Philips Avent SCD 603 Review

Philips AVENT Digital Video Monitor SCD603/01 with Lullabies
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Philips AVENT Digital Video Monitor SCD603/01 with Lullabies
  • AVENT offers you a reliable connection to your baby
  • See and hear your baby from anywhere in your home
  • High resolution 2.4 inch video screen with crystal clear picture quality
  • Automatic infra-red night-vision so you can see your baby in the dark
  • Remote activated lullabies to sooth your baby to sleep
  • The self activated screen and volume will switch on when your baby starts crying

The Dutch company has already made a name in the field of baby monitors on the British market. Today Philips is regarded as the leading manufacturer in the range of baby monitors.

In 2006 it teamed up with the company Avent, to offer an even greater selection of high-quality baby products. The Philips Avent SCD 603 is quite a new model on the market but already has begun its triumphal procession.

As digital video baby monitor, it provides both a visual and acoustic monitoring during the day and – thanks to automatic infrared night vision function – even at night.

The digital DECT radio system is mature and thus guarantees interference-free connection and security. Good workmanship and many extras speak for the Philips Avent SCD 603.

Product Details:

  • Range up to 150 meters
  • High-resolution 6.1 cm (2.4″) color display
  • Automatic infrared night vision function
  • Nightlight
  • Sound activation mode
  • Sound level indicator
  • Motion sensor
  • 3 lullabies


  • clear sound
  • high-quality camera transmission
  • high operating comfort
  • long working time
  • easy commissioning
  • pleasant lullabies
  • removable lithium-ion battery
  • small battery charging time
  • screws/plugs for wall mounting
  • power failure protection
  • no intercom function
  • no vibrating alert
  • no temperature sensor
  • small outdoor range
  • weak optical sound level indicator

Delivery and packaging

Philips-Avent-SCD-603The scope of supply of the SCD 603 includes parent and baby unit, two power adaptor, a battery for the parent unit, a digital user manual in the form of a CD and a quick start guide.

In addition, there are two screws and two dowels, to mount the baby unit on the wall, if necessary.

The parent unit is easily transportable thanks to the belt clip, and it can stand upright with the help of the stand on the back side.

The workmanship is very good; all the buttons were easy to operate. Using the quick start guide both units can be easily set to work.


As recommended in the digital operating instructions, we need to charge the parent unit for more than 4 hours before the initial commissioning. We could then take the baby monitor, using the quick start guides, into operation. For more information, read the detailed operating instructions on your computer or download from the Philips website.

To be able to take the Philips Avent SCD 603 without problems in operation and to have the instructions for use always at hand in the future, we recommend printing the digital version before the initial commissioning.

While this is quite possible also using the quick start guide, however, this does not provide additional information.

Modern design and user-friendliness

Digital baby monitor Philips Avent SCD 603 initially impressed us with a modern, almost professional design. While the parent unit that has a belt clip is very compact, the baby unit is a bit bigger.

However, it is very flexible in the choice of location. With the possibility of wall mounting, you can install it everywhere, as long as a power outlet is nearby.

Practical night light

The camera in the baby unit provides a clear picture in the dark, which is possible due to an infrared night vision function.

Movements and sounds activate both the screen, as well as the transmission of the acoustic signals. This feature allows to lower energy consumption. In addition, the baby unit has different lullabies, which can be controlled from the parent unit.

In addition to the various lullabies, the baby unit is additionally equipped with a night light, which should reassure your child.

This night light is also the only thing that can be enabled or disabled with a push of a button on the baby unit. Similar to the lullabies, the nightlight can be controlled from the parent unit. The parent unit is equipped with a colour screen and delivers a decent picture.

Practical test

Philips-Avent-SCD-603-Baby-UnitThe child-friendly design and the good workmanship immediately attracted our attention. The camera head can rotate in four directions and keeps the adjusted position. It could be easily mounted on the wall, using the supplied screws.

The quality of the transmission also pleased us. Despite the fact, that sounds were transmitted with a short delay, the sound quality was excellent. Neither in a quiet environment nor with music in the background we had problems to hear the baby cry and were able to rely on the microphone sensitivity. Only the optical sound level indicator showed a little weakness, because even at loud baby cries it showed only the middle level, the same as at quite sounds.

The most positive surprise has given us the camera. During the day all movements were transmitted without delay and above all contours were well represented. While bright colours displayed somewhat pale, there mostly were no troubles with bold colours. Even in total darkness we were able, thanks to the infrared lights, to see everything well, only fast movements have been shown somewhat blurred. However, this should represent no problems during a normal monitoring of a baby at night.

Philips-Avent-SCD-603-Parent-UnitCompared with other participants of our comparative range tests the Philips SCD603 showed mediocre result. While it properly transferred sounds as well as the image on the distance of up to 30 metres, the connection was lost after approximately 30 meters of distance in the outdoor area. The device informed about the lost connection with the baby unit after about 15 seconds with a repeating beep and a message on display.

Although the Philips Avent SCD 603 does not provide a wide range of additional functions, it convinces by its quality. In particular, we really liked the lullaby feature. With a volume of approximately 45 decibels and because of their sound quality, these were pleasant to listen. The orange night light seemed slightly too bright for us. Also, it has a VOX mode, in which the parent unit turns off its screen and only reacts when the baby unit detects noises above a certain level. This feature is a great way to save energy with the regular use of the baby monitor.


The Philips Avent SCD603 is relatively expensive, but it offers a lot of features and is absolutely reliable.

The baby monitor distinguishes itself by its exemplary audio and visual transmission quality, is easy to operate, has meaningful automatic and safety features and boasts a consistently solid workmanship.

Besides, the baby unit is suitable for wall mounting on request. The Philips Avent SCD603 is therefore recommended in every respect.

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  • Comfort & Handling
  • Price/performance


The Philips Avent SCD 603 is a very compact, elegant baby monitor with colour camera and thus a meaningful video surveillance function. Moreover, the most important additional functions such as night light and lullabies are also on board.