Braun Satin Hair 7 ST 750 (ES 3-C) Review

Braun Satin Hair 7 Straightener ES 3-C
780 Reviews
Braun Satin Hair 7 Straightener ES 3-C
  • Colour saver technology prevents coloured hair from excess dry out for longer lasting vibrant colour
  • Iontec technology: effective ionic performance to tame frizz for healthy smoothness and shine
  • Moisture level balance: active ions restore the moisture balance of your hair
  • Nanoglide ceramic floating plates distribute the pressure evenly to prevent hair damage
  • Anti-static styling: designed to tame frizz and static for instant smoothness

Slightly weaker than the Satin Hair 7 ST 710 straightener, delivered his coloured brother.

Straightening irons made especially for colourized hair are rather rare, and good straighteners for this use are exceptionally rare.

With the colouring, dyeing or tinting the hair is very stressed, which is why they require special care.

These should be soft, which protect the hair but do not attack the colour.

These are not only a series of care products but also a straightener that preserves the health of the hair.

It is the Satin Hair 7 ST 750 straightener with Iontec and Colour Saver Technology from Braun protects, by a unique technology, the hair from 70% of the colour loss.

The special preparation and protection for the hair will cost less than 40 pounds. A straightening iron that has everything you would expect from a standardised item and also even dominates a specialised field of coloration.

We have also tested this promising straightening iron, and it reached, through the tough competition, only the second place in the charts. How does this straightener is different from others and how it has earned this place, you can read below.

Product Details:

  • Weight: 275 g
  • Power: 170 Watts
  • Heating plates material: Ceramic
  • Heating plates coating: NanoGlide
  • Temperature range: 130°C – 200°C
  • Technology: Ion, Colour Saver


  • Colour Saver Technology
  • good smoothing results
  • good handling
  • specifically for colourized hair
  • max. temperature only to 200°C
  • quite big and heavy

Delivery and packaging

Braun-Satin-Hair-7ST-750-PackagingThe delivery of this product was, as expected, very satisfactory and fast. In just a few days, the straightening iron with colour saving technology faced the door.

During unpacking, it was carefully inspected for any damage during transportation, as always, the search was hopeless.

The packaging is in accordance with the standards of Braun, very solid and appealing. It cannot be used for further storage. Nevertheless, we have already got used to it, and also do not expect it.

Appearance, design and condition

The typical design of the series 7 from Braun exudes at us this time also. It is a futuristic and robust design, which also appears to be very functional.

With the same dimpled tops, but this time with a colour accent on dark pink on the surface, the device is very attractive.

The large display also remained, the workmanship is just as stable as of other straighteners of the Series 7 by Braun.

Data, facts, technologies & features

The goal of this flat iron is loud and clear. Its mission is to protect colourized hair from drying out and from colour loss.

There are more than 70% of the colour loss, which is reduced through the colour save technology.

In addition to the features of our second-placed winner are patented resilient plates, and the proven ion technology, that Braun developed.

Braun-Satin-Hair-7ST-750-Colour_SaverWe are talking about the Colour Save Technology, which prevents fading of hair.

The device does not dry out the hair, but it prevents moisture loss by releasing unique satin ions during the smoothing.

These store the moisture from the air right there where it is needed. They are actually only optimised versions of previous ion particles.

In addition to this protection, the Satin Hair 7 Colour straightener also glides gently, through the colouring, damaged areas.

It also ensures that the temperatures will not exceed the limits in smoothing.

Different hair structures react differently to the heat of the iron, which is why it displays what hair type is selected, and the right temperature.

So, the high 200°C are not suitable for fine hair, but rather for frizzy and strong.

All of this sounds familiar, but the iron and the plates are adjusted in small details for colourized hair.

Comfort & Handling

Braun-Satin-Hair-7ST-750-UsageAfter the device is switched on and the display shows the right hair type and the appropriate temperature has been selected, it is almost ready for the smoothing.

After the heating time of at least 40 seconds has flown, the display colour changes from red to green.

The straightener is applied to the first thin and coloured strand, and it can be smoothed.

The straightener is very pleasant in the process, not tweets or tugging of the hair is felt, which is mainly the result of Nanoglide ceramic plates.

The iron itself lies well in hand, due to the heat-insulated tips, it can be operated with both hands.

The cable is also not in the way of the user since it has a rotary joint of 360°.


Whether curly or straight hair, with the Braun Satin Hair 7 ST 750 hair straightener with Iontec and Colour Saver Technology, everything went just as easily as with his first-placed brother.

The device was, of course, only applied to color-treated hair, although it is therefore also suitable for fine uncolored hair.

The hair becomes absolute smooth and durable.

After a permanent use of the flat iron, no damage to the structure of the hair was detected, as well as with the model on first place.

The results speak for themselves. The hair did not lose colour intensity or quality even after prolonged use.


This model comes without accessories, the coveted travel case can be ordered separately from Braun.

At a price of about 40 pounds and such a good hair straightener, it would actually be an impertinence to demand something more.

Warranty and service

The warranty and services remained exactly the same as with other models of the series 7.

Two-year warranty from date of purchase, Braun is liable during this period for all material and workmanship damage of the unit.


And as we have now arrived at the end of the test, the Braun Satin Hair 7 ST 750 straightener in many things reminds the ST 710, the question arises, where the difference is?

It’s easy to explain because the ST 750 is a device specifically designed for colour-treated hair.

This means that the device indicates less heat and protects the hair even more than it would be needed.

In addition to this sensibility, this variant of the Series 7 is also designed much simpler.

Some small but powerful additional features are missing, which affected the price.

Not even 40 pounds costs this straightener, and it is suitable for all dyed hair types and even uncolored but very fine and dry hair.

Clearly, a buy recommendation with this device may be pronounced, as it is a good price-performance ratio product.

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For color-treated hair, this iron is the best choice!