Best Portable Dehumidifier UK

What is the best portable dehumidifier?We all want a comfortable home that smells fresh, but humidity can create stale odor and even mold.

A good dehumidifier can certainly help.

But how can you find the right one for you?

Do not worry.

The Expert Jack team did the job for you …

In this article, we have created a special list of the 9 best portable dehumidifiers of 2022 on the market for you.

Our mini reviews will give you an overview of what each dehumidifier can do and if it has any deficiencies, so you can make an informed choice.

Here is your list!

What is the best portable dehumidifier?

1. De’Longhi Tasryer DDS25 – Our recommendation

Capacity: 30 liters per day
Wattage: 410 W

Are you looking for the best dehumidifier of 2022 but among many models you don’t know which one to choose? Don’t worry, we are here to offer you a powerful option, supported by the numerous opinions and reviews we have read online.

This De’Longhi dehumidifier is our absolute favorite, because it has a high dehumidification capacity. It is in fact able to remove up to 30L of humidity per day and thanks to its amazing Extra Power function it halves the operating times compared to other dehumidifiers.

Equipped with a special filter, this dehumidifier can purify the environment by only using the ventilation function. You will therefore have the best possible air filtered by this excellent product.

The De’Longhi dehumidifier is also very good for its double condensate elimination system. In fact, you can decide for yourself how to get rid of the removed moisture, whether to end it in a 4.5L tank or with a small tube continuously. Don’t worry, the Tank Control system will turn off the dehumidifier when the tank is full.

It is a really practical dehumidifier, as it is equipped with wheels and side handles to be able to move it from one room to another in the apartment. In addition, its timer will allow you to turn it off automatically when you want.

This dehumidifier is also perfect for the bathroom, for example if you usually hang your laundry on it, because it works continuously to dry it quickly, thanks to its Laundry function.


  • The best dehumidification capacity
  • Extra Power function that halves operating times and keeps it silent
  • Special filter for air filtration
  • Double condensate removal system
  • Tank Control that warns you when the recovery tank is full
  • Equipped with comfortable wheels and handles to move it effortlessly
  • Laundry function to help you dry your laundry quickly


  • It is unable to maintain a constant humidity level
  • Some customers complain of the loss of water from the dehumidifier

2. Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E14CG-S1 – Excellent for preventing mold

Capacity: 14 liters per day
Wattage: 260 W

If you are undecided among many dehumidifiers and do not know which one to choose, our review of this Mitsubishi Electric model could give a turn to your indecision.

It is a dehumidifier with a good capacity, in fact it removes 14L of humidity per day and despite this it is portable and really comfortable to move. The dehumidifier tank has a capacity of 3.8L which you will have to empty when it reaches the maximum level.

The most praiseworthy function of this dehumidifier is certainly the anti-mold one. It is equipped with a system that alternates on and off cycles during the day to keep the environment at a lower humidity level than that of mold formation. You will have a better and healthier air at home thanks to this compact dehumidifier

In any case, it also has a humidistat in order to be able to personally select the desired humidity level and that it is kept constant. In addition, it is also equipped with a timer that will allow you to program the dehumidifier so that it switches off or on whenever you want. It is one of the best and most practical functions!


  • Anti-mold function to keep the air clean and healthy
  • Good moisture removal capacity
  • Portable and convenient to move
  • 3.8L water collection tank
  • Built-in humidistat to maintain the desired humidity level
  • Como timer to turn the dehumidifier on and off automatically


  • It gives off not particularly pleasant cold air
  • The fan is slightly noisy

3. Argoclima Dry Digit 17 – Excellent at low temperatures

Capacity: 17 liters per day
Wattage: 295 W

If you don’t know which portable dehumidifier to buy despite the many recommendations received, and you are confused by the many features listed by the manufacturers, don’t worry. This Agroclima model is among the best portable dehumidifiers on the market in 2022.

Perfect for both home and small offices, this dehumidifier has a powerful motor that allows it to operate both at high and low temperatures. In fact, you can use it in a garage or cellar, taking the limit between 5ºC and 32ºC as a reference.

Also equipped with an auto defrosting system, you will not have to worry about the condensation that produces accumulations of ice at low temperatures. Despite all these functions, it has a maximum consumption of only 295W, which will allow you not to worry too much about the electricity bill.

You can digitally control the dehumidifier thanks to the settings panel and the LED display on the top. It will therefore be easy to decide which functions to activate, the desired fan speed and also how long to keep it running. Yes, because it is also equipped with a very comfortable timer to be able to switch it off and on automatically in the hours you prefer.

The integrated humidistat is also very precise and will allow you to set the best humidity level based on the amount of humidity present in the environment. The multidirectional wheels and the carrying handles make it a very comfortable portable dehumidifier, thanks also to its small size.


  • The best to work in low temperatures
  • Perfect for rooms up to 25m2
  • Integrated self-defrosting system
  • Control panel and LED display to set the desired functions
  • Integrated precision humidistat for better humidity control
  • Easy and comfortable to move
  • Integrated timer to improve energy consumption


  • Once the desired humidity is reached, it does not go out, but lets out cold air
  • Slightly noisy
  • The removable tank is difficult to reinsert

4. Pro Breeze 05-EU – The best budget option

Capacity: 1.5 liters per day
Wattage: 150 W

Have you tried with natural solutions against humidity but they are not served? Are you looking for the cheapest one among the best dehumidifiers? You can stop looking. We propose here the Pro Breeze model, an excellent dehumidifier.

Perfect for the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and all medium-small environments that are subject to humidity, this dehumidifier will quickly remove moisture and mold from the air. It will also leave you feeling fresh without needing an air conditioner.

It is the best economic portable dehumidifier because thanks to the Peltier technology it is equipped with, it does not need a compressor. This means a quieter dehumidifier since it uses thermo-electric cooling.

What sets it apart from other dehumidifiers is the ability to set night mode, which makes it even quieter by reducing the fan rotation speed.

The front part of the dehumidifier consists of an LED display where you can view the humidity in the environment in real time and thanks to the touch controls you can set the functions you prefer. Among these, the automatic shutdown stands out when the desired humidity level is reached.


  • Very affordable price dehumidifier
  • The best for small spaces such as bathroom, kitchen, bedroom
  • Peltier technology that uses thermo-electric cooling
  • Very silent compared to other models in the same category
  • Night mode available to reduce noise
  • LED display and touch screen controls to set the functions
  • Automatic switch-off when the desired humidity level is reached


  • It appears to collect very small amounts of moisture
  • Louder than expected

5. TROTEC TTK 69 E – The most attractive design

Capacity: 20L per day
Wattage: 350 W

If you are looking for a dehumidifier with excellent functions but also with an attractive design, this particular model from TROTEC will make you dream.

With a dehumidification capacity of 20L per day and a consumption of 350W this dehumidifier will be a good ally both in summer and in winter against humidity, but it will also be a nice complement that will not out of tune with the decor of your home.

It is small and compact, with a modern and minimalist design that will also be loved for its technical characteristics. It is in fact equipped with an automatic hygrostat system, which automatically detects the humidity present in the air in real time, in order to be able to operate only when necessary.

The fan has three operating levels, the lowest is typical of the settable night mode, so that it can also be used in the bedroom without worrying about noise. In any case it is a very silent dehumidifier even with the fan at maximum level. The product does not have a real heating function but yes it heats the air slightly.

The upper part presents the settings panel from which you can decide the various functions to operate, and on the front, however, you can see the humidity level thanks to the bright LED panel. This will also start you when it’s time to change the dehumidifier filter.

Equipped with an adjustable timer for switching on and off, a connection for external water drainage, and an indicator light that indicates when the tank is full. We also remember the practical and safe protection block for children, which will prevent the little ones from playing with the keys.


  • Attractive and perfect design dehumidifier for modern environments
  • Integrated hygrostat to detect humidity present in real time
  • 3-position fan depending on the desired power
  • Night mode for quieter operation
  • Settings panel located on the top and LED display on the front
  • Child lock


  • The dehumidifier heats the air by about 6ºC making it annoying in summer
  • Hygrometer not very precise
  • Automatic shutdown seems to be causing problems

6. De’Longhi DEX12 – The most silent

Capacity: 12 liters per day
Wattage: 210 W

De’Longhi is a leading brand in the climate sector, producing machines with heating and cooling functions (air conditioning, air conditioning, split), but it is also an excellent manufacturer of dehumidifiers. This is certainly the best silent dehumidifier on the market, which in addition will also be an excellent ally against the heat.

This model in particular is multifunctional, because it will help you to remove excess moisture, but also to improve the air you breathe in your home or office. In addition, thanks to the Laundry function, it will help you reduce the drying time of your clothes.

However, what surprised us most about this dehumidifier and that has placed it among the best on our list, is the optimization to reduce noise to a minimum. There are many silent dehumidifiers on the market but this is really the best in this respect. You can use it comfortably at night even in the nursery without worrying that the fan noise will wake them up.

The collected moisture ends up in the removable transparent tank that has a capacity of 2.1L, but if you do not want to always check to know when it is time to empty it, you will receive the tube for continuous discharge. So you can keep it running without worrying about the full tank.

The dehumidifier is also equipped with a dust filter that can be washed comfortably with water and an electronic antifreeze device. The handle located at the top also makes it easier to transport the dehumidifier.


  • Optimized to minimize noise
  • Also perfect for the nursery
  • Dehumidifier with Laundry function for better drying times of the laundry
  • Filters the air and makes it healthier and fresher, giving a slightly lighter effect than the air conditioner
  • 2.1L collection tank
  • Handle for the most comfortable transport of the dehumidifier
  • Integrated removable dust filter and electronic antifreeze device


  • The dehumidifier does not seem to be able to lower humidity over 64%
  • According to some opinions, the noise is annoying however

7. Olimpia Slpendid 01667 – Compact and convenient to carry

Capacity: 14 liters per day
Wattage: 214 W

Are you looking for an inexpensive dehumidifier for small rooms, to solve just a small humidity problem, perhaps in a bathroom without a window? And how to choose the right one?

This dehumidifier has a moisture removal capacity of 14L per day and is among the quietest models in its category. This is possible thanks to the Silent System, which makes it 10% quieter, producing only 36DB.

The water collection tank has a capacity of 2L and is totally removable, to facilitate emptying and cleaning. Thanks to the transparent plastic with which it is made, you can easily monitor the water level, to remove it when necessary. In any case, the dehumidifier is equipped with an alarm that will warn you when the tank has reached its maximum level.

In addition to being inexpensive, it is a very convenient dehumidifier to carry. In fact, thanks to the practical upper handle and the four swivel wheels, you can move it in the best way from one room to another, without having to lift it.

So if you are looking for a cheap dehumidifier but with good opinions and reviews on the net, this is definitely the best for you.


  • Excellent dehumidifier for medium-small spaces
  • Among the quietest models in its category
  • Transparent and removable water collection tank
  • Warning alarm when the tank is full
  • Equipped with handle and wheels for better transport


  • The plastic materials of the dehumidifier vibrate and make noise
  • The engine overheats

8. Argoclima Dry Plus 25 – The most accurate

Capacity: 21 liters per day
Wattage: 330 W

If you are looking for a dehumidifier with the best integrated humidistat of 2022, Argoclima is the right product for you. This dehumidifier counts with a precise and functional hygrometer, which will really help you to detect the humidity level in the room and the reviews on the net confirm it!

On the top of the dehumidifier you will find the digital control panel, with LED display and the high precision humidistat. From here you can set the various functions including an automatic on and off timer to reduce the waste of energy, leaving it off when it is not necessary.

An additional function of this dehumidifier is air purification, and the filter is easily removable for easier and more precise cleaning. This function also makes it a small ally against the summer heat. You can choose whether the captured humidity will end up in the tank, equipped with a light signal that will warn you when it will be full, or whether to drain it thanks to the continuous drain located on the back.

The movement of this dehumidifier is also made better thanks to the practical multidirectional wheels and the removable handle on the top of the product.


  • Dehumidifier with the best precision hygrometer
  • Digital control panel to set the various functions available
  • On and off timer to improve energy consumption
  • Integrated air ionizer for better and healthier air
  • Connection for continuous condensate drain
  • Handle and wheels make moving the dehumidifier better


  • The dehumidifier turns out to be quite noisy
  • The adjustable timer is very limited (2 or 4 hours)

9. Pro Breeze 03-EU – The smallest and low consumption

Capacity: 500 ml per day
Wattage: 72 W

If among many dehumidifier models you don’t know which one to choose, this review will come in handy because this Pro Breeze model has everything you could look for. It’s small, it’s compact, it’s cheap and it does its job!

It is a very efficient portable dehumidifier despite its small size, suitable for small spaces or for uninterrupted use. It is ideal for both home and office, to improve the climate during working hours. It has a capacity of 500ml per day, which is not very high compared to other models, but is the best option if you consider the use that you want to make of it.

Equipped with Peltier technology and thermo-electric cooling, it does not need the use of a compressor, thus keeping the noise level low when in operation.

The dehumidifier also counts with a very convenient automatic shutdown, to make use better without affecting the electricity bills. In fact, it consumes only 72W and has a warning LED to indicate when the tank is pineo, turning off accordingly.

The small size makes this dehumidifier among the best when it comes to transporting it. In fact, it is light and practical and you can move it from one room to another without problems


  • The best for small spaces
  • Small and light portable dehumidifier
  • Consumption is extremely low
  • It works without a compressor, which makes it quieter than other models
  • 1.5L tank with sensor that warns when it is full
  • Ideal for the office and for uninterrupted use


  • According to some opinions, the moisture absorption capacity is very limited
  • Dehumidifier suitable only for small rooms such as a shower
  • Some find it too loud

How does a dehumidifier work?

Generally the dehumidifiers attract the air with a fan, with a cold coil they remove the humidity and bring the dehumidified air back into the room. The humidity then falls into a tank that must be emptied from time to time. The best dehumidifier models filter the air to purify it and give a fresh effect, like a very light conditioner.

What to consider before buying a dehumidifier

How to choose a dehumidifier that is the best for our needs? What features should we consider?


  • Refrigerant: in these dehumidifiers the air enters and passes through cooling coils, which lower the temperature of the water vapor and collects it in a tank. The air is then brought back to its original temperature and recirculated by the dehumidifier.
  • Desiccant: these dehumidifiers count with silicone gel to dry out the water vapor present in the air. Once the air has dried, it is put back into circulation in the room.


The climate must be taken into consideration if you want to buy a dehumidifier. If in summer, for example, the climate is very humid and hot, it is good to have one at home to absorb moisture from the apartment. But in very cold and humid natural climates a desiccant dehumidifier is the best choice. Remember that although a dehumidifier can release slightly warmer or slightly cooler air, it does not have the functions of an air conditioner.

Moisture removal rate

This information will give you the capacity of the dehumidifier. In fact, the capacity will tell you how many liters of water it can remove from the air in 24 hours. It is always better to have this data at hand.

Capacity and coverage of environments

The size of the dehumidifier is directly proportional to the size of the room where you want to place it. It is not only the size of the room that is important, however, we must also count with the air flow that is generated in the room. Generally, for large rooms, a dehumidifier that has a good absorption capacity is used.


It is an essential part of a dehumidifier. Knowing with certainty the amount of humidity present in the air at all times is ideal for being able to act accordingly. In fact, the best dehumidifiers have an accurate one, which also allows adjustments according to the humidity level.

Rank of temperature

You have to consider the working capacity of the dehumidifier according to the temperatures. In fact, some models are not very efficient at too low temperatures.


Being able to move your dehumidifier from one room to another comfortably is a pro that should not be underestimated. Therefore, look for dehumidifiers that have wheels for example or that are comfortable to reposition.


Some dehumidifiers are really noisy, that’s why you need to inquire about the noise level of the dehumidifier before buying it. You want a healthy home but you also want to be able to enjoy your favorite TV show without annoying background hum from the dehumidifier.

Energy consumption

Generally a dehumidifier consumes between 50W and 800W. Certainly not everyone can afford these appliances because of the energy consumption that it entails, but if you really need them, don’t worry: there are models that help you save on your bills.

Ease of use

The most modern models of dehumidifiers are really simple to use thanks to the automatic controls with which they count. Automatic defrosting, customizable humidity settings, auto power off and auto power on functions. In short, you can program a dehumidifier to do the job yourself.

So, are you ready to make your choice?

In this article we have made available all the information on the best dehumidifier of 2022. You have read the reviews that will allow you to make a better, informed and safe decision. What are you waiting for?

Now it’s up to you, take advantage of these tips and choose your dehumidifier according to your needs!