Motorola MBP36S Review

Motorola MBP36S Digital Video Baby Monitor
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Motorola MBP36S Digital Video Baby Monitor
  • Features 3.5 Inch colour TFT LCD display with 320 x 240 resolution
  • Motorised pan, tilt and digital zoom comes with 300 degrees viewing angle
  • Infrared night vision technology; portable parent unit
  • Two-way audio communication
  • Choose from a choice of pre-installed 5 x lullaby melodies and 4 x nature sounds
  • Temperature monitor lets you keep an eye on the room temperature

The American brand Motorola is mainly known for its mobile phones, but it also offers a wide range of high-quality baby monitors.

As video baby monitor, the Motorola MBP36S allows parents to monitor their child, both acoustically and visually, during the day and at night.

By the remote control of the camera, the movements can also easily be tracked and thus the child’s safety can be guaranteed at all times. The FHSS technology also ensures safe and bug-free connection.

Product Details:

  • up to 300 meters range
  • 3.5″ LCD colour display
  • baby unit with infrared camera
  • room temperature monitoring
  • 2.4GHz FHSS digital transmission
  • no mute function
  • no protection against power failure
  • long battery charging time


  • large 3.5-inch display
  • intercom function
  • sound level meter
  • highly sensitive microphone
  • pan, tilt and zoom functions
  • lullabies
  • temperature sensor
  • remote-controlled camera
  • possibility to connect additional cameras
  • feeding timer


motorola-mbp-36s-mainMotorola MBP36S consists of two elements: the child and the parent unit. The baby unit is a spherical camera on a round base. The parent unit – an oblong device with a colour LCD TFT display, 3.5″ diagonal and a resolution of 320×240 pixels.

In addition, the scope of delivery includes two power adapters and a rechargeable battery for the parent unit. Both parts are enclosed in a housing made of white plastic. Build quality and materials have not caused any complaints, all elements fit tightly to each other, do not falter and do not bend even if strongly pressed.

Antenna, temperature sensor and connector for the AC adapter are located at the back of the camera stand. At the front – the speaker. On the right side of the stand – hardware button for switching on/off the device. At the bottom of the stand, the user will find rubber feet, thanks to which the camera firmly stands on any surface, the pairing button and a special “eyelet” for mounting the camera on the wall.

Around the eye of the camera, there are bulbs – infrared LEDs, indicator (lights green when turned on) and a photo sensor.

motorola-mbp-36s-rightThe parent unit, which is the receiver of the signal coming from the camera, is equipped with hardware control buttons, located on the left and right of the display – four on each side.

On the left are buttons to control the camera movement, as, the camera is equipped with a servo drive with two degrees of freedom, buttons adjust the angle of the camera up/down and left/right rotation. Also, the built-in microphone is located on the left side.

Buttons “menu”, “enter (ok)”, “image activation” and “microphone” are located on the right side. Since both units have built-in microphone, the device supports two-way communication.

Above the display of the parent unit are light bulbs, that show the sound level.

On the bottom of the parent unit, as well as on the baby unit, there are rubber feet, moreover, at the rear side, there is a folding foot-stand for vertical positioning of the screen. Also, there is a lid, covering the battery, and antenna, which can be conveniently folded, if necessary.

On the left side of the unit, there are two connectors – power and miniUSB. MiniUSB connector can be used to connect the parent unit to the TV or computer, in this case, the image from the camera can be viewed on the big screen.

Delivery and packaging

Even the packaging of this baby monitor of very high quality, stable and robust. The “insides”, by its well thought-out composition, also receive plus points from our professional testers.

The package includes, in addition to the baby monitor, which consists of a baby and a parent unit, a rechargeable Ni-MH accumulator (which is intended for the parent unit) as well as two power supplies, and a clear and well-structured user manual.

It is also worth mentioning that in addition two AAA batteries are included in the package. All in all, all parts contained in a box are distinguished by its solid texture and good workmanship. The devices are easily removable and if necessary can simply be re-inserted into the recesses of the packaging unit.


Motorola_MBP36S_Digital_Video_Baby_Monitor_with_LCD-DisplayOverlooking the low weight of the Motorola MBP36S it can be said that a difference with a classic smartphone is difficult to see at first glance.

After the batteries are inserted, only the power button must be pressed and held for about one second. It is not necessary to preset certain programs or configure something.

Everything is already done at the factory. It is worth knowing that there are four different sound levels. The first when the light is green, in the second – an orange light will be added, in level three – a red light and in the fourth level – another red light.

The four additional navigational buttons control the unit remotely. Also, a two-step zoom function is available, which allows you to zoom in the image section of the display.

Facts and figures

Unlike the editor’s choice of our reviews, MBP36S distinguishes itself by a range of only 200 meters, but by a 3.5-inch LCD colour display on the parent unit of the device.

In the transmitting unit, a powerful camera is included, which makes reliably sharp images of the baby. The net weight of the Motorola digital baby monitor is a mere 168 grams. The dimensions are 8 cm x 2.1 cm x 12.2 cm.

An audio sensor, a functional night vision function, a two-way communication feature, a room temperature sensor, and a low battery warning function are included.


The Motorola MBP36S baby monitor receives plus points from us for a number of user-friendly features. It receives points, first of all, for high performance and razor sharp images.

Furthermore worth mentioning the LED volume level feature, the included audio sensor, the night vision function and the lullaby function. A feature that – as our test has shown – can exert a very calming effect on the baby.

Additional pluses this unit receives for the low battery warning function, and the exceeding range function. The corresponding indicator lights on, when there is a risk that the baby’s signals can not be transmitted to the parents in an adequate manner.

Practical test

The first thing to say about the Motorola MBP36S – the device has an extremely user-friendly interface. A baby monitor is ready for use after switching on. The parent unit immediately communicates with the camera. No additional settings the user does not have to make.

However, if necessary, the parent unit can be coupled with two additional cameras. As such, mobile devices (tablet or smartphone) can be used. The process of connecting additional devices, also will not cause particular difficulties. The whole procedure is described in detail in the user manual. Thus, a large part of rooms of a house or an apartment can be covered by a parental eye. That can be very useful for supervision of older children, capable of moving independently from room to room.

On the screen of the parent unit, in addition to the picture, are displayed – the battery level, the indoor temperature, the level of the signal transmitted by the camera.

When you open the menu (the button to the right of the display) in the bottom of the screen seven points will appear: speaker volume, display brightness, lullabies (there are five), zoom, alarm clock, adjustable with intervals of two hours, cameras control, temperature measurement scale switch (C, F).

Motorola_MBP36S_CameraAs we have already mentioned in the description – Motorola MBP36S is equipped with two-way communication.

By clicking on the corresponding button (with a microphone picture) on the parent unit, the audio signal is transmitted to the built-in speaker of the camera.

The parent unit receives an audio signal from the camera constantly. Unless mute, the parents will always be aware of what their child is doing.

The image itself is fairly clear, even in night vision mode. Of course, dynamically moving objects are a little halting on the screen, but, nevertheless, this quality is sufficient to monitor the child.

Another important aspect is the noise of the camera during turns. Motorola MBP36S turns completely silent so that even the most sensitive sleep will not be disturbed by the buzzing of the rotary mechanism.

Reliability, efficiency and functionality – these are the aspects with which the Motorola MBP36S stand out in our practical test. The handling is very simple, and also the fact, that for initial commissioning no settings or configurations must be performed, speaks for itself. In any case, it was found that this device is a reliable support to ensure optimal protection of the baby.


The scope of included accessories is not very extensive. However, they are not so necessary. Because the things that the Motorola MBP36S must “can” are already included in the device.

In any case, the charger as well as the battery score points for their high quality and the good and solid workmanship. All in all, the portfolio of accessories is well thought out and yet very consumer-friendly.


On some devices, a warranty period for only one year is granted. But the company Motorola offers its customers, in this regard, much more.

Because if you have decided to buy the Motorola baby monitor you will benefit not from the 12 months warranty, but from the 24 months. This is, however, a so-called limited warranty, which is valid only for the specified parts, certain types of defects, or other conditions.

If during the two years, a part of the MBP36S is broken, you will benefit from a free replacement or a free repair.

Under the condition that the remaining warranty period after a successful repair is less than 30 days, this period is extended by 90 days.

Manufacturer’s services

The quality-conscious customers appreciate not only the high quality of Motorola products but also the services offered by this company.

The expert support team can be reached by email or by phone, as well as by online chat (which is available during regular business hours directly via the website of the company).

Technical questions, problems, spare parts ordering, registration of complaints and much more is readily possible.

Prompt processing of each request in this regard is also ensured. The service team has proven to be exceptionally consumer-oriented, competent and professional.


The high quality and practical features that the baby monitor Motorola MBP36S includes are indeed ground-breaking. In this respect, we may say with complete justification, that your child will experience a truly comprehensive and targeted protection with this unit.

Although there is an eco mode, which could reduce the radiation load to a minimum. But, if the device is installed at some distance from the crib, it is already significantly narrowed down this issue.

In general, the integrated functions and features are so innovative and consumer-oriented that it really is a pleasure to be in possession of this high quality and very powerful device.

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Motorola MBP36S Digital Video Baby Monitor Motorola MBP36S Digital Video Baby Monitor 1,432 Reviews
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Motorola MBP36S is a very useful and technically perfect device, fully complies with the description of the manufacturer. In addition, the price of the Motorola MBP36S is very attractive – a little over 100 pounds, while the average price tag in this class of devices from other manufacturers often more than 200 pounds.