Omron M6 Comfort Review

Omron M6 Comfort Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
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Omron M6 Comfort Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Indicates if irregular heartbeat is detected
  • Comes with Intelli Wrap Cuff technology
  • Helps detect stroke risk factor. Indicates if cuff is wrapped correctly: not too loose or too tight
  • Supports 360 degrees accuracy
  • Dimension: 11.60 L x 17.70 D x 22.40 H cm
The upper arm blood pressure monitor Omron M6 Comfort is equipped with an internal memory for two different users and 90 memories for each.

The M6 is also equipped with a comfort cuff with SIGMA SHAPE technology, with which it is able to provide greater comfort to the arms together with stability in the detection of the blood pressure and the heart rate.

Product Details:

  • Type of pressure measurement: automatic
  • Cuff size: 22-42 cm
  • Weight: 1.1 kg
  • Memory spaces: 2×90
  • Blood pressure measurement range: 0-299 mmHg
  • Pulse measurement range: 40-180 beats/min
  • Power source: 4 alkaline batteries type AA


  • ease of use
  • speed and accuracy
  • сonvenient cuff
  • many features
  • high price

The cuff is adaptable to different sizes of the arm that can go from a circumference of 22 cm up to 42 cm, thus very wide and obviously not suitable for children. The speed of inflation is optimal and ensures accuracy in detection. Thanks to its internal memory, capable of storing two different users, and up to 100 different measurements, it is able to store the daily averages of the values ​​for both the morning and evening.

Main features

This device just like the others from the range of Omron is equipped with “Intellisense” technology, which signals of excessive body movement by the patient or of the presence of heart rates out of the norm. Inflation is automatic and controlled at every stage. The Omron M6 is easy to use thanks to its large display and good contrast. It requires only one button for functioning.

The sphygmomanometer Omron M6 has several interesting features: LCD display, oscillometric principle as a method of measuring, range for measuring the blood pressure (from 0 mmHg to 299 mmHg), pulse rate from 40 to 180 per minute, stores up to 90 measurements with date and time of detection, precision pressure ± 3 mmHg, pulse rate accuracy of ± 5%, reading data on the display, inflation is fully controlled by an electric pump, deflation takes place through valve for automatic pressure release.

The power to the monitor is given by 4 alkaline “AA” batteries, 6V adapter sold separately. With the battery charged to 100%, you can perform up to 1000 measurements, not bad for such a device.

Accessories and conclusions

The total weight of the sphygmomanometer is 380g without batteries, so the product is very light and comfortable to carry.

The blood pressure monitor Omron M6 comes in the box with a semi-rigid cuff of 22-42 cm, a carrying case to store the device after use, 4 alkaline type “AA” batteries and a user manual.

Unfortunately, in addition to many positive aspects, there are several negative ones. It should be noted that the measurements are not very precise. You may need more than a few measurements for accurate results. In any case, this tool is also used by medical professionals and hospitals, and its quality should be unquestioned, maybe not the top of the range, but certainly a very good product.

Test Results
  • Measurement accuracy
  • Functioning
  • Handling
  • Price/performance


Medical professionals and hospitals use this tool, and its quality should be unquestioned, maybe not the top of the range, but certainly a very good product.