Best Slicer UK

What is thebest slicer?Did you know that on average, there are around 1300 accidents with slicers due to poor equipment?

The truth is…

Buying the wrong model could actually lead to terrible consequences.

With thousands of brands sprouting left and right, it has become more difficult which to take.

On the other hand, the choice is not so difficult when you have the right buying guide!

In this article, we have done the hard work for you and discovered the 8 best slicers (for home or professional use) that you can buy in 2022.

Read on to find out which is the best model for you.

What is the best slicer?

1. Rgv 25 SPECIAL – Our recommendation

Type of slicer: electric
Diameter: 250 mm

Are you looking for a slicer for home use, but haven’t found the right one for you yet? Read this review … we have included a product that could be right for you!

It is a well-made domestic slicer, with a red lacquered die-cast aluminum body and a fantastic blade with a large diameter and professional performance, being tempered and stainless steel.

Get to work and cut everything you want! This slicer is the best for any food including meats, cheeses, bread and fish. And for those who fear for their own safety, thanks to the blade cover provided, the sharpened part will never be exposed except during use. In addition, the excellent workmanship also extends to the bulkhead, made of oxidized aluminum.

But the benefits don’t stop there! The slicer consists of a blade holder shaft positioned on a double ball bearing, so that the blade will slide easily and smoothly. While as regards cleaning, it will not be a problem thanks to the particular construction with wide radii and the absence of edges; in short, you can not do without it!

Finally, the presence of a ring with gaskets in the slicer will hermetically seal the passage hole of the blade-holder pulley, in order to prevent the passage of liquids and thus keeping your slicer for the home always in the best conditions.

In short, we decided to recommend this product and to include it in our 2022 ranking because it is considered among the best slicers thanks to its safe and quality components. If there is a particular product to recommend, this is certainly the right one!


  • Red lacquered body in die-cast aluminum
  • Tempered stainless steel blade
  • Perfect for meats, cheeses, bread and fish
  • Bulkhead in oxidized aluminum
  • Blade holder shaft with double ball bearing
  • Slicer with wide radii and without edges for the best cleaning
  • Ring with gaskets that closes the hole of the blade holder pulley preventing the passage of liquids


  • The tips that pinch the slices are few, so the sliced ​​artisan would tend to slip
  • It tends to struggle a bit with particularly hard cuts

2. Ritter E16 Duo Plus – The best value for money

Type of slicer: electric
Diameter: 170 mm

And for those who are looking for a product that combines exceptional quality with a more affordable price, then we immediately present the perfect one!

It is precisely a homemade slicer equipped with all the accessories you need to easily cut any food. German-made, this product comes with a series of blades that you will use depending on the product you want to slice: the serrated one for bread, and the smooth one for softer foods such as sausages and hams.

But not only: slicing has never been easier! The slicer has a particular oblique structure perfect for the support surface, so that it will be very easy to make both thin and thick slices according to your needs. In addition, thanks to the removable and removable trolley you can cut food of any size: a perfect slicer even for larger families!

And for unmatched convenience, the product features a sturdy plastic collection tray, thanks to which you can easily deposit the cut slices. Finish the preparation and immediately bring the slices to the tables, ready to be enjoyed quickly and pleasantly.

Finally, among the last but not least advantages, the slicer will allow you to adjust the thickness up to 20 mm, so that you will have total control over the cut. In addition, your safety will be guaranteed by the continuous or interrupted function, to interrupt the work of the slicer at any time.

We are therefore dealing with a product that has been judged as the best homemade slicer of 2022 thanks to its special and incomparable value for money: do not let it get away!


  • Best value for money
  • Several blades supplied including the serrated one for bread and the smooth one for cured meats
  • Oblique structure of the homemade slicer to easily make both thick and thin slices
  • Removable and removable trolley to easily cut food of any size
  • Sturdy plastic tray supplied to bring slices directly to the table
  • Thickness adjustment up to 20 mm
  • Continuous or interrupted function


  • The power cable is a little short
  • According to some reviews, this slicer would be a bit noisy

3. RGV Luxury 275/S – Top of the range

Type of slicer: electric
Diameter: 275 mm

The 2022 slicer considered as the top of the top, the best for those who are always looking for products with very high performance … and now you will find out why!

It is precisely a perfect domestic slicer to cut any food, including meats, fish, cheeses, bread and vegetables. It comes with a cast lacquered aluminum base which, together with a totally smooth structure, will allow you to keep the slicer always in the best hygienic conditions.

As for the motor, it has a power of 150 watts, so that your machine will also be perfect for cutting more substantial food without running the risk of overheating. In addition, this latter problem will be avoided thanks to the presence of a fan in the engine, which will always keep it cool to allow you to work continuously even for several minutes.

And for unparalleled silence, this slicer has the advantage of having the blade holder shaft mounted on a double ball bearing, so that the noise of the blade that turns will not be annoying. In addition, the blade stands out for its superior quality compared to other slicers both for its large diameter and for chromium plating, which makes it resistant to wear and corrosion.

Finally, thanks to the cutting thickness adjustment that reaches up to 15 mm, you can make both thick and thin slices, according to your needs and the product you are preparing. In short, this product could only win the position of best professional slicer of 2022, thanks to its excellent performance and quality materials.


  • Perfect slicer to cut any food including cold cuts, fish, cheeses and vegetables
  • Base in cast lacquered aluminum
  • Totally smooth structure to keep the product in the best hygienic conditions
  • Powerful and ventilated motor for continuous work without overheating
  • Blade holder shaft mounted on a double ball bearing to reduce the noise of the rotating blade
  • Large diameter blade and chrome plating for the best resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Cutting thickness adjustment up to 15 mm


  • One of the weak points of this slicer is the plastic handle
  • The trolley is a little short compared to the size of the blade

4. G.V. Mary 220 – The best economic choice

Type of slicer: electric
Diameter: 220 mm

How about if we presented you with the offer of an inexpensive product, with an extremely powerful engine that maintains unrivaled lightness at the same time?

We are talking about a slicer that stands out above all for its powerful 200 watt motor, so that you can dedicate yourself not only to the cutting of meats and cheeses, but also to harder and more consistent foods. You won’t run the risk of your slicer getting too hot!

With very compact dimensions in order to occupy the least space in the kitchen of your home, the slicer has an aluminum structure and a resistant steel blade. The latter is also easily removable, so that the cleaning of the slicer will be quick and complete.

As far as possible use is concerned, the blade has a large diameter, so that you can also cut large-sized foods, while the thickness reaches up to 14 mm. You can adjust the latter by means of a comfortable knob, easy to handle and ergonomic.

In short, a perfect slicer for those who make intensive use, which is also accompanied by low revolutions so that use will be very simple even for the most inexperienced. In addition, the economic price will allow those who do not wish to spend too much to take advantage of a high-performance slicer while saving money at the same time.

Take advantage of the product considered among the best slicers of 2022 thanks to its unbeatable price!


  • Best economic choice
  • Powerful 200 watt motor for cutting harder and more consistent food
  • Compact dimensions to take up less space in the kitchen
  • Aluminum structure and resistant steel blade
  • Removable blade for easy and quick cleaning of the slicer
  • Large diameter and thickness of the cut up to 14 mm
  • Comfortable ergonomic knob for thickness adjustment
  • Low revolutions


  • During use, the engine emits a slightly unpleasant odor
  • It is very light, so care must be taken when pushing the piece towards the blade to slice it

5. RGV Luxor 20 – Excellent quality blade

Type of slicer: electric
Diameter: 200 mm

A compact and ergonomic slicer, with perfect dimensions to be positioned anywhere in the kitchen of your home. Let’s see its features together in the following review.

This slicer has a structure specifically designed to facilitate the grip on any cured meat, while the absence of edges will allow you to obtain the best easy and quick cleaning. All the features you need and that will be extremely useful to you!

For those who fear the risky domestic accidents, with this slicer they will not run any risk since it has been specially made in compliance with the regulations in force.

In fact, it first of all has a lacquered base in food varnish, thanks to which your health will always be safe. With the supplied blade cover you will have the possibility not to leave the sharp blade exposed, while the blade has been made of aluminum with glossy anodic oxidation, so that the product will always be hygienically clean and anti-corrosive.

If you are also looking for a low-noise slicer, this could be the right one! In fact, the blade holder shaft is mounted on a bearing which, combined with a ventilated and professional motor, will make your slicer silent and jerky. Finally, the blade will guarantee you the best performance thanks to the hard chromed hardened and chromed structure for the best resistance over time.

In short, a whole series of performances that have made this slicer worthy of our ranking, extremely appreciated by the customers’ opinions thanks to its super sharp and incredibly resistant blade.


  • Structure specially designed to facilitate the grip on cured meats
  • No edges for the best quick and easy cleaning
  • Compliance with current regulations in order to avoid domestic accidents
  • Blade cover supplied
  • Aluminum blade with shiny anodic oxidation for the best hygienic conditions
  • Professional ventilated motor for a silent and jerky slicer
  • Structure hardened with hard chrome for the best resistance over time
  • Lacquered base in food varnish


  • In some places, this slicer is a little difficult to clean
  • It tends to move during use
  • It cuts hard cold cuts

6. Graef H9 – The best laptop

Type of slicer: manual
Diameter: 190 mm

Compact, inexpensive, light, portable, which you can carry wherever you want both inside the house and outside for a picnic … curious to discover it?

It is a slicer with totally manual operation which, thanks to the absence of the motor, will allow you to save a lot of energy. With a comfortable quality wooden knob, all you need to do is coordinate your hand movements and get the cut you want! Thanks to its serrated blade, this slicer is perfect not only for meats and cheeses but also for bread and vegetables: many advantages that you certainly cannot give up!

As for the structure, it is totally in solid metal, accompanied by a super sharp blade made of stainless steel with which you can reach a thickness of 16 mm. In this way you will be able to make slices of any size according to your needs.

Another of the advantages that characterizes this slicer is its super lightness, conferred not so much by the use of materials, but by the absence of the motor. Transport will be extremely easy in this way, and then … a portable slicer is certainly not easy to find!

Finally, this slicer has been particularly appreciated by customers’ opinions because it is cheap, accessible even to those who have a limited budget. For a perfect cut and an unmatched compactness and lightness, choose this slicer.


  • Light and compact slicer
  • Cheap price
  • Durable metal structure with stainless steel blade
  • Slicer knob in quality wood
  • Ideal for meats, cheeses, bread and vegetables
  • Portable slicer, easily movable in every area of ​​the house
  • Slice thickness up to 16 mm


  • This slicer is not suitable for everyone, as a little strength is needed to use it
  • It is not perfect for extremely thin slices

7. Ritter Markant 05 – Excellent compactness

Type of slicer: electric
Diameter: 170 mm

The best slicer for those who want to save a lot of space in the home, thanks to its resealable function and its compact shapes. Let’s see his review together!

It is a small slicer made of sturdy plastic material, characterized by simple, safe and reliable use. Once closed, the slicer will occupy a space of only 10.5 cm, so that it will not be cumbersome to be able to store it wherever you want!

Among the functions of the slicer, we find some extremely innovative ones, namely the ability to adjust the number of blade revolutions according to the food being processed: cutting will be excellent and efficient. In addition, you can take advantage of the divisible, removable and removable trolley, thanks to which you can dedicate yourself to cutting foods of any size.

And for those who fear for their own safety, with this slicer it won’t be a problem! In fact, it has a safety system given by the continuous or interruption function, so that you can have the best control over cutting and functioning. In addition, you can adjust the cutting thickness of the slicer up to 14 mm, thus having the possibility of making both very thin slices and with a consistent thickness.

But let’s not forget the blade! Extremely sharp, it will ensure you a perfect cut thanks to its corrugated structure and its stainless steel construction, produced in Solingen. The German brand is always a guarantee!

Finally, the slicer motor is 60 watts, an element that will allow you the best energy savings and at the same time a higher power than previous models. In short, a semi-professional slicer that certainly wins the position among the best slicers thanks to its comfortable and compact dimensions.


  • Small, compact and resealable slicer made of sturdy plastic material
  • Adjustment of the number of blade revolutions according to the food being processed
  • Divisible, removable and removable trolley for slicing food of any size
  • Slicer safety system given by continuous or interrupted function
  • Cutting thickness adjustment up to 14 mm
  • Sharp blade, with a corrugated structure and in German brand stainless steel
  • 60 watt motor for best energy savings and maximum power


  • The model would be a little noisy
  • Thin slices are difficult to make

8. RGV AUSONIA 190 – The cheapest option

Type of slicer: electric
Diameter: 190 mm

Your budget is limited, but at the same time you want to be able to buy a product that offers you excellent performance? Get ready … we are going to introduce you to what is right for you!

It is a semi-professional slicer designed for domestic use, which presents itself first of all with a solid structure in steel and lacquered cast aluminum, red and original in color; the best resistance over time will be guaranteed. As for the blade, it is made of hardened steel so that you can easily and quickly make tasty slices.

Moved with a belt transmission system, the blade will also be very easy to clean thanks to a patented system that will allow you to easily disassemble it. A slicer that you can keep in the best hygienic conditions!

Among other advantages, this product will not make you lack stability thanks to its solid support position, so that you can carry out your work in complete safety and comfort. In addition, its small size will allow you to easily find space inside your kitchen to be able to position it without clutter.

Finally, despite the 100-watt motor, with an average power, this slicer will still guarantee you an autonomy of 10 minutes, so that you can get large quantities of slices in a short time. In short, an economic choice for those who do not have too many demands and who can still obtain quality services from a slicer.

You can often find it on offer: take advantage of it!


  • Cheaper option
  • Solid steel and lacquered cast aluminum structure
  • Hardened steel blade of quality handled with belt transmission system
  • Patented system for easy disassembly of the blade, making it easy to clean
  • Stable support position
  • Small size
  • Autonomy up to 10 minutes


  • This slicer is not suitable for cutting large foods
  • According to some reviews, too thin slices are not very good
  • The blade tends to bend during the cutting phase with too strong food

Factors to consider when buying a slicer

Using a knife for cutting food is always a good choice … However, buying a slicer may be the best choice. This device is able to make your work much easier and faster, especially when it has quality materials and a good engine. You can also find the folding model if you have little space in the house!

But before proceeding with the purchase, we want to illustrate in our guide a series of features that distinguish the slicers, starting from the type to then analyze other aspects such as power, use and so on.

Let’s look at every single aspect below.


As already mentioned before, we can divide the slicers on the market into two main types, electric and manual.

Each typology has advantages and disadvantages, aspects that we will see together to determine which one could be the right one for you.


Electric or automatic slicers are the ones you will find most frequently on the market, being comfortable and extremely convenient. In fact, thanks to the presence of the electric motor, the slicer will do almost all the work for you: you will only have to position the piece, turn it on and it will work for you.

Some of the electric slicers can also be used in the manual version, so that they can have greater control over the cut.


The manual domestic slicers, compared to the previous ones, work in a totally different way. As the name implies, they require handwork which consists of moving the trolley or food to complete the slicing; moreover, they are much slower than automatic ones.

At the same time, some people say they prefer greater control over the cut, and that a manual slicer is better able to maintain the flavor and consistency of the food in question.

However difficult to find, if you prefer a manual model you can still buy one of those available if you prefer the old way.

Power and speed

Many domestic slicers, especially those of the best brands, are characterized by a high wattage, thanks to which it will be possible to cut the slices quickly and more efficiently. At the same time, you may run into the possibility that they will overheat quickly, and that they may need to stop before resuming work.

If you intend to use the slicer only to prepare some sandwiches, this should not be a problem. On the contrary, if you intend to make intensive use of your appliance, you may need to opt for one characterized by a ventilated motor, so as to be able to maintain an autonomy of even 10 consecutive minutes.


Many people are convinced that a slicer can be easily exchanged with an appliance suitable for cutting any type of food such as onions, vegetables and much more, but this is not the case. The main purpose of a slicer is to cut mainly cold cuts and cheeses, to possibly extend its use to bread and vegetables according to the blade supplied.

Before proceeding with the purchase, therefore consider what is the purpose for which you want to use your slicer, what is the thickness level, the wattage of the motor and so on.


When you decide to buy a slicer, it is certainly not expected that its duration will be short, on the contrary. In fact, for this reason it would be better to opt for a product of a known brand, and spend a few tens of euros more to ensure durability.

However, high-performance products do not always correspond to an expensive product. In fact, we must first take a look at the materials used: metal is always preferable to plastic, and the best blades are made of stainless steel. In addition, it also checks the opinions of customers, which always represent one of the best suggestions.


Size is certainly one of the most important aspects to consider when you are choosing a slicer. First of all, what is the space available in your kitchen? If you don’t have enough space and plan to keep it out, also consider how heavy the product will be for transportation. In addition, you could opt in this case for a folding slicer, which will allow you the best space savings.

In addition, keep in mind the diameter of the slicer blade and the length of the trolley. If you intend to use large pieces, the appliance must be able to complete the slice along the entire length of the product. Instead, you can choose a model with a small cart for smaller pieces of meat or cheese.


Cleaning the slicer is another of those aspects that most people particularly care about. To facilitate cleaning, choose one without additional elements or dimensions, with a totally smooth surface; in this way you can clean it quickly and quickly.

Another element that will allow you to keep the slicer in the best hygienic conditions is the possibility of removing the trolley. Sometimes, some also have the removable and removable blade.


Since the slicers are equipped with large sharp blades, safety is certainly one of the most important aspects. For this reason, the heaviest and most difficult to disassemble models are those with which you will run the greatest risks; a solution to this problem are the slicers with removable blades.

In addition, some models of the best brands have a protective sheath for the blade, or even a button dedicated to stopping the machine at any time, to prevent the blade from continuing to turn.

The moment has finally come!

After a long and careful reading, you finally got to know the best models of our ranking of 2022: surfing long and wide will no longer be necessary!

In addition, within our purchase guide we have provided you with all the necessary information, including the types of slicers, thanks to which you will be able to establish the one that best suits your needs.

I mean, it’s time for you. Go and … buy the best Slicer for yourself!