Best Oscillating Multi Tool UK

What is the best oscillating multi toolEvery handyman will tell you …

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What is the best oscillating multi tool?

1. DeWalt DWE315KT-QS – The best ever

Power of the multifunction tool: 300 W
Type of multifunction tool: with wire

If you are looking for the best multifunction tool of 2022, you can also stop looking, because we have found it. This product, in fact, is powerful, light, easy to use and suitable for all the work you need to do in your home, try it to believe it!

You will have a professional oscillating power tool with 37 different accessories, to adapt to your every need to cut, smooth and plan any type of surface without difficulty. In addition, with this multifunctional tool you can choose between 12 orientation options for accessories. It is also equipped with a universal adapter, to give you the opportunity to also use accessories from other brands, perhaps other than those supplied with the product.

It is a tool also suitable for those who are not an expert handyman, because it is very simple and intuitive to use. The accessories can be inserted without the use of service keys, and it is also equipped with a guide for straight cuts and a depth stop, to avoid damaging the surfaces you are working on. So if you are not very practical, this product can really be a valuable aid for all those operations that previously seemed impossible or too complex.

In short, this product is truly one of the best in its category! By purchasing it, you will guarantee yourself the best working companion ever, and a versatile and functional accessory … in just 500 g of weight!


  • The best multifunction tool of 2
  • Equipped with 37 accessories
  • 12 possible different orientations of the accessories
  • With universal adapter, to use accessories of all brands
  • Equipped with depth stop, not to damage the surfaces
  • Included with the product a guide for perfect straight cuts
  • It does not require a service key to insert accessories
  • Simple, light and intuitive multifunction tool


  • According to some consumer reviews, the cutting power may be greater
  • The speed regulation system does not allow blocking

2. Black + Decker MT300SA2-QS – The most manageable

Power of the multifunction tool: 300 W
Type of multifunction tool: with wire

Comfort is essential when carrying out maintenance work at home, and for this reason we have selected for you the most ergonomic and comfortable multipurpose tool on the market.

You will have the guarantee of a robust and durable product, thanks to the solidity of its machine body, which however will not be excessively heavy and difficult to handle. Thanks to the ergonomic and soft handle you can use your new power tool for as long as you want, without tiring, thus ensuring hours and hours of work in complete comfort.

And speaking of convenience, with the exclusive Superlock attachment you can easily change all 12 accessories supplied, quickly and without taking time away from your work. In addition, the sanding pad is equipped with a connection pipe connection with an automatic dust extraction system. And, you know, a clean and tidy working environment is the best way to carry out all the various operations more easily.

You can also adjust the speed of the power tool according to your needs: this will help you work better and more precisely, without the risk of irreparably damaging the surfaces.

This multifunctional tool has nothing to envy to the most professional models on the market, because thanks to its easy handling it is really suitable for all DIY lovers … so it is certainly the best for you too!


  • The most manageable oscillating power tool on the market
  • Ergonomic and soft handle, guarantee of maximum comfort
  • Swing speed adjustable
  • 12 accessories supplied
  • Provided with Superlock accessory attachment system
  • With automatic dust extraction system
  • Tool bag included


  • The multifunctional tool tends to overheat if used too long
  • Some consumers believe that the supplied accessories are not of excellent quality

3. Bosch PMF 190 E – Bestseller

Power of the multifunction tool: 190 W
Type of multifunction tool: with wire

If it is true that consumer opinions count most of all to determine the validity of a product, then it is easy to explain why this multifunction tool is the best-selling tool of 2022. It is a truly complete, professional tool, but also suitable for those who are just entered the wonderful world of do-it-yourself.

With this product you can easily cut, saw, smooth, scrape all the surfaces you want, ensuring maximum precision even in the most difficult to reach points. If you love precision work, this is just the best power tool for you! In fact, it is equipped with a depth rod adjustable on 4 levels, with which you can limit the cutting depth with extreme precision, from 8 to 14 mm. You will also have a delta sanding plate and 6 abrasive sheets of different grain sizes, which will allow you to smooth even the most difficult to reach corners without problems.

Without the need for a key, you can easily change all the accessories supplied, and work safely and peacefully, on any type of surface. Thanks to its advanced technology, it guarantees an optimized work based on the material you are working on, with the continuous preselection of the number of oscillations. In addition, the exclusive Bosch Constant Electronic function guarantees you constant power when using the tool, even under stress.
All this is completed by a very comfortable additional handle, to be mounted to facilitate the use of the tool even during the most uncomfortable and demanding jobs. It is also an additional guarantee of safety for you, because it makes manual handling of the product easier.

Available in 3 colors, with this product you will ensure one of the best multifunction tools of 2022, and you will join the huge group of consumers satisfied with their purchase … and their renovated house!


  • The best-selling multifunction tool of 2022
  • With 4-level adjustable depth rod, for precise cutting
  • Continuous preset function of the number of oscillations
  • Constant power during use guaranteed by the Constant Electronic Bosch function
  • 6 abrasive sheets of different grain sizes included, to smooth even the most difficult corners
  • Equipped with comfortable additional handle
  • Available in 3 colors


  • According to some consumer reviews, it is too loud
  • Few accessories supplied
  • Tool bag not included

4. Tacklife PMT03B – The super comfortable

Multi-function tool power: not specified
Type of multifunction tool: cordless

When carrying out repairs or small renovations in the home, electrical outlets are not always available to which you can attach our multifunctional tool. But this does not mean giving up using it. Just opt ​​for a super comfortable and cordless model like this, which we have selected for you!

You will say goodbye to all old and bulky hand tools because, even without electrical outlets in the immediate vicinity, you can use a highly efficient electric multifunction tool for your work, even when you’re away from home! This product is equipped with a 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery, which recharges completely in just one hour, but guarantees plenty of autonomy. The battery is interchangeable with other products of the Tacklife 18V family, very convenient if you have two or more tools of this brand.

This product is equipped with all the accessories necessary to smooth, cut and scrape surfaces with precision and ease, which you can easily attach and detach to the main body of the tool thanks to the Tool-free system. And through the special universal adapter you will also have the opportunity to apply accessories from other brands: a not inconsiderable versatility!

And if you are very attentive to hygiene, this power tool will also help you in this, through the special accessory for cleaning tiles and metal. You can also use it in the bathroom and kitchen every day, to facilitate your daily cleaning. The comfortable and ergonomic handle and the product design make it the best even for household chores, during which a little more comfort never hurts!

In short, if you buy this product you will have secured one of the best multifunction tools on the market!


  • The most comfortable multipurpose tool in our ranking
  • Equipped with lithium ion battery that recharges in 1 hour
  • Tool-free system for easy attachment and detachment of accessories
  • Equipped with universal adapter
  • 6 types of variable speed
  • Special accessory for cleaning tiles and metal
  • Interchangeable battery with other products of the same brand
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design


  • Slightly lower performance than wire models
  • The battery can be a little bulky

5. Tacklife RTD35ACL – The best budget option

Power of the multifunction tool: 135 W
Type of multifunction tool: with wire

It may seem impossible to you, but we have managed to find for you the multifunction tool that perfectly combines quality and low price. You will have the best economic option on the market, without sacrificing functionality and practicality.

With a single product you will be provided with 80 tools, 3 accessories (cutting guide, auxiliary handle, flexible conductor) and 2 cassettes, one for tools and one for containing accessories. You can therefore use this multipurpose tool to carry out various types of repair or renovation work, including precision ones such as engraving, carving or polishing. The auxiliary handle and the flexible electric cable will be your further allies, because they will make each operation more convenient and faster.

You can adjust the speed according to the type of work to be done and the materials used, and you will not need additional tools to hook the accessories you need. In addition, if you want to always keep your multifunction tool handy, perhaps in your “home workshop”, you can conveniently hang it on a hook thanks to the ring on the end. All these features will offer you an incomparable ease of use, together with the guarantee of a high-power engine.

Small price, great performance. If you are looking for a product with these characteristics, this is truly the best multifunction tool for you!


  • The best economic option on the market
  • 80 tools supplied together with the multifunction power tool, for precision work
  • Oscillation speed adjustable according to the type of work and the surface materials
  • Flexible electric cable, not to hinder your work
  • Auxiliary handle for greater comfort
  • Equipped with a ring to hang it on the wall and always keep it close at hand
  • 2 boxes are provided: one for tools and one for tools


  • According to some consumers, the quality of tools and accessories is not high
  • Instructions for use of tools not included in the package

6. Einhell TE-MG 300 EQ – The most robust

Power of the multifunction tool: 300 W
Type of multifunction tool: with wire

Buying a multifunction tool and having to change it after a short time is certainly not what you would like to do, right? Well, if you want to ensure a multipurpose product that will support you in your repair work for a long time, then we recommend that you opt for this precise, robust and powerful model.

The structure of this multifunctional tool is designed to make it last a long time, thanks to high quality materials. You can also use it safely for demanding jobs, because it does not overheat or vibrate excessively, so it does not fear continuous use and on more complex surfaces. This is also thanks to the engine power and the 6 possible degrees of speed regulation, which remains unchanged even under load.

It is a product suitable for both professionals and hobbyists, since all the accessories supplied are easily assembled and disassembled, thanks to the magnetic attachment and adjustable in 12 different positions. You can make various types of cuts easily and safely, thanks also to the Softgrip handle, soft and comfortable, which will help you a lot during your work.

Together with the 10 accessories supplied with the oscillating multifunction tool, you will also find a practical vacuum cleaner tube to be hooked in, essential to ensure a clean and tidy work environment.

This power tool is a truly valid and long-lasting product, so if you are looking for a true ally for your DIY homework, this product is the best choice for you!


  • The most robust multifunction tool in its category
  • 10 accessories supplied
  • Accessories can be positioned with 12 different orientations
  • Accessories that can be assembled and disassembled on the power tool body via magnetic attachment
  • Equipped with hook-up vacuum cleaner tube
  • Softgrip handle, comfortable and soft
  • Long lasting product


  • It can be a little heavy
  • Not easy to handle with one hand

7. Fixtec FMT30001 – The choice of hobbyists

Power of the multifunction tool: 300 W
Type of multifunction tool: with wire

Have you recently approached the world of do-it-yourself, and you want a multifunctional tool without myriads of accessories that you wouldn’t know how to use? Then this is the product for you, novice hobbyists, who are looking for valuable help and the essential tools to work (and learn!) At best.

Included with this product you will find abrasive paper, a scraper, a retractable blade for wood, an Allen key and a suction device. In short, everything you need to perform any type of chore at home, even if you are not a real professional in the sector. It is an excellent and functional product, which will support you in all major repairs or minor renovations, allowing you to smooth, cut, remove and scrape.

You don’t have to be there to guess which accessory could be the most suitable for you among a thousand, because with this oscillating power tool you will have all the essentials to work in the best way.

Your chores will be even easier thanks to the soft handle with which this product is equipped, and to the practical on / off switch that you can easily press even with the only operating hand with which you are holding the product. All this is completed by a compact and essential design and variable oscillation speed, for maximum guaranteed precision.

This product is truly the best multifunction tool for hobbyists like you, who are looking for practicality and efficiency, and who demand excellent results!


  • The best choice for hobbyists
  • Equipped with essential accessories also for beginners
  • Attachment of accessories compatible with those of the main brands
  • Soft grip and compact design
  • Easy to press on / off button even with one hand
  • Powerful engine and high performance
  • Quite silent product


  • According to some reviews, vibrations are sometimes a little annoying during use
  • The quality of the blades is not excellent
  • The tool can be a little heavy

Factors to consider when purchasing a oscillating multi tool

If you have come this far, you should now be fairly certain which multifunction tool can best suit your needs.

But if you still don’t know which one to choose, and you want to know more, here is a small list of factors to consider when selecting your new electric tool with even greater confidence!

With wire vs without wire

On the market you can find two types of multifunction tools: the corded one, to be connected to a power outlet, and the cordless one, to be recharged before use. Both models have pros and cons. For example, the cordless model is very convenient, but if it is discharged and there are no electrical outlets nearby, it becomes unusable. Vice versa, the more “traditional” model with wire can be more limiting for movements, but it does not have to be recharged, therefore it guarantees a more continuous use.

Your choice will depend on several factors, but perhaps the most important is the context of use of the multifunction power tool.

If you have to work in a somewhat isolated place, where there are unlikely to be electrical outlets, then you will certainly have to opt for a wireless model, which will also guarantee you greater freedom of movement. On the other hand, the wire models offer slightly higher performance, so prefer them if you have to work at home, and you have no problems with power outlets.

Power and performance

The motor power of a multifunction tool is a key element for your choice. A powerful tool is consequently more versatile, and allows you to easily work on surfaces of any kind, soft or hard. Generally a 3 A tool has enough power to perform most jobs without difficulty.

But considering power is not enough to make a good choice. In fact, you must always keep in mind that it is the sum of power and performance that makes a multifunction tool really useful and valid. You can have two tools with the same engine power, but very different performances. For example, it is very important that you choose a model with adjustable speed, and that it does not get stuck when working on harder surfaces. These characteristics depend not only on the power, but also on the performance of your multifunction tool.


The versatility of a power tool is directly proportional to the contexts in which you can use it to “make life easier”. Obviously this depends on the number of accessories that are supplied with the product at the time of purchase.

But if the accessories included in the price of the multifunction tool are not so many, then make sure that it is compatible with accessories from other brands, which you may already own or that you can buy separately according to your needs.


In the face of all the technical characteristics, we are confident that in choosing a good multifunction tool you must also take into account the comfort factor. Buying a powerful and functional product, but uncomfortable and not easy to use, is certainly not a good idea.

A not excessive weight and an ergonomic design are a guarantee of comfort, and comfort is essential so that you do not get tired too quickly during work. Therefore, in assessing which product may be most suitable for you, also take these factors into account.

Duration over time

We can be really sure of one thing: if you decide to buy a multifunction tool, you want it to last as long as possible. But how can you be sure that the product you have chosen will really accompany you for years and years of “do-it-yourself” jobs? Of course, absolute safety cannot give it to anyone, but there are factors to consider in order to at least make a prediction regarding the life of your new power tool.

First of all, the longer the warranty associated with the product, the better the quality of the product will be. If a brand provides a guarantee of, for example, 3 years, it means that it is firmly convinced that the multifunction tool will last a long time without a hitch, otherwise it would not risk having to change it for free over and over again.

Secondly, always pay attention to the reviews of consumers who made the purchase before you. In fact, they are often very detailed, and some even have photos. If a consumer has found some defect or lack in the product purchased, rest assured that he will not fail to write it in his review!


The number of accessories supplied with your new multifunction tool is certainly a factor to consider when choosing. But you also need to consider whether you really need all these accessories or not.

Buying a product with, for example, 10 accessories included and using only 4, is simply a waste of money. You can very well fall back on an equally valid model, perhaps even cheaper, which, however, includes only the accessories you really need. So consider carefully what you really need before proceeding with the purchase of your new multifunction tool: in this way you will save money and guarantee a more functional product

Do-it-yourself will have no more secrets for you!

We have illustrated in detail the characteristics of the best oscillating multifunction tools of 2022, and now you certainly know which one to choose!

Now you just have to proceed with the purchase, and become real DIY magicians!