How to Use Curling Iron on Short Hair?

How to use curling iron on short hair?Did you find yourself with shorter hair than you expected and can’t give it a cry? Or have you had the usual helmet for years and want to give it a new look with a little extra volume?

You will then be pleased to know that you can have fun even with short hair.

For example, most models of curling irons can give you excellent results even on short hair, creating unexpected waves, curls, and volumes.

The only limitation is in the actual size of the tool: to be effective on a portion of hair shorter than expected, it is good that it does not exceed 25 millimeters in diameter; in that case you would risk being able to make only a few turns around the iron, with an effect very distant from the desired one.

So if you have the right size curling iron, make yourself comfortable and read how to curl short hair quickly and comfortably at home.

Prepare the hair for treatment

Before each specific treatment, it is good to prepare an adequate base: in particular, when it comes to rather short hair, therefore by definition less prone to hairstyles and intensive treatments, it will be important to prepare the hair to accommodate our curling practices.

First of all, any small knots that can be found along the length of the hair must be untied. Hair must be well combed and clean, and perfectly dry in order to avoid an excessive thermal shock that could ruin it.

When it comes to curling irons, it must be clear that we are talking about a cylindrical iron that heats the hair exactly like a straightener, so it will be good to be careful not to burn your hair, especially on the ends.

The best thing would be to prepare the hair with the application of a spray thermal protector, widely used by those who make intensive use of curling irons and straightening plates.

Start the job by dividing the hair into small locks, helping yourself with clothespins or bobby pins. Being short hair, it will be good to have minute locks, at most three centimeters wide, in order to obtain defined curls and sufficiently narrow to give volume and roundness to the cut.

If you want to opt for a more natural effect, which gives volume without enhancing the curls, you can work with slightly wider locks.

So how do you use the curling iron on short hair?

Once we have prepared the field for action, we move on to the actual process. So let’s turn on the curling iron and wait for it to reach the desired temperature.

It starts from the sections closest to the nape and proceeds to the higher ones, which must be curled last.

Using the curling iron on short hair is not unlike its use in different circumstances. You will only have to take more care in directing the curls adequately: not having the weight of a long hair to discipline them later, it is good that they are ordered just after the treatment, without space for second thoughts or subsequent adjustments.

Roll the lock around the iron, so that it turns outwards from your face: this will give a much better effect in terms of volume and final crease.

Keep the iron on for about 10 seconds for each lock: the more we heat the hair, the greater the hold of the curl; so if you want a natural or soft look, do not reach 10 seconds of exposure, but stop heating slightly earlier.

The last sections to be treated will be the front ones: if you have a very long fringe, treat it like the rest of the hair, always turning it outwards; if, on the other hand, you have a short fringe, the suggestion is to not even try to curl it … given the concrete risk of obtaining frightening results such as bangs upwards or cut in the middle.

Once the whole hair is curled, shake the curls at the base for a more natural and voluminous look. Finish with a little strong hold lacquer.

Some specific advice for short hair

We have seen how to use the curling iron on short hair, discovering that as well as possible it is also quite simple. In particular, if you are not used to the short cut, however, some precautions are a must to avoid results other than those desired. Here are some specific useful tips for short hair:

  • if your hair is very short, avoid curling the tip. To maintain the minimum length that will allow you to appreciate the hedgehog, without limiting the volume, it is better to leave out the tip than the root.
  • If you have a bob or a medium-short length, you can also play with different types of waves and curls: starting at half-length and continuing towards the tip you will get a very natural and soft effect, while curling smaller portions of hair around the iron you could aim for an extreme afro effect, hair constitution permitting!
  • If you don’t like the lacquered style with all the same and immobile ringlets, and you prefer a casual and natural style, the solution is simple: play with the width of the locks, alternating between very narrow and wider. Your curls will be much more similar to natural ones, especially if you brush them with your fingers afterward, without using brushes.
  • If your hair is very short, you will tend to get as close as possible to the skin with the curling iron: it is important to be careful not to pull too much on the hair and not to burn the skin. In such cases, a round and narrow plate, such as the latest news from Babyliss and Ghd, may be more suitable for the purpose. It is used in the exact same way, but the plastic part on the back of the metal plate will protect our skin from direct contact with the hot plate!

How to curl short hair without straighteners

If you don’t have a curling iron, there are other methods to achieve a beautiful wavy or curly effect on short hair.

You can roll each small lock on itself until it folds in length, secure it with a hairpin, and heat it with a hairdryer, or you can use do-it-yourself curlers perfect for short hair.

How? A simple t-shirt that you no longer wear will be enough. As you know, normal curlers are not suitable for short cuts: they are often too large to be able to obtain more than a disproportionate volume from their laying. How to curl short hair with what we certainly have at home then?

Prepare strips about 3 centimeters wide, and long at will. Roll each strand onto a strip of fabric, then knot it using the two ends at the ends to secure it.

Once you have heated our curlers with a quick pass of hairdryer, melt them and revive them using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. The use of the brush, which tends to undo the curls and create volume, is strongly discouraged on particularly short hair.

The differentiation is also valid here: for a natural effect, divide the hair into more or less large strands, and wind the hair around the fabric in both directions. The natural blur effect is guaranteed!

Complete the styling

We have seen how to use the curling iron on short hair and how to curl it even where we do not have special tools available.

It is true that it is difficult to escape the sad reality that keeping a good fold on a short cut can in some cases be really difficult: if you have fine and delicate hair you risk an extremely short duration of the fold; hair with a very strong structure are instead subject to absolutely unwanted afro effects or too explosive results.

How can we prevent hair length from taking over our intentions? There are dozens of disciplining products, curler defines, and hairstyle fixers. If we have short hair and we want to dare hairstyles and styles generally more suitable for different lengths, a good product that detangles the hair and defines the curls will be the perfect ally.