Remington S8590 Review

Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Pro Straightener
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Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Pro Straightener
  • Enhanced ceramic coated plates are infused with Keratin Micro Conditioners, which transfer to the hair during styling
  • The heat protection sensor embedded in the top plate continually detects moisture levels in the hair and optimises temperature, to deliver up to 57 per cent more protection* from damage and breakage. *vs a standard ceramic Remington straightener. Not a hair treatment
  • Easily controlled by an integrated digital display with 5 settings, 160-230 for the ideal temperature for your style and hair type
  • Fast heat up time of 15 seconds
  • Longer length floating plates for constant contact and even pressure on the hair
Remington, an American brand that is part of the Spectrum Brands Group since 2003, is one of the most successful manufacturers of straightening irons.

The brand specialises in personal care products such as shavers, hair trimmers and styling products, released an innovative and modern Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Pro flat iron.

The straightener is on the market since 2012 and combines a high-quality Keratin-Ceramic coating with an exclusive heat protection sensor.

These two features promise healthier, stronger hair that is supposed to be better protected against hair breakage and hair damage.

The Remington S8590 straightener is one of Remington Keratin Therapy Styling Series which also includes a hair dryer, a curling iron and a number of brushes and all are equipped with the keratin technology. This particular straightener can settle in the higher price range.

Product Details:

  • Weight: 295 g
  • Power: 46 Watts
  • Heating plates material: Ceramic
  • Heating plates coating: Keratin Ceramic
  • Temperature range: 160°C – 230°C
  • Technology: Keratin protection, Heat protection sensor


  • individual hair type analysis
  • long styling plates
  • modern design
  • low temperature levels
  • short cable
  • no lock function
  • hot housing

Packaging and first impressions

Remington-S8590-PackagingThe user manual, a warranty note and a heat-resistant mat with integrated storage bag are included in addition to the straightener.

The attached manual was indeed clearly designed, but the hair straightening illustration was so dark printed, that we could not see the marking arrows to the functions and buttons. To be aware of the functions of the individual buttons, the instructions must, therefore, be read accurately.

It should also be noted that, although instructions for heat protection sensor was included, but unfortunately no accurate information on the keratin technology.

Could convince us, however, the high-quality housing that looked modern and innovative.

Furthermore, the heating plates of the Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Pro close very well.

With 295 g the straightener is the heaviest of all the products tested.

Data, facts, technologies & features

With the turning on of the S8590 straightener the device gave an audible signal and the temperature light was blinking during heating.

The promised by the manufacturer 15 seconds of quick heating up time were not respected, because the straightener required 40 seconds to warm up to 180°C.

The manufacturer’s specification for 10 seconds was referring probably to a lower temperature.

Upon reaching the desired temperature, the straightener beeped again, and the blinking stopped. The display, which did not look like a classic display for us, was new and innovative, but also a bit strange. The numbers are illuminated from behind and displayed directly on the straightener.

Functions of the Remington S8590

  • Integrated heat protection sensor. The heat protection sensor in the upper styling plate continuously adjusts the moisture level in the hair and continuously optimises the temperature to protect hair against damage. It can be activated with a button and is displayed with a circle symbol.
  • Temperature display. The set temperature is displayed on the integrated display.
  • Temperature Controller (+/-). To control the temperature between 160-230°C in 5 steps.
  • Extra long ceramic plates. The 2.7 x 11 cm long styling plates have a high-quality ceramic coating, which is enriched with heat-activated keratin micro ingredients. They are delivered during the styling for extra protection and care to the hair.
  • Turbo Boost. By pressing the “+” button for two seconds, the temperature automatically will be increased to 230°C.
  • Keypad lock. By pressing the “-” button for two seconds, the lock function will be activated and is indicated by a padlock.
  • Plates lock. For a better transportation, the styling plates can be locked.
  • Rotatable swivel cord. Guarantees more freedom of movement during styling. The cable of flat iron, 1.75m long.

Remington S8590 straightener in practice

The Remington S8590 straightener has a temperature range of 160-230°C. The five possible temperature levels initially extended over four 20°C steps and a final 10°C step.

From all tested devices, Remington S8590 has the fewest temperature levels and the unusual temperature steps of 20°C seemed to us too high, as an individual setting to your hair type is, therefore, more difficult.

Also a bar display of the temperature range, which symbolises for which hair thickness which temperature should be set, missing here, unfortunately. This can be found in almost all tested devices.

At smoothing the Remington S8590 performed a good job. The extra-long 11cm styling plates covered during the test even very wide sections of hair easily, and by the resilient hot plates, the straightener pressed the hair lightly.

After about two applications, we succeeded to make the hair smooth and shiny.

You can create curls and waves with this straightener, but not perfectly styled, when compared to other tested devices, which probably was due to the more angular design. We managed only to make weak curls in the hair tips, but not over the entire strand of hair.

The Remington S8590 combines two special features: the high-quality Keratin-ceramic coating and the exclusive heat protection sensor, which can be found in a similar form in the Braun Satin Hair 7 ST 780 SensoCare.

They are to prevent hair damage and hair breakage and make hair healthier and stronger. When the heat protection sensor, integrated into the upper heating plate is activated, it continuously detects the level of moisture in the hair and constantly adjusts the temperature to prevent hair damage.

These changes do not appear on the straightener, but quickly and automatically performed during the styling.

The ceramic-coated heating plates are enriched with heat-activated keratin micro substances that serve as necessary building blocks for healthy hair and thus protect them and maintain.

Overall, the Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Pro was a bit heavy, nevertheless, was good in hand and the arrangement of keys for us was clear and easy to handle.

The handle, during the smoothing process, reached approximately 32°C, which we classify as okay. However, the housing around the heating plates was extremely hot with 80-90°C.

A good impression made on us the practical and also visually appealing heat-resistant mat integrated into the straightener bag. Thus, the hot straightening iron can be safely placed on any surface during styling, without damaging it.

The Remington S8590 straightener also features many useful additional functions, such as an automatic shut-off. This is set, as indicated by the manufacturer, to 60 minutes.

Furthermore, the keypad lock and the plates lock represent practical functions. The keypad lock is activated, for example, so that no adjustments are made unintentionally when styling. The plates lock proved to be practical, however, in our opinion, the thin plastic lever quite fragile.

The last function is the so-called “Turbo Boost”. With this, we were able to rapidly increase the temperature to 230°C, to edit, for example, difficult to be shaped strands.


The Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Pro Straightener is an innovative hair straightener with a unique design that stands out with a keratin protection technology and a heat protection sensor.

It is, therefore, suitable for customers who place great importance on gentler hair smoothing. With a manual setting of 160-230°C, the straightener is more recommendable for medium to thick hair.

Since the Remington S8590, unfortunately, has only five different temperature settings and the housing becomes very hot during the smoothing with 80-90°C, it receives from us a total score of 4.4.

Nevertheless, the S8590 showed a good performance during smoothing. For those who attaches great importance to the making of curls, we recommend the Braun Satin Hair 7 ST 710, which achieved excellent results in that.

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Since the Remington S8590 unfortunately has only five different temperature settings and the housing becomes very hot during the smoothing with 80-90°C, it receives from us a total score of 4.4 and thus the 5th place.