How To Know Your Bra Size?

How To Know Your Bra Size?Learning how to understand your bra size is extremely important.

Not only for an aesthetic factor, but also to face everyday life in comfort without discomfort such as a circumference that does not breathe, braces that cut the shoulders.

And then, the terror of every new bra: the underwire that stings.

On the other hand, between Italian and international sizes, circumferences and cups, numbers and letters, learning how to understand the size of a bra really seems like a challenge.

But it’s actually easier than you think. In this article we will guide you through sizes, calculations and measurements to find the perfect bra too.

Ready? Let’s start!

From which and how many sizes the bra size is made up of

Second cup B. Third cup C (the latter the most envied and requested by surgeons), first cup AA (much less envied, but beautiful in their own way). When we read bra sizes we are always struggling with numbers and letters. And the situation becomes complicated when the numbers become incomprehensible to our Italian habits, that is, they go beyond our usual scheme: first – fifth.

Yes, because with the spread of international stores one of the most tangible effects of globalization in everyday life is that it has become even more difficult to understand how to calculate the right size, especially for us Italians. Let’s face it: at least once in the last five years we have gone head and shoulders, grabbing from the exhibitor the bra that looked more like the ones they had at home.

This is because the size of the bra in the first place depends on two factors. Indeed three: the circumference of the breast, which also determines the cup, and the circumference of the chest. The latter is usually the one expressed in numbers that you see first in sizes, while the second is expressed in letters and, fortunately, it tends not to change from country to country.

How to understand your bra size: take measurements before choosing

Now that we know how to understand the bra size written on the tags, we need to learn about our sizes. That is, to measure. Yes, because understanding the right size of bra is all – or at least first of all, because then there is to be calculated – a question of measuring tape. Don’t believe it? Let’s find out together!

Take measures

So, we just said it. The first thing to do is to learn how to take the measurements. Well yes, because it is not enough to hastily pass the meter at the height of the bust. On the contrary, you have to understand how to place the tape in exactly the right position, because that is what will determine the size of the bra.

For the circumference of the breasts, ie for the cup, first of all get upright, and with your arms at your sides. At this point, pass the meter at the height of the nipples. If your breasts aren’t quite champagne cupped, add a few inches or raise your arms slightly. These measurements determine the size of the bra cup, which you find expressed in letters after the number.

To measure the chest circumference the procedure is simpler. Always in an upright position and with your arms at your sides, pass the meter exactly under the breast, that is where the underwire usually goes, and calculate accordingly. This size is, we told you, the first number you see on the bra size.

From measurement to purchase: understand and convert sizes

Now that you have learned how to figure out what size you are in centimeters, what you have to do is calculate this value expressed in… bra size. In fact, the Italian sizes are converted into a scale that goes from the first to the fifth, and then goes up to larger sizes. This value is obtained by dividing the chest circumference by five, and rounding the result up or down.

To better understand how to do it, let’s analyze the sizes:

  • a chest of 65 cm will correspond to a size first (65/5),
  • one of 70 cm to a second,
  • one 80 cm to a third size,
  • one of 85 cm to a size four,
  • while 85 and 90 cm stand, respectively, for a fifth and sixth size,
  • 95 cm for a seventh,
  • 100 cm by one octave.

At this point you are already able to discard at least one in eight options.

Now we come to the cup. Understanding how to find the right letter goes through a mathematical operation again. Take the measurements of the circumference of the breast and subtract the circumference of the chest + 12.5 cm. It seems a bit complicated, but on the other hand the letters that indicate the result are the same almost all over the world. Yeah, but which ones?

  • 0 cm corresponds to an AA cup,
  • to 2.5 an A cup,
  • to 5 cm a cup B,
  • at 7.5 a C cup.

We then move on to the more “generous” cups:

  • 10 cm for a D cup,
  • 12.5 cm for an E,
  • 15 cm for an F,
  • 17.5 cm for a FF,
  • 20 cm for the cup G.

Compliments! Now you know how to choose the bra. A final tip:

Now that you know all about how to find the right bra size, at least as far as Italian sizes are concerned, we want to leave you with two final tips. How to adjust with international sizes, and how to understand if you are doing something wrong in choosing the bra.

First and foremost, you will find that the bra is not the right size from a number of factors. Not only the bust that does not breathe and the shoulder straps that cut, but also an incorrect posture and irritated skin. Above all, if you have the wrong cup you will see that your breasts “go down” or come out of the bra. In the first case it is too large a cup, in the second a cup too small.

As for the international sizes that are now a must in all low cost chains, and also for many luxury brands, the advice is to download a size converter on your smartphone. The reason is simple: the international sizes are different, there is the UK one, the American one, the French one, and even the Japanese one, just to mention the most common sizes.

In order not to go crazy with the calculations, then, memorize in the phone what your size corresponds to according to the international measurement, and always carry this data with you. Shopping for bras will no longer be a problem!