Beurer BM35 Review

Beurer BM35 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
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Beurer BM35 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Upper arm blood pressure monitor
  • Certified by the European Society of Hypertension and the British Hypertension Society
  • Large easy to read LCD Display
  • Classification of measurementswith coloured scale & arrhythmia detection
  • 2 x 60 Memory spaces

Blood pressure monitor Beurer BM 35 is used for non-invasive measurement and monitoring of arterial blood pressure in adults.

This device allows you to measure your blood pressure quickly and easily, as well as store and display the average values and their history.

If there are disturbances in heart rhythm this monitor is capable of emitting a warning sound.

Product Details:

  • Type of pressure measurement: automatic
  • Cuff size: 22-33 cm
  • Weight: 558 g
  • Memory spaces: 2×60
  • Blood pressure measurement range: 40-280 mmHg
  • Pulse measurement range: 40-199 beats/min
  • Power source: 4 alkaline batteries type AAA


  • the average value calculation
  • automatic shut-off
  • battery change indicator
  • arrhythmia indication
  • no sound notification

The values measured by this unit are recorded and evaluated with a graph according to the standards of the World Health Organization also known as WHO. This product is supplied with a flexible tube, a cuff, a plug for the cuff, and a connection port for the cuff.

The large display from the excellent contrast show the battery status, an error indicator, the systolic pressure, the diastolic pressure, a symbol of disturbance of cardiac pressure, the measuring unit in mmHg, a user symbol (two memory slots available), the time and date, the number of the memory location, the symbol of the wrist, the measured value of the heartbeat, WHO classification, and finally storing the hours in which you are measuring.

How to measure the pressure with the Beurer BM35

The blood pressure measurement using this device is similar to others and very simple to perform, just apply the cuff to the bare arm at heart level and above 2-3 cm of the elbow crease, closing it with the strap closure. Then, turn on the device and select the memory location between the two available. Now everything is ready to take the measurement.

It automatically starts, by pumping air into the cuff to evaluate the blood pressure. If cuff pressure is not sufficient to detect the pressure, it continues to pump air into the cuff until reaching the exact value of inflation. At the end of the measurement, the air pressure is reduced automatically very quickly.

In a case of any issue, you can stop the measurement using the shutdown button. If the device is not turned off manually, it switches off automatically after one minute of inactivity.

For a low price, the quality can not be high

Unfortunately, it is to be pointed out that despite the device is made by such a prestigious brand as Beurer, it does not mean that all products from the same manufacturer are of high quality. It’s worth noting that the materials of construction are of lower quality than in other models, although it must be stressed that this device costs half compared to others.

Even the cuff does not excel in quality, being somewhat stiff. Also, the bag for storing the appliance after use has the zipper that tends to jam, and it is a shame to ruin it after only a few uses. Forcing in the worst cases to take an another to replace it. Even the automatic measurement has its flaws, although very convenient, it is still quite slow, resulting in some patients some impatience.

Also, the measurements in comparison with other models, or taken by a distance of a few minutes disagree a bit in a completely unexpected way. Finally, a product worth considering if you are looking for a blood pressure monitor easy to use and only for personal measurements, but if you are professional, there are more suitable devices for your needs.

Test Results
  • Measurement accuracy
  • Functioning
  • Handling
  • Price/performance


This unit worth considering if you are looking for a blood pressure monitor easy to use and only for personal measurements, but if you are professional, there are more suitable devices for your needs.