Cloud Nine C9 TOUCH Review

Cloud Nine The Touch Hair Straightener Gift Set
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Cloud Nine The Touch Hair Straightener Gift Set
  • Bring the heat in an instant with The Touch Iron. Made for the mane changers on the move. Heating up instantly and always created with Kinder Styling Technology for healthier, stronger, shinier hair every time you style.
  • 85% of women said their hair felt and looked SHINIER, HEALTHIER and GLOSSIER using CLOUD NINE.
  • The Touch Iron Giftset includes a black, silken, heat-resistant Style Case.
  • Designed with exclusive Touch Technology, this buttonless Straightening Iron heats instantly from the very first stroke, eliminating heat up time.
  • With CLOUD NINE's exclusive Kinder Styling Technology, Mineral-Infused Ceramic Plates and Variable Temperature Control, The Touch Iron puts you in control. Allowing you to choose a temperature which best suits your hair type and style, locking in moisture, sealing the cuticle and delivering glossy, healthy results that last.
Cloud Nine, since its inception in 2008, deals with professional hair styling and combines quality with performance.

The company focuses on different hair styling products like curling irons, brushes and styling iron.

The “Original Iron” hair straightener for the first time in the history of Cloud Nine combines professional styling with low temperatures.

An extension of this model, which promises, even more, power, is the fully automatic styling iron “TOUCH”. As a limited edition, this requires no switches thanks to new technologies.

Product Details:

  • Weight: 200 g
  • Power: 40 Watts
  • Heating plates material: Ceramic
  • Heating plates coating: Mineral Ceramic
  • Temperature range: 165°C – 195°C
  • Technology: Micro Computer


  • very small heat-up time
  • proper functioning of the fully automatic operation
  • low power consumption
  • very good styling results
  • no display
  • only two temperature levels

Packaging and first impressions

cloud-nine-c9-touch-packagingThe C9 TOUCH is delivered in a small and classically designed box, labelled with the model name and brand. The straightener is located in a small bag, which was made especially for the model. Also, a protection cap is present.

Both bag and cap are heat resistant. Furthermore, a very compact and understandable manual and safety information are included with the product.

Additionally, Cloud Nine provides four clips for attaching and ease of handling of the hair and a heat protection spray of the same brand.

In order not to let the 24-month manufacturer’s warranty expired, it must be activated on the website within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Not only the matt black case but also the smooth ceramic plates, which have a slight suspension are well made. Despite a length of 26 cm, the styling iron is compact and very suitable for transportation thanks to the small carrying case.

Data, facts, technologies & features

cloud-nine-c9-touch-ledAs a fully automatic styling iron, which is not only suitable for smoothing, but also for creating curls, turns on automatically when plugged in and heats up within five seconds to 195°C. To whom this temperature is too high, this one can provide a switch to 165°C by quickly touching the plates together three times.

Since no digital display is available, the LED temperature display serves as a warning light and changes with this switch from red to blue. The change in temperature to 165°C is very fast and is beneficial for stressed hair. If you decided to switch back to 195°C, quickly touch the plates together twice.

If the C9 TOUCH is not used for 30 seconds, it automatically turns off. On this fast and power-efficient variant, therefore, neither on nor an off switch is available. Other control buttons are also not needed.

C9 Touch straightener in practice

The Cloud 9 hair straightener C9 TOUCH is a limited edition model, the only styling iron without heating time. We could choose between 195°C and 165°C, the two most frequently used temperature settings, where the first temperature setting is only suitable for thick and healthy hair. Nevertheless, it is possible to achieve very good results with this two levels.

Thanks to the fully automatic system, the straightening iron turns off after 30 seconds of inactivity. Also, switches are not necessary neither for temperature control nor for switching on and off.

After plugging in it heats up to 195°C and is ready for immediate use. To switch to the lower temperature, it is necessary to touch the plates together three times quickly. This works flawlessly. To return to the higher level, touch the plates together only twice. In this process, the LED indicator changes light from red to blue.

cloud-nine-c9-touch-caseIn practical “smoothing” test we evaluate the overall result as well. The very smooth ceramic plates with slight suspension left no strand of hair curly and conjured after a very short period of application smooth and supple hair.

Thanks to the included hair clips we could very well divide the hair into individual sections and thus achieve a great result. We also tried the creating of curls and found that this is possible without any problems thanks to the round shape of the housing.

The C9 TOUCH is characterised, in particular, by the MiCom Technology (microcomputer), which ensures an even temperature, through sensors with ceramic heating element technology.

Unfortunately neither an ioniser, which would neutralise the static charge of the hair, nor additional functions, such as for example a heating plate locking, present.

During our tests, the straightener lay very comfortably in hand and was not too hot to handle with 28°C. Since it is fully automatic, it is not possible to press buttons accidentally during smoothing. The 2.5-meter long cord with swivel body ensures comfort and possibility of movement when styling.

Test Results
  • Usage
  • Comfort & Handling
  • Styling results
  • Price/performance


The C9 TOUCH straightener received plus points for its MiCom technology and the functioning of the energy-efficient fully automatic system. Also, we liked the quick heating-up time and the ceramic plates, providing professional styling results. Nevertheless, offered two temperature levels is a very little choice for this price level. Since there is also no digital display, the device receives a total score of 4.4 from us and thus the 3rd place.