Best Planetary Mixer UK

What is the best planetary mixer?There is no doubt.

If you are a person who cooks or bakes a lot, the planetary mixer will surely be one of the best purchases you can make for your kitchen.

However, choosing the right one can become a nightmare.

Dozens of different models with an avalanche of different functions.

Fortunately you are in the right place and we guarantee that in 10 minutes from now it will be much clearer what to choose.

In this article, we will introduce you to the 9 best planetary mixers to buy in 2022 and a buying guide with everything you need to consider when deciding to buy one.

So what are you waiting for? Follow us and choose the best one for your needs!

What are the best planetary mixers?

1. Kenwood KMM060 – Best ever

Power: 1500W

You love cooking, you like making pizzas and cakes at home, but you don’t have much time? Get help from this magnificent food processor, the Kenwood KMM060 planetary mixer! It is the best medium-high planetary mixer, even in price, but if you love cooking it is definitely worth it!

It is a mixer driven by a 1500W motor that ensures the right power, has a super capacity, 6.7L well, and allows you to prepare pizza for the whole family in a few simple steps! You put the best ingredients, think about the rest! The Kenwood KMM060 planetary mixer is powerful and, thanks to its planetary movement, it mixes the ingredients to perfection.

This mixer is able to work both at low speeds, therefore as a grinder, meat mincer, for example, and at high speed, such as a juicer, centrifuge or mincer: the processing speed adjustment is electronic. If you buy this planetary mixer you will take home a real handyman robot.

The planetary mixer is equipped with a borosilicate glass blender with Multizone blades and 3 whips (K whisk, kneading hook, wire whisk), but you can add 30 optional pieces, to transform your home kitchen into a real one chef cuisine. This planetary mixer is truly a professional product that mixes both large and small quantities very well, it is a perfect purchase for you who are a professional chef, but it is also a must have for you who simply delight in the kitchen and want a quality planetary mixer, the best.

The reviews of the many people who bought it agree with us: the Kenwood KMM060 is the best planetary kneading machine you can find on the market in 2022, perfect, functional, resistant. With her you will surely see the leavening of your pizza and desserts change!


  • Very resistant (die-cast metal body)
  • Powerful: 1500W
  • Flexible: 3 whips supplied + 30 optional
  • Adjustable kneader working speed
  • Planetary movement
  • Top capacity: 6.7L
  • Aesthetically very beautiful


  • Price a bit high (medium / high range)
  • If you want to have all the optional accessories of the mixer, the cost certainly goes up

2. Kenwood KM282 – Best quality/price ratio

Power: 900W

Are you looking for a planetary mixer that can also help you with your preparations in the kitchen? Then the Kenwood KM282 Prospero is the planetary mixer you are looking for!

One of the cheapest Kenwood planetary mixers, simple to use with good power, well 900w, and equipped with many accessories that make it a well-rounded food processor, able to help you in everyday cooking.

Your Kenwood KM282 Prospero mixer mixes, mixes and whips with a planetary movement that guarantees the best mixing of the ingredients. With the accessories you find included in this planetary mixer you can prepare delicious smoothies: in the package you will find a convenient 1.2L blender with a glass jug. The blades, on the other hand, will allow you to slice, chop and grate and in addition you can prepare thirst quenching juices, with its juicer.

In short, despite being an entry level planetary mixer, it is truly complete, in our opinion! Its capacity is also good, well 4.3L, ideal for home use, for everyday preparations. In case you want to prepare a large amount of pizza, or in any case of hard dough, you just have to remember to divide the dough into several parts in order not to fatigue the mixer too much. Its 3 whips included, the K-shaped whisk, the wire whisk and the kneading hook will certainly help you to mix.

Many functions for a quality product: it is definitely the planetary mixer with the best value for money. You absolutely must try it!


  • Complete and flexible
  • Good power: 900W
  • Adjustable and variable kneading machine processing speed
  • Dishwasher safe parts of the mixer
  • Planetary movement
  • Multifunction mixer
  • Connection for low, medium and high speed machining
  • Accessories included
  • Definitely competitive price among the mixers


  • Machine body of the plastic mixer
  • Knead small quantities of flour at a time, especially if it is hard dough

3. Klarsteinstein Bella Bianca – Best economic choice

Power: 1200W

Are you approaching the world of planetary mixers now and you don’t want to spend an eye on your head? Which can be the best product among the economic mixers? We suggest the Klarsteinstein Bella Bianca planetary mixer, a really very cheap but good quality and very complete product.

It has a power not really entry level, well 1200W, and its included bowl has a capacity of 5.2L, therefore very suitable for daily use and beyond. In the package of this mixer you will also find 3 very comfortable accessories: a spiral hook, a leaf hook and a whisk that, thanks to their spiral movement and their planetary movement, will allow you to have well mixed and soft doughs. The kneading accessories are in chromed steel.

Try to knead the pizza with this which we think is the best economic planetary mixer on the market and you can also experience the thrill of a perfectly stringed dough and a pizza in a workmanlike manner. It is really nice to rediscover the joy of making desserts at home because she will be at your side when you have to knead, pass, beat and mix, without necessarily having to spend too much. The Klarsteinstein Bella Bianca planetary mixer is suitable for domestic, non-professional use. You can find it in many colors among which you will surely find the one that best suits your kitchen!

The Klarsteinstein Bella Bianca planetary mixer allows you to have a good quality product at a low price. Don’t miss it!


  • Low price
  • Good power: 1200W
  • 6 speeds
  • 3 accessories included in the mixer
  • Planetary movement
  • Stainless steel mixing bowl with 5.2L capacity and splash guard
  • Available in many colors


  • Accessories of the mixer in chromed steel: the chrome plating with the use could skip
  • It manages small quantities of dough
  • A little noisy

4. Kenwood KMX51 – Best seller

Power: 500W

You don’t know how to orient yourself and you can’t decide which planetary mixer to buy? Follow us and we will let you discover all the features of the best selling planetary mixer, the Kenwood KMX51.

Aesthetically it is a really beautiful mixer and you can find it in many colors, which will surely adapt to your kitchen.

The power of this planetary mixer is not very high, only 500W, but has 6 selectable settings plus pulse mode and this makes it sufficient for a multiplicity of doughs, both sweet and savory; manages to adapt perfectly to even the toughest dough. Among the accessories with which this planetary mixer is equipped there are the whisk k, the hook and wire whisk, which have a planetary movement. Its direct drive motor guarantees greater efficiency compared to machines with a transmission motor.

The footprint of this planetary mixer is small and also suits you if you have a slightly smaller kitchen; it is available in various shades, to best match your wall units.

Although this mixer has a small footprint, it manages to knead up to 700g of flour and whip up to 12 eggs. Its 5L bowl is very large and makes the Kenwood KMX51 planetary mixer also suitable for a little more important preparations (of course not if there are too many guests). It is very robust and its metal machine body make it very stable and greatly limit the vibrations that could be generated when it is in action. The handle with which the mixer bowl is equipped, which is available in steel or glass, is also very comfortable.

In short, excellent quality and a low price contribute to making the Kenwood KMX51 planetary mixer one of the best on the market and certainly the best-selling of 2022.


  • Solid and compact mixer
  • Suitable for all types of dough
  • Good amount of optional accessories
  • Efficient mixer without too many vibrations
  • Capacity: 5L
  • Ergonomic bowl handle
  • Kneader available in various shades
  • Direct drive motor


  • Quantity of optional accessories not very high
  • 500W power (although sufficient)
  • Leaf hook not in steel

5. G3 Ferrari G2P018 – The favorite of the Italians

Power: 1000W (1500W)

Does making egg pasta at home seem difficult and tiring? Not if you have the G3 Ferrari G2P018 planetary mixer!

A planetary mixer Made in Italy, and I emphasize Made in Italy, with a high dough capacity: in its 7L stainless steel bowl it can hold up to 3kg of dough, allowing you to prepare a good amount of egg pasta, which you can pull with the dough cutter (accessory not included) and maybe prepare a good ragù, thanks to the meat grinder (accessory not included) that can be inserted in your mixer. It is one of the most capacious mixers!

But it’s not over here! The G3 Ferrari G2P018 planetary mixer will also be at your side for the preparation of cakes, biscuits, cream. All-round cooking aid! Its average power is well 1000W, but in the peak moments (maximum) it can reach up to 1500W, so that it is possible to work without difficulty even the doughs of bread and pizza, notoriously harder. With this planetary mixer you will see how the leavening of your homemade bread or your pizza will improve: you insert the best ingredients, she kneads and .. you just have to cook!

In the G3 Ferrari G2P018 mixer you have 6 speeds and a comfortable backlit LCD display on which you can also select one of its 7 programs in memory, useful for those who are beginners. Included in the packaging of the G3 Ferrari G2P018 planetary mixer you will find the 3 whips: K hook, in stainless steel ideal for the toughest doughs, Kneading hook, ideal for bread and pizza, wire whisk, or planetary mixer, for whipping cream and eggs.

If you need to work large quantities of dough and don’t have a high budget, this planetary mixer is the best for you; keep in mind, however, that it is not suitable for real professional use.

According to the many reviews of satisfied customers, the G3 Ferrari G2P018 planetary mixer has an excellent quality / price ratio and is definitely a product you must try!


  • Excellent value for money
  • High capacity: 7L and 3kg of dough, one of the most capacious mixers in its category
  • Powerful motor: 1000W (starting point at 1500w)
  • 7 preset programs, to facilitate less experienced users
  • 6 processing speeds
  • Timer
  • Mixer with digital controls


  • It is not possible to wash the parts of the mixer in the dishwasher
  • Subject to overheating if used for too long
  • The mixer loses a little bit of stability with hard dough

6. Kenwood KVL6000T – Average price, superior quality

Power: 1200W

Do you want to give yourself the best planetary mixer, the most elegant, efficient and versatile one? You found it, it’s the Kenwood KVL6000T planetary mixer.

It is a mid-range product, but with first class performance. The die-cast metal structure of this mixer will surely give an extra touch to your kitchen, giving it the elegance that only a Kenwood planetary mixer can do.

But the KVL6000T planetary mixer is not only aesthetically beautiful, it is a real kitchen machine, with its 3 classic whips (K whisk, coarse wire whisk, kneading hook) in metal supplied and their simple insertion system and fast, to wink even to the less experienced. For the more experienced, however, the mixer gives the possibility to customize the height of the whips in the bowl with a bolt.

If you have kids, have fun cooking with them! Choose the best ingredients, put them in the Kenwood planetary mixer KVL6000T, be inspired by the Kenwood recipe book (required) or by your imagination, she will take care of the kneading! The speed of the whips is regulated gradually by adapting to the type and quantity of dough, so you will avoid spills and you will get dough in a workmanlike manner.

The bowl, in stainless steel, has comfortable transparent handles, but also a lid, also transparent, which will allow you to avoid hateful splashes. The bowl of the Kenwood KVL6000T planetary mixer is really large, 6.7L well, and with its 1200W of power it allows us to really mix everything. The materials with which this planetary mixer is made are excellent and resistant and there are many optional accessories to add.

In addition, with the mixer you are provided with an adapter, the KAT002ME, which will allow you to use all the best Kenwood accessories with a different connection to the one present in this version: a really clever idea! What if you forget it on? No problem, your Kenwood KVL6000T planetary mixer will go into stand-by mode by itself after 30 minutes of inactivity, to save you energy.

This planetary mixer is the best gift, perfect for you and your family, which will make you pay off your shopping in a short time, saving you on the purchase of sweets, bread, pizza and more! And then there is the guarantee of a Kenwood product, one of the best brands of mixers!


  • Die-cast metal machine body
  • Resistant and solid stainless steel accessories
  • 6.7L capacity
  • Many accessories available + adapter
  • Planetary movement
  • splashguard
  • Important power: 1200W
  • Superb quality / price ratio among the mixers in this category
  • Controlled speed
  • Complete instructions
  • Easy to use mixer


  • The mixer turns out to be a little heavy

7. Kenwood KM242 – The best all inclusive robot

Power: 900W

You have a kitchen invaded by small appliances, but do you really want to have a planetary mixer to make bread, pizza, desserts? Are you afraid of filling the kitchen even more? Don’t worry, with the Kenwood KM242 planetary mixer you will have everything at your fingertips with just one motor / product!

With her you will no longer need juicer, centrifuge, mixer, whips, she will do everything!

This mixer has a good 900W motor and many included accessories that really make it a complete and perfect planetary mixer for all your family’s preparations. The 3 whips included, Whisk k, wire whisk and kneading hook, are made of steel and can work at 3 speeds, including planetary movement.

In the large bowl of the 4.3L Kenwood KM242 planetary mixer, you can create soft doughs, whip the eggs for your tiramisu in an instant, but you can also prepare perfectly strung pizza doughs for better leavening. And while your pizza is rising, why not mount the included food processor to prepare the sauce.

Did you get thirsty after all this work? So, insert the blender, including this one, on your planetary mixer and off you go with the fruit or vegetables you like best, add a dash of milk and take your break, enjoying this good smoothie made instantly.

Do you like it, do not you? This planetary mixer is a really interesting entry level that cannot be missing in your kitchen! The price is very low, in our opinion, considering also the many accessories included and above all the Kenwood quality, which for the mixers is the best guarantee.


  • Compact
  • Good capacity: 4.3L
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safety
  • Electronic regulation of the working speed
  • Lots of accessories included with the mixer, including the blender: complete machine
  • 3 processing speeds including the planetary mixer
  • Dishwasher safe components
  • Multifunction
  • Good power: 900W
  • Excellent value for money
  • perfect mixer for small quantity doughs (best solution)


  • Machine body and many plastic elements
  • With more solid doughs, the mixer has a little difficulty

8. Kenwood KMX750RD – The most powerful in its category

Power: 1000W

Do you really like kneading bread, pizza, biscuits, making sweets and are you looking for a planetary mixer that works well even with a little harder dough and that can also work well 1kg of flour? So stop here, we have the right planetary mixer for you, the Kenwood KMX750RD kMix.

It is a truly perfect planetary mixer! This mixer has a direct drive motor, which should not be underestimated, from 1000W, therefore very powerful: it is this feature that helps the machine to work the most solid doughs without too much effort. From an aesthetic point of view, the Kenwood KMX750RD kMix planetary mixer is really nice, bright colors (you can choose it white, black or red) and also, having been moved the motor, it has a slimmer and more attractive line.

Its large 5L bowl is made of stainless steel and is equipped with a comfortable handle, useful for being able to remove or position it easily. The lid of the mixer, transparent, acts as a splash guard, but also has an opening to be able to insert the ingredients in the best way during processing.

With this planetary mixer you will have fun doing so many other things, thanks also to its front attachment for low speed processing where you can insert many optional accessories, from the press for the pasta to the meat grinder, to the cutters, to have a really complete mixer that will help you in all the preparations.

The Kenwood KMX750RD kMix planetary mixer has 4 accessories included: the K whisk (soft or semi-hard doughs), the kneading hook (more solid doughs), wire whisk, rubber whisk and pastry spatula. The mixing and mixing tools have a planetary movement and in addition the mixer is equipped with a very convenient function for mixing ingredients such as flour, egg whites, cocoa and all those ingredients that must be incorporated gradually at a low speed: dedicated to your best doughs.

Power and direct grip make this planetary mixer perhaps one of the best and most powerful on the market in 2022, but nevertheless it remains firmly on the surface.

Look at the reviews of customers, pizza lovers who study with her the best mixture of ingredients to have a perfect dough, and you will be conquered by this planetary mixer, one of the best kneaders ever on the market! Test it!


  • Solid and firm mixer
  • Powerful motor (1000w) and direct drive
  • Large bowl: 5L
  • Knead even a little more solid dough with ease
  • Many optional accessories available for these mixers
  • Electronic speed regulation
  • 6 processing speeds
  • Die-cast aluminum body
  • Kneader available in 3 colors: white, black, red
  • Function to mix at low speed
  • Whips and accessories included


  • The mixer is a little noisy
  • Price of the mixer in line with the quality

9. Ferrari G3 67101 – The best made in Italy

Power: 1000W (1300W)

Are you looking for the best planetary mixer made in Italy with a high power but your budget is rather limited? We have the solution for you: the G3 Ferrari planetary mixer – Pastasì Professional mixer G20056.

This mixer has a power of 1000W (with starting up to 1300W), much better than the medium / low end mixers in which it ranks by price, and a good 8 speeds + pulse control. Its feet allow the appliance to remain stable even during the processing of harder doughs.

The planetary mixer G3 Ferrari – Pastasì Professional kneader G20056 is an excellent friend to keep in the kitchen, it will certainly help you even in the case of guests because its large 5.2L capacity stainless steel bowl allows you to work up to 2.4kg of dough, thus saving time and energy. The Pastasì mixer mixes, stirs and mixes for you with its included accessories: the kneading hook and mixer in aluminum and the whisk (or planetary mixer) in stainless steel.

Inserting and disconnecting the accessories of this planetary mixer is a breeze, and even your children can help you in the kitchen to prepare fantastic, healthy and nutritious egg pasta, with safe ingredients, the best, chosen by you. The quality of the doughs of this mixer is evidenced by the reviews of many customers.

And last but not least, this planetary mixer can be cleaned quickly and easily and it is possible to wash some pieces comfortably in the dishwasher, thus saving time and effort.

It is certainly a planetary kneading machine that will give you great satisfaction, especially considering that it is on the 2017 market with a very aggressive price. In our opinion, the best planetary Made in Italy.


  • Excellent power: 1000W (1300W) – among the best
  • Above average capacity: 5.2L
  • Accessories included in the mixer
  • 8 Speed ​​+ Pulse function
  • Features from professional mixers
  • Low cost


  • The mixer may be a little noisy (normal)
  • It could be unpleasant (even if useful to avoid overheating) the mixer block motor that was set by the house every 5 minutes of continuous processing.

Things to consider when buying a mixer

Now that we have made this long journey in the world of the best planetary mixers on the market in 2022, surely you have more tools at your disposal to be able to decide which is the best mixer for you, or rather, the one that can best meet your needs .

But before making the final decision, take a few more minutes, follow us and we will see together what are the important things to consider when you need to buy a planetary mixer.

1. Performance and efficiency

One of the aspects to consider when deciding which planetary mixer to buy is surely what quantity of dough it can manage and the time it needs to work it. The medium-low end machines usually manage to work about 500g of flour, the medium / high end machine can also work doughs up to 3kg and more. Processing times are also important, especially if you need to make professional use of them. Some planetary mixers manage to prepare a perfect dough for bread in about 4 minutes, but of course this is a variable that also depends on the amount of dough and the desired result.

You must also evaluate the ability of the mixer, or rather of its whips, to collect all the dough in the bowl, even if it is small dough: this evaluation can be made by reading the opinions of those who already use it, of course. Another value to consider is also the ease / difficulty that the planetary mixer encounters in working the dough a little more solid or hard. The quality of the dough that results after processing is also important: consider if and how tightly kneaded the pizza dough is, if you do not need subsequent manual processing. The ability of the mixer to mix ingredients well is also an important value, even more so if the planetary mixer is equipped with a slow start at the beginning which allows it to be perfectly incorporated.

2. Bowl capacity

What need do you have? Do you need a planetary mixer for more home use or do you need a product with greater capacity to make it more professional use? You are many at home and therefore you need to constantly prepare a large quantity of dough? Always ask yourself these questions and you will be able to discriminate among the many mixers those that are right for you. The bowls of the planetary mixers have a capacity ranging from 4L to 6.5L: of course the greater the capacity of the bowl and the greater the quantity of dough that can be processed by your mixer (even if this also depends on the power of the motor, which perhaps cannot manage more solid doughs in large quantities).

In this case, a distinction cannot always be made between medium / low-end planetary mixers and high-end products, but you need to evaluate the individual machine.

If you are thinking of purchasing a planetary mixer that also has a food processor, a mixer and possibly a blender as an accessory, based on the needs you have, you can certainly also evaluate their capacity. Usually the mixers of the mixers have a capacity ranging from 1.2L to 1.4L on average, while food processors have a slightly smaller size than robots that do just that.

3. Price

The price is certainly one of the discriminating factors for the purchase of a mixer. What budget do you want to set? Consider that the mixers of medium / low range range from around € 90 up to € 150/200. In this range, however, you can also find good products that may not have all the steel components, but which for the sale price can give you good performance, especially if you intend to make them essentially home or sporadic use.

However, if you are a person who loves cooking, who loves making pizza, bread, biscuits, desserts of various kinds at home because maybe he considers them better than industrial products, or in any case healthier, I suggest you also consider the mixers a little bit highest. Around € 400/500 you can find good mixers, with performances that are certainly better: the outlay is greater, but the expense is certainly amortized over time.

4. Weight

The weight of the planetary mixer is often underestimated, but it is an important value because if a machine is solid and heavy enough, it will certainly be less subject to vibrations and more stable when working at higher speeds or with harder doughs.

5. Dimensions

Before finishing your purchase, a last and necessary look should be given to the size of the mixer, don’t forget! Some people want to leave the kneading machine always in plain sight, thanks to a nice design, but even if you want to take it out only when necessary, always evaluate the space you have available to be able to place the kneader comfortably and safely on a work surface. .

6. Speed

The kneading speed of the kneading machine is another fact to consider when buying, especially if you need the machine to be efficient and work quickly. If you plan to use the mixer for home use, this figure may be less relevant to you for everyday cooking.

Usually the data relating to the timing with which a mixer works the dough for pizza or bread are provided, to give an idea of ​​efficiency and speed.

7. Accessories

All planetary mixers are usually sold with the 3 main whips, the whisk k, the hook and the wire whisk, plus the pastry spatula, the bowl in various materials (it can be in stainless steel, plastic, glass) and the lid transparent splash guard, often also equipped with an opening to easily add ingredients while the machine is running. Then some models of mixers included the food processor and perhaps the blender, the juicer and the centrifuge in the package. Usually the mixers of medium / high range have the basic components to which it is possible to add a more or less high amount of optional accessories such as, for example, the meat grinder, the pasta cutter, the pasta cutter and many useful objects that will transform your mixer. in a real food processor complete with practically everything.

In the medium/low ranges, however, you can find all-in-one mixers, robots practically complete with all or almost all accessories. A figure to be taken into consideration based on the use you plan to make of it is how many accessories the mixer has, even if optional (some have 20, others even 30), and their build quality. What often distinguishes medium / low end mixers from others is the construction material of the accessories, which are often made of plastic or metal, while in the planetary mixers a little more important they are made of stainless steel, therefore certainly more resistant and less deformable with use.

8. Cleaning and maintenance

Some planetary mixers are easy to clean because the removal of the various pieces is quick and easy. Even in many cases, the pieces and accessories can be washed in the dishwasher, which is important to evaluate because it will certainly save you a lot of time and effort.

9. Stand mixer (fixed mixer) vs hand mixer

What is the difference between a manual mixer and a stand mixer? Let’s see.

Hand Mixer: The manual mixer is certainly smaller and much less expensive: you can buy one even with less than 10 € but in any case with a few tens of euros you can have a good product usually equipped with two types of whips. It takes up less space in the kitchen because it must not be kept, among other things, always mounted, it is easy and quick to clean.

Against, however, it can handle decidedly modest quantities of dough and requires long processing times; moreover, if you want to work dough a little harder, it often fails and you risk breaking it or overheating the engine too much. This is another flaw: if, for example, you have to assemble a large amount of eggs, it is very easy for it to overheat.

Stand Mixer: The stand mixer is a fixed mixer, let’s say, with a price certainly higher than the manual mixer, but it can handle a much greater quantity of ingredients and for longer times. Furthermore, once started, he often works alone, giving the possibility to do something else in the meantime.

Other data in its favor is the processing speed, which is certainly greater and in a short time can give you a cream or whipped egg whites. You will also avoid unwanted splashes, thanks to the larger size of the container, often equipped with splash guards. The stand mixer is often included in the mixers.

The disadvantages are that it is more complicated to wash because the container and the whips must be removed from the engine. It is also certainly heavier and takes up more space than the manual mixer.

Which is the best? It really depends on your needs and what your recipes require.

So what do we prepare?

Now you have all the essential elements to decide which is the best planetary mixer for you, now proceed with the purchase! While shopping, think about the first thing you want to prepare to put your new mixer to work! Always remember to combine all the ingredients and always add a pinch of imagination and you will have unique dishes.