ghd V Gold Classic Styler Review

ghd V Gold Classic Styler
3,049 Reviews
ghd V Gold Classic Styler
  • Straighteners from the designer house of ghd
  • Glimmering gold accents and plates and an enhanced design give the ghd V gold classic styler a luxe feel
  • Smoother gold plates glide effortlessly through the hair to make straightening on all hair types and lengths even quicker and easier
  • An automatic sleep mode is activated if the styler is not used for 30 minutes
  • Universal voltage ensures you will get the same styling performance wherever you are in the world, an ideal choice if you travel frequently
  • 25 second heat up time for quick and easy styling
The right choice for the perfect hairstyle and healthy hair is often difficult to make with such a large offer.

It was a real head-to-head race. Among many participants of our tests, only the best could climb to the top, including the product by ghd.

The acronym stands for the expression “Good Hair Day” and the brand promises “good hair day, every day”.

But also a corresponding reputation follows such a slogan. This applies to defend it, and ghd gold styler made that until now with success, but also with slightly higher prices.

Almost 120 pounds ghd asks for its high-quality product, which is why we decided to take a closer and more detailed look.

Fortunately, we were not disappointed, but very pleasantly surprised, because ghd brought us the product which joined our top 5.

Product Details:

  • Weight: 245 g
  • Power: 150 Watts
  • Heating plates material: Ceramic
  • Heating plates coating: Ceramic
  • Temperature range: automatic temperature control
  • Technology: Ion, Infrared heating


  • excellent smoothing results
  • very good curls function
  • automatic temperature adjustment
  • easy of use
  • no display
  • no temperature control

Delivery and packaging

The device was brought to our door within a few days. The supplier made points to its reputation by quickly and reliably complied with the specified delivery deadlines.

The Gold hair straightener comes in a very attractive packaging, the same announcing the appearance of the iron with a tasteful and modern design.

Appearance, design and composition

GHD-Gold-Classic-Styler-unfoldedThe packaging, designed in gold and black colours, looks not only stable and high quality, but also noble.

The design of the iron is also simple but elegant. The device is mainly black, has a yellow-golden hot plate and the ghd logo, and either black or gold accents in the right places.

The classic, functional but still elegant design creates a feeling of safety and security, because it sounds familiar but nevertheless brings a recognition.

Data, facts, technologies & features

However, not only the single product was delivered, but also a plate protection cap. It is not as many accessories as was expected, nevertheless, was still something.

As compensation for the usual frills ghd offers a certificate of authenticity, which binds this product to a guarantee, but more on that later.

Anyhow, the golden child of ghd has a ceramic heating smoothing system. This promises not only a longer life and movement of the heating plate but also a more rapid heating.

In addition to this feature, the high-quality ion straightener also has an automatic shut-off.

GHD-Gold-Classic-Styler-closedThe inexperienced eye would notice the lack of temperature regulation, but this is also performed automatically. In five-second intervals, the iron measures the current temperature and adjusts it to the hair structure.

A practical detail is that the device reports with a melodic character after switching on. There is then less than 20 seconds to warm-up, after which the device is ready for use.

So, there are no technical properties, which can confuse the owner, but very simple steps, since ghd can afford something like that.

With a stone confidence in the end result and longevity of its products, the product by ghd climbed boldly in the direct practical test.

Comfort & Handling

Here the ghd Gold Styler showed his true side, namely the best.

It is not just a hair straightening iron, but a true styler.

With it, not only the hair can be smoothed, but conjure correct curls, flicks and other beautiful creations.

What’s needed is just a skilled hand, because the styler glides by itself. Initially, the small hot plate seems to be insufficient, particularly when compared to other, where the plates used were almost as rulers. But appearances are deceptive.

Just because of the small surface, this hair straightener is a styler. Because of this, it is easy to manoeuvre in the hair and inspire with its small weight to true masterpieces.

The hidden technical characteristics of this device also deserve the positive notice. Where, for some, the owner’s manual constantly should be next to the unit, here it is simple and explains in a few steps.

Here was also provided measures for the security, so to put the plates into a sleep mode, not to burn the area.


The results are also phenomenal. No matter with which type of hair the styler was used, all hairstyles were of high-quality and clean.

As for the device, it is absolutely perfect. The hair remains shiny, and what is more important, they remain healthy.

The styler can not damage the hair because it constantly adjusts its operating temperature.

In comparison to other hair straighteners the styler by ghd caused almost no damage to the hair. They were tested after a longer use on different types of hair and the results spoke for themselves. The healthy hair spoke whole volumes compared to other hair straighteners, which is why the ghd Gold Styler went as the clear winner of this race.


The accessories in this case, as already mentioned, been somewhat more modest, but a flat iron is purchased not because of the accessories, but because of its performance.

It all boils down to the plate cap and the fact that this is a product with the certificate of authenticity and warranty.

Warranty and service

The guarantee was set to 2 years by the manufacturer. It is particularly interesting to note that the authenticity of the device can also be checked online, so can always be assumed to be original. It is often copied, but also well protected.


As a conclusion, it can be said that the ghd Gold Styler has rightly got his place in our top 5.

Not only that this device is very easy to use and provides beautiful results, but it has also been found to be the least harmful among its competitors.

The results after a longer application spoke for themselves and also the stylings, which easily and quickly bloomed, immediately jumped into the eye in the sea of hair straighteners.

The warranty of ghd also benefited as a plus point, which is why we think that the price of nearly 120 pounds is a bit high but still appropriate.

We speak of a definite buy recommendation on a product that is likely to last for generations.

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ghd V Gold Classic Styler ghd V Gold Classic Styler 3,049 Reviews
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For such quality, a sonorous name, the elegant design and the overwhelming results, you can safely pay such money.