Braun Satin Hair 7 ST 710 Review

Braun Satin Hair 7 ST710 Iontec Straightener
2,982 Reviews
Braun Satin Hair 7 ST710 Iontec Straightener
  • Iontec technology: effective ionic performance to tame frizz for healthy smoothness and shine
  • Moisture level balance: active ions restore the moisture balance of your hair
  • Nanoglide ceramic floating plates distribute the pressure evenly to prevent hair damage
  • Anti-static styling: designed to tame frizz and static for instant smoothness
  • Anti-hair breakage: precise temperature regulation according to hair type

For those who can not afford the higher price range devices, such as the ghd V Gold Classic Styler or Cloud Nine C9 Touch, or simply do not want to invest as much in a hair straightener, there is another choice, the price-performance winner of our tests.

The straightener Satin Hair 7 ST 710 from Braun is equipped with the modern and efficient Iontec technology and has a modest price of about 40 pounds.

The German brand Braun has stretched its tentacles in nearly all areas of electrical appliances. The most successful they are in the areas of hygiene and beauty care.

There are not only toothbrushes and shavers, which proved to be the best in their field, but also a wide range of hair straighteners and hair dryers, which won fans and becoming more and more recognised as a market leader.

Today, at least three series of brown hair straighteners on the market and provide a fight only with each other, because they are unbeatable in its price category.

Product Details:

  • Weight: 275 g
  • Power: 170 Watts
  • Heating plates material: Ceramic
  • THeating plates coating: NanoGlide
  • Temperature range: 130°C – 200°C with 5°C heating step
  • Technology: Iontec Technology


  • very good smoothing results
  • individual temperature regulation
  • Ion technology
  • comfortable handling
  • high-quality workmanship
  • max. temperature only to 200°C

Delivery and packaging

Braun-Satin-Hair-7ST-710-PackagingIn contrast to other participants of our tests, the packaging is somewhat simple and trendy in this case.

It is still an eye-catcher and meets the standards of Braun. The delivery arrived very carefully packed, and you could immediately exclude any transport damages.

Only two working days we have been waiting for this product, which, although the joy of expectation rose but at the right time was breastfed.

The packaging is in this case, although not as luxurious as the product by ghd, but attention was paid here to certain Braun-typical details.

Appearance, design and condition

Despite the fact that the Satin Hair 7 ST 710 is from 2011, it has not only the modern but also robust-looking design and a display.

This is, compared with other straighteners, a distinct advantage, because it provides individual adjustment options, which many products is lacking.

Beside it, there is also the well-mounted cable, which acts as a feature of the attention to detail and good workmanship of the product.

With this structure and positioning, it can not get tangled up. The device itself is kept entirely in black and looks very futuristic, with its large green display.

Data, facts, technologies & features

The straightener iron with active ion technology has a size of 36 x 12 x 6 cm. It carries no great weight but is sufficient for practical use.

Compared to other straighteners, the Satin Hair 7 ST 710 from Braun receives additional points not only for standardised features but also for special features.

It is one of the first straightening irons with Ionic-Technology, which was developed specifically for the protection of hair.

During the smoothing, million ions are released and bind the moisture from the air with the hair in the process.

So the hair is not only smooth but also soft, shiny and healthy. The ion technology makes the styling antistatic by bringing the moisture level of the hair in balance.

This feature is, of course, an invention of Braun and is also used in a few other straighteners only.

This is the reason that hair straighteners from Braun are developed in collaboration with the DWI, an independent German Hair Research Institute.

So, it was also paid attention to the healthy temperature of the hair.

The Satin Hair 7 ST 710 operates at temperatures from 130°C to 200°C. These can be adjusted, depending on your hair type, by using the clear display and the temperature control.

Temperatures are, of course, transmitted to the narrow Nanoglide ceramic plates.

They are by three times smoother than normal ceramic plates so that the surface structure of the hair is not damaged.

Also, the extra hair protection, through the suspension of the plates is ensured. Thus, not too much pressure may be exercised, and the hairs are not strained.

Besides these iron also include features such as a memory function about the last used temperature, as well as a boost button for more power.

Even after the power is turned off the standby indicator remains lit until the iron cools completely.

This conveys a sense of security just like the sleep mode, the overheating protection and the fact that the tip is heat-insulated, allow the iron to be operated with both hands.

Comfort & Handling

Braun-Satin-Hair-7ST-710-UsageThe operation is seen right away as extremely simple. The desired temperature is set on the display, and the ion function is either on or off, the straightener not even need 40 seconds until it is fully operational.

The colour on display changes to green and outs himself as ready.

After the Satin Hair 7 ST 710 was set on and the first strand was smoothed we were pleasantly surprised.

The first and all subsequent strands slipped through the iron without problems. Nothing came to a halt, and no hair was held up, burnt or uprooted.

If you have additional questions, the relatively short user guide can help, as it provides a good start to the perfect smoothing.


The optimised ion technology offered brilliant results after the first swipe.

Natural curly hair was to test. These were pulled strand by strand through the Satin Hair 7 ST 710. Already after the first pulling the strands of hair shone in the healthy glow and a natural smoothness.

Even one day after the treatment the hair remains smooth. Just comb through, and they’re almost like on the first day.

No static charging or creases, which often appeared as a side effect of other straighteners, were found here.

After a prolonged use of more than 2 months, no split ends, or other damage to the hair could be found, which was one of the key points in our test and the Satin Hair 7 ST 710 showed that it is worthy of the price-performance place winner.


Unfortunately, straightener comes without special accessories.

In addition to the device, the packaging and instruction, no other components are present. However, for about 40 pounds no frills may be required, because we are talking about Braun, a quality brand with tradition.

Warranty and service

Each unit of Braun brings a certain guarantee with it, and our today’s hero is no exception.

A warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase will be supplied with the device. This is liable for all damages that occur to the unit.


The low price, together with a stable workmanship, advanced technologies and a reliable service and warranty period, brought us to the clear test result:

The Braun Satin Hair 7 ST 710 straightener with Iontec Technology (ES2) offers the best price-performance ratio in the test.

Not only that its Ion Technology nourishes the hair, or that the safety is provided through a range of precautionary measures, but it is also the ease of use, and long-lasting, healthy results had to be rewarded with many points.

The Braun Satin Hair 7 ST 710 straightener was different than others, yet cheaper and better.

The Braun Satin Hair 7 ST 710 straightener is worth the title of the best price-performance ratio and a buy recommendation.

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Braun Satin Hair 7 ST710 Iontec Straightener Braun Satin Hair 7 ST710 Iontec Straightener 2,982 Reviews
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After a prolonged use of more than 2 months, no split ends, or other damage to the hair could be found, which was one of the key points in our test.