Best Mini Drone UK

What is the best mini drone?Let’s be honest …

Finding a great mini drone for your needs and budget is difficult.

You have to think about so many things … from your ability to fly the mini drone …

… to design and functionality.

And at the price, of course!

Read on …

Since we are about to reveal the list of the 5 best mini drones of 2022.

Whether you are looking for a mini drone for photos, videos or for racing, you can easily choose a model from this list!

What is the best mini drone?

1. Potensic – Our recommendation

Age recommended by the manufacturer: 12 years and older

If we were to recommend a mini drone to be piloted with your family, our recommendation would fall back on the Potensic one. According to buyers’ opinions, it constitutes the best mini drone of 2022.

With dimensions of 91 x 80 x 31.8 mm, it is small and compact, excellent for beginners and children. Despite its small proportions, it is packed with features that will satisfy all your needs. You will have the opportunity to experience the conservation of altitude, the Headless mode, the FPV of the back time, the low voltage alarm function and the actual distance.

Thanks to the altitude hold mode, the mini drone will get stuck at a certain height, allowing you to take pictures and shoot videos with its extraordinary stability. By means of the headless mode, even if the direction of the nose changes during flight, the direction of forward movement of the aircraft will remain the same as that of the person handling the drone. Cultivating your passion has never been easier.

You can also pilot the mini drone through your mobile phone, moving it forward, backward, right and left. The take-off and landing buttons will make the use of the aircraft even more comfortable and immediate. Finally, when the battery is discharged, a beep will be emitted to avoid the danger of losing the quadrocopter.

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  • Best mini drone of 2022, according to our opinions
  • Suspension mode and altitude control
  • Headless functionality to facilitate control
  • FPV system, to best use the quadcopter in racing competitions
  • Precise flight path, with which the destination and the route can be set
  • Built-in 2.4 GHz Wifi camera, to transmit images to the mobile phone
  • Easy to fly, both by children and beginners


  • It could improve battery life
  • Poor seal in ventilated conditions

2. HASAKEE – Best economic option

Age recommended by the manufacturer: not specified

If you are looking for a pocket-sized and efficient mini drone that is at the same time very inexpensive, the Hasakee is undoubtedly the one for you. It is the most convenient option on the market.

It offers you numerous functions, such as, for example, that of altitude suspension, thanks to sensors for high pressure that help maintain stability at a certain height. In addition you will also have the headless mode which greatly facilitates the guidance of the quadcopter.

You will have three speeds: high, medium and low, to be selected according to your skills and experience. Thanks to a return button, you can immediately return your drone, in order to avoid any danger.

With a recharge time of only 30 minutes, the aircraft enjoys 10 minutes of autonomy, an almost unthinkable time span given its small proportions. Finally, it is foldable, so as to take up as little space as possible. With a neck size of 15 x 11.7 x 7.9 cm, it is small and compact, so you can comfortably carry it. Efficient and professional, it is also excellent for beginners and for all those who are beginners, including children.

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  • Best economic option of 2022
  • Hover mode for detailed altitude control
  • Headless functionality, to facilitate the control of the mini drone
  • Speed ​​control on three levels: high, medium and low
  • Built-in LED to drive it at night
  • Button for takeoff and landing
  • Easy to fly, both by children and beginners


  • Plastic-like materials that make the product fragile
  • Quadcopter without camera

3. Syma x20-black – The most compact

Age recommended by the manufacturer: 8 years and older

If you are looking for a small and compact mini drone that takes up as little space as possible, then the Syma x20-black quadcopter is undoubtedly the perfect one for you.

Measuring 10.5 x 10.5 x 2.5 cm, it is one of the smallest items on the market. It has numerous functions that will satisfy all your needs and give you the opportunity to cultivate your passion and that of your children. Altitude maintenance, for example, will allow you to stay at a stable altitude to take photos or videos while headless mode will further facilitate your maneuvers.

You can move it forward, backward, left or right, sideways and up and down. In addition, it is able to flip 360 ° allowing you to perform numerous stunts. You will have the possibility to select the fast or reduced speed, according to your needs and have fun with the quadcopter even at night, thanks to the LEDs available.

It has a small remote control with which you can pilot it. Performing this last action will be very simple as the drone has also been designed for beginners and children. It requires about 50 minutes of charge for an autonomy time of 5 minutes. It is available in black, white and gold variants.

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  • Better compactness among the mini gifts on the market
  • Hover mode for altitude control
  • Headless functionality, to facilitate the control of the drone
  • 6-axis gyroscopic system for product stabilization
  • Front LED to allow viewing in poor light conditions
  • Take-off and landing button
  • Minimalistic but functional controller, which makes flying easy


  • It could improve the battery charging time
  • It has no camera

4. EACHINE E010 – The easiest to use

Age recommended by the manufacturer: 14 years and older

If you are looking for a small and pocket-sized mini drone, very easy to use, then the Eachine E010 quadcopter is undoubtedly the one for you. According to the buyers’ opinions, it is perfect for beginners, for children, and for all those who are beginners with articles of this kind.

The comfortable joystick that will be provided will make piloting your mini drone even more basic. In addition, to further facilitate this latter action, are the numerous functions it has.

Thanks to the compass mode, you can use the joystick to correctly repair the direction. The aircraft will change the direction of the flight with the change of direction of the remote control, in order to offer greater safety to those still inexperienced. By means of the integrated positioning system, it can automatically locate the remote control. By pressing the return button, in fact, it will immediately return to you completely autonomously.

It is able to perform a 360 ° launch with a single button, surprising you and making possible the excellent performance of somersaults. You can move it in all directions, with a recharge time of 30 minutes and an autonomy of 5 minutes. The exterior of the four-axis stabilizing blade is installed with colored LED lights, allowing you to use it even at night.

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  • One of the easiest to fly among all the mini drones
  • Suspension mode and altitude control
  • Headless functionality, to facilitate the control of the drone
  • Preset return point, to facilitate the return
  • Compass mode, to correct the direction using the joystick
  • 360 ° rolling, to create spectacular stunts with the touch of a finger
  • 6-axis gyroscopic axis for perfect balance


  • Extremely fragile quadcopter
  • Battery autonomy shorter than indicated

5. KYG 3379 – The most resistant

Recommended manufacturer age: 14 months and older

If you are looking for a compact and pocket-sized mini drone that resists all types of shocks, then the KYG 3379 quadcopter is undoubtedly the right one for you.

Thanks to the four protection rings made of high-strength material, it is able to withstand falls, impacts and collisions. For this reason, while constituting an extremely professional item, it is also perfect for those who are not experts in maneuvering this type of aircraft.

The 2.4 GHz control system guarantees you a powerful signal and a high anti-interference performance. The mini drone is equipped with the Headless function, by means of which, even if the direction of the nose changes during the flight, the direction of the forward movement of the aircraft will remain the same as that of the point of view of the person who manipulates it. In this way, piloting it will be even easier.

With the altitude suspension function, it will remain at a stable height, allowing you to take photos or shoot videos. You can pilot it with a convenient remote control that will be supplied. You will have the possibility to turn it up to 360 °, making maneuvers of all kinds. Finally, getting it back to the starting point will be very easy thanks to the One-key function.

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  • Better resistance than most mini drones on the market
  • Protective rings around the propellers, to make them safer and more resistant
  • Hover mode, to float the drone in a fixed point
  • Headless function which makes control very simple and elementary
  • 360-degree rolling, to create spectacular stunts with the touch of a finger
  • 6-axis gyroscopic system for balancing the quadcopter
  • Button for returning to the take-off point


  • The quality of the instruction booklet could be improved
  • Highly unstable in windy conditions
  • The controller must be paired with the quadcopter each time it is turned on

Factors to consider when buying a mini drone

If you are new to the world of mini drones, you will surely find yourself in difficulty in comparing the various products on the market. Each drone, in its own way, has different functionalities and technical specifications! This is why we decided to make a guide with the most important factors to consider when choosing.

The level of your skills

Let’s face it, mini drones are very difficult to fly if you are newbies in the sector. Your skills are therefore the first factor that you will have to take into consideration to make a smart purchase. So be honest with yourself and buy a drone that is able to reflect your piloting skills. In this way you will avoid any accident and you will not throw money away.

Flight time

The flight time of mini drones has always been their Achilles’ heel. In fact, it never reaches exorbitant numbers, penalizing this family of quadcopters. On average it lasts a few minutes, up to 10 am. In general, in addition to the battery runtime, it is influenced by weather conditions, flight speed and possible recordings or photos taken in flight.

Control distance

The control distance indicates the maximum distance at which the drone will receive your commands and settles, for mini drones, from 30 to 100 m. If you are going to use your product indoors, don’t worry about this factor. If not, we recommend that you carefully check the maximum control distance in order to avoid losing control over your drone.

GPS sensors

GPS sensors allow you to set a path from your controller to be followed by the mini drone, without having to pilot it manually, with the push of a button. If you are interested in this feature, you will have to aim for high-end mini drones, since it is rare to find it in cheap or poorly made products.

Room quality

With the evolution of technology, cameras are now available at rather low prices and are therefore very popular in mini drones. But pay attention to the quality of the latter, since often to lower the price to a minimum, they have sensors with poor resolution, not compatible with FPV functionality.


The transmitters allow you to control your drone and are therefore essential for the operation of the latter. For best performance, we recommend transmitters that have 2.4 GHz wifi and a built-in LCD display. Thus you will have a complete view of the drone’s information, such as battery or location.

Ready to take off!

Whether you want to give your child a gift, or want to enjoy your pilot skills, it makes no difference. After reading our reviews and our buying guide, you are ready to make a smart choice and buy the perfect product among the best mini drones on the market! Put on your favorite aviator jacket, bring goggles and get ready to have fun with your new purchase!