Best PC Gamepad (Controller, Joypad) UK

What is the best PC gamepad?Let’s be honest:

While most PC gamers prefer keyboard and mouse setup …

… Some gamers do their best only with a gamepad in their hands.

Quite right?

The main problem is choosing the right one.

To help you, our team has created this special list of the 7 best PC gamepads you can buy in 2022.

Chosen for comfort, control and as far as they are compatible with PC gaming.

These controllers are undoubtedly the best…

Let’s watch them together!

What is the best PC gamepad?

1. Microsoft – Our recommendation

Gamepad type: wireless / wired
Compatible with: PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One

If we were to recommend a joypad, our advice would fall on the Microsoft controller, which according to our opinions and reviews, is the best PC gamepad of 2022.

This fantastic joypad, available in both wired and wireless versions, transmits data in the latter with a 2.4 Ghz connection, to reduce latency and eliminate data loss. In addition to being ergonomic, it features two precision analog sticks , arranged at the top left and bottom right. You will find an 8-way pad and 4 control buttons, in addition to the 4 rear levers, all of which are fully configurable from your computer to adapt them to any game.

Compatible with PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, it is perfect for all of you who want to always change the game station.To let you immerse yourself in your games in the best possible way, it has two vibrating stations, one with a smaller size and a larger one. These best recreate the events that are taking place in your game session. Finally, with an ergonomic design, this joystick is perfect for all you gaming lovers.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on this Microsoft branded gamepad. You will undoubtedly not regret your purchase!


  • Best gamepad for pc of 2022 according to our opinions
  • 2.4 GHz USB or Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Compatibility with PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • Vibrating system to immerse yourself in the game
  • Ergonomic and functional design, with numerous keys
  • Integrated input for PC headphones
  • Batteries, for the wireless version, included in the order


  • Some reviews say that inserting batteries is not easy
  • Design not always comfortable for all users

2. Easysmx – Best value for money

Gamepad type: wireless
Compatible with: PC, PS3, PS4 and Android

If you gamers want to experience the thrill of playing with a controller rather than your usual mouse and keyboard and are looking for a functional product at a low price, we have the right one for you. The joystick for pcEasysmx represents an excellent gamepad for pc for value for money.

Compatible with PC, PS3, PS4 and any Android device, it uses a Bluetooth connection with receiver included in the order, to transfer your commands to the game. The joypad is equipped with 4 control buttons, 4 rear buttons, 2 precision levers, 2 menu buttons. You will then have an 8-way pad and a connection button, fully programmable by computer, usable for any function.

You will have maximum immersion and fun during your game session thanks to the patented vibration system. In fact, as well as in situations appropriate to the game, it will vibrate even when pressing the rear levers, to involve you in the best way in every situation. You will have an ergonomic structure and an attractive design, in anthracite black and red finishes and is perfect for all you players, whatever the size of your hands.

So don’t miss this wonderful gamepad, which for its functions and its price ranks in our list as the best PC joypad for value for money of 2022!


  • Best gamepad for pc for value for money
  • Compatibility with PC, PS3, PS4 and android devices
  • Equipped with many control buttons and features
  • Vibrating system, which completely immerses you in your game
  • Quick reconnect button to quickly connect the controller
  • Compact and functional structure with an attractive design
  • Bluetooth receiver included in the order


  • No hole for connecting headphones
  • The blue LED present is too bright for some customers

3. Logitech-F310 – For all old-gen gamers

Gamepad type: wired
Compatible with: PC and Mac

If you too are gamerdelle older generations, accustomed to the shape and design of the old controllers of the SNES or PS2, we have the perfect one for you. The Logitech F310, with the ergonomic shape and classic functional design of the old control gamepads, will bring you back to the good old days of the game.

Cobalt blue in color, it is equipped with two precision levers, an 8-directional pad, 4 control buttons and 4 rear buttons, programmable with two different standards, XInput and DirectionInput, interchangeable by means of a switch located on the back.

You can connect it to all compatible devices, PC and Mac, via a USB cable. In addition, in this way, you will ensure a reduced latency and excellent reactivity, as well as reducing the costs of unnecessary batteries with this product.

It is perfect for you to fully immerse yourself in each title of your Steam library, thanks to the instant installation of the game drivers and the extreme compatibility with each video game product. You can also play from the sofa in your home, thanks to the length of 1.8 meters of the connection cable and the compatibility with Steam BigPicture.

So do not miss this product if you are nostalgic gamers, who still seek the accuracy and precision of the products of the past!


  • Compact and functional structure, with design that refers to the old controllers of the past
  • Switch to control the data transmission system, Xinput or DirectionInput
  • Compatibility with PC and Mac
  • USB connectivity via 1.8 meters long cable
  • Driver installation almost instantaneous
  • Ability to use it with Steam BigPicture


  • Too hard rear keys according to user reviews and opinions
  • Building materials could be improved

4. Tronsmart Mars G01 – Super connectivity

Gamepad type: bluetooth, with and without receiver
Compatible with: PC, Android, iOS, PS3 and PS4

If you are looking for a device with high connectivity among the best PC controllers, to be able to use it in any situation and with any platform, we have the perfect joystick for you. The Tronsmart Mars G01 is one of the devices with the best connectivity.

It has a 2.4 GHz Bluetooth transmitter, capable of communicating with Android and iOS devices without any receiver and with PCs via a USB, compatible with Windows 10 and lower. You will have 4 control buttons, an 8-way pad, two precision analog sticks and 4 rear buttons.

The battery, with a duration of 600 mAh, is perfect to support all the essential functions of the controller, including the DualMotor vibrating system, to be able to immerse yourself in the best way in all your gaming experience.

With an ergonomic shape and compact design, it is perfect for the tastes of all of you gamers and offers you absolute comfort and grip, thanks to the lateral rubber grips. Thanks therefore, to all the listed features, in addition to the low weight, only 212 gr, the Tronsmart Mars G01, ranks right in our list of the best PC controllers of 2022.

If you are interested in having a hyper connected product, we advise you to keep an eye on it during your choice!


  • One of the controllers with the best connectivity with Bluetooth system
  • Compatibility with PC, Android, iOS, PS3 and PS4
  • Simple and functional design, with high grip thanks to the side grips
  • DualMotor vibrating system to fully immerse yourself in the game
  • Fast reconnect via a combination of rear buttons
  • Long lasting battery, perfect for demanding sessions


  • 8 direction pad very hard to pressure
  • The joypad mapping system is a compass with respect to the 360 ​​° of the others

5. GameSir G3w – Superfunctional

Gamepad type: wired
Compatible with: PC, Android, PS3 and PS4

Are you looking for the best mid-price PC controllers that provide you with a lot of features and have nothing to envy to high-end products? In this case we have the best PC joypad perfect for you, the GameSir G3w.

It has 4 control buttons, an 8-directional pad, two precision levers and 4 rear buttons. Each of these is backlit by an LED lighting system, to allow you to perfectly see the keys in any situation and play even in the evening. Equipped with DualMotor vibrating system, it offers powerful and decisive vibrations for every type of game session, so you can immerse yourself in your PC experiences.

Compatible with PC, Android, PS3 and PS4, it communicates your commands via USB cable, 1 meter long. In addition, you can play with most of the games on the market and allows you to play from the tranquility of your sofa or bed thanks to the compatibility with Steam Big Picture. With a minimalistic design, with an anthracite black color finished in red, it is perfect for any video player.

Thanks therefore to all its functions, to the reduced weight and to the immediate installation of the game drivers, the GameSir G3w controller is included in our list. Don’t miss this golden opportunity!


  • Price and attractive features, among the best on the market
  • Many buttons available backlit with LED system
  • DualMotor vibrating system to fully immerse yourself in the game
  • Compatibility with PC, Android, PS3 and PS4
  • Connection via USB cable, perfect for not losing any data
  • Simple and minimalistic design, black in color and red trim


  • Some reviews report accuracy issues with the left stick
  • Materials could be improved

6. iUcar – High programmability

Gamepad type: wired
Compatible with: PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One

If what you are looking for is a valid and efficient controller, which can be programmed according to your gaming needs, we have the perfect product for you, namely the iUcar brand joystick.

The programmability of this controller derives from the fact that you will have full control over the function of the various keys, in order to adapt them to any situation. In addition, you can even control the DualMotor vibration system. The joypad is equipped with 2 precision analog sticks, 4 control buttons, 4 rear buttons and an 8-directional pad, as well as a central power button.

With a comfortable and ergonomic shape and a design similar to that of the famous Microsoft brand controller, it is compatible with PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It communicates with these devices via USB cable, to avoid latency problems and make the controller as responsive as possible.

Installed to bring the game into your living room, it is adjustable with 3 different intensity levels, Full / Medium / Low, as well as deactivable.Perfect therefore for consoles and Windows 10 computers down, it is perfect for any situation, thanks also to the size and to the low weight.

So do not miss this excellent opportunity on the market and consider purchasing the iUcar brand controller!


  • High programmability of the gamepad, to guarantee excellent gaming experience
  • DualMotor vibrating system, adjustable between three different intensities
  • Ergonomic shape and design similar to that of the top of the range
  • Compatibility with PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • Connection via USB cable
  • Reduced weight and size, for guaranteed comfort


  • In some reviews, customers say it is not ideal for responsiveness games
  • Building materials are fragile

7. CSL – Top comfort

Gamepad type: wireless
Compatible with: PC and Xbox 360

Have you already tried the most disparate forms of controllers, but none seem to be suitable for your hands? Are you finally looking for the product that will carry out your gamer career, allowing you to abandon mouse and keyboard? In this case, we have the perfect product for you, the CSL branded gamepad.

This fantastic joystick, in fact, has a unique design on the market, with a structure with 2 blanked octagons with a central connecting bridge. It is a compact and ergonomic product, perfect for any shape and size your hands have.

It has 4 control keys, a 4-way pad, two precision analog sticks and 4 rear buttons. These all have a unique and raised design, to facilitate their achievement in any situation. Thanks to the Dual Vibration system, you will be able to perfectly live your gaming environment.

The joypad, compatible with PCs, equipped with Windows 10 or lower and Xbox 360, connects to them using 2.4 GHz wireless radio technology. In this way you can put yourself in any position and at any distance during your game session. of a discrete 380 mAh battery, you can use it in medium length sessions before having to recharge it.

So do not forget the CSL brand gamepad when you have to make your purchase!


  • One of the best gamepads in terms of comfort
  • Unique shape and design
  • Connection system by 2.4 GHz radio system
  • Vibration that will immerse you in the game given by the Dual Vibration system
  • Compatibility with PC and Xbox 360
  • Embossed keys for ease of use


  • The battery is short-lived
  • It lacks rubber grip to improve grip
  • Poor compatibility limited to PC and Xbox

Factors to consider when buying a PC controller

When you have to choose among all the best PC controllers, there will be numerous factors that you must take into consideration to make a smart purchase. To facilitate this task, we have created a list with the most important factors to consider. So read on to find out.


The way your product will connect to your PC is a very important factor to consider. In particular, we can distinguish two categories of connection: wired and wireless. The main differences between one and the other is that the wired connection is slightly more secure and ensures reduced latency. At the end of the day, it will be up to you to decide which of the two connections may be most convenient for you.

Buttons and functions

Although all the mid-range products have settled on the button layout and on the same general functions, there are numerous joypads on the market that have numerous additional features. Some of them are, for example, central touchpads for interactive control or buttons for an easier gaming experience. In general, we advise you to buy a highly customizable product, suitable for any game.


The design of your joypad is another important, albeit situational, factor and will depend entirely on you and your tastes. In principle, our advice is to opt for larger products if you have large hands, to avoid any mobility problem. You can also choose from many colors that best suit your devices.


If you are not going to buy a product that stops working at the first accidental drop, excellent building materials are essential. Our advice is to take some time in choosing the perfect material for you, which can give you resistance and safety feedback.


During your game session, to feel an integral part of it, vibration is an essential and inevitable factor. It, also available in the cheaper models, can completely change the way you play. For example, the Dual Vibration system will allow you to fully immerse yourself during the game and let yourself be dragged in every session.

Cross-Platform or limited to PC?

If you are a fan of cross-platform gaming, it is obvious the choice of one that has a wide compatibility, to be able to use it on both Windows 10 and console. This function will also save you money, since you will buy a single product, but also time, since you will not have to get used to a different type of device every time.

Warm your fingers!

We therefore hope that our purchase guide has directed you towards the purchase of the best PC gamepad for your gamer instincts. Stretch your fingers, turn on your monitors and get ready to tear up all your friends in any game, thanks to your skills and your purchase!