Best Pressure Washer UK

What is the best pressure washer?Are you looking for a professional, semi-professional or home use pressure washer?

And the many models confuse you?

Then read on!

Because in this article, you will discover the 7 best high pressure washers that you can buy in 2022!

We assure you that, if you buy one, you will be happy with the choice!

What are the best pressure washers?

1. Karcher K7 Premium – Best ever

Are you looking for the best pressure washer that is also powerful, and are you interested in opinions? Come and discover the best ever!

This top-of-the-range pressure washer, useful both for the home and for almost professional use, looks like an object with every option: a Full Control Plus gun with a display to control the pressure and dosage of the detergent, the lance multi jet to regulate the power of the water, and a practical system of rewinding the tube with a crank: just take up space when storing the pressure washer!

The Plug’n’Clean system also allows you to replace the detergent without effort or effort: just remove it and secure the new one in the space provided! A large base with the second handle and the manual hose reel is obviously included in the pressure washer, together with the telescopic handle.

Stable and multipurpose, suitable for both stubborn dirt and normal household tasks, it is an excellent pressure washer that you really should buy: reviews confirm it!


  • Full Control Plus gun with display to check detergent pressure and dosage
  • Multi jet lance with various levels for water regulation
  • Plug’n’Clean system: easily change the detergent!
  • Telescopic handle, base with second handle and hose reel included
  • Suitable for home and professional use


  • According to some customers, he would consume a lot of detergent

2. Bosch AQT 45-14X – Best semi-professional

How to choose a semi-professional pressure washer that is the best, and can also be used for outdoor floors? We have the solution!

With its 2100 W of power and the maximum delivery pressure of 140 bar, this pressure washer is immediately classified as a truly complete semi-professional product: thanks to the supplied Patio Cleaner accessory, you can also use it to clean the exterior! In addition, it has a variable jet lance and a rotating jet, as well as a 90 ° nozzle. Cleaning has never been easier!

If you care about having a tidy home, the hose reel roll and accessory compartments will certainly make you happy. You can transport this pressure washer anywhere thanks to the wide wheels, and the telescopic handle makes every maneuver really simple. And then the quick couplings make use practically immediate!

If you need first-rate cleaning for your car, you can rely on a leading brand in the sector and a perfect pressure washer model!


  • 2100 W of power, 140 bar of maximum pressure
  • Patio Cleaner, variable jet lance, rotating jet lance and 90 ° nozzle included
  • Hose reel roll
  • Compartment for accessories on the body of the pressure washer
  • Quick couplers, to start using it immediately


  • Some customers consider it not very powerful
  • According to other opinions, the spout for precision work is missing

3. Karcher K5 – Best value for money

A professional pressure washer that is the best also in terms of value for money? We have one that is right for you!

If thorough and thorough cleaning is your main concern, this inexpensive pressure washer will solve your problems: for each surface you have the right lance, and you can adjust the jet pressure and the application of the detergent thanks to the practical LED display. Store the Full Control gun and launch it in the appropriate accessory compartment, so that you always have them at hand and do not excessively clutter the work environment! And the price is perfect too!

Applying the detergent becomes simple and intuitive, thanks to the Plug’n’Clean system: replace the bottle without problems and, with the specific Karcher brand detergent, decrease waste and increase cleaning efficiency. And among the accessories you have a very practical surface washer, with handle for vertical cleaning and adjustable pressure to clean wood or stone effectively.

In short, if you need an excellent product for the home that also has a good quality-price ratio and you don’t know which one to choose, you’ve found something that’s right for you!


  • Adjustable lance and Full Control gun
  • LED display to control gun functions
  • Accessory compartment on the pressure washer body
  • Plug’n’Clean system, to introduce and remove the detergent more easily
  • Surface cleaner (also for vertical cleaning!) Included


  • The attachment is not standard, so it is necessary to purchase only specific accessories for this model

4. Karcher K4 – The best with Vario Power lance

Are you looking for a pressure washer that allows you to regulate the pressure only by moving the lance, and do you want the best pressure washer ever? No problem!

If you need to work with precision and have everything under control, thanks to the lance of this pressure washer you will also be able to save time: just turn the comfortable Vario Power lance, and the LED screen will show you the pressure to allow you to monitor it. It guarantees you a cleaning area of ​​30 square meters per hour: the floors will be like new, thanks to its jet of hot water!

In addition to the high pressure gun of the pressure washer, you will find the Vario Power lance, the Full Control dirty eating nozzle (perfect for home), the 6 meter high pressure hose and the already patented Plug’n’Clean system in other models of this brand, to change the detergent even more intuitively.

Customer advice is clear: for price and technology, you are in front of one of the best almost professional high-pressure washers!


  • Lancia Vario Power: turn it to set the pressure!
  • LED screen to monitor settings
  • Full Control dirt eating nozzle and 6 m high pressure hose included
  • Patented Plug’n’Clean system for detergent control
  • Perfect for home, cars and floors


  • The high pressure hose is considered too short
  • According to some reviews, this is not a particularly powerful model

5. Annovi Reverberi – The pressure washer with the 3 piston pump

Among the best pressure washers on the market there is certainly this model!

Equipped with a 3 axial piston pump in hardened stainless steel, this excellent small and semi-professional pressure washer has all the credentials to be a great model: 2-wheel trolley with practical handle to transport it with care, the pistons controlled by an oscillating plate , the durable and professional aluminum head. And it’s not over here! It is a really safe pressure washer, thanks to the automatic safety valve with zeroing of the pressure and a total remote stop system, to stop it when needed.

The pressure washer motor, thanks to thermal protection, always guarantees excellent performance and the water filter is fully inspectable. It is equipped with a 5 meter electric cable, so you can move it anywhere and use it with much more comfort, even in the car. The pressure washer lance also includes an adjustable jet lance, a rotating jet lance, a detergent kit with a 0.5 liter tank, a 6 meter high pressure hose and a Mini Patio cleaner.

If you don’t know which one to choose, buy this almost professional pressure washer, and follow the advice of customers who considered it the best!


  • 3 axial pistons in hardened stainless steel
  • 2-wheel trolley with carrying handle
  • Automatic safety valve with zero pressure
  • Total remote stop system
  • 5 m electric cable, detergent kit with 0.5 liter tank, 2 lances and Mini Patio cleaner included
  • Inspectable water filter
  • Motor with thermal protection


  • It would be less powerful than the pressure indicated on the package

6. Karcher K2 Basic – The best budget option

Anyone looking for an economic and semi-professional pressure washer that is the best must definitely read on!

Flexible, mobile and compact, this pressure washer has nothing to envy to a professional model: light and easy to transport thanks to its handle, it is equipped with both a high pressure gun and a 3 meter high pressure hose and a nozzle rotating to remove even the most resistant dirt: thorough cleaning will no longer be tiring! It is also a pressure washer easy to store thanks to its small size, allowing you not to waste even an inch of space.

Immediately ready for use, just connect the pressure washer to a tap and the power outlet and you’re done! Included with the pressure washer are the rotating nozzle, the 3 meter high pressure hose, a water filter and the 3/4 “garden hose fitting. Equipped and complete, it is perfect for all needs, and in being a less professional model than many others it doesn’t really miss anything!


  • 3 meter high pressure hose, rotating nozzle and water filter included
  • Easy to use, it connects to a tap and the power outlet in a snap
  • Small size
  • Light and easy to carry
  • Integrated handle
  • Garden hose fitting included


  • The jet of water is considered not very powerful
  • The suction of the detergent would seem difficult without the extension

7. Lavor Galaxy160 – The most equipped

If you are looking for a model of a fully equipped pressure washer with excellent performance, you have found it!

This pressure washer, almost professional according to the opinions of many customers, is one of the best: equipped with axial pump unit and three-piston aluminum head in high resistance steel with built-in by-pass valve, it is a pressure washer designed to do great things ! To carry it you have a trolley with an ergonomic handle, and its countless accessories can be conveniently collected in the compartment on the body. And also from the point of view of safety it is an ace: the Automatic Stop System activates or stops it completely only by operating the lever of the gun, and with the hose reel everything will be back in order in a moment.

There are many accessories included with the pressure washer: apart from the gun and the lance, you will have a Turbo nozzle head, a rotating brush, an A.P. hose. from 8 meters, a fixed brush, a head with a fixed jet nozzle, a quick coupling coupling, a foam lance with a can and a Patio Cleaner. In short, nothing is really missing, you can buy it with the certainty of choosing the best practically professional pressure washer!


  • Axial pump unit and aluminum head with 3 steel pistons
  • Built-in by-pass valve
  • Trolley with ergonomic handle
  • Automatic Stop System: activates or stops the pressure washer by operating the gun lever
  • Quick hose reel to use
  • 9 accessories included in the price


  • Some customers have complained of some difficulty in mounting the accessories
  • The instructions of the pressure washer do not seem to be very clear

Factors to consider when buying a pressure washer

After comparing various models of pressure washers and having a look at the best pressure washers of an almost professional level, you will be ready to buy the one that’s right for you.

Before proceeding with the purchase of a pressure washer, however, there are some factors that you need to keep in mind. We will show them to you immediately!

1. Gas or electric?

  • Electric high-pressure cleaners work thanks to the current: just connect them with a socket to start cleaning. They are quieter and smaller than gas models and do not emit smoke, so use is even more pleasant.

They are also the most suitable for cleaning stains on walls and delicate surfaces thanks to their low pressure emission.

  • Gas high-pressure cleaners, on the other hand, are definitely more powerful and have a much higher pressure than electric models, so it is advisable to use them outside to eliminate traces of very stubborn dirt from hard surfaces.

It is necessary to purchase the gas or oil that makes them work separately, but some pressure washers have the advantage of being designed to consume less.

2. Use

  • Domestic: a good domestic pressure washer does not have to be professional, since it will be used much less. The important thing is that it is light, easy to use and above all to transport, so that you can reach the car and the areas of the house that most need to be cleaned.

Obviously the pressure depends a lot on the size of the pressure washer: it goes from small and manual pressure washers, the less expensive, to larger intermediate models that are however light and easy to transport, up to the larger ones, the best powerful pressure washers for those who need clean large surfaces.

  • Semi-professional: those who use the pressure washer more often will need a more professional model, both electric and gas. The important thing is that they have adequate pressure for use, higher for those who use the pressure washer externally and lower for those who use it substantially internally.

Usually, semi-professional gas pressure washers have components made of metallic materials, which make them more performing and specialized than light plastic models.

  • Professional: a professional pressure washer, however, is always gas-powered because only this power supply can provide a higher pressure. They are heavier, and for this reason the best models have knobs and wheels specifically designed to make them easy to transport.

Pressure washers of this type are more expensive, but often have accessories included in the price that help to deepen cleaning, such as pressure washing systems.

3. High pressure washing levels

The level of the pressure washer can be determined based on the pressure: the higher the value, the more professional the product in question will be.

Based on this scale, we can divide the pressure washers into 3 groups:

  • From 1000 to 2000 PSI: the pressure washers with this pressure are suitable for both the interior and the exterior, and carefully clean both the car and simple areas of the wall / floor that need a more energetic touch to return clean .

The models that fall into this range are all for domestic use.

  • From 2000 to 4000 PSI: these are semi-professional pressure washers, suitable for harder infrastructures and surfaces, which, however, can also be used indoors with due care.
  • From 4000 to 7000 PSI: they are professional pressure washers, which can only be used outdoors and for decidedly industrial purposes.

So what are you waiting for?

Now that you have come this far, you will certainly know how to choose the best pressure washer on sale!

You have compared the models and found out what you can do with each of them, and surely the world of high-pressure washers will no longer be foreign to you!

So what are you waiting for? Go, and buy the pressure washer that’s right for you.