Best Wood Band Saw UK

What is the best band saw for wood?We understand it:

Buying a band saw is quite simple, but finding the perfect one that will help you improve the quality of your work seems almost impossible …

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In our article you will find the 7 best band saws of 2022 that customers love.

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What is the best band saw for wood?

1. Einhell TC-SB 200/1 – Best value for money

Band saw power: 250 W
Cutting height: 80 mm/90°, 45 mm/45°

If for 2022 you want to buy the best band saw for wood thanks to the higher quality/price ratio, then read the review of this product. Worth every penny.

The Einhell TC-SB 200/1 is a band saw designed by the famous company to provide you with a high quality saw at a really advantageous price. You can use it to cut wood with excellent results, whether you are an expert or a beginner. Hobby will no longer be a problem for you.

The structure of this band saw is solid and robust, long lasting thanks to quality materials such as iron. The Einhell wood hacksaw can be used both in a stationary way, by fixing it to a surface, and mobile, to guarantee you better versatility.

In addition, the Einhell band saw has an excellent height adjustment of the work surface, to work as it is more comfortable and safe, also improving your cutting precision. For a more professional experience, you can adjust the inclination of the bench up to 45 degrees. In this way you can also make cuts oblique or transverse to the wood fibers.

The Einhell TC-SB 200/1 is a band saw with easy replacement of the iron blade. This way, depending on your needs, you can cut not only wood, but also plastic and thin metal. And with parallel guidance, precision is guaranteed for you beginners too!

This is truly one of the best band saws for wood, thanks to its value for money.


  • Best band saw for wood for value for money
  • Easy to fix for greater precision
  • Sturdy vertical structure, mainly in iron
  • Worktop adjustment, in height and inclination
  • Parallel guide, to help you do professional work
  • Very simple blade replacement, depending on the material to be cut
  • Nozzle for the suction of the chips


  • 250 W below average power
  • The maximum cutting thickness is less than various other models

2. FEMI-780XL – Exceptional also for metal

Band saw power: 850 W
Cutting height: 105 mm

If you like to work a lot with the band saw, you may certainly find yourself having to cut not only wood, but also metal and plastic. Our advice, especially for an excellent vertical cutting of the metal, falls on this tool.

The FEMI 780 XL band saw is a practical and professional tool, designed for multiple uses in addition to simply cutting wood. This tool is in fact fantastic for workshop jobs, such as vehicle repair.

Thanks to its very high power of 850 W you will not have difficulty in cutting different types of wood, but also plastic and metal of various thicknesses, up to 105 mm in height. Fastening to a workbench is very simple to carry out. Your band saw will be perfectly stable and will not suffer from annoying vibrations.

The cutting capacity of the FEMI band saw is excellent, thanks to its professional quality hacksaw. Being electrically powered, the power is delivered continuously without any overhang, even during prolonged use.

The FEMI 780 XL is also one of the band saws equipped not only with a fixed speed, but with an adjustment on two values. Thanks to this feature, you will have better versatility, and greater efficiency depending on the use you are making of it. Don’t just cut wood!


  • Among the best band saws for wood but also for metal plates
  • Perfect for repairing vehicles in a professional way
  • Very high 850 W power
  • Excellent cutting ability
  • Power supply to supply the power without overhangs
  • Two-speed adjustment


  • Price a little higher than competitors
  • Usage not very simple

3. Silverline Tools 441563 – Extremely precise cuts

Band saw power: 350 W
Cutting height: 80 mm

We have little doubt about our opinions. Among the best band saws for wood that you can buy in 2022 for really precise cuts you will not be wrong by choosing this product.

The Silverline Tools 441563 band saw is a truly valid choice for all of you who choose to focus, first of all, on cutting precision. Thanks to the fixed saw in a vertical position and the stable structure, your work will always be precise and effective, of practically professional quality!

Its engine power is quite high thanks to its 350 W. This appliance is in fact capable of cutting different types of wood, even up to 2 cm thick and 8 cm high, for versatile use that is always suitable for your needs.

Reliability is further accentuated by the quality of the blade. The Silverline company also produces spare blades, for you experts who wish to have the best possible results with the type of wood chosen. Once purchased, assembly is simple. The band saw already has all its components inserted, and you will only have to install the worktop.

The materials of this product are of excellent quality, and you can be sure: this Silverline band saw will last you a long time, with little risk of breakage. The price is truly exceptional, which is why we and the customer reviews and opinions particularly praise it.


  • For precision work, it is certainly one of the best band saws for wood
  • Excellent motor, with 350 W power
  • Good vertical cutting height
  • Super sharp blade
  • It will allow you to obtain almost professional results
  • Well-built structure with durable materials
  • The price is very attractive


  • Replacement of the slightly cumbersome blade
  • Poor worktop dimensions
  • Suitable only for wood

4. Scheppach HBS20 – Best economic option

Band saw power: 250 W
Cutting height: 80 mm

Do you want the best cheap wood band saw of 2022? Don’t worry, we have an answer to all your needs. Find out in this review.

The Scheppach HBS 20 is a band saw designed as a tool capable of giving you good performance at a really affordable price. Thanks to a robust and good-sized work bench of 30 x 30 cm, you can work in the way that suits your needs and the type of material chosen. The cutting capacity is also excellent, reaching up to 80 mm in height.

The structure of this tool is made of very resistant metal, and it is easy to fix. By means of a knob on the side, the work surface can be tilted up to 45 degrees, to guarantee better versatility in hobby activities.

Another factor that makes this Scheppach HBS 20 one of the most versatile is the presence of a parallel guide, which will help you make precise cuts. With its 140 cm long blade, you can cut not only different types of wood, but also plastic objects. In addition, it is suitable for mobile use. Its dimensions of 45 x 39 x 68 cm in fact make this “mini” band saw really small and portable.

In short, the Scheppach HBS 20 is one of the best band saws for wood and plastic materials at an incredible price! We have no doubts about our opinions, you will not regret it.


  • Best inexpensive wood band saw in the ranking
  • Good size of the worktop, 30 x 30 cm
  • Tilting table up to 45 °, very versatile
  • Easy to use parallel guide
  • Very long blade, 140 cm
  • “Mini” dimensions that make it small and portable, 45 x 39 x 68 cm


  • Complex maintenance, problematic for beginners
  • 250 W power, below average
  • Instructions practically absent

5. Metabo BAS 261 Precision – Professional level hobby

Band saw power: 400 W
Cutting height: 100 mm

Just because you are a hobbyist doesn’t mean you don’t have to deserve band saws that can make you do professional quality work. With this product you will be on the safe side.

The Metabo BAS 261 Precision band saw is a professional quality model for your DIY hobby work. Each accessory present has been designed as an aid to guarantee maximum precision in all situations. The motor is a strong point, thanks to a power of 400 W which makes the cut clean and effective.

The parallel guide is one of the best on the band saws in our ranking, with double hooking to avoid accidental movements. In addition, there is an additional HSS precision guide with three rollers, to hold the saw blade in position during cutting. In this way the work is optimal and reaches 100 mm in height.

To help you further, Metabo has decided to equip the band saw with an LED light, to illuminate the workbench efficiently. Upon opening, assembly will be simple and rather quick, because you just need to fix the top and the guides.

With sharp tools like these, your safety is also important. For this reason, the BAS 261 Precision has anti-restart protection, to prevent it from accidentally restarting after shutdown. So you can enjoy better and risk-free use.

This is the ideal product for those of you who want to make DIY a profession!


  • For professional hobbyists
  • Good 400 W motor
  • Impeccable precision, thanks to an excellent parallel guide
  • Large cutting capacities, up to 100 mm in height
  • With LED for better visibility
  • Very resistant metal structure
  • Anti-restart protection for safer use


  • The price is quite high
  • Low quality protractor

6. Fervi 0717 – Ideal for beginners

Band saw power: 350 W
Cutting height: 85 mm

Are you a beginner and you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we also have the right choice for you aspiring hobbyists. This band saw is inviting to get started with DIY, thanks to an affordable price and ease of use.

With the Fervi 0717 you can get closer to the world of DIY without worrying about expensive or too difficult to use models. Furthermore, with its 350 W motor, it will give you good cutting power.

The cutting capacity of this 190 x 85 mm band saw is excellent for allowing you to get good results immediately, with a reliable toothed blade and a robust material. The entire structure is designed to be durable and stable during use.

The Fervi band saw has a fairly spacious work surface, with the possibility of tilting it up to 45 degrees and using it according to your needs. For better versatility, the blade is guided by a special bearing, which will help you with precision work.

In addition to being one of the most suitable band saws for beginners, the Fervi 0717 has an below average price. In this way, you can start with hobby without focusing on professional models, which would make you spend too much. Don’t be afraid to start a new passion.


  • Especially suitable for you novice
  • Good 350 W motor
  • Excellent cutting speed
  • Able to cut up to 85 mm in height
  • Inclination of the worktop up to 45 °
  • For greater precision the blade is equipped with a special bearing


  • Protractor not very stable
  • No assembly instructions

7. Valex SN 209B – Really versatile

Band saw power: 350 W
Cutting height: 80 mm/90°, 59 mm/45°

To allow you to work with different materials, there are band saws capable of obtaining good results not only on wood but also plastic and foam materials. This model is certainly one of the best for this reason!

The Valex SN 209B band saw is a model produced by an Italian company of great quality in the sector. It will be able to offer you great versatility not only as regards the materials, but also for its use in general. Certainly starting with the engine, which with its 350 W of power output is certainly ideal for obtaining excellent results.

Another factor that makes it one of the most versatile belt models you can buy is the variety of materials that can be used, that is, different types of wood, plastics and expanded materials. In addition, you can express your cutting preferences without worrying, with the possibility of making vertical, oblique and even parallel cuts!

The worktop is in fact very comfortable, and has a knob for tilting up to 45 degrees. In addition, the metal stabilizer and the guide for parallel cuts will help you in the process. The belt drive, equipped with pulleys for the movement of the blade, is of excellent quality.

To increase your safety during use, the Valex band saw also has an electrical device, which will prevent accidental starts. And at this price, the SN 209B is a real bargain, of Italian quality that will not leave a bad taste in your mouth.


  • Made by an incredibly versatile Italian company
  • Pretty powerful 350W motor
  • Good cutting capacity in height of 80 mm vertically
  • Excellent aluminum worktop, with adjustable inclination up to 45 °
  • With metal stabilizer, to improve accuracy
  • Equipped with an electrical safety device
  • You can have it at a great price


  • The guide for parallel cuts is not the best
  • Requires precautions for fixing the blade

Factors to consider when purchasing a wood band saw

If you are still not convinced of the choice to make, don’t worry. We are going to give you some tips to follow in order to buy the right band saw for 2022. Before choosing, therefore, think carefully about the following characteristics and, in the end, you will have an ideal product for you.

Building materials

These are tools that need a particular construction quality, from the outer shell to the saw blade. To last over time, you should avoid plastic-rich models as much as possible, preferring metal structures. In this way, you will have a better experience. Therefore, prefer compact structures and excellent and resistant materials such as iron.

Cutting capacity

The cutting capacity depends both on the power, expressed in Watts, and on the quality of the blade. A professional hacksaw will certainly be more powerful and above 400 W you won’t have any problems. There are also models with a lower power, which focus on comfort and ease of use.


The structure of the band saw consists of a structure containing the motor and internal circuits, a blade positioned vertically which passes through a hole. Finally you will also have a work surface on which to place the material to be cut.

This table must be robust and must be comfortable enough to allow you to work any material you want, within the limits of the tool’s capabilities. The height adjustment of the worktop is another factor that can be very useful, for greater precision.


The blade in a band saw is serrated and is positioned vertically to cut the chosen material, mainly wood, sometimes low thickness iron. Depending on the hardness, thickness and number of teeth, you can cut different materials, for better versatility. It must also be easy and safe to replace.


To avoid cutting or damaging the material you are working with, the band saw must implement several safety mechanisms. In addition to allowing you to change the toothed blade without sudden activations, the switch must ensure an effective and immediate stop of the hacksaw, so as not to hurt you. In addition, some models have anti-restart protection, which allows you to prevent the appliance from accidentally restarting after turning off.

Perfect your hobby experience!

We are confident that our guide has given you excellent advice and opinions, allowing you to choose the best band saw for wood of 2022. You should not limit the choice of tools for the hobbyist to the usual ones, but also focus on tools like these. So choose the one that’s right for you and have fun with the DIY!