Best Water Purifier UK

What is the best water purifier?Are you looking for a new water purifier and can’t decide between many models?

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In this buying guide, we will show you the 5 best water purifiers to buy in 2022 plus the items to consider when you buy one.

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The best water purifiers

1. Beghelli 3330 – Best electric purifier

Electric: Yes

Are you looking for the best model of electric purifier?

This is the best model of water purifier, equipped with a filter composed of: ion exchange resin and activated carbon, reducing the presence of chemicals harmful to health.

A low cost for an excellent quality of purified water. Also giving the possibility of being able to drink carbonated water. Together with the purchase of the purifier there is a glass bottle to serve the water and a filter lasting 6 months or about 500 liters of water. An LED self-diagnosis system will communicate when it is time to change the filter, thus ensuring automatic maintenance.

This purifier for domestic use is excellent for a small family, providing daily needs. Personally speaking, I have many family friends who own this purifier to purify the water and are very satisfied with the purchase. Many reviews guarantee long-term purifier operation, as well as being fully satisfied with the quality. If you are tired of having to buy expensive water packs every day, this distiller will be for you, solving every domestic problem.


  • Electric with LED functionality
  • Ion exchange filter and activated carbon
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Complimentary glass bottle
  • Small size


  • For the CO2 carbonator, the cylinder is not included in the kit

2. Brita On Tap – Best tap cleaner

Electric: No

Are you looking for a purifier that does not clutter your kitchen worktop? This is the best tap water purifier in your kitchen.

The “on tap” filter is applied directly to the tap, obtaining an almost total purification. An excellent quality purifier that offers direct distillation. What if I don’t want to filter while I’m doing the dishes?

Obviously they also thought about this, and they equipped the filter with a practical selector that allows you to disable the filtration, so as not to purify when you need to use it at home. Installation is easy and no tools must be used, since it must be applied directly on the tap. An excellent domestic purifier, the best tap water purifier suitable for families.

Equipped with Refill activated carbon filters, they reduce chlorine improving the taste, also retaining small particles of rust or sand. The filter has a duration of about 3 months, and the LED electronic indicator will signal that the time has come to change the filter. An ideal purifier for those who do not have much space in the kitchen and must take advantage of such a useful purifier in the home that it can offer it drinkable, free of chemicals, with a very low cost of maintenance. Replacement filters cost around € 10-20. A filter must be purchased every 3 months, instead the packs are bought every week! Through a calculation, you will understand that besides saving money. These are some opinions collected by our consumers.


  • Applicable directly on the tap
  • Selector to activate / deactivate the purification mode
  • Low maintenance cost (15-20 € every 3 months)
  • Perfect for home use
  • It does not hinder the kitchen shelf


  • None

3. Brita 100239 – Ideal for the refrigerator

Electric: No

Do you need a water purifier that contains more liters?

This is the excellent container-shaped domestic water purifier, really interesting, given its particular design, it is perfect for the refrigerator.

A purifier capable of filtering makes about 5 liters drinkable. It occupies only a small space inside the refrigerator, ensuring optimal treatment of distilled and fresh water. Obviously for those who want to exploit their abilities and prefer to keep it outside, the depuratpre will be able to provide purified water at room temperature, it is up to you to decide what better use to make of it.

It can be easily dismantled and can also be washed in the dishwasher at 50 ° degrees. The cleaner can be filled through a lid that is easily removed. Upon purchase, a “MAXTRA” filter cartridge is provided that can filter all the harmful chemicals present and will allow you to immediately use the purifier purchased.


  • Large volume of distilled water
  • Practical tap installed in the container that allows you to pour water easily
  • Fresh water at all times (you can also decide to leave it outside ensuring water at room temperature)
  • “MAXTRA” cartridge as a free gift
  • Easy to clean, even in the dishwasher


  • It occupies a small space inside the refrigerator (or is left outside to remedy this problem in the case of a refrigerator not suitable for having the necessary space)

4. Brita 1008802 – The best-selling water purifier

Electric: No

What is the best domestic water purifier that I can also use at the table?

Here, the best-selling item in domestic homes.

A carafe, which purifies up to 1.4 liters of water and with a capacity of 2.4 liters. Equipped with a convenient hatch for filling, this article has many positive reviews, which demonstrate beyond the quality of the purifier, the great effectiveness of depuration from harmful chemicals.

MEMO indicator that will remind you to replace the filter when necessary. It is easy to wash and can be stored in the refrigerator as if it were a real bottle of water, thanks to the small size of the object. It is an ideal purifier for those who organize a dinner at home and want to put a bottle containing distilled water on their table, in addition to using it as a carafe, it is also very easy because it can be gripped with a non-slip handle and you can pour the water directly in your glasses from the jug.

The reviews provide a brief but detailed quality of the purifier, enhancing its low weight and therefore the easy use that derives from it. Obviously many in their home make it available during meals and not, on their table, in order to guarantee a glass of drinking water when you feel like it. A series of positive opinions were given that guarantee the excellent purchase received from the best domestic water purifier.


  • Easy to use, even during meals
  • Small size
  • You can store it in the fridge
  • “MAXTRA” filters capable of completely purifying the water
  • Very affordable quality / price
  • 3 Cartridges – Filters free of purchase


  • Purifies up to 1.4 liters of water
  • Total capacity 2.4 liters

5. iSpring 75GPD – Best water filtration system

Electric: No

Do you want a water purifier with a filtration system on the market?

This is the excellent water purifier on the market and has been created with advanced technology that will allow you to completely filter the water from harmful substances, through reverse osmosis, a hyperfiltration process that makes the water completely pure.

The different filters work the water to purify it completely and once a complete elimination of unwanted substances is obtained, through an alkaline filter, it introduces the beneficial substances we need. It should be mounted directly under the sink, so as to filter through all the necessary steps, and without taking up space in the kitchen.

In a nutshell, this purifier is able to purify and offer water treatment with chemicals that are beneficial for our body. A very expensive purifier but offering unique quality and performance of its kind, with a price ranging between € 250-300.


  • The best water purifier with filtration system
  • Advanced technology that eliminates 98% of harmful substances (Arsenic, Lead, Sodium)
  • Alkaline filter, which introduces the beneficial substances necessary to our body into the water
  • Luxury tap, free of air spaces
  • It does not emit annoying noises
  • Mounted under the sink, it does not occupy spaces nor disfigure the view of the kitchen


  • Price a bit high

Things to keep in mind when buying a water purifier

1. Objects

These 3 products are some of the most common used in the kitchen. But there are many other articles besides the ones we mentioned above, such as the best water purifiers.

  • Pitcher

A jug is useful if you want to demonstrate with great charm the quality you serve at the table. It can be filled with one of the purifiers listed above, placing distilled water free of harmful substances in the foreground.

  • Kitchen shelf

A kitchen shelf is ideal if you want to place several objects on top of it, perhaps guaranteeing more work space in the kitchen while preparing more elaborate meals.

  • Tap

The tap is essential if you plan to buy a purifier that uses “On Top” technology. It must always be designed to be able to host a purifier model.

2. Technology

  • Reverse Osmosis: A process that forces the passage of molecules, obtaining a complete filtration from harmful substances and bacteria.
  • Ultra violet: The ultraviolet distillation is very effective, completely eliminating the bacteria present without changing the chemical and physical parameters.
  • Hyperfiltration: A method that allows you to eliminate both chemical elements harmful to health and bacteria present inside that comes from the pipes. A 100% purification.
  • Activated carbon filters: They have the characteristic of being able to filter harmful substances such as solvents and pesticides, but I can not do much against those present inside before filtration.

3. Volume or Capacity

If you are a very large family, it is advisable to use a purifier that manages to distil about 10 liters per day. If, on the other hand, you are a small family unit, it will be more than enough for your home to adopt a purifier capable of supplying each individual’s needs, therefore a capacity of about 5-6 liters.

In conclusion

These days, the water we buy at the shop below the house provides us with a pack of 6 bottles, but often, we don’t pay attention to what the values ​​of chemical solutions are inside. This can prove to be a problem as well as damage to our body and especially to our organs that suffer from serious problems when they absorb too many dangerous substances, and our health could be affected.

With this guide, we have shown you which are the best models of purifiers, in order to be able to buy the one that you think is right for your needs, perhaps electronic, or with a filtering system, with which you can solve the water problem, and maybe you and your children could drink healthy, natural water.