How to Reset a Samsung TV?

How to reset a Samsung TV?Does your home TV no longer work well?

Are some channels not viewing well or are they completely blacked out? Before you think it is a problem with the device and decide to throw it away and buy a new one, check that it is not a network or signal transmission problem.

For this reason, it may be useful to reset the TV.

But how to do it? Don’t despair!

Read on for our simple guide and we’ll tell you how to reset a Samsung TV in just a few minutes.

How to reset a Samsung TV with a remote control

First I will explain how to reset your Samsung TV in a few simple steps; first of all we must distinguish between traditional Samsung TVs, some of which also need a decoder to access digital network services, and Samsung Smart TVs, which perform many more functions than traditional TVs, connecting, for example, to the internet, or by connecting via Bluetooth to all your mobile devices.

Reset traditional Samsung TV

Follow these simple steps if you want to reset your traditional Samsung TV:

  1. With the TV off or in standby, press the following buttons on the remote control in sequence: info – menu – mute – power;
  2. Select “option”;
  3. Select “factory reset” and press “ok”;
  4. Wait for the TV to restart;
  5. Once restarted, the device will be reset to factory data, which is the same as when you compartmented it and turned it on for the first time. It will therefore ask you to reset the country you are in to coordinate the settings and tools of the device;
  6. Now, you will be asked to select the type of installation you want to perform. You can choose between basic TV settings, “cloning” mode, factory menu, or commercial TV mode;
  7. Select the language in which you will now see all the textual components of the device;
  8. The following options will concern the configuration of the TV screen and the audio settings, which you can choose according to your preferences for listening to sounds;
  9. At this point the TV will start a search for the channels to be installed automatically or manually;
  10. Finally, the device will ask you to set the exact time;

The installation is now complete and you will be able to return to enjoy your programs on traditional TV, which is now, in terms of the data contained, in the same original conditions or maybe there will be only some changes in the positions of the channels, which are sometimes updated.

Reset a Samsung Smart TV

If you have a Smart TV, you will need to:

  1. Turn on the Smart TV;
  2. Press the “menu” button on the remote control. The relative menu display window will open;
  3. At this point, moving up or down with the arrows, you reach the “support” section and select it by pressing the “ok” button;
  4. Using the up or down indicators, select the “self-diagnosis” section, then press “ok” again;
  5. The display window will now appear with the “reset” option;
  6. Pressing on “reset”, you will probably see a screen asking you to enter a pin code. The pin code can be found in the default instruction manual of the TV or remote control. If your remote control is not the original one supplied with the TV and it is a universal model, you will find all the information in the final pages of the instruction booklet provided by the manufacturer;
  7. Once you have entered the pin code to reset the TV, another screen will appear asking if you are sure you want to restore the factory settings. We remind you that, by resetting the TV, almost all the data on the device will disappear, with the exception of the network settings. For this reason, I recommend that you make at least one copy of all data and media files on the TV before proceeding with the removal and reset;
  8. Once the system reset option is selected, the device will automatically start its formatting process which will bring it back to its original conditions;
  9. Once you turn your Smart TV back on, you will have a device as good as new and therefore you will probably be prompted to set up just as you did when you bought it.

Reconfigure Samsung TV

If the device is not connected to the network when turned on, or the signal appears weak or absent, follow these steps:

  1. Press the “menu” button and select “broadcast”;
  2. Now select “automatic tuning” and run it by pressing “start”; now choose the settings to tune the channels, selecting the type of antenna (recommended “antenna”), the type of channel (recommended “digital”) and how to sort the channels (recommended “automatic sorting”)
  3. The TV will search and tune for channels and you can now watch them.

How to reset a Samsung TV without a remote

In case you don’t have a remote, you could try resetting the TV settings without a remote.

On your Samsung TV or along the sides there are certain keys that allow you to perform almost all the same functions as the remote control, albeit in a less immediate way. Eg,

  • Instead of scrolling the menu up or down with the arrows, you could use the keys to advance or go back through the channels, or those to increase or decrease the volume of the TV;
  • The other buttons should instead have the same wording as the corresponding buttons on the remote control: “menu”, “ok”;
  • You can then proceed according to the methods I suggested above, with reference to the reset with remote control for traditional TVs or Smart TVs;
  • However, it may be more complicated to enter the digits when prompted for the pin code to reset.

In this case, for traditional TV you will need a remote control; if you had a smart TV, you could connect a mouse to the USB output of the TV to find your way around the screen more easily and to be able to enter letters or numbers from the keyboard, which will appear when you click on the banner, moving with the mouse pointer.

Your TV should now work almost flawlessly! I hope our tips have been useful to you and… enjoy!