Omron M2 Classic Review

Omron HEM-7121-E M2 Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, 129mm x 103mm x 80mm
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Omron HEM-7121-E M2 Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, 129mm x 103mm x 80mm
  • Supplied Cuff: Easy Cuff 22-32cm
  • Measurement Method: Oscillometric
  • Blood Pressure Range: 0 to 299mmHg
  • Dimension: 129mm x 103mm x 80mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 250g

Omron M2 Classic upper arm blood pressure monitor is fully automatic and based on the oscillometric principle.

Very simple and fast, can measure blood pressure and heart rate by using an inflation controlled automatically by the device, this device also like the others in the same field uses advanced technology “intellisense”.

It is also able to memorise 21 different measurements.

Product Details:

  • Type of pressure measurement: automatic
  • Cuff size: 22-32 cm
  • Weight: 499 g
  • Memory spaces: 1×21
  • Blood pressure measurement range: 0-299 mmHg
  • Pulse measurement range: 40-180 beats/min
  • Power source: 4 alkaline batteries type AAA


  • compact
  • easy to use
  • automatic
  • inexpensive
  • works from the mains and batteries
  • good price-performance ratio
  • lack of memory

The display will not make you go crazy not being very large, but still, includes the information that interests you. It has a large central button below the display to turn off and on. A memory button, a port to insert an external power adapter (sold separately), the battery compartment (four “AAA” batteries are included in the package) and the air tube connector.

The supplied cuff is suitable for measurements of an arm that are between 22 and 32 cm, lesser than other similar products. The display is capable of displaying systolic and diastolic blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, the battery status, the heartbeat (which blinks during the measurement, if it continues to blink after the measurement it means that it has detected a pulse outside the recommended range) and the symbol of deflation.

An off-peak product

Despite not talking here of a flagship product, entrusted to the Omron, a Japanese company that deals with everything that is in the production of pneumatic automation, pneumatic valves, etc. This product is made really well. It can be easily defined, for price and quality, a commercial product, but not suitable for people who make frequent measurements.

Maybe not professional. The materials are of good quality, the cuff is relatively soft compared to other models that are in the same price range, the tube seems very flexible, yet durable. The Omron M2 Classic upper arm blood pressure monitor itself is well assembled and with good quality materials, given the relatively low price.

The most important thing for a blood pressure monitor, in addition to its ease of use, to be accurate and reliable and this device is definitely such. By comparing this same instrument with that of a professional the two measurements were completely identical! However, it is necessary to discard the first measurement and do another, but this is absolutely normal.

Easy to use and carry

The device runs on four alkaline batteries of type “AAA”. They are included in the package along with a practical travel bag. Making it absolutely easy to carry even outside the clinic.

It also has the jack for an external power supply, but it is recommended only when you use the device at home or in the clinic, being not always comfortable, but it at least it saves the batteries. However, it needs to be noted that the external power supply is not supplied with the product but must be purchased separately.

In short, a product for home not for “specialists”, but done very well. Easily comparable to products that cost more, maybe that can be bought in pharmacies. Recommended both to those who needs this device for personal use and those who need to use it professionally.

Test Results
  • Measurement accuracy
  • Functioning
  • Handling
  • Price/performance


In short, a product for home not for “specialists”, but done very well.