Our recommendation

Are you looking for the perfect metal detector? You don’t know which one to buy? Then it could be this! The Garrett ACE 250 metal detector is what you are looking for!

Suitable for agricultural land, it is also suitable for use on the beach and mountains. Weighing just 2 kg and an adjustable handle, the Garrett ACE 250 is one of the best metal detectors on the market and will amaze you with its LCD screen capable of intercepting the depth and identity of the object with a 12-segment scale. All accompanied by a battery status indicator and a one-touch keyboard. Equipped with Pinpoint for effective centering, it will be able to signal the presence of an object with 3 different audio tones.

Garrett ACE 250 is equipped with 5 pre-set discrimination programs but to satisfy you to the maximum it also allows you to choose your own personalized discrimination program, to guarantee you top performance!

With an unbeatable price and high performance, Garrett Ace 250 is the one for you!


  • Best value for money
  • 4AA batteries included
  • 12 segment identification scale
  • PinPoint
  • Headphone jack
  • Speaker
  • Easy assembly
  • DVD with instructions
  • Beginner audience
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Frequency at 6.5 kHz


  • Headphones and plate NOT supplied
  • Occasionally produces false alarms
  • Instructions in English

2. Bounty Hunter Tk4 – Best value for money

If you are a real treasure hunter, know that you have not made the wrong era because today you can venture between rocky and impervious lands with the new Bounty Hunter Tk4!

A jewel in the sector for quality and performance, it does not give up ergonomics with its adjustable handle nor the charm of a design entirely made in the USA.

Rugged and water-resistant, you can immerse the coil of this metal detector completely, without fear of damaging it. The new Bounty Hunter Tk4 metal detector with its technology is capable of automatically leveling the ground, neutralizing the response of those materials that do not interest you! The Bounty Hunter Tk4 works in extreme soil conditions and is able to recognize small objects up to a depth of 8 cm, and large up to 2 feet. Detects all types of materials such as gold, silver, brass, iron, aluminum, and steel; it has 3 operating modes and allows personalized discrimination, which can be changed with a simple touch of the intuitive display.

In short, the next adventure is waiting for you! You have no more excuses!


  • Best value for money
  • Resistance to extreme conditions
  • 2-tone audio alert
  • Recognition of unwanted materials
  • Waterproof
  • Headphone jack
  • Speaker
  • Automatic leveling
  • 2 9V alkaline batteries
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to use
  • Operating frequency at 6.6 kHh


  • Short-term performance
  • Unsafe packaging

3. Seben Allround – The cheapest

Do you want to go hunting for ancient jewelry or mysterious war relics and are you looking for the best metal detector on the market but not too expensive? Seben GmbH has thought of you for its new Seben Allround!

An inexpensive metal detector but that has nothing to envy to its professional colleagues, indeed!

With its ability to detect small and large objects up to 60 cm deep, the Seben Allround metal detector stands out for its performance and accuracy of information: simple to use, with a small weight of 650 g it is equipped with a coil of waterproof search, capable of detecting metals up to 25 cm underwater and with its internal wiring there will be no cables to bother you!

Aural and visual information will inform you about what you have just found and you will feel like a real treasure hunter or archaeologist you have always known to be, with this extraordinary metal detector at your side!


  • Best low price detector
  • Waterproof
  • Light and easy to use
  • Sensitive to iron and precious materials
  • Headphone jack
  • 6 AA batteries
  • Portable and light
  • Search capacity up to 60 cm deep


  • Earphones and batteries not included
  • Difficulty in adjusting the calibration

4. Garrett Ace 150 – The best for beginners

If you are passionate about history and archeology and have always dreamed of setting up a personal museum in your home, we have the key to achieve this ambition!

Garrett has designed for you an inexpensive metal detector that can meet your needs: I present the Garrett Ace 150 metal detector, the best metal detector for beginners with 3 research programs, metals, coins, and jewels, and with 3 distinct acoustic warnings based on the material they intercepted.

The sand and the soil do not scare you, you can use it comfortably in the open countryside or by the sea, and thanks to its 5-segment LCD display, you will have all the information you need to identify the artifact you have just found.

Portable and easy to use, the Garrett ACE 150 metal detector is the treasure hunter of your dreams!


  • Best quality / price ratio
  • Cheap
  • Intuitive
  • Light and adjustable
  • 3 research programs
  • 24 month guarantee
  • 4 alkaline batteries included
  • 3 levels of audio tone
  • Frequency 6.5 kHz


  • Pinpointing absent
  • Non-European headphone jack

5. Seben MD DT – The professional economic metal detector

You will surely have experience with metal detectors, you have tried many but probably you have not yet found the one tailored for you, then I will begin by telling you that the Seben MD DT adjusts according to your height with a telescopic extension divisible rod. One of the best metal detectors in the world!

Comfortable and easy to handle, the professional detector is capable of not emitting light signals of any kind in the dark, for incognito night adventures not to be forgotten. The detector is ready for use the first time it is turned on as it is fully automatic, capable of intercepting objects up to 2 meters deep and coins 25 cm underground, incredible performance!

Equipped with Pintpointig and adjustable discrimination technique, you won’t miss a beat, avoiding materials of no interest. Its modern and ergonomic design hides every cable, leaving you free from any hindrance, and how to forget the waterproof search coil, to be able to always push you further.

One of the best detectors on the market! Take the next challenge and bring the Seben MD DT with you to face it!


  • pinpointing
  • Incognito mode
  • Sensitivity up to 2 m depth
  • Adjustable and ergonomic
  • Internal wiring
  • Adjustable discrimination
  • Waterproof coil
  • Headphone jack
  • Low cost


  • 2 9V batteries not included
  • Unclear instructions

Things to consider when buying a metal detector

Before buying a metal detector it is important to consider some aspects that, if neglected, could disappoint your expectations.

What are you looking for?

Whether for your hobby or for a wonderful gift for your children for the upcoming Christmas 2017, the market offers different metal detectors suitable for the search for coins, jewelry, metal objects but not all metal detectors are the same, some detectors are, for example, they have particular smaller search coils and of appropriate shapes, more suitable for the search for gold, a material that requires more sensitive technology.

Where do you want to use your metal detector?

Before leaving for your new adventure remember that there are detectors assigned to research on earth and sand, but some are more specific for rough and rocky soils, other metal detectors equipped with impermeable coils can be used to explore ponds or waterways, but if your next destination will be the ocean, know that the market offers special underwater metal detectors.

And remember, there is no better place in the world to hunt for jewelry and gold objects on the beaches!

How often will you use your metal detector?

Some pastimes, sometimes, turn into real passions, which require greater use of energy, so think about how much you use or intend to ensure your new metal detector and before buying it, check its guarantee. Sometimes intense use can compromise the performance of your metal detector, so better be insured and buy a detector covered by a warranty.

Good rules to remember

Your metal detector can become a companion for fun adventures, with friends or with your children, but it is essential to use it with caution.

Remember, for example:

  • Never enter into private land or protected territories
  • Help nature, if you find metal objects with your detectors, such as cans or pieces of metal, collect them and dispose of them in the appropriate containers.
  • Take care to cover the extraction holes respecting the beauty of the earth.
  • Be absolutely careful in the presence of artifacts that look like war residues and promptly notify the competent authorities
  • Have fun but don’t forget your common sense!

Now it’s up to you!

Now you really know everything about the world of metal detectors, you know the best models on the market but also the rules to follow in order to fully enjoy the enthusiasm that can derive from this exciting hobby.

Now it’s up to you to choose the metal detector that suits you best!