How to organize the kitchen?

How to organize the kitchen?The kitchen is certainly the most used environment of a home, its beating heart: it is in fact the place where you get together with family and friends to cook, eat or even simply drink a coffee between a chat and another.

Precisely for this reason, being able to organize the kitchen in the smartest way possible can be particularly difficult.

In fact, everyone dreams of a functional and always tidy kitchen.

Depending on the space available and the needs of each one, there may be different ways of organizing this environment.

Despite this, some precautions can be useful for every need.

Here is a series of simple and excellent tips on how to best organize your kitchen in your home.

First of all a nice decluttering

How many times have you bought a kitchen utensil thinking it was the object you needed, but which you then forgot in some drawer? The kitchen is often full of useless objects accumulated over time, but we don’t really need them. One of the first things to do to organize or rearrange your kitchen is to get rid of futile objects that do nothing but take up space, which can be reused in a functional way.

Browse every corner of your kitchen, choose what to keep, what to throw away, and what to give, simply asking yourself when was the last time you used a particular utensil. Not only that, but we often pile on the shelves many objects that have been damaged: cracked or chipped cups, glasses, and plates, too many used sponges horrible to the eye, mismatched lids, textiles to mend or scorched. Put all these items away without any regrets, your kitchen will thank you!

Organizing the kitchen: start from scratch!

After you have eliminated all the superfluous, try to rearrange the spaces in the kitchen by dividing the objects according to type and use. Dust and clean every surface well with a cloth: wall units, appliances, any furnishings… this is the perfect time to clean the kitchen from top to bottom. When everything is perfectly clean, it will be easier for you to visualize your kitchen as you would like it and proceed with organizing each space as you imagined it.

Organize the kitchen according to the frequency of use and size

One of the first logic that can be followed to better organize the spaces of your kitchen is that of the frequency of use. So ask yourself which objects you use most frequently and position them in such a way as to always have them in sight or within reach. In this way, it will be easier to quickly put them back in their place and order will be guaranteed.

Instead, move anything you rarely use off the shelves. For example, it may be more useful to keep the microwave oven handy if you use it every day, and put the toaster in a drawer if you only use it once / twice a week. In this way, you could recover some space to work on while cooking.

A second logic is, instead, to organize your objects according to their size: arrange the utensils in the kitchen doors according to their size. You could, for example, use the lower shelves for small items, such as cutlery, glasses, and cups, and the higher shelves for larger items such as pots, pans, and lids.

Baskets, jars, and jars

There are numerous objects and ingredients that are used in the kitchen. Very often we leave food in their containers, however, organizing everything we use in baskets, jars and jars could completely change the appearance of your kitchen: everything would immediately be more orderly and aesthetically pleasing.

Therefore, the ideal would be to buy jars of various sizes and shapes, based on the content: spices, flour, breadcrumbs, salt and sugar, but also potatoes, legumes, fruit … everything will have its container and its place. Another very nice idea is that of colored and personalized labels that will make your containers and jars more original but also more functional and easy to find.

How to organize the kitchen: doors and drawers

To keep the kitchen spaces tidy, try to group similar objects together, then assign each drawer or door to a specific category. You could place the dishes in a vertical door and instead allocate the drawers to cutlery, glasses, tea towels, and potholders. Organize the furniture inside as well. One of the most annoying things is opening the drawers and finding them full of scattered objects: to say goodbye to this problem, just use very simple organizers (like a very comfortable cutlery tray) and trays with compartments to ensure that each object has its place.

Finally, the cabinet under the sink is usually intended for all kitchen cleaning products: sprays, detergents, cloths, sponges… there are many products for daily kitchen cleaning. It is important to arrange this space as well as possible to maintain order.

What if there is no space?

Not all kitchens are large, spacious, and full of drawers to accommodate any category of objects. In this case, a bit of imagination and creativity could come to your aid. If there is no space, create it! Add shelves, a functional and also economical element on which to arrange cups, bowls, plates, recipe books. There are various types, so it won’t be difficult to find the ones that best suit the style of your kitchen. In addition, arranging the objects on the shelves makes them become real pieces of furniture. In short, they could be an excellent aesthetic solution to give more character to your kitchen!

Don’t forget the fridge!

The fridge is also part of this environment and must be organized in the best possible way to contain food. Each shelf can be designed differently to make it functional according to your needs. For example, the top shelf is the easiest to access. You could dedicate it to all ready-to-eat meals or drinks. Meat, on the other hand, is best placed on the lower shelf to prevent blood from dripping onto other foods. In any case, use containers in such a way as to prevent this from happening!

Almost every fridge has two drawers: the first, usually larger, is perfect for storing fruit and vegetables because it hinders humidity and so food will keep longer; the second, smaller in size, can be used for cheeses and cold cuts. Finally, the door: this is the hottest part of the fridge, therefore it is suitable for condiments such as jams, jams, sauces.

These were our tips on how to organize the kitchen. Everyone has their own needs and tastes so try various arrangements until you find the right one for you!