What is the best ergonomic chair?

What is the best ergonomic chair?There is no doubt about it …

If you sit at the work table for ten hours a day and want to take care of your health, an ergonomic chair is the best.

The question is to choose the right chair that helps reduce back support and promotes correct posture, alleviating back pain.

In this article, we will show you the 4 best ergonomic chairs of 2022 to buy + a buying guide with the main things to consider when choosing.

Let’s begin!

What are the best ergonomic chairs?

1. Cinius Linmagnat – Our recommendation

Backache and heavy legs? An incorrect postural position at the table can be detrimental to health, compromising, over time, walking and the flexibility of the spine. Do you really care about your health? Read here!

Here is the best ergonomic chair that combines the quality of materials and seat comfort. The comfortable wheels allow easy movement, while the backrest and the reclining stool allow a more relaxed posture, facing backward or more upright, as needed.

Useful for working on the PC, as it offers the benefit of raising the knees, without leaving them hanging for many hours. An orthopedic solution for everyone, young and old!

Shaped and with an elegant design, the ergonomic chair offered by Cinius is produced from rubber tree wood, doubly resistant, and covered with fabric and is not a chair that breaks easily or deforms. Among the opinions of consumers, defined the best ergonomic chair of 2022.


  • Reclining back: 3 positions
  • Casters, for easy movement
  • Resistant and non-shapeable
  • Made of more elastic rubber wood
  • Quality fabric easily combined,
  • Available in several colors
  • Long-term benefits for the back and knees


  • Seat higher than normal chairs
  • Getting used to can be difficult

2. Cinius Linergnat – Best value for money

Are you looking for a perfect ergonomic economic chair? If in the right place, with Cinius Linergnat, read on.

Very often postural back pain can be caused by sessions with uncomfortable and poor quality backs. If you are used to plastic or poor wood chairs, not padded but extremely cheap, here’s how to change habits in a healthy way, choosing Cinius Linergnat, among the best ergonomic chairs on the market.

An ergonomic stool with a low reclining backrest, with an unbeatable price that balances the excellent quality of the rubber wood with the right degree of seat padding. If you work in front of the computer or at the table to study it helps you to maintain a correct and orthopedic position.

The underlying castors may or may not be mounted according to the intended use, and ensure greater mobility of the support on which you are sitting.

Practical for everyday postural exercise, this ergonomic chair has everything you expect from a chair that cares about the health of those who sit in it, not forgetting an essential and simple design.


  • Without high back
  • Compact
  • Wheels to be added or not
  • Padded and non-deformable
  • From solid and strong wood
  • Soft fabric
  • Easy assembly
  • Adjustable in steps
  • Adaptable to the various heights of the desks


  • Without knee rest
  • For some, it may not be very padded

3. GPI Cinergnat – Super deal and guaranteed comfort

Do you also want a good quality cheap ergonomic chair? Read on and see how GPI Cinergnat is your best choice!

The ergonomic chair created to improve the very annoying pains in the back and knees can solve many small ailments. And then if it costs little, why not try it?

The stool stopped on a wooden skeleton by GPI Cinergnat resting on four wheels, checks that the back is positioned upright, with the feet firmly planted on the ground, so as not to weigh down the whole leg and in particular the shin and the knee.

In support, the stool and the low back are also padded to support the weight of those who sit there and memorize the shapes of those who use this chair every day.

Economic and compact, this chair is reclining, so that it can allow the right distance between the chair and the office table, usually recommended of about 75 cm. Read the reviews to confirm the benefits that ergonomic chairs are capable of giving to your health!


  • Chair adaptable to the work surface
  • Unbeatable price
  • Good overall quality of materials
  • Excellent finish
  • Easy assembly
  • Functional and resistant
  • Soft and elastic seat


  • The chair is not height adjustable
  • It is not suitable for people too tall or short,
  • It is not resealable

4. Wink Design – Best health choice for professionals

Is your office chair uncomfortable and are you looking for an ergonomic solution that’s right for you? Here it is found! Read the benefits of the Wink Design ergonomic chair to relieve the postural pain caused by the many hours of work in front of the PC.

If you are accustomed, perhaps, to the medium quality of the Ikea ergonomic chairs, which swing, this model of ergonomic Wink Design chair will bring about a unique revolution in your postural habit, which is wrong as it is, damages the back, weighing down the knee.

From the metal design and with black fabric, the ergonomic chair Wink Design offers an economic product of good workmanship, for those who are tired of having to get up at work because of back pain.

Light with swivel castors, it is easy to transport to the office and the aluminum present in the structure guarantees solidity and an orthopedic seat. The comfortable knob under the stool allows you to raise and lower the seat, adapting it to the work table.

The opinions and reviews of those who purchased this model attest to all its main technical characteristics, the benefits and comfort that the purchase of this will reserve for you.


  • Economic at the best price
  • Adapted for the office
  • Adjustable chair according to the seat
  • Sturdy and solid in aluminum
  • Excellent for treating pain in the lumbar part of the back
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ergonomic chair with knee support


  • Not suitable for prolonged use
  • Not suitable for too tall stature
  • Non-adjustable knee rest

Things to consider when buying an ergonomic chair?

1. Mechanism

  • Multifunction mechanism

Preferable when buying ergonomic chairs as it offers different ways of adjusting the backrest and seat, in order to lock the seat in different positions according to your needs. This mechanism guarantees correct orthopedic posture, complete in all its ergonomic functions.

  • Synchronized tilt

Synchronize the contemporary inclination of the backrest and seat. This system offering less angular movement is not as ergonomic as the previous mechanism. To ensure an ergonomic chair with an optimal position, the mechanism in question has the advantage of having a flexible front seat synchronized with the backrest, so as to accommodate the legs when it is reclined.

  • Dynamism

A dynamic mechanism that moves forward and behind the seat, while the backrest is reclined. The dynamic movement allows counterbalancing the weight of those who sit in it, blocking or not the rear part of the chair according to the model purchased.

  • Rest your knees

Tilts and moves the support under the knee, and depending on the model, it can be reclining or not. Typical of office chairs, to be well functional, it must include the adjustment of the seat depth and the angles of the back and back. In addition, for some, perhaps of short stature, the support must be lower than the standard, in order to avoid raising the legs too much compared to the hips.

  • Basic function

Basic mechanism with limited movement that allows you to adjust only the height of the seat or its depth, the backrest, and the rear corner. Not totally reclining it can be useful for those who do lighter jobs that do not require long sitting days.

2. Seat height

The seat height must be as reclining as possible, so as to adapt to the different heights of those who buy an ergonomic chair. The height must allow you to keep your feet flat on the ground, support your thighs correctly and not raise your arms to reach the work table.

3. Seat depth and width

Wide and deep seat to ensure maximum seat comfort, even better if adjustable to allow those who sit on it a back against the back, without stiffening other parts of the body, such as the knees or thighs.

4. Lumbar support

Very important support for the low lumbar spine, the perfect ergonomic chair must have a support that does not allow this area of ​​the back to project inwards, making it assume a curved position towards the work table. The lumbar adjustment of the ergonomic chair must be among the characteristics to be kept in mind so that both in height and in-depth, the back is straight.

5. Backrest

The wide backrest separated from the seat is the best choice that allows you to recline and arrange the seat always supporting the natural curve of the back. If this is not possible, the angle and the locking and tilting mechanism of the ergonomic chair will make the difference, making it impossible for those who sit there to move too much while sitting.

Correct posture and health guaranteed even during work

What to wait if your back hurts? Give yourself the advantage of loving yourself and supporting your back with the ergonomic chairs of this range. Choose the ergonomic chair that’s right for you and experience the pleasure of sitting in the full comfort of a comfortable seat, suitable for your needs and quality!