What is the best telescope?

What is the best telescope?Did you know that the first telescope prototype was made more than 400 years ago?

At that time, the device was able to magnify objects 3 times. But since then, there have been significant technological improvements.

Nowadays, the market is flooded with different models and choosing one can be a nightmare, right?

But you no longer have to worry!

To help you, our experts have selected for you the 8 best telescopes of 2022 without going beyond your budget.

Looking at the sky at night: the stars, the moon and the planets with one of these models will guarantee you the magical experience you are looking for.

Let’s check the list together …

What is the best telescope?

1. Seben Big Boss 1400-150 EQ3 – Best value for money

Astronomical telescope diameter: 150 mm
Focal length: 1400 mm
Focal ratio: f / 9.33

Do you want an excellent quality astronomical telescope, with all the accessories included, but respecting a certain budget? There is no need to worry, this is the one with the best value for money!

It is a reflecting telescope, with a mirror diameter of 150 mm. It has a catadioptric structure, compact and with excellent handling. You will not only be facilitated in transport and assembly but you can even enjoy the stars even on the most windy nights, given its firm structure.

Among the main advantages of the telescope is the visual magnitude of 13.8 M which allows you to admire over 5 million stars. By purchasing it you will also have two 31.7mm (1.25 ″) Plössl (25mm, 6.5mm) eyepieces, which allow you to enlarge 56x and 215x and an image quality that is clearly superior to the standard ones. They will be among the first in your collection, we are sure.

As already mentioned, you will find a multitude of accessories included, including: a reversing lens, two covers for the anti-dust protection of the tube and the focuser, and two other protections for the eyepiece. The finder will facilitate astronomical studies, while the EQ3 mount and the aluminum tripod guarantee the stability of the astronomical telescope.

It is one of the best of 2022, a quality telescope, of excellent workmanship.


  • The astronomical telescope with the best value for money
  • Large mirror diameter
  • Compact and easy to handle catadioptric structure
  • Visual magnitude of 13.8 M perfect for astronomical studies
  • Two Plössl eyepieces included
  • Reversing lens and dust protection
  • You will have the finder reeds as well as an aluminum tripod
  • Among the easiest telescopes to assemble, use and transport


  • The pointing system may be unreliable
  • Some have found it difficult to align the finder

2. Celestron Travelscope 70 – The best economic option

Astronomical telescope diameter: 70 mm
Focal length: 400 mm
Focal ratio: f / 5.71

Here is the quality but also cheap astronomical telescope, specially designed for those who want to make an excellent investment.

If you are taking your first steps in the astronomical study, this telescope is ideal, it has an excellent quality – price ratio and is easy to use, assemble and transport thanks to the comfortable backpack supplied. Celestron is a refractor telescope available with two focal apertures, 70 and 50 mm, to choose from according to your needs, with a guide and beginner’s manual included.

You will have two lenses included, and a finder very easy to calibrate. It is perfect to start admiring the sky, to teach children or simply to give it to the most inexperienced. The tripod you will receive reaches a height of 1.5 meters, so we recommend the tallest to place it on a table, in order to comfortably enjoy the vision of the stars and planets.

Although it is an astronomical telescope suitable for beginners, you can buy additional lenses to perfect it or simply to expand your knowledge after taking the first steps. You do not have to discard it thinking that it is not professional, while recommending it to beginners, the quality of the material is excellent, and the lenses are amazing.

By purchasing this telescope, you will have one of the best electronics on the market, full of accessories and perfect for beginners.


  • The best economic option
  • Perfect for kids and beginners
  • Refractor telescope, available with two focal openings
  • Two lenses and finder included
  • Tripod that reaches up to 1.5 meters
  • Possibility to purchase additional accessories to make it professional
  • Backpack supplied, convenient for carrying
  • Easy to assemble and use with CD and manual included


  • Some have found the tripods of these telescopes a little shaky
  • The eyepiece holder is missing

3. Celestron LCM 114 – The computerized telescope

Astronomical telescope diameter: 114 mm
Focal length: 1000 mm
Focal ratio: f / 8.77

For the most technological, those who have long been looking for a computerized telescope, we recommend taking this into consideration, among the best currently available on the market.

The astronomical telescope in question is available both reflector and refractor, with various diameters ranging from a minimum of 60 to a maximum of 114, which is what we recommend. It is an excellent computerized and motorized telescope with a guide light finder and two eyepieces included, a classic equatorial mount and over 4000 objects already stored.

The mount is equipped with automatic pointing with SkyAlign system that allows you to enter dates and coordinates and to track the objects you want to observe. You can observe without too much difficulty objects in deep space such as: Orion or the Andromeda nebula. It is excellent for approaching astronomical study and astrophotography.

You don’t even have to buy a Barlow lens, you just have to adapt the mechanics of the camera to that of the telescope, using adapters that are on the market for about ten euros. You will find it simple to use and transport with clear assembly and alignment instructions.

By purchasing it you will have an excellent computerized telescope, among the best of 2022, excellent for astronomical studies and for astrophotography.


  • The best computerized telescope
  • It is motorized, with a guide light finder
  • It has two oculars included
  • Classic equatorial mount
  • Automatic SkyAlign pointing system
  • Perfect for both astronomical study and astrophotography
  • Available both reflector and refractor versions


  • Some find the frame too light and affected by the vibrations of the floor
  • PC connection cable not included with telescope
  • The predetermined locations for alignment are perhaps too few

4. Celestron CE21049 – Ideal for children or beginners

Astronomical telescope diameter: 127 mm
Focal length: 1000 mm
Focal ratio: f / 7.87

We know that not all of you are looking for a professional or high-tech model. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about it! This model is the perfect choice if you are a beginner or if you are simply a fantastic gift for your child.

It is a quality, powerful and functional astronomical telescope perfect especially for those who are taking their first steps towards astronomical studies. You can make both terrestrial and astronomical observations, locating them in perfect autonomy thanks to the CD and TheSky software, among the best planetarium programs on the market.

The telescope is fast and easy to install, without the need for additional mounting tools. You will also find yourself included a range of eyepieces, as well as a 3x Barlow lens that magnifies objects, making them perfect for astrophotography. You can finally enjoy bright and sharp images thanks to the excellent optical components in treated glass and the high transmission coating.

It is among the best telescopes to start with, with numerous reviews and positive opinions from other early users like you. You can admire the lunar eclipse, the planets and the stars or simply take photographs with your digital camera. This powerful telescope will become your ally in the early stages of the study, allowing you or your children to admire the wonders in the sky.

If you are a beginner or simply want to give it to your child, this astronomical telescope is the best for those who are inexperienced.


  • Excellent telescope for children or beginners
  • Ideal for terrestrial and astronomical studies
  • CD and TheSky included for an astronomical study
  • Range of eyepieces included
  • 3x Barlow lens perfect for astrophotography with digital camera
  • Excellent optical components in treated glass and high transmission coating
  • With excellent quality, powerful and functional


  • Not suitable for professional use
  • Collimation of the primary mirror is not so simple for a neophyte
  • Telescopes made of not too resistant materials

5. Celestron AstroMaster 70AZ – Interstellar travel

Astronomical telescope diameter: 70 mm
Focal length: 900 mm
Focal ratio: f / 12.85

This astronomical telescope is perfect for your very first interstellar travel, top of the range and infinitely appreciated by others.

Celestron is an achromatic refractor telescope, with an excellent focusing mechanism, perfect for terrestrial and astronomical observations and for those who do not have to use it professionally. It is certainly among the best for beginners and children, it is solid, functional, mounted on a sturdy head and with a solid steel tripod.

Thanks to its 70 mm diameter you will be able to admire the lunar craters, the satellites of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, Mars or the phases of Venus. You will also receive a red dot StarPointer finder, easy to calibrate, in addition to the two eyepieces and the prismatic diagonal at 90 degrees with a straightened image. The telescope is light and easy to use, carry and has one of the best prices.

We also recommend buying a 7 mm eyepiece to be able to admire nebulae and galaxies. The telescope is cheap and positively evaluated by others, in fact we are sure that you will not be able to find negative opinions or reviews. We recommend it for personal use or even as a gift to those who are beginners, but eager to take their first steps in the astronomical world.

Celestron is an excellent astronomical telescope, the best for those who want to learn by observing astronomical or terrestrial objects.


  • Among the best telescopes to get started
  • It is solid, mounted on a sturdy head
  • Solid steel tripod included
  • Diameter of 70 mm
  • Easy to calibrate StarPointer finder
  • Two eyepieces and a prismatic diagonal
  • Light, economical and easy to use telescope
  • The best for astronomical studies


  • The laser pointer looks more like a small led
  • For some, the base is not so solid, but it wobbles
  • The frame vibrates when you want to aim it

6. Celestron Powerseek 70AZ – Designed for beginners

Astronomical telescope diameter: 70 mm
Focal length: 700 mm
Focal ratio: f / 10

Have you only recently discovered the passion for astronomy? Here is the best telescope, specially designed for beginners.

The telescope, belonging to the family of refractors is equipped with an image rectifier, is the best for astronomical and terrestrial observations. By purchasing it you will also have the necessary accessories to start observing the planets and stars such as: the eyepieces, a Barlow lens, a finder and most important for those who do not have much experience: a CD full of explanations.

Perhaps it is not the best telescope for those who want to study Galaxies and Nebulae, but it is certainly suitable for non-professional use, easy to assemble and transport and with an unbeatable cost. We also recommend buying other eyepieces, colored or lunar filters to have an unforgettable experience, while various reviews and opinions guarantee that it is a perfect gift.

It is one of the best telescopes to be used even by children who want to admire the moon, planets or stars, enjoying the infinity of our universe. Unlike other substandard products, this although intended for amateur use does not give the feeling of a banal toy, but is of quality, functional and easy to handle.

This is the best telescope to buy or give to newcomers.


  • Excellent telescope for beginners
  • The best for astronomical and terrestrial studies
  • Eyepieces, lens, finder and CD included
  • Easy to assemble and transport
  • Excellent value for money
  • Also ideal as a gift, for astronomical studies


  • Some have found it difficult to focus on it
  • Need for further accessories for more detailed observations

7. Zoomion – To study the depth of the universe

Astronomical telescope diameter: 114 mm
Focal length: 500 mm
Focal ratio: f / 4.38

For those interested in studying the depth of the universe, we absolutely recommend Zoomion.

It is a classic Newtonian telescope with the spherical-shaped main mirror, with a light but compact structure. It is perfect for you who want to learn, or to give to a curious child who wants to admire the infinity of space. It is easy to transport, assemble or use and is complete with all the accessories necessary for a first approach to astronomical observation.

Upon arrival you will find yourself included in the package in addition to the astronomical telescope, a frame that allows height adjustment, a Red Dot finder, two eyepieces, a 2x Barlow lens and the classic tripod. It is one of the best electronic products to accompany you in the study or discovery of your new astronomical hobby.

Although not a professional tool, with this telescope you will be able to see not only the Moon and its craters, but also Saturn and Jupiter with its satellites. You can evaluate for yourself the excellent reviews and opinions that do nothing but praise it as an excellent telescope for beginners, all thanks to its really simple and intuitive use.

Zoomion’s astronomical telescope is definitely one of the best for beginners or children who want to start studying the universe.


  • Excellent astronomical telescope to study the universe
  • Classic Newtonian shape with sphere mirror
  • Two eyepieces and Barlow lens included
  • Red Dot finder supplied
  • Frame that allows height adjustment
  • Simple and intuitive use, the best for astronomical studies
  • Easy to assemble and transport


  • According to some, the structure is not exactly stable
  • The laser pointer of the telescope is not so reliable

8. Seben 700-76 – The telescope with Big Pack included

Astronomical telescope diameter: 76 mm
Focal length: 700 mm
Focal ratio: f / 9.21

One of the telescopes complete with all the necessary accessories, the best one currently on the market and which also includes the so-called “Big Pack” is that of Seben.

This astronomical telescope is perfect for beginners but also meets the needs of the more experienced, given the vastness of objects included. In addition to the telescope, you will also receive 4 high-performance eyepieces at home, a reversing lens and a Barlow, a moon filter, a finder and the azimuth mount.

You can protect this thanks to the 4 eyepiece containers and the 2 dust covers for the tube and the focuser. The astronomical telescope is comfortable, functional, with an excellent value for money and comfortably rests on a classic aluminum tripod. All components are of high quality and guarantee a high performance, with sharp and contrasted images.

Needless to tell you the savings that you will have by choosing this telescope with all the accessories included, buying them separately, individually, you would spend a capital. It is the best ever also because it allows you magnifications ranging from 35x to a maximum of 350x, detailed observations on the lunar surface and beyond, with the possibility of taking astrophotography.

This astronomical telescope is one of the best stocked of 2022, complete with every useful accessory.


  • Astronomical telescope full of accessories perfect for astronomical studies
  • Perfect for beginners and experts
  • It allows magnifications also aimed at astrophotography
  • 4 eyepieces, Barlow and reversing lens included
  • Moon filter, finder and azimuth mount
  • 4 dust containers and 2 lids
  • Classic aluminum tripod


  • Unreliable pointing system
  • Telescope without motor for self alignment

Items to consider when buying a telescope

To give you as much support as possible, we thought of offering you not only a simple list of the best products with professional results but also some fundamental elements such as a buying guide. Even before buying your first astronomical telescope, consider the following features:

1. The typology

  • Refractor

It is a type of telescope that uses one or more lenses to collect and focus the light. They often have lenses that are often enclosed and supported directly by the tube and this can be both an advantage and a negative point. For example, they need to be cleaned less and it is more difficult for them to be damaged by dust as they are enclosed in the tube.

Among the defects that we would like to remind you there is the risk of chromatic aberration that can be corrected only with a greater focal length (certainly greater than 800 mm), that is, a longer telescope that could be cumbersome.

  • Reflector

It is a type of telescope that uses a parabola-shaped mirror to collect and focus light. A favorable point is the fact that less optical perfection is needed, considering that unlike lenses, only part of the mirror is used. In addition, they reflect the entire wavelength without making it cross, and therefore chromatic aberration is impossible.

Obviously, nothing is perfect and one of the disadvantages of this telescope is that they often have open tubes which leads to greater air circulation together with dust and dirt. They are among those that require more attention and cleaning, so you have to take into consideration the time and maintenance you want to commit to.

  • Catadioptric

It is a hybrid telescope, halfway between the refractor and the reflector. Use a combination of mirrors and lenses to collect and focus the light. Obviously they have all the positive and negative elements of the previous two, as well as being among the easiest to transport.

When you try to focus, you may unexpectedly lose the image or light due to the positioning of the second mirror in the center of the primary one.

2. Focal length

The latter indicates the distance between the focal point of the telescope and the lenses or mirror. This is an important element especially because the things in focus will be much larger if you choose a wide focal length. On the market you will find several with focal lengths ranging from 400mm to 1400mm.

3. Power and magnification

Obviously the main reason why you are looking for the best astronomical telescope on the market is to be able to look at the starry sky. You will get an optimal magnification thanks to the focal length and the optical piece but without the power of the telescope, the magnification will be almost useless. Those at the top of the category zoom up to 350x.

4. Frame

The mount, or the tripod, are a fundamental point, indispensable for having a suitable support for your telescope. The best one will obviously be a durable, and stable one that does not cause the telescope to wobble in different directions.

5. Accessories

Even astronomy, like many other hobbies, has an infinity of objects that can be bought and many of these really make a difference in terms of use and experience. The best professional astronomical telescope is definitely the one that guarantees you additional accessories such as: lenses, finders, sun filters, for the moon, the sky or the planets and many others.

And now you can enjoy the starry nights!

We hope that the purchase guide we have provided you, consisting of the list together with the basic elements, has shown you how to choose the best telescope on the market. We hope you find the astronomical telescope that meets all your needs and that guarantees you the best view of the sky and planets with an unforgettable experience of starry nights.