Why is there expertjack.co.uk?
It is almost impossible nowadays to live without modern technology. Whether in the kitchen, in the bedroom or in the garage: nearly every household has products such as CD-systems, hairdryers, curling irons, massage mats or electric toothbrushes. All in all, the corresponding portfolio of more demanding consumers sometimes stocked rich. But, experience shows over and over again, that many manufacturers do not always deliver what they promise in view of the quality of their products. Those who opt for a personal consultation at the local vendors often has to deal with sellers who are informed only partially in terms of functionality, performance, etc. about the desired products. Is it any wonder that many consumers choose to buy their goods on the Internet? More practically, it is always a good decision in view of this development, there is ExpertJack.co.uk. It is an innovative portal that has to offer detailed test results to a broad range of products for almost all areas of daily life. In this way, it is no longer a problem to make the right decision for or against a product online instantly for the quality-conscious and cost-conscious customers. Because the test results on ExpertJack.co.uk are independent to 100 percent, absolutely neutral and backed up. It does not matter whether it comes to beauty products, products for babies and children, to consumer electronics, gardening tools, household products, such as washing machines, steam cleaners or food slicer. ExpertJack.co.uk offers real advantages in every way!
Is this site neutral and independent?
Those, who are willing to spend money on a desirable product, expecting an adequate product quality. After all, the ultimate goal is to have the most out of the particular goods. It does not matter what product it is in detail: cheap cameras should, therefore, be just as powerful, as inexpensive food slicer or electronic equipment under 100 euros. And all the consumers who like to fall sometimes deeper into their pockets, of course, place, particularly high demands on price, performance and quality. If one relying, however, on the statements and commitments of many manufacturers, then one is often left as a consumer. The fact is that false information or incorrect advice may well have quite expensive consequences. For this reason, it is worthwhile to conduct objective reviews and tests. Here you can be safe in every respect: on our website, you get absolutely independent reviews that can help you, most certainly, in your purchasing decision. In addition, all tests that our renowned experts carry out, always up to date. So, you will easily cope as a consumer with our reviews. Even our comparison tables are simple and clearly structured.
How is the selection of the products for testing occurring?
The wishes, needs and demands of the modern consumer today are facing the choice of the particular test equipment in focus. Our experts do not just choose “any” products to “check it thoroughly”. But, primarily, the actuality plays an important role. This means that, among the rest, the test equipment of relevance are those that have currently just come on the market. Products that are of particular resonance among customers also come to us for review, as products that attract attention by specific reviews. If certain highlights in the focus of the consumer interest, this may well be an important criterion for us to take up goods mentioned above in our tests. There are so many different factors that are of significance for our portal. The priority is in any case for our experts, that our site – no matter on what products it comes to – offers our users the best possible, objective benefits.
What is the origin of the test products?
We strive in every way to offer our users a high degree of objectivity and professionalism when it comes to the test runs or outcomes at which our experts test products under the microscope. Certainly, time after time from one or the other consumers arises the question of where the relevant products, which we include in our tests came from. On the one hand, it is the manufacturers themselves who give their products to us, to take this in an adequate form of inspection. The manufacturer, primarily, does this to guarantee an objective and therefore representative studies. Since, among the rest, this is also for the presentation of their products on the market. In this regard, we assure our users, that this in any form will not affect our final test results. Also, in this regard, maximum objectivity and safety is guaranteed thanks to specific test procedures. Of course, we use not only the products received from the manufacturers. But with regard to our specific selection procedures, our specialists regularly, “in the service of the science”, acquire certain products directly from the stores to examine them at our offices or laboratories by explicitly defined criteria.
What is the basis of the test procedures?
Always in the context, to provide optimum independent information to the interested consumer on the respective of the available desired product, the basics of our testing procedures as well as processes based on them are strictly conceived. So, for our experts first and foremost concern is to take a close look at the basic characteristics. For example, in each case suitable functions are awarded to electronic toothbrushes, but also bread slicers, dishwashers and washing machines to write a basic function and performance portfolio. Our qualified testers will create valuable facts on this basis in a first catalogue, which will be further completed in the then following steps. In this regard, among other things, the facts come into play which are put together in the context of comprehensive and in some cases lengthy research work by us, to get a more precise framework. All these aspects will be afterwards transferred in the catalogue, completed by additional conditions and study results. Then, after this basic work is done, the preparation of a questionnaire takes place, based on which the particular tests of the product are carried out. As a result, it is thus possible for us to operate independently, goal-oriented, precise and efficient, to provide an even better decision-making support for the consumer.
Who tests the selected products?
As an operator of a public Internet portal with the aim to ensure greater consumer orientation, we have made it our mission to test products of all kinds. It does not matter whether it comes to products of inferior quality, or if particularly high-quality products are the focus. Based on the above selection criteria experts are selected from our team, who then decide exclusively with the in-depth investigation of the test products. From the rough observation of the service portfolio to the analysis of even the smallest details, we place the utmost importance on absolute accuracy, reliability and sustainability. Of course, only selected experts from our experienced team are considered suitable for the individual test. Assuming that our specialists do not succeed in the context of said examination processes to get the expert view on precision and efficiency that characterise our company, so we are not afraid to entrust external commissions of inquiry in the case of need. Only in this way – in which we are sure – can be fully guaranteed that the interested consumer who wants to know about desired product, actually receives the information that is of relevance. The cooperation of external auditors with our internal team runs in the course of this very closely, so that a complete implementation of all inspection operations can be made safely.
How are the product tests carried out?
As different as the products which are submitted to us for testing, respectively, so different are also the individual product tests. In all electronic appliances, for example, electric toothbrushes proper charging of the batteries is needed. So, this process is evaluated, because the charging time, as well as the charging processes, are of interest to most consumers. In principle, also done an assessment of a more or less difficult assembly of the tested device. Then follows a review of the operation in general and the material nature of the individual components. Questions, questions … What about the labelling of the products? Can thus be ensured a straightforward and objective-oriented functionality? Subsequently, different functional and performance tests, take place in this way, among other things to find out what results consumers will later receive. Major decision characteristics in this context include the speed, convenience, volume at start-up, safety aspects, handling, use and so on. Other relevant questions from our previously prepared list of questions to be answered. For example, in relation to the usefulness of any additional features or their presence, the grip and so on. The design and packaging – also with regard to ecological aspects – play a significant role in this regard. Of course, our well-known experts place the results generated in the course in relation to the given selling price. Because this is an equally important feature for most users, when it comes to deciding for or against a certain product.
How current are the product tests?
We are always committed to providing our users with an information portfolio as meaningful as possible, to make a decision-making process about certain products easier. It is not only important in this context, to achieve absolute precision, yet clear and easy to understand test results. Because of an equally great importance in this regard is the aspect of timeliness. The more current and modern, the respective tests of our portal are conceived, the more likely also the quality-conscious customer will receive benefits. The sooner the consumer can be informed about the possible positive and the possible negative characteristics about his desirable product from us, the better. For this reason, it is the be-all and end-all for us to keep up to date all test results, and to update them. This means, among other things, that the information underlying always currently checked out on the market to-find studies or messages and optionally analysed again and if needed to be completed afterwards. Neutrality and objectivity have the highest priority, concerns also that we update our test portfolio with views of all product groups on a regular basis not only in this way. But we are also constantly adding new products to our portfolio in order to complete these new tests. We are talking, in this case, about new or revised by the manufacturer products. Finally, it is also important for them to carry out an absolutely neutral and highly informative, meaningful analysis to ensure that consumers as directly as possible has a valuable expertise.
How is the test score calculated?
Only after every product – no matter what kind – has been tested to 100 percent and evaluated, a rating can occur. In this context, the proven school grading system to be considered, since the consumer know it to its full extent. In this way, our test results are even more transparent, clearer. In accordance with the respective product categories are usually the following factors, which is a “school grade-relevant” evaluation makes possible at all: The design of the product, the qualitative nature of the individual components, the net weight, the level of difficulty in the assembly and the quality of equipment in general. Moreover, the conceptual design and the environmental impact of packaging play a very significant role. These aspects form the basis of our rating system, whereupon also the following factors are of relevance and will be taken into account: the quality and the nature of the batteries (if present), the charging capacity and the speed of charging, the handling, the processing of the device in overall, the volume when the unit was commissioned,the safety aspects, such as beeps, instructions, signs and lettering, ergonomics and so on, the ease-of-use and/or handling, the clarity (is it possible to use it easily even for inexperienced users, the tester to operate and to achieve the desired results?), the equipment total, the total duration, the energy consumption, the stability, and so on. Of course, it all comes down, in this respect, to the relevant product category. Trampolines, for example, are analysed by following a slightly different assessment scheme, as washing machines, cordless screwdriver or electric toothbrushes.