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What are the best wrist heart rate monitors?

1. Suunto Ambit3 – The best ever

Band: Yes

If you are an athletic person, a lover of all outdoor sports, or simply want to train optimally, this is the one for you!

Suunto, with the creation of its new Ambit3 has thought of all the athletes who like you, want to train at best using reliable watches: just think of all the features that this manufacturer has managed to insert in this technological jewel.

In fact, what makes this heart rate monitor the best of all are its countless technical characteristics: in addition to being an excellent watch with a heart rate monitor, the latter can be used to plan and record your routes, thanks to a GPS system of the latest generation and topographic maps preloaded in the device.

Furthermore, if you love the mountains, the barometer, the altitude meter, and even the bicycle mount installed will be for you! Finally, the range of ambit3 watches, in addition to having included a heart rate monitor excellent for running and swimming, allows you to share and monitor your routes by connecting to your smartphone via the App and ultra-fast Bluetooth 4.0, making these heart rate monitors the top for your wrist.


  • Sturdy and professional bracelet, which make it one of the best
  • Excellent heart rate counter
  • It is the best heart rate monitor in terms of functionality, suitable for both indoor sports such as crossfit or spinning and adventure sports
  • High performance battery, thanks to 30 hours of autonomy
  • Bluetooth 4.0 makes it compatible with practically any device
  • Depending on the sport practiced, this heart rate monitor can be used safely without a band
  • The Companion App makes the sporting experience even more social and competitive
  • The calorie meter can tempt dieters


  • The price doesn’t make it decidedly cheap
  • Many reviews agree on the lack of practicality and intuitiveness of the App
  • The heart rate monitor, in the opinion of the customers, is not the best since it often loses elasticity becoming very easy to lose during training

2. Polar M430 – The best heart rate monitor without band

Band: No

If you prefer to train without any extra equipment, this is the best wrist heart rate monitor without a chest strap that you can choose to buy.

Despite the variable price from seller to seller, our advice is not to fly over this little gem, as it is an improved version of the Polar m400, differentiating itself with the latter due to the lack of heart rate belt.

The decision to remain without a band is justified by the ability of this type of watch to monitor heart beats directly from the wrist via 6 very high precision LEDs. The GPS, in addition to being able to operate in energy saving mode (allowing you to never run out of it), thanks to the monitoring of the LEDs on the wrist, it will also work perfectly during your spinning or carpet running sessions.

If not even cold and rain distract you from your outdoor workouts, you will surely be happy to know that the complete waterproofing of the device will allow you to run a marathon and ride on that racing bike that you keep in the garage without worries about your wrist heart rate monitor.

Finally, we want to point out the very wide customization offers of this wrist heart rate monitor: Through the “Polar Flow” App, you will be able to customize your profiles and your training screens, so you can view statistics, summaries and feedback without any problem.


  • One of the best GPS, working even with little battery
  • Even more precise sleep analysis
  • The best for fully customizable training profiles without intuitiveness problems
  • Relatively cheap price
  • This heart rate monitor measures pressure and heart rate through cutting-edge technology, allowing training without a chest strap
  • The integrated accelerometer allows the tracking of indoor training precisely from the wrist
  • Customer opinions converge on confirming its superiority over the M430 as a wrist-based heart rate monitor without a band


  • The negative customer reviews converge on the inconvenience of wearing this watch for long periods
  • Other reviews instead complain of an excessive price compared to the improvements made in this wrist heart rate monitor

3. Fitbit Charge 2 – The best seller

Band: No

If you are a lover of minimalist watches, if you are not interested in having the best heart rate monitor on your wrist as regards the amount of functionality and technical characteristics, Fitbit Charge 2 is the best choice for you!

With these uniquely styled wrist heart rate monitors, you can better keep your heart rate under control thanks to a precision heart rate monitor, which will be able to monitor your workouts by bicycle, on the treadmill, or simply while you are having a nice run in the park or in the woods with your dog without any distraction.

Although this is a fairly inexpensive heart rate monitor, the design and features inside allow it to keep up with even the best wrist watches for more cutting-edge workouts, without sacrificing precision in monitoring calories, resting heart rate and even recording the entire daily activity directly from the wrist.

Finally, if you are a person who easily breaks the straps or you just like to vary, we happily communicate the possibility of being able to change the bracelet without problems both in the basic version and in the special version of these wrist heart rate monitors. Be careful though, you may not know which strap to choose for the day!


  • Ability to view SMS, call alerts and calendar on the heart rate monitor screen
  • Train comfortably without a band thanks to the cutting-edge technology installed in the wrist heart rate monitor
  • Replaceable strap
  • Heart rate monitoring from the wrist via low frequency LEDs
  • Ability to perform guided breathing sessions to increase the feeling of relaxation by following the instructions of the heart rate monitor
  • Recording of all daily activities without inaccuracies
  • Ability to activate a GPS to monitor workouts with additional precision while wearing it on the wrist


  • Not compatible with all smartphones
  • Customer opinions converge on the difficulty of configuring these wrist heart rate monitors
  • It is not waterproof

4. Polar M400 – The best value for money

Band: Yes

Are you looking for an inexpensive heart rate monitor without losing any of the features of the most hi-tech watches? Listen to our advice and don’t miss this!

Polar offers a heart rate monitor for your wrist that can measure pressure and heartbeats at a much cheaper price than Suunto, but without giving up a wide range of technical characteristics.

In this series of watches, Polar has included everything you can expect from high-end watches and heart rate monitors: for example, you can use the device while running on a treadmill or while using your racing bike; you can keep track of the calories burned and with GPS you will be able to observe your training routes.

Finally, if you are still undecided about which watch to choose, keep in mind that even with this you can interface via the App with your mobile phone, thanks to the reliable Bluetooth system installed in the device, through which you can also communicate the chest strap during your workouts cardio.


  • Economic and competitive price for a decidedly professional watch.
  • Customer opinions agree in praising the accuracy of the beat counter and the other types of meter installed in this pulse monitor
  • Interface via App very intuitive and easy to manage
  • At the end of the training, detailed measurements in the form of reports will be offered by the heart rate monitor
  • The cadence of your run will be measured directly from the wrist, allowing you to train even without a chest strap
  • GPS with great reliability
  • Complete sleep analysis


  • Some reviews complain of the low longevity of the heart rate monitor
  • To remain in the range of cheap watches, Polar had to build the bracelet and body of the heart rate monitor without using precious materials for your wrist
  • Other reviews report the ease of breaking the USB compartment to charge the heart rate monitor, ultimately making the latter unusable

5. Garmin Forerunner 235 – The favorite of customers

Band: Yes

Most customers this year have already decided which of the heart rate monitors to choose: Get ready to read the review of the Garmin Forerunner 235, in our opinion the best wrist strap heart rate monitor of its kind.

In fact, this watch not only works as a wrist heart rate monitor and therefore as an excellent training companion, but it is also a real Smartwatch that, if connected with your Smartphone, will allow you to receive notifications, calls and messages directly on the wrist, without having to stop training to watch your cell phone.

Another important feature is the VO2 technology: a training monitoring system that allows you to predict your performance in the race, thus leading you to plan your workouts to improve your skills even more without having to resort to other tedious techniques.

Again thanks to Garmin technologies, this wrist heart rate monitor will be able to monitor your workout without a chest strap (even if we report its availability for this series of heart rate monitors), and through the “Fitness Band” technology, you can keep calories under control burned, the daily steps, the distance traveled and even your well-deserved rest without having to use many other devices to keep on your wrist.

Finally, using the connection of your Smartphone, you can check the weather with the heart rate monitor directly from the wrist, without ever being caught unprepared by the weather and to be the best in any situation.


  • Ability to schedule workouts by predicting your future performance directly from the wrist
  • With the “Smart Notification” of this heart rate monitor you will no longer have to be distracted during workouts to check the phone and therefore have a better concentration
  • The Fitness Band keeps most of your daily actions under control, including sleep
  • You can train without a chest strap with these watches, thanks to the tracking of the beats from the wrist
  • Moderately cheap price for the features offered by this heart rate monitor
  • Customer opinions converge on the extreme usefulness of the weather widget
  • Professional look of the bracelet and shell
  • It is the best heart rate monitor in terms of interface customization


  • Many reviews complain that for a better beat tracking it is necessary to buy the chest strap
  • Other reviews believe that wrist tracking is sometimes inaccurate for other features too
  • The GPS of the heart rate monitor is not always accurate, according to the opinions written in the reviews of many customers

6. Polar A300 – A smart choice with an attractive price

Band: Yes

Polar this year wants to give you maximum freedom of choice on which watches to wear on your wrist without affecting your wallet too much. Here is the review of the Polar A300 wrist heart rate monitor (usable with or without band):

The simple design, not too minimal but not too professional, make this wrist heart rate monitor suitable for wearing on any occasion and in any type of training, from simple evening running to high intensity training that precedes an important race.

It is even great for a swim in the pool, as the heart rate monitor works perfectly even in the water. In addition, this device also tracks your activities 24 hours a day, notifying you of periods of high sedentary lifestyle. Thanks to its sleep monitoring, there will be very few situations in which you will take it off.

This wrist heart rate monitor is also capable of displaying all the notifications coming from your phone, even WhatsApp messages! The times when you stopped to see who wrote you during training are over, thanks to this very important feature!

And if you want even more precise monitoring, we point out the availability of an excellent heart rate belt for this heart rate monitor.


  • Very good size of screen and heart rate monitor strap
  • Ability to monitor heart beats even in water thanks to waterproofing
  • The heart rate monitor is available but not necessarily necessary
  • Interchangeable strap for these heart rate monitors
  • Calorie tracking
  • Motivational feedback during workouts
  • Ability to view smartphone notifications on the heart rate monitor screen


  • While swimming, he may not record the training
  • The heart rate monitor can be easily spoiled
  • The headband could be uncomfortable

7. Polar FT7 – The best for swimming

Band: Yes

Polar, with the heart rate monitor with FT7 band, has thought of those who, like you, are passionate about swimming, and want to keep their performance under control so that they can improve even more, without even ignoring the attractive design of what you want to keep at wrist.

The Polar FT7 heart rate monitor can be seen as an improved model compared to what is listed in the Polar A300 review. In fact, in addition to measuring your beats with the heart rate monitor, it allows you to set an ideal number of beats per minute, letting you check when and if you reach it. This is certainly ideal for intensive training.

In addition, what makes this heart rate monitor unique is the automatic choice of the transmission frequency to the training computer, in order to prevent your data from being corrupted by other signals. You can also view detailed information about your workout, using the “Heart Touch” function by approaching the training computer with the heart rate monitor on your wrist.

Finally, this heart rate monitor is also able to monitor your calorie consumption in real time, thanks to a calculation based on your data such as height, weight, intensity of physical activity and your age.


  • Attractive design
  • Competitive price
  • Encrypted communication between training computer and heart rate monitor
  • Calculation of precision calorie consumption
  • Possibility to view detailed training information thanks to the “Heart Touch” system
  • Ultra-resistant strap
  • Heart rate monitor ideal for swimming
  • The headband is not a must-have for this heart rate monitor


  • The heart rate monitor strap can be easily deformed
  • Heart rate monitor dial not backlit

8. Garmin Vivosmart HR – Minimal design, super performance

Band: No

If you find that Garmin heart rate monitors are excellent, but you are not interested in all the features offered by the 235 wrist heart rate monitor, we can say without problems that the new Vivosmart HR bandless heart rate monitor is right for you!

Thanks to the sensor of this heart rate monitor, you will be able to listen to your beats without having to wear any band (in fact not available for this type of heart rate monitor), and in the meantime you can keep under control the calories burned, the training minutes, the hours sleep …

This heart rate monitor will send you notifications during long periods of inactivity, to motivate you to continue a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, its backlit Touchscreen display of the heart rate monitor will give you a fast and intuitive interface, without having to resort to countless buttons on the side of the screen. Also noteworthy is the battery, which lasts about seven days, so that you can avoid being left untracked during training with your trusty heart rate monitor.

Finally, we point out the possibility, through a Smartphone App, to be able to interface with your heart rate monitor via Smartphone. During workouts you will no longer have distractions, thanks to the notifications visible on your wrist!


  • Heart rate monitor touchscreen with intuitive interface
  • Smartphone notifications at your fingertips
  • Backlit display for evening workouts
  • Reporting of long periods of inactivity
  • Not too bulky on the wrist
  • Training control without high precision band
  • Many reviews praise the strap of this heart rate monitor


  • Price of the heart rate monitor quite high
  • It does not record well the workouts with ups and downs
  • Sometimes the heart rate monitor may overestimate distances

Things to consider when buying a wrist heart rate monitor?

Buying a wrist heart rate monitor with or without a band can still be quite complicated, but if you keep the following points in mind, the choice will be easier!

Type of wrist heart rate monitor

First of all, it is important to know the various types of heart rate monitor on the market, so that you can choose the most suitable model for you. The most common are these:

  • Chest heart rate monitor

Commonly called “heart rate belt” or “chest belt”, it is the best of the three for precision, thanks to the positioning of the belt through chest straps and, consequently, with greater proximity to the heart.

In addition to being more precise, the heart rate monitor with strap constantly sends data on your heart rate, allowing you to continue training without stopping for monitoring and ensuring a better concentration.

However, all this precision is achieved at the expense of greater inconvenience during training (the band in some cases could not make you do exercises) and a greater cost in money.

  • Wrist watches/monitors

This type, now more widespread, allows the monitoring of training, heart rate, and many other factors thanks to a simple device to be worn on the wrist and without any chest strap.

Unlike the heart rate monitor with heart rate belt, this type of meter is much more comfortable, cheaper, but most likely you will have to stop to check the measurements during training, in most cases you cannot monitor your speed and distance traveled .

Finally, the overall monitoring will be slightly less precise than that with band.

  • Finger Sensor Monitors

Commonly known as “Touch Sensor” or “Pulse Meters”, these watch-like heart rate monitors do not constantly monitor pulsations like other models, but you have to press your finger against the sensor to get a beat reading. These are the cheapest heart rate monitors but they are the least reliable and have less functionality than the others.


  • Calories

This tool estimates the calories burned during training. It is a very important feature if you have included a weight loss program in your training and therefore to plan a better diet.

  • Monitor for speed and distance

Calculate your speed and measure the distance covered during training normally through a GPS receiver for outdoor use and a pedometer for indoor use, or for outdoor use but in areas with little satellite reception. The pedometer uses an accelerometer to determine the length of each stride.

  • Connectivity

It is used to interface the heart rate monitor with any other electronic device. Normally, this occurs via Bluetooth, allowing communication of training data to a Smartphone through specific Apps. Otherwise, some devices can be connected to a PC in order to extrapolate a detailed report of the workouts.

  • Sportwatch

This name refers to a wrist heart rate monitor which includes features such as clock, alarm, timer and calendar.

  • Mode for recovery of the heart beat

Through this mode, the device calculates your heart rate at the end of the workout: if the beats go down quickly, it means that your body is well trained. Thanks to this important function, you will be able to decrease recovery times for a better workout.

Finally, when purchasing one of these heart rate monitors, we believe it is important first of all to do a quick research on the products and to look at the models of the best known brands.

It is also important to decide how you want to train: do you prefer greater accuracy through the use of a chest strap, or do you not want to wear any band but prefer a wrist heart rate monitor?

Ask other customers questions about the functionality of the heart rate monitor, its accessories, the comfort of the band (if available), they could save you a wrong purchase! This small step will be very useful to buy the best wrist heart rate monitor without a band, or any other product you decide to buy.

Plan a budget to spend, so that you can not waste time looking for too expensive or too cheap products, thus going to find the best wrist heart rate monitor for your needs.


Through this series of reviews, we hope you have been useful in choosing which your best wrist heart rate monitor, thus improving your workouts, making you more agile, quick and resistant!