The Best Tricycle for Kids – Buying Guide

Best Tricycle for KidsAre you looking for the ideal tricycle for your baby boy or girl?

You have come to the right place.

We present a list with the 5 best tricycles for baby that you will find in 2022, considering technical aspects, prices and user reviews.

Your decision will then be very easy to make.

There they are!

The 4 best tricycles for kids

1. Fascol Baby Trike 4 in 1 – Best ever

Recommended age: 1 to 5 years

Are you looking for the best children’s tricycle on the market? We present the Fascol model, super versatile and of excellent quality, with all the features to be placed at the top of our comparison.

You’ll have 4 functions in 1: push cart, pram, tricycle, and bicycle, making this model ideal for ages 1 year to 5 years. All with complete peace of mind, as the device comes with CE & USA ASTMF certification to ensure maximum safety and international support.

The Fascol tricycle has a maximum load capacity of 30 kg and the maximum recommended height is 85 – 120 cm, so your children will have lots of fun. As long as they are small, you can carry them comfortably, thanks to the adjustable push handle in 3 heights. It is attached to the handlebars, so you have full control of the tricycle while pushing it.

It includes 2 baskets that will be of great use to you to put toys and everything you need to go out with children and babies. There is also a large retractable canopy that you can use when needed, providing plenty of shade for baby, along with UPF 50+ sun protection. Baby’s comfort is ensured by practical folding footrests and a solid backrest.

There’s a 2-point seat belt, safety bar and dual braking system to prevent accidents. Rubber wheels and non-slip rubber handlebars are just a few of the things that put this model at the top of our list.

For everything we’ve said, the Fascol is a tricycle with unsurpassed quality, and this is confirmed by buyer reviews.


  • The best baby tricycle of 2022
  • 4 functions in 1: pram, push cart, tricycle and bike
  • Ideal for children from 12 months to 5 years
  • Load capacity up to 30 kg and 120 cm height
  • Height adjustable push handle
  • Handlebar with rubber cover for maximum comfort
  • Two-point safety belt for a total guarantee
  • Canopy with UPF 50+ sun protection


  • Its design is not very appealing to children
  • Assembly can be a bit complicated

2. homcom IT370-0250631 – Best value for money

Recommended age: 1.5 to 4 years old

Do you want to find a good tricycle for a baby that offers the best quality and safety, and is 100% worth the money invested? With the homcom model, you will undoubtedly have the best value for money in 2022.

The multifunctional tricycle will be ideal for your children, as you will be able to enjoy it from about 2 years old to 4, as its maximum capacity is 25 kg. The maximum recommended height is 83 cm, so your child can enjoy it in complete safety. The trolley function will help you when the babies are small, allowing them to be guided thanks to the adjustable handle, which will give you full control of the triscio while walking.

The tires have a functional design, and there are footrests, a storage basket, and all the fun you can imagine. As children grow older and are more active and independent, you can remove the accessories and simply have a tricycle, to enjoy the most fun outdoors.

If you are concerned about safety, the seat includes a seat belt that you can also use in tricycle mode for older children. The super-strong wheels are designed so that they won’t come into contact with your child’s feet while pedaling, so there will be no accidents in that regard. Included are various accessories such as a hood, a sturdy mudguard and a pocket to store necessary items outside.

As you can see, the homcom is one of the best baby tricycles with handlebars you can find in 2022, worth every euro spent.


  • The best value for money
  • Double function: trolley with handle and tricycle for baby
  • You will be able to transport babies from 18 months of age (1.5 years)
  • Carries up to 85 kg and 83 cm child height
  • Height adjustable push handle for maximum comfort
  • Sturdy wheels that do not interfere with pedalling
  • Adjustable, foldable and removable child protection cover
  • Seat with safety belt also in tricycle function


  • Testing has shown that the wheels have little grip on some surfaces
  • Push handle driving is not the best on difficult terrain

3. Fisher-Price Jolly plus – High adaptability

Recommended age: 1 to 3 years

Do you need a tricycle that gives you several functions in one piece? The Fisher-Price Jolly plus will meet all your needs.

The multi-functionality of the Fisher-Price Jolly plus is perfect: it transforms into a pram, a trolley with handle and an autonomous tricycle. In this way, it can accompany the child through many stages of growth.

You will have a safe ergonomic seat for the child, completed with a handle that allows the adult to control it without disturbing the child’s view. In addition, safety is a very important element for Fisher-Price, so the tricycle comes with a front reducer that allows you to guide or lock it in a timely manner.

Another of the accessories on this tricycle is the built-in sunshade or umbrella, a flirtatious feature that protects children from the sun. You’ll also have removable handles for better stability for babies. Thanks to the dimensions of 91 x 45.8 x 102.8 cm and the weight of 4.9 kg, you will be able to transport and store it easily.

The Jolly Plus is a multifunctional tricycle with a handle that can be adapted to the different stages of growth of the child, offering comfort and safety while walking. Adults can be in control of the handling while the baby enjoys a nice ride.


  • Tricycle super adaptable to the different growth phases of the child
  • 3 modes of use: pram, trolley with handle and autonomous tricycle
  • Practical size and weight for easy storage and transport
  • Super-efficient and quiet dual-injection rubber wheels
  • Complete safety system throughout the Jolly Plus
  • Variety of accessories such as handle, safety bars and sunshade
  • Rear basket for storing baby’s toys


  • Not very durable umbrella that breaks easily
  • Weak locking system, which applies to the pedal case

4. Chicco Pellicano – Best cheap tricycle for kids

Recommended age: 1.5 to 5 years old

If you are looking for affordable tricycles, the best budget option for you is the Chicco Pellicano, which is the top of its range.

The Chicco tricycle has a super striking design that will fascinate little ones, with a pelican face and pedals that represent legs, simulating an incredible bird that will stimulate children’s imagination. You will enjoy a very functional design, as the handlebars have a reservoir to store toys, while the seat is large and includes a rear basket to carry other things.

The tricycle has seat belts that keep your child in the seat, with rigid, anti-opening straps so you don’t have to worry. The front wheel locking system, which always weighs in on your child’s safety and enjoyment, will give you more control while riding.

There are several ways to use it: one is the one with a handle, so the child can be pushed thanks to a telescopic handle that can be adjusted to the most comfortable height for the adult. The second way to use the tricycle is the free ride, where the child pedals at his own pace, completely free, because the handle is completely removed.

Chicco Pellicano is therefore positioned at the top of the economic range of tricycles for babies in 2022, as evidenced also by the opinions and comments of buyers.


  • The best baby tricycle in the budget range for 2022
  • Model with handle that allows the adult to have control of the trolley
  • Creative and attractive design for children and babies
  • Safety system with straps and wheel locks
  • Safety belt with anti-opening system
  • Perfect for children from 18 months to 5 years of age
  • Two baskets to put objects in


  • Slightly noisy plastic wheels
  • Not recommended for babies
  • Only the pelican design is present

Factors to consider when buying a tricycle for kids

If you are still in doubt about which option to choose for your baby boy or girl, we have included a list of determining factors when choosing from the best tricycles for kids available. They will definitely help you make the right decision!

Recommended Age

When buying a baby tricycle, you should consider the recommended age range for safe use. Children grow quickly, so safety and comfort depend largely on matching toys and accessories to their growth. This is why you need to be careful that the model you buy is the right one for their age and size.

You will find many options that you can use from 12 months of age up to 5 years old, which will allow you to take advantage of a longer lifespan. These options have multiple functions between push cart, pram, and tricycle. Our recommendation is that to opt for the developmental models, which will make you get the maximum benefit.


Tricycles have incorporated several factors to improve the safety of the baby while playing. Among such aspects, you can find the inclusion of safety brakes in the rear wheels, special designs to facilitate the child’s pedaling, support in the back of the seat, belts and safety bars. All these elements will allow you to be more relaxed while your little one is having fun.

When buying, you need to make sure that the model you like has most of these aspects. You should also check that it has international safety certifications, as is the case with the EN71 standard of the European Committee for Standardization, among many others. Remember that it is always advisable to put a helmet and knee pads on your child as additional safety measures.


You can choose from the many accessories available for children’s tricycles, among which we can recommend first of all a useful folding sunshade, which will serve to protect your child from the sun when necessary. This accessory can be removed completely for easy storage and transportation.

The presence of the handlebar is ideal for strolling with small children, as it will give you full control of the stroller while your little one enjoys watching the road. The handlebar can include a thermos or teapot holder, which is sure to serve you well on outdoor trips.

Other accessories are baskets to carry toys or any utensils you need for baby care. The latest accessories that we can recommend are the lights and sounds on your tricycle. Such features add excitement and fascination for the baby.

Complete fun for babies and toddlers

You already know the best tricycles for kids in 2022, plus a helpful shopping guide with factors and recommendations to consider when making a decision. All you have to do, is decide and buy the one you like best, to provide the most complete fun for babies and toddlers.