What is the Best 4K Camcorder?

What is the Best 4K Camcorder?If we can agree on one thing, it is that …

Buying a 4K camcorder isn’t as easy as it looks.


There are dozens of different models on the market, and choosing the wrong one could cost you a lot.

To help you save time and money, we’ve put together a list of the 8 best 4K cameras from 2022 on the market.

Whether you are an amateur director or a hobbyist …

… these gadgets will give you impressive performances.

And that’s what you’ve been looking for, isn’t it?

What is the best 4K camcorder?

1. Sony FDRAX53B – Best ever

Photo resolution: 16.6 MP

Top of the list of the best 4K camcorders of 2022, this product is unrivaled.

The Sony FDRAX53B is unbeatable for us, and we consider it the best 4K camcorder you can buy at the moment. Its quality is perfect, and it is capable of shooting in full HD at 60 fps, and in 4K at 25 fps.

You will certainly not be disappointed by its performance. Sony has always created professional-grade products, and this camcorder is no different. You can finally capture all your wonderful experiences without missing a single detail, and you will be amazed by the result.

The ZEISS lens makes it the best 4K camera, being able to provide you with sensational movies even in wide-angle mode. You can finally cultivate your passion in a professional way, with a focal aperture of f/1.4 and a focal distance of 85 mm.

With the wide-angle lens of the video camera, you can record videos of breathtaking landscapes, with results rich in detail. Stabilization is integrated into the camera, thanks to Sony’s SteadyShot. The vibrations will thus be automatically removed from the image even if you are walking or running. The best professional quality for you.

And it wouldn’t be one of the best 4K cameras of 2022 if it weren’t equipped with intelligent autofocus to detect changes in depth in recording in a professional way. Your shots will always be perfect, even in terms of sound! The built-in microphone is capable of clearly capturing all sounds. We will never repeat it enough: you will always get professional films!

The Sony FDRAX53B has many other features that make it even better than you think. If you were looking for the best professional camcorder for excellent movies in full HD 60 fps and 4K, rely on Sony quality!


  • Best 4K camera ever of 2022
  • Equipped with the best ZEISS Vario-Sonnar lenses
  • With integrated SteadyShot for image stabilization
  • Integrated autofocus AF, for professional shots never out of focus
  • Shooting in full HD at 60 fps and in 4K
  • Possibility to make time-lapse and slow motion videos
  • Excellent focal aperture, even for wide angle


  • It is certainly not a cheap 4K camcorder
  • Shooting in 4K, being at 25 fps, is not perfectly smooth

2. ORDRO – Best value for money

Photo resolution: 24 MP

Want to buy the best 4K camcorder for value for money? Then read the review of this product, because it’s right for you.

To buy a good 4K video camera you don’t need to spend an eye on your head, and the ORDRO video camera is proof of this. Thanks to its equipment, you can make professional movies in total comfort.

The ORDRO camcorder is capable of recording in full HD at 60 fps and in 4K at 24 fps. The Japanese lens is of excellent quality, and is equipped with a wide-angle lens to make spectacular shots of landscapes, and beyond. You can use it in the best possible comfort, thanks to the 3-inch UHD touch screen. Thanks to it, you can navigate the various menus and choose the best settings for any eventuality.

This is one of the best semi-professional camcorders, thanks also to the presence of an SD card slot up to 128 GB. The lens is also equipped with a lens hood structure, which allows you to avoid unpleasant reflections during recording.

Another great thing that comes with this 4K camera is the noise-canceling microphone. The audio of your 4K movies will be clear and without annoying background hiss. It will never disappoint you in its use, and on vacation, you can always rely on it.

And it wouldn’t be one of the best semi-professional 4K camcorders if it weren’t equipped with an excellent 1700 mAh battery. Thanks to this capacity, you can record up to 110 minutes of 4K video without staying dry. Its charging is also quite fast!

In short, if you are looking for an inexpensive 4K camera that can provide you with professional images, this is truly one of the best choices you can make. Recommended!


  • Best 4K camcorder for value for money
  • Rather cheap
  • With SD card slot up to 128 GB
  • Equipped with lens hood and wide angle lens
  • With noise canceling microphone
  • Good battery life


  • 4K recording at 24 fps not very smooth, better in full HD
  • Unresponsive touch screen
  • 30X digital zoom only

3. TomTom Bandit – Best action camera

Photo resolution: 16 MP

Were you looking for an excellent action camera to resume any of your activities, from a simple sport up to diving? Look no further, this is for you.

The TomTom Bandit is a compact and handy 4K camera, perfect for being placed on a helmet, or in various other ways. You can make several uses, especially with regards to sport.

If you carry out busy activities, such as mountain biking or something else, it is one of the cameras that best suits your needs. The lens is wide-angle with an f/2.4 focal aperture, capable of capturing all the details in wonderful 4K resolution. Doing your favorite sports in 2022 will be an even better experience, with your 4K action camera.

In addition to semi-professional videos, you can take photos with 16-megapixel resolution. In case of a diving excursion, you can rest assured, because it is waterproof up to 40 meters! In addition, the TomTom Bandit camera is equipped with multiple built-in sensors, such as the one for speed, G-force, and much more.

And if you buy a TomTom heart rate monitor separately, you can interface your device with the video camera to have it recorded in the movie! This is also one of the most “social” cameras ever, thanks to the TomTom Bandit application for all smartphones. With this app, you can instantly share your wonderful 4K movies with all your friends.

This 4K video camera is sold in different configurations, with different accessories according to your best needs. In the bike pack, you will find support for your helmet, up to the premium pack, with support for 360-degree registration!

For better videos in your activities, we recommend buying this camcorder to all you sportsmen and fans!


  • Action video camera for 4K recording during sports
  • Rather cheap, compared to other action cameras
  • Equipped with multiple useful sensors
  • Ability to interface the camera with a TomTom heart rate monitor
  • Integration with apps for Android and iOS smartphones
  • Sold in various configurations, with different accessories
  • With spectacular wide angle lens


  • Unfortunately, the wind noise is not canceled at all
  • Charging cable a little uncomfortable

4. Sony FDR-AX33 – Equipped with the best hardware

Photo resolution: 20.6 MP

Want to buy one of the best 4K cameras because of its fantastic hardware features? You will certainly not be disappointed with this product.

The Sony FDR-AX33 4K camcorder is perfect for taking the best 4K footage with ease of use. As usual, the quality of lenses and sensors supplied with Sony camcorders never fails.

The lens is a 29.8 mm ZEISS Vario-Sonnar, capable of providing you with sensational and truly stable quality images, without losing any detail. 4K shooting is solid and efficient, and the Exmor R CMOS sensor allows professional footage like never before. The optical zoom of the lens is 10X, excellent for recording even at good distances with the best possible quality.

To bring out the photographer in you, this is one of the 4K cameras with multiple manual functions that exist. You can manually set focus, zoom, aperture and much more. Your passion will grow further with this Sony 4K camcorder.

To make the quality of 4K movies even better, this camcorder is also equipped with an excellent 5.1 microphone, with digital elimination of background noise and even the wind! For shooting on the move, even at high speeds, there are few cameras like the FDR-AX33. The internal processor is capable of processing spectacular 4K images at 25 fps, and in full HD at 60 fps.

For sensational footage in all weather and lighting conditions, choose the Sony FDR-AX33 4K camcorder, and we guarantee you won’t regret it!


  • The 4K camera with the best hardware ever
  • Equipped with advanced image processor to capture every detail
  • ZEISS 29.8mm lens for professional shooting
  • 10X optical zoom
  • Equipped with many manual functions, such as aperture and more
  • Fantastic 5.1 microphone with noise canceling
  • Digital wind noise removal


  • It’s not one of the cheapest 4K cameras, without a doubt
  • Shooting in 4K not perfectly smooth

5. TecTecTec XPRO2+ – With advanced video modes

Photo resolution: 16 MP

Do you want a sports camera with advanced recording features? Read also the review of this product, because it will surprise you particularly.

At an unbeatable price, you can get one of the cheapest and most competent action cameras: the TecTecTec XPRO2 +! For 4K footage during your sporting activities, this camcorder will be truly perfect. Being compact and equipped with convenient accessories, you can position it on your helmet, and much more.

This camcorder is compatible with your Android or iOS smartphone via a simple app, with which you can share your best 4K movies. In addition, you can record in many different configurations. With the XPRO2 + camera, in addition to shooting in 4K, you will have full HD quality at 60 fps, and much more.

The 16 MP resolution is very good, and will also allow you to take quality shots with this 4K camcorder. With repeated shooting, you can capture various images in a few fractions of a second, and choose only the best shots!

Another fantastic feature of this 4K action camera is its wide-angle lens, with which you can capture all the details of the landscape, without missing a single moment. And if you love camcorders with multiple functions, then the XPRO2 + is for you.

This 4K camcorder, in fact, not only has a fantastic microphone to capture all the sounds but also slow-motion and time-lapse. Directly from the 4K camcorder, you can create the best movies for your needs, depending on the chosen mode. A must for you sportsmen!


  • 4K action video camera perfect for sports lovers
  • It also records in full HD at perfectly stable 60 fps
  • Good 16 MP photo resolution, with multiple shooting function
  • Possibility of time-lapse and slow motion shooting
  • Really cheap, at an unbeatable price
  • Available in various colors
  • Fantastic set of accessories


  • 4K recording at 25 fps, not very smooth
  • Not suitable for night shots or in low light

6. Panasonic HC-X1000E – Best professional 4K video camera

Photo resolution: 18 MP

The following product is recommended only for those who need really professional shots, because its quality is the highest of all, and it is not easily affordable.

If you need real professionalism, the Panasonic HC-X1000E is really the best you can buy. Not only is it capable of recording movies in full 4K, but it is also capable of doing this at 60 fixed fps. In short, this camcorder is truly professional equipment.

The quality is excellent even when recording in full HD; in both cases, the bitrate is very high, which results in clear and fluid images, the best you could wish for. The lens of this camera is a LEICA with 20x optical zoom, which will allow you to make perfect recordings even over long distances.

To manually set zoom and focal aperture, there are three rings to rotate according to your best needs. In addition, to save your recordings, you will have two SD card slots available in this Panasonic camcorder.

For audio recording, however, in this camcorder, you will find two XLR inputs for your professional microphones. To further customize the video in real-time, the Panasonic professional video camera is also equipped with ND filters to adjust the amount of light present in the movie.

In short, if you need a professional video camera for your work, this Panasonic is right for you!


  • Best professional 4K camcorder
  • Perfect for business needs
  • LEICA lens with 20x optical zoom
  • ND filters to adjust brightness in real time
  • 4K movies at 60 fixed fps, for truly smooth recordings
  • Two microphone inputs and two SD slots


  • Really too expensive, suitable only for work
  • It presents some problems in the dark

7. Panasonic HC-VX980EG-K – With wireless multi-camera

Photo resolution: 18.9 MP

If you want to buy a camcorder capable of recording in sync with three connected smartphones, read the review of this fantastic device.

The Panasonic HC-VX980EG-K camcorder will allow you both to record videos and to take photos in wonderful 4K, with many other fantastic functions. For example, with HDR you will have the opportunity to improve the color range of your movie, for vibrant as well as detailed recordings.

The lens of this camcorder is a LEICA Dicomar with 20x optical zoom, perfect for making sharp recordings even at a great distance from what you are shooting. In addition, you will have a good Wi-Fi connection, with which you can also take advantage of the most characteristic feature of this camera. That is, the multi-camera wireless.

Thanks to Wi-Fi, you can connect three smartphones to your 4K video camera, to record simultaneously with additional windows in the same movie. In addition, the Panasonic camcorder is light and easy to handle and guarantees you a great ease of use.

The battery of this camcorder is 1940 mAh, enough to guarantee excellent autonomy without risking staying dry while you are recording your 4K movies. In the package, in addition, you will also find a comfortable sunshade, to prevent excessive exposure from affecting the quality of the movie. And with an 18.9 MP photo resolution, it’s really good!


  • 4K video camera equipped with wireless multi-camera system
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Fantastic LEICA lens with 20x optical zoom
  • Good battery runtimes
  • With 4K cropping
  • It also allows you to take fantastic 4K photos


  • High price
  • Touch screen not the best

8. Besteker – Cheaper option

Photo resolution: 24 MP

Want to buy a budget 4K camcorder? Then this product is the right one for you, capable of providing you with good recordings at an advantageous price.

The 4K Besteker camera is designed to be able to make 4K and full HD movies, without focusing on expensive high-end cameras. 4K recording takes place at 25 fps, while full HD movies are in 60 fps, very fluid.

This budget camera also has a Wi-Fi connection so you can connect it to your favorite devices. As for the recording sector, however, the lens has a photographic resolution of 24 Megapixels and has a very powerful 30X digital zoom.

The screen is very comfortable and is a touchscreen, and will allow you to access the various recording settings of your 4K camera. With a fantastic night mode, IR Night Vision, you can easily record 4K movies even in the dark.

The battery of this 4K camcorder is 1700 mAh, with good autonomy and rather short charging times. You will never be dry, we can assure you! In addition, to save your movies in 4K, the camcorder is equipped with an SD card slot, which supports up to 128 GB of memory.

The basic equipment of this 4K camera is already good, and it has a USB cable for charging, an HDMI cable to connect it to your TV, and also a practical remote control. There are also different kits, for example with a microphone or with a wide-angle lens. You can choose the version of the 4K Besteker camera that’s best for you!


  • Cheapest 4K video camera of 2022
  • Able to record in both 4K and full HD
  • Good Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Advantageous price
  • Photo resolution of 24 MP
  • Also excellent for night recordings


  • 4K recording not perfectly smooth
  • Digital zoom only
  • He suffers a lot in case of excessive solar lighting

What are 4K cameras?

4K camcorders are devices capable of recording movies in the best quality currently possible, namely 4K resolution. This level is fantastic: just think that 4K is four times better, and four times more detailed than full HD.

These 4K cameras are fantastic for the sharp and detailed quality of the videos they make, some in 25 fps, others in perfect and stable 60 frames per second. You will not find better on the market, to make high-quality recordings of your travels, landscapes, and much more. The magic of the best resolution in the world, 4K, can finally be yours! But how to choose the right one?

Things to consider before buying a 4K camcorder

If you’ve come to this point and are still not sure which one to choose as a 4K camcorder to buy, here are some features to consider.

1. Maximum resolution

The maximum resolution of these cameras is, in fact, 4K. However, some cameras record in this quality at 25 fps and need 60 fps recording mode for this. For this, they can also create movies in full HD, maintaining fluid and stable framerate.

2. Processor

The graphics processor of 4K cameras is used to process images in real-time, to maintain certain stability in the framerate, the correct brightness and exposure to light, and much more. Therefore, it is an important feature.

3. Lenses

The lens of a 4K video camera can be of various types, for example telescopic, or wide-angle. The most important part in understanding how to choose between better and worse cameras is precisely the quality of the lens, its focal aperture, and the presence of a good optical zoom.

4. Type and dimensions of the sensor

The sensor is used to ensure correct exposure to light, to create images that are neither too bright nor too dark. A good sensor will allow you to record, with your 4K video camera, perfect movies in any weather and light conditions.

5. Sensitivity to light

The sensitivity to light is connected precisely to the speech of the sensor because it depends on this fantastic component. To always have 4K quality movies, it is important that the camera is not too sensitive to light.

6. Video formats

Video formats determine the type of file in which your camera’s 4K movies are saved. Some formats, such as .mov, present better quality. The most valid cameras save the videos in .mp4, .avi, or even .mkv, which is the format with the best quality.

7. High speed image stability

Image stability can be compromised if you record videos while on the move, for example on a bike, or in the car. For this, it is important that the processor of your 4K camera is able to automatically stabilize the movie. This is especially if you use it very lively.

8. Connection mode

As for the connection, this concerns the possibility of connecting your 4K video camera to your smartphone or TV. For TV, in some cameras, there is an HDMI port to conveniently view your movies on the screen.
Most 4K cameras instead have a Wi-Fi connection, to connect the device to your smartphone wirelessly.

Film all your experiences!

We are sure you have decided which one to choose from the best 4K cameras of 2022. Capturing footage of your fantastic experiences is important, and now you can finally do it in the best possible quality, 4K. So choose one of these products and you won’t regret it!